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  1. Hi. I was running Raspbian on my pi and everything was fine but I changed to diet pi and I seem to be missing something. Setup: Ras pi 4 running DietPi v6.32.2, everything is updated. Emby Issue: media can direct play on phone and pc. The server connects to the chrome cast, metadata casts, but as soon as I try to play something nothing happens (on either my first or second gen). I suspected that I was missing ffmpeg to allow Emby to convert the files to supported type for chrome cast but after installing from DietPi the config nothing changed. Proceeded to uninstall and reinstall Emby and still no change. any help would be appreciated. Thanks. embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63736897696.txt embyserver-63736897683.txt
  2. cjlong45

    Help please

    Hi I'm having an issue I hope someone can solve So one of my HDD got unplugged and then reconnected but now emby is missing all my media related art even though all of the images are on the same HDD amongst the video files this has happened before and I had to manually change each movie etc can some one tell me if there is a way of emby finding it again and changing what it has been changed to and is there a way I can stop this from happening again Many thanks
  3. fighuass

    How do I search by tags?

    I have a few libraries, and inside each one I'd like to search by tags. For example, let's say I have a library full of videos, with some videos containing monkeys, and some containing dogs. I tagged the videos with monkeys as monkeys, and the videos containing dogs as dogs. Some videos have both, and I tagged them both monkeys and dogs. Is there a way to search with tags so I can search for example for only the videos with dogs, or only videos with both dogs and monkeys?
  4. Re-volt

    emby server high memory usage

    hi all, I hope I am posting this right, I have emby server running on Synology DS 218, the process mono-sgen is multiplied a lot in the running process window, sometimes the status its sleeping, yet using memory, stopping the server and restarting the whole DS218 will get the memory usage to about 30%, starting the server will increase to the 40% range, playing media will take it to the 65% range, and won't come back. only pluggin I installed was the trailer plugin, and I removed it but nothing changed. I am running the latest version of the server I assume which is any help is highly appreciated. thank you all in advance.
  5. I know it did not always show up this way, and I'm not sure how it changed. Is it supposed to show up like this, or no? I know it may be beneficial to see the latest released/added episode, but just curious to how the change even happened and/or how to change it back. It looks like this now, instead of the old view like: Anyone know? Thanks
  6. docoon

    rookie guidance

    Hello, guys my knwlodge with plex and emby is very basic, so treat me as a child by now... I've started a private server to me and brother (who is in the other side of the country), I thought of that because I have some drivers with 187 TB of movies/series/docs ... (some of the TB are games .. so) But... since I started my plex server using a virtual mounted driver, I notice that my brother eats my cpu to watch it, that's because of the transcoder, I know I could disable it, but that would have problems with some codecs and some subtitles... as far as I understood. So my question is simple, is there a way to set my plex//emby ->> (i'm going to migrate to emby, that's why i'm searching here) to let the user (my brother) consume his own cpu/gpu to transcode the movie he wants? Or it has to be the server the only thing that can transcode... Excuse my ignorance, i'm new at this. If there's a way, point me the direction @@cayars
  7. xiiMaGzx

    Cant remote play

    Ok, I have to big problems one is I cant get remote play to work and the second is some how my video buffers when Im watching the video on the server its self with no one using it. Now with the first problem I did port forwarded and also made the firewall rule (8096). When put in the remote server on a device it tells me to login, but my password doesnt work so I hit reset password then it makes a txt file in appdata/roaming ect and I hit the link and type the code. After that it tells me to login with a blank password so I go to the login page with no password and then the site tells me "invalid password or username" so now im stuck into a infinite loop. Any help? Next the second problem well it speaks for its self it shouldn't buffer when its literally pulling the file from the same device
  8. I am having trouble accessing my Emby server from outside my network. I have opened ports on router and Windows firewall. Is it my computer not being up to specs? The computer specs: AMD Vision CPU Toshiba Satellite All Realtek Drivers Please and Thank you!
  9. Hello! I just have a question about updating my Synology NAS and if it is safe to update it to the new DSM 6.2.2-24922 update 2 with my Emby Server running on it. The DSM update was just released https://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/DS918+ on the 4th of July. The only reason why I ask this is because I've updated, restarted, and shutdown my NAS is the past, and I've often gotten times where I could not run Emby after the update, restart, or shutdown was complete, but I don't know if it could have done something with this https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/73984-emby-on-synology-ds918-won’t-run-after-restart-shutdown/ that I posted a little while ago and solved the issue on. So, since my NAS just received the update as of today, despite it being released on the 4th of July, I have yet to download and install it because I want to know if it is safe to do so for Emby and my NAS so that I don't have the same problem like I did before in the past from the second link I shared above. Plus, what to do (precautions) before I download and install the update on my NAS for the Emby Server. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Type of nas SYNOLOGY D213J Hi, i went you emby.media and got to download page.. hit "nas synology" and took the adress that is called out and added it to package page so i could view it in comunity download page. It was accepted as download in package and no complains about that. After that i looked as i said in comunity page and looked for emby.media and IT IS NOT FOUND! I updated, rebooted nas, took adress off and added it agian.. and no emby app "packages" to download. I think you got an error there on your download link or something, becouse it should come up. I tried another comunity to see if it was anything wrong whit my nas and no. please help me, how to i add it to my NAS, or do you want me to start using plex that is crappy... Give me an answer as soon as possible.. thanx!
  11. imagineths952

    Issues getting started.

    Hi. I am new to emby. I downloaded and everything is good howver, when at start up the emby website opens to invite someone. Not a home page. I have to manually type in the regular emby connect link and then sign in and i am already logged in. Not sure if thats the way it should work. On other hand, it works for an hour or so, but after a bit i can't connect to the server. It's like it goes to sleep. Specifically to just emby. My windows 10 PC i have the dedicated server set up to is on 24/7. Plex never sleeps. Only Emby does and I went through all the settings and can't figure out how to fix this. In order to wake it I have to go to the server, and open up the emby connect web address. Then the apps on other devices work. If I don't do that, I can't connect at random times throughout the day. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Moleburt

    Editing Images Problem

    This issue has been going on for awhile now, and I've seen other posts about it, but no solutions or fixes that I've seen yet. Whenever I browse my library and change the primary image of something it jumps the library to a random page, it doesn't even jump do like the next page or keep it alphabetical, it seems like it just jumps it almost like it's filtering the movies by letter or something, it makes it VERY time consuming to try and change images through my entire library. A fix for this would be great. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I have a budget of about 1,000 USD i want to spend on making a dedicated server for emby. I have been reading around for a long time now on what to build but i want more info before spending the money. I have A LOT of users (who transcode all the time) and i have a big library. The issue i have is i dont know where to start, should i go with a rack mount or just another tower build. Should i go amd, intel(maybe a xeon?), should i get a dedicated card for it to utilize the gpu transcode too or just stick with cpu. I'm willing to spend the money to get a good dedicated set up but just need a good push in the right direction.
  14. I have a strange request, and I understand if I do not get a response here. For my PC (running windows 10) setup at home, I use Emby for my at home use, and Plex as my remote access server. Last night the town I live in had a power outage, and when I was able to get my PC back on, everything worked fine, except for Plex. It crashes every time I try to start it, it will show in the tray for a second and then disappear. The only difference in the way I have the 2 setup is I have port forwarding enabled for Plex. I have tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot and solve the problem, such as: -uninstall and reinstall -roll back the version -restart my modem/router -uninstall my antivirus and reinstall without anivirus -disable my firewall -disable port forwarding -uninstall any unused programs -use resource monitor to see if anything is running on the same port -made sure my pc was up to date I have tried everything I can think of and nothing has fixed the problem. I have posted to the Plex forums and haven't received a single response, I never do on their forums. But I've always received help when I've come to these forums, and I was hoping maybe, someone could at least look at my log file (it seems to be the only log file updating whenever I try to start plex) and maybe give me any idea of what the problem is. I understand if I don't get a response or anything here, but I was out of ideas and frustrated with no help coming from the Plex forums. I just want to get my setup running the way it was yesterday before the power went out. Thanks, Nick Plex Media Server.log
  15. Hello, I am a EMBY Premiere subscriber from China. I have some problems in the process of using it recently. My EMBY server is installed on the group 918, the system version is 6.2.1, the EMBY server is the latest version, the server is built with the media library, and the EMBY client can be accessed normally. When I install the EMBY plugin in KODI, You can find and add the server normally. When you go to KODI to scan the media library, an error message appears: Unable to synchronize the media library, try to restart KODI. If the problem persists, please refer to the KODI log file. This problem has plagued me for a long time unresolved. I tried to delete the media library during the rebuild. The problem of replacing the Android phone test still exists. I will upload the log file, please help to view and find the problem point. Thank you Attachments are log files, and error messages Log.txt
  16. Hello, I am a EMBY Premiere subscriber from China. I have some problems in the process of using it recently. My EMBY server is installed on the group 918, the system version is 6.2.1, the EMBY server is the latest version, the server is built with the media library, and the EMBY client can be accessed normally. When I install the EMBY plugin in KODI, You can find and add the server normally. When you go to KODI to scan the media library, an error message appears: Unable to synchronize the media library, try to restart KODI. If the problem persists, please refer to the KODI log file. This problem has plagued me for a long time unresolved. I tried to delete the media library during the rebuild. The problem of replacing the Android phone test still exists. I will upload the log file, please help to view and find the problem point. Thank you Attachments are emby log files, and error messages Log.txt
  17. I'm been using Emby for a few months now, and recently I made a deal and got a GTX 960 Zotac 4GB version. I put this in my media server and enabled hardware encoding on Emby Server. The problem is that I can't stream 4k movies without buffering pauses during playback. The server cannot transcoding more than 20 fps and I always need to pause the video and let the buffer load for a few minutes. There is something hide that I need to enable to get more performance? GPU usage for every 4k stream is around 25% (viewing through Windows Task Manager panel). I know you guys will ask for the logs... which one of them is required? ffmpeg logs.txt server logs.txt
  18. awentford

    Photos not appearing

    Hi, I'm having trouble with some photo types not appearing. Jpeg is working fine but TIF and CR2 ( Canon raw) aren't. The TIF files were working a few months ago but now the apps won't load them. My server is an unraid docker and I'm trying to view the photos on Google pixel 2, LG TV app and a firestick but it won't work on any of them. Could you please advise? Thanks
  19. Since the update yesterday I can no longer access my server through any device. A majority of my movies/TV shows metadata was wiped out and even when I try and reset them every time I do a search, either with the name of the file or the IMDB code it finds NOTHING. Everything was working perfectly prior to this update yesterday. I am so beyond frustrated. If anyone can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I am a beginner with all of this and I do not know what to do!!
  20. I just started migrating over to Emby after Plex ruined the Roku app. After adding some of my libraries I noticed on the Emby home screen (dashboard) It created these really nice icons with images from the poster art. The problem is it didn't do that for all of the libraries (Anime is missing that). I attached a picture to show what I mean, is there a manual way to add that? I have a lot of libraries to add still I would love to know if I can add that to all the libraries.
  21. I just recently set up an Emby server through FreeNAS. I was able to play movies and music (and see my artwork and tags on music) just fine, but I wasn't able to use the Android App due to an old version of Freenas. I just finished updating FreeNas, and after configuring a new emby server am not able to stream any movies or music VIA web browser. Friends accessing the server VIA domain name aren't able to either. When playing a song I get "No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." When trying to play a movie it will just sit with a spinning pinwheel for ages and never load. All media streams fine VIA the app, though. Here is the log section from my time of error attached. Thanks in advance for any responses. log.txt
  22. Arly (Sprinkles)

    Curious about Server Migration

    So, in the next few months, my wife and I have decided to purchase a new PC to base our media server out of, but I do have a few questions about server migration, backup, and a few other things. 1.) Will my Emby Premiere Key work on this new server, on a new machine, or do I have to purchase a new subscription? 2.) What does the backup plugin backup? Metadata? <--Working on doing everything manually through .nfo files and individual image files to make it easier for maintenance. 3.) How complex will this migration be? (i.e. Will I have to re-configure all User-based information such as Collections, log ins, profile pictures? Or will all of this be erased?) 4.) Where should I route this back up to? How much storage would it take up (on average, if anyone knows)? Just curious as to if a simple 16gb USB will be enough (probably.) Anyways, if anyone can answer these questions, this would be awesome! Thanks.
  23. Brandon4466

    Emby on Discord!

    Hello, everyone! My name is Brandon and I run the Emby Reddit over at http://www.reddit.com/r/Emby ! We also have a Discord that is dedicated to Emby and it's open to anyone! I want to invite all of you! Here is the link: http://discord.gg/A4Qf7z6 Come stop by and say hi, we are all really nice! If you need help with something or just want to show off your setup, we are all here! Thanks and we'll talk to you soon! - Brandon http://www.reddit.com/r/Emby http://discord.gg/A4Qf7z6
  24. fettsack_joe

    TS453a cant find the emby-Server app ?

    Hi guys, please hit me if this isn´t a reason for opening a new thread - i am quite new to this Theme, but long sotry short - i am using a qnap (ts453a - fw: with smb for my Kodi-player (Nvidia-Shield-TV). As i am now on the way to improve my whole system (adding a sencond, mayb a third Kodi player ), i am looking for a solution to sync my databases (my whole ripped DVD/BR collection) and get a little more comfy than diy-kodi-qnap-biotope (watched, marks, artwork (sd/br boxes) etc.. ) i came to emby Server for Kodi (i think lifetime premium is THE way for my needed features, support, etc.?) -> So i wanted to try the Backend-Server first, but i cant find the app in my qnap-app-store? Is something wrong with me, i even used the search function, or is here something like a bug or so (maybe with fw?). Pls help - thx & greeting inb4, Fettsack.
  25. Moleburt

    Keep Getting "Video Error"

    I was watching a show on Emby and 2 episodes in a row the episodes stopped with about a minute and a half left and I got a box that said "Video Error" and underneath that it only says "ignored" and then under that it just has the "ok" button for me to press. I tested the same episodes in the emby browser on my computer and they worked just fine, it appears to just be the Roku app. I'm not sure what the issue is and have never had it happen until today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
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