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Found 3 results

  1. Important Update Vacuuming is built into newer server versions. Please see here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/75510-42032-vacuum-database-config-switch/ So I recently had the problem that Emby took forever to show any Channels when switching to Live TV and was generally slow. I'm using a HomeRun Expand with approximately 350 channels. Keep in mind I have already tried disabling any plugins I'm not using without any success. Reading through some forum posts I fould a fix that has seemed to improve the performance of the loading by quite a bit. Thank you kjp4756 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47386-extremely-slow-web-ui-performance/ His solution was intended for a Linux installation, but that's not a problem. On https://www.sqlite.org/download.html you can get the sqlite3 utility seperately. You can find it under "Precompiled Binaries for Windows" under sqlite-tools-win36-x86-xxxxxx.zip So what you can do is just run that command in a cmd. The easiest way to do this is to shift+right-click in the folder you extracted sqlite3.exe to and klick "Open command window here" and running the commands as following: Make sure to stop Emby before executing the query! sqlite3 %AppData%\Emby-Server\programdata\data\library.db "VACUUM" sqlite3 %AppData%\Emby-Server\programdata\data\library.db "ANALYZE" sqlite3 %AppData%\Emby-Server\programdata\data\library.db "REINDEX" After that you can restart the server and hopefully enjoy some faster browsing. I have also created a script that automatically stops, cleans up the database and starts Emby again. Useful if you want to create a scheduled task that does the work. Make sure to put both scripts as well as sqlite3.exe in the same folder or alternatively adjust the Parameters in the reindex-embydb.ps1 file. And keep in mind to run the script with the user Emby was installed with. I'm stopping and starting the server using these functions (it's also creating a logfile in the specified directory): # Shutdown Emby function Emby-Shutdown { param([Parameter(Mandatory=$true,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true,Position=0)]$Hostname, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true,Position=0)]$Port) $Url= "http://" + $Hostname + ":" + "$Port" + "/emby/System/Shutdown" $Status = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Url -Method POST -Body ($params|ConvertTo-Json) -ContentType "application/json" if ($Status.StatusCode -eq 204){ LogWrite "Emby is shutting down..." } } Emby-Shutdown -Hostname localhost -Port 8096 # Start Emby function Emby-Start { $ProcessActive = Get-Process EmbyServer.exe -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue if($ProcessActive -eq $null) { LogWrite "Emby is starting..." & $env:APPDATA\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.exe } else { LogWrite "Emby was already running!" -ForegroundColor Red } } Start-Emby reindex-embydb.zip
  2. wp.rauchholz

    DLNA Howto

    Is there a Howto that explains config of DLNA devices? I do have 4 Yamaha speakers (WX-010/030) on my network. Same network where emby server is located. I can ping the speakers and can also acess them through the web, but I don't see them in emby. Thanks for you help. Wolfgang
  3. thejulianath20

    Update server with Git...?

    I've downloaded the Git Server downloads and unpacked then went to updater.exe... I dont see the server vs go up... How to keep up to date with all the awesome Git updates?
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