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  1. compile10

    Loading GIF Files?

    I'm new to Emby and I really love it so far! My only issue has been loading GIF files. When ever I try to access any of my GIF files in any of the Emby apps or the web app, they simply won't load. http://i.imgur.com/F34Wi5e.png I don't know if GIF is supported or not, but I would assume it is seeing as I haven't seen anything to the contrary, and plex supports it. Thanks for the help! Log: http://paste2.org/pIXzf8Zj Version: 3.0.5781.0
  2. claudiovit

    help with registration of new users

    hello everyone do not know if I'm posting in the right place if you are not sorry about that my doubts and have some way to put the User to create own account on the server why that : I have a web server radio and have more than 500 customers and installed Emby server for them but did not want to create the account of each because it would take a great time it would be easier if the initial pagia had a button to register. so that he himself could do Register thank you all
  3. Blue Kachina

    Emby for Kodi - No Access to Music

    Hey all; I've been using Emby since it was Media Browser 2, so I'm pretty familiar with it. That being said, it's my first time attempting to get it to work using Kodi as a front-end for it. I'm attempting to do so on a relatively new platform too -- the nVidia Shield Android TV. Initial setup seemed relatively painless: Copy the .zip to a USB thumbdrive Install Emby Add-on from .zip Install Emby Add-on from Repository (picked Music Add-on/Video Add-on, and a couple other options as well) Kodi auto-detected my server, and I selected the user that I wanted to use for this profile Scanning of my library began At first, Kodi had detected all of my songs, but none of them would show up under the Music heading. I knew that it had detected them all because when I clicked into Settings, it would give me a count of them in the header. After some playing around however, most of them show up. Some of them aren't listed properly... some are listed as "Singles" ... but that's a different issue, and appears to be one that the community is aware of. My main problem is that none of the files actually play any music. They all work correctly from Emby, and even from Kodi when I install it on my phone, and attempt to go through the same process, however, when I try from the Android TV device, I get an error message saying that it couldn't locate the next file to play. At this point in time, I'm not sure if music is supported by the add-on, but I wanted to report this issue, and find out if anyone else is having troubles with this also. FYI: I've tried adjusting a number of the settings - such as ones to stream instead of directly accessing the files through the network. After adjusting these types of settings, I've done full database resets from the add-on, manually synching etc... all to no avail. I've also tried modifying the way that my libraries are configured in Emby. I've tried using UNC paths, and I've tried configuring them using the standard Windows paths as well. It should also be noted that video files have no troubles playing, the only problem is with Music. It should also be noted that music files were my main motivating factor for attempting to use Kodi as a front-end, as I believe that the Android TV app doesn't yet support music. Hopefully it will one day. Also, hopefully I'm correct in assuming that it's not supported by the Emby for Android TV app. I haven't found a way to get it to work there yet either. Thanks for any help you can provide. Paste of my log file is included at the following link: http://pastebin.com/sWZ7QXJJ
  4. Hi! So currently all my metadata is in .xml format and I need all of my metadata now in .nfo format. How do I of convert all of my existing emby metadata to .nfo whilst retaining the .xml metadata (if possible) while keeping the frontend stuff virtually the same?
  5. Crossfire0mega

    keep getting kicked back to login screen

    Hello, I have a newly installed EMBY server running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 x86 server. I have gone through the install process and I was just trying to setup the media locations which are local directories and whenever I try to enter the location in it kicks me back out to the login screen. I have only one account setup and I created the local folders for my media with the same account as for emby. I also tried to change the server cache files path from the default under advanced settings and the same thing happened, kicked right back out to the login page. I don't know what's causing this, any help would be great. Thanks. p.s. I also have samba installed and have made my media folders into shared network folders open to guest and tried the network paths in the media locations settings and it still kicked me back to the login screen then too.

    Need help setting up Live TV

    Hi, I just updated to the new server update (v3.0.5713.0) and I am trying to set up Live TV. When trying to set it up it asks for either HD HomeRun or M3U. I am a bit of a noob at this but I am not using HD HomeRun and I am unsure what M3U is. I am currently using a Kaiser Baas Digital Radio TVStick. I am unsure how to set this up to work with Emby Live TV. Any instructions or a nod to an article with the instructions would be much appreciated. Also I notice that the 'Upcoming' TV episodes tab still only shows particular shows and not others. Is this something that's going to take a bit to correct on my side due to meta files? (Like the actors issue recently)
  7. ekaj113

    movies not showing up

    I am technically using mint but mint is ubuntu based. I don't know how to explain this other than I have movies in folders in the folder that I have selected for movies. I am pretty sure that would work because it works with music. I would like to give more info but that is really all.
  8. If this belongs in the Emby Theater thread, I apologize. This seems to me more of a general community knowledge question though, so I am posting here. Now that I have my server up and running the way I want it (more or less), it is time to move on and get all the clients working exactly as desired. Mostly, that has been easy, as the clients simply are what they are. The Roku is going to Roku, the web client is what it is. However, one thing I have come across, is the Emby Theater will play files from my server that the Windows App will not. I have also found that the player in my 2012 Samsung plasma television is not always up to some of the most complex content. If an ATMOS track is the default track, it throws a fit (easily fixable, but annoying). I also found while watching Return of the King, that during some of the most visual action+sound intense scenes were simply a bit too much for the plasma to handle cleanly, resulting in either studder, or odd colour bars popping up as making things look like an old VHS on FF. At first I thought my server was falling behind on transcoding. But when I went and checked, it was doing just fine. So I tried watching the movie in Windows Media Player. The poor aspects still existed, but were very minor, and far less frequent. Then, moving to VLC player, it played flawlessly. That led me to try the Emby App for Windows. The app refused to play the movie at all. Emby Theater, on the other hand, not only played it flawlessly (with the exception of a subtitle issue I am having), but it provided by far the best looking picture. That made the decision to accelerate putting a new HTPC out with the Samsung an easy one. The Samsung app will still get used for the vast majority of "casual viewing" as it is part of the Smart Hub interface and that makes things easy. However, for times when the Samsung app is throwing a fit (Error: Undefined 0 or Undefined 3), or simply not up to the task, I would then have the Emby Theater option. This would also allow me to mix in the AVR for those times when we are having a "viewing event". That brings me to where I stand now though. My desktop PC runs Emby Theater just fine. It is also a rather large piece of equipment that runs a bit warm(ish) and has about 256,392 (just guessing) various options and such that no HTPC would ever make use of. I want to build a client HTPC that will run Emby Theater. I know what sort of hardware I need for a normal HTPC that is simply working as a high-end streaming device. Those can be made very small, cheap, and silent for almost no money. A decent i3 processor with HDMI out is all that is required. However, Emby Theater is a slightly different beast. I seriously doubt (especially given the presence of integrated MadVR and such) that a bare-minimum HTPC is going to get the job done. What sort of specs should I realistically be looking for when building a HTPC that is going to use Emby Theater as its main client for providing content? I am assuming that I will, at the least, need a somewhat robust dedicated GPU on an i3. I'm guessing that i5 or possibly even i7 would be far more recommended, but honestly do not know for sure. Trying to explain to the guys at Fry's or Red Seven what I am wanting to do always results in them just directing me to the most powerful gaming rigs they have available. Obviously, those are going to both be overkill, and not exactly the most friendly in terms of noise/heat/WAF. My budget for building this HTPC is fairly liberal, but I don't want to be spending loads of extra money at more expensive equipment if the returns over something mid-tier will be marginal at best. What are the basics I should be looking for, and where will I find the best increases in performance should I wish to take a step up?
  9. So, I rebuilt my system yesterday, new motherboard, CPU and ram, the GPU is only a month old. I was getting a bunch of crashed before maybe once per day or two so thought the motherboard was the problem. The rebuilt system ran perfectly fine for 24 hours now I get a BSOD every 10-20 minutes. While I find myself to be a descent troubleshooter, I have no idea whats causing these, anyone good with dump files that can give them a look over and give me a hand here? I'm getting a new PSU tomorrow, and I already checked my specs, nothing is overclocked, temps are all below 50C on CPU/motherboard/GPU, ran memtest and it passed twice, ran chkdsk on OS drive and found no errors. All my drivers are signed and verified, used the MSI live update to get all my system drivers up to date. I dunno im lost here lol. Here's my dump files, sorry for quick post had to get this up before it crashes again. https://www.mediafire.com/?do6lr9yosbb3eo8 System specs Windows 8.1 i5 4690k MSI Z97S KRAIT EDITION MSI GTX 960 100ME 2x4GB Kingston Hyperx Fury 1866 Corsair H75 Corsair HX750 500GB western digital black (OS) 6x Western digital greens
  10. Please post a tutorial or link for setting up the android app to stream outside your local network. The app asks for the dhcp address of 192.xxx.x.xxx and I assume port forwarding on a home router for forward on that internal ip / port number or is it external ip / port number. -Looking to stream over cell network to android phone but not sure the port forwarding and ip settings for the app and home router port forwarding basically. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  11. Hello all; I've been using MediaBrowser for a few years now, and am REALLY digging v3. Up until 2 days ago, I had several collections working, and I make frequent use of them, so I'd like to try to get them up-and running once again. I have one PC set up that acts as my media server (Media Browser Server Version 3.0.5154.1864). Sometimes I watch/listen to content on that same machine (MBC/MBT), and other times I use one of my Android devices to consume content. Regardless of which client I use however, my box sets/collections (while they still show up) are now appearing empty... despite the fact that I have made no changes to the folder structure/shortcuts used within them etc. None of my Media Libraries use the Default Library (which is not defined), but all of my user accounts have their own Media Libraries defined. Each of them has a "Box Sets" library defined (of type "Collections"). The one for "Whip" is defined with the location of "E:\Media\Video\Box Sets". I've recently added a path substitution as well: E:\MEDIA \\\E$\MEDIA I found another similar topic in this forum: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/4628-one-boxset-not-showing-all-of-a-sudden/ and have tried the fix there, however that does not seem to be the fix I needed. I'm guessing that this would make the box set show up, and not its contents. I should point out however, that none of my boxsets do have that collection.xml (with the exception of the one that I created to test the other OP's resolution). Since creating that XML file, I have shut down the server, deleted my "library.db" file, and restarted the server. I also want to point out, that all of my collections are made up of shortcuts (*.lnk) that point to content that is indeed properly being recognized by Media Browser in my Movies section. Box Sets In Windows Explorer http://snag.gy/KFCyb.jpg Box Sets in Library Explorer --> Please note that all of the paths listed here under Linked Children's paths show double backslashes (is this just to escape the character?) http://snag.gy/I9U1Z.jpg I have not provided any log files just yet, but please do advise if you think they will be helpful, and I will be happy to post them. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Blue
  12. Hi everyone, First off, I would like to say thanks to anyone involved in the creation of Media Browser. Simply amazing work. Anyways, I did some searching around the forums, and couldn't find anything about this specific issue. I am having a little trouble with my folder system, specifically for my stand-up comedy specials. My movies and TV shows are working perfectly, fetching metadata, images, etc. But I cannot seem to get the comedy folders to work properly. Right now I have it set up as Comedy>[Comedian Name]>[special Name (Year)]>[Filename] So in Windows Explorer, one example would look like this: F:\Comedy\Gallagher\Mad as Hell (1981)\Mad as Hell (1981).mp4 My issue is that I am not getting the images, coverart, metadata, etc. to download. I am getting the [filename-poster.jpg] file that is pulled from the video, but that's it. I know that I have some lesser-known specials, or ones that may not have coverart available from the normal sources, like the one I mentioned above. But I'm not even getting the info for the well-known ones, like Jim Gaffigan. Side question: Is there any way to prevent incorrect info from being downloaded? For example, if there is a movie or TV show that shares a name with another, more popular movie or TV show, the metadata and images for the more popular one generally gets downloaded. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have just added Breeze, and my new supporter key has lost me ROC and coverart 4... Cant seem to find an e-mail to follow this up, what can I do? You have registered the following features to date: breeze mbsupporter coverart4 coverart4 mbsupporter roc
  14. Zero_Kool

    GameBrowser Setup Help?

    I was hoping to find a tutorial on how to setup game browser or also what type of controller to use to play the game? Also, where to get the roms, and game files? Thank you in advance for any helpful replies.
  15. Hi, have any sorted out how to use an external player like TMT6 to play folderBD/iso ? So far MPC-HC is working just fine, but TMT6 just starts, but no movie is loaded. I've tried the {PATH} but it does not work, TMT6 just starts but does not load up any movie.. Is there any solution for this? Thanks
  16. Don

    MBT and MBC problem

    Everything was working great. I was loving the speed and look of MBT. Now however, MBT cannot display my movies. Yesterday my wife wanted to watch a movie. MBT kept giving me an error message and/or a plain black screen. So I tried with MBC. MBC just shows 0/0 movies. It's weird because like I said everything worked great until a couple of days ago. Another weird thing is that my TV Shows will display. I have changed nothing. This problem is happening with all of my HTPC's but not with the iOS app on my phone. Oh, and everything appears to work well on the PC that has the server installed on it but MBT locks up once all the movies display. PC (server install) Windows 7 HTPC Windows 7 HTPC Windows 8 Javelin S4 Media server Path to movies \\\video\movies\ Path to TV Shows \\\video\tv shows\ Any ideas? Maybe it's my main PC that's messing up. I hope not but.... thanks!
  17. Zero_Kool

    Help! Roku MB3 client not working?

    I just added the MB3 roku client channel and I am tying to get items to play but they just try to play and flash back to the play menu? I can connect back to the server fine and view my collection, etc, I just can't seem to play anything?
  18. I have been side-loading the media browser android app for the last month or so. I see the app is now for purchase. I just confirmed my purchase but I notice the streaming still buffers quite a bit or stops to buffer. I am a bit disappointed I see the cellular bit rate is set by default to 850 kb/s and LAN/WIFI is set to 6.0 kb/s.... Here is my phone: http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=4102 Q: What can I do to make the app stream without buffering so much? I really want to make use of this feature
  19. Q: Is there a tutorial posted on how to setup gamebrowser?
  20. -I currently have MB3 server running and my xbox 360 with windows media center has the MB classic installed. For some reason it's pulling in all the episodes metadata and I don't even have my shows in that folder?
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