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  1. Hey folks, new guy here. I’ve found myself tired of Plex and their growing issues and happened to stumble upon Emby and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. I’ve done quite a bit of research on some of the differences and what not but I’d love to hear some tips and tricks, and your overall experience with the differences especially if you’re a previous Plex user. Thanks for any help you may send my way! *Please feel free to close this topic if this isn’t allowed or if I’ve posted this in the incorrect area.*
  2. Some pieces of media have not loaded so I've check the folders themselves and discovered either the media file itself not being in the folder or nothing at all. I have no idea what is going on, I have check any user that could delete media and that doesn't check out. whatever the issue is can be tracked down by the log right? embyserver.txt
  3. Bonjour à tous et merci d'avance à ceux qui prendront le temps de lire ce post, J'ai récemment pris l'abonnement premium de Emby afin de pouvoir visualiser l'ensemble de mes films et séries qui sont stockées sur mon NAS. J'ai donc configurer mon serveur et tout fonctionne parfaitement quand je suis chez moi et sur mon réseau local. Je parviens à regarder l'ensemble de mon contenu sur les différentes télévisions connectés que j'ai à mon domicile. C'est donc parfait de ce point du vue là ! En revanche l'extérieur de ma maison (sur un autre réseau wifi), j'ai un gros problème. A l'extérieur de ma maison je peux accéder à Emby et à mon serveur UNIQUEMENT via l'interface Synology (après m'être connecté avec le quick-connect). Dès que je souhaite, lancer l'application sur mon téléphone ou sur une télévision connecté, là plus rien ne fonctionne et un message d'erreur apparaît : "erreur de connexion". C'est très embêtant car j'ai pris l'abonnement en partie pour cela car je souhaitais, d'une part, voir sur mon téléphone mon contenu et, de plus, ajouter des utilisateurs via leur Emby Connect. Or ces derniers ne peuvent pas accéder au contenu puisqu'ils ne sont pas sur mon réseau domestique... Y-a-t-il une configuration que je n'ai pas faîtes ? Je trouve cela étrange, car j'arrive à me connecter à distance via l'interface Synology, mais pas avec le site Web ou avec l'application Android et télé. J'ai plusieurs fois redémarrer mon serveur et j'ai bien vérifier que l'option "connexion distante" était activé dans les paramètres. Malgré cela, rien n'y fais. Pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît ? Merci d'avance pour votre, PS : Je vous joins le message d'erreur. PS.2 : Je suis actuellement sur la version
  4. MilkyLeung

    can not connect ip:8096

    I 'm using OMV as my media server. I have installed embyserver in Docker. But I can not connect ip:8096. _embyserver_logs.txt
  5. Hi All, I have Emby for Android TV beta installed on my A90J. I have a couple of MKVs with Dobly Vision only and they correctly display the video (no purple tint etc) and the picture settings on the TV show the Dolby Vision Dark/Bright options as expected.. I have then tried playing a file with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 but Dolby Vision isn't picked up. I understand I need to upload logs etc but can anyone tell me from where? Thanks
  6. My IPTV provider recently switched to using self-signed 10-year certificate. This has caused emby to throw an error about an untrusted cert and will no longer play any streams. How can I allow emby trust the certificate? Does the self signed cert need to be trusted at a system level or perhaps installing the cert to "/var/lib/emby/.dotnet/corefx/cryptography/x509stores/"? The IPTV server in question is @ I have attached the thrown error when attempting to connect to the stream. embyserver.txt
  7. Idk if the update bugged it in some way. But I really liked the pure black background. It's easier in the eyes especially at night. It's not as obvious on pictures attached but in person that's very irritating and obvious
  8. I recently tried to use the books category on Emby but it seems it doesn't work. I tried using PDF and CBZ files. They do show up but when I click on it it's just blank!
  9. It would be a nice for Emby as a whole. So people could develop more for it making it more feature rich and more appealing to for people to get interstate from the competition
  10. Emby just updated and it broke my music collection. The music shows but it's all out of place. Please fix this
  11. mike3821

    New to Emby - Weird Issues

    - I’m getting double entries in my continue watching - if you select record series multiple times it shows multiple times in series (why does it allow this) - If scrolling through on now and click on the show and back out. Most on now stuff is gone. I have to back out to the main screen and back into programs to fix it - cinema intros are not working Lastly, are these issues perhaps related to the Linux builds ? Do the builds for windows work better??
  12. Everytime I open the Emby app on the Insignia roku tv It automatically goes to the media server and all I have to is just sign in and once I do sign in it just goes black and goes to the roku homescreen and if I try to go back into the app it starts and then just exits out again like before. I have tried restarting the tv, reinstalling the emby app, and even unlinking the device and trying again. This problem seems to only be happening on just this roku tv and not any other roku devices we have. The roku is on the lastest version. Any help would be appreciated in solving this. Emny was working last night when using it on the tv and seemed to started for all I know is when I reinstalled my OS and reseted up my laptop.
  13. I recently wanted to try to add the books library feature on emby but idk if it's just me but it's not working. I showed the file that it's there but It doesn't display it. How do I fix it ?
  14. I have quite a lot of shows that have ASS Subtitles in them. But the problem is that when I enable them my server immediately jumps to transcoding. Which sacrifice quite a lot of video quality. I have noticed that It does not do that in the mobile version.
  15. Hi i am a newbie on emby and i am trying to make my configuration of emby on my NAS and i got a problem... Like it's said in the title, it is impossible to use emby connect or an external dns (DuckDNS). I tried to forward my ports, create a new Emby account, change three times my DNS adress, reinstall DSM and Emby, wipe the Emby folder and the user on DSM and nothing works ! Please someone can help me
  16. Yodikko

    VPN and LiveTv, a few questions

    Hello. I'm actually running an Emby server on my Lubuntu laptop with a VPN always on. So with all the device i connect remotely, with the TV too. I was wondering if I watch live TV on the TV (without VPN because my TV doesn't have any softwere to do it, but still the VPN is on on the laptop/server) is safe? I mean do i "send" the ip of the server to the providers or the ip of the television? Do I have to turn on VPN on all devices I want to see live TV on to be safe and mask my ip or my server with his VPN mask already. It maybe is a super dumb question, I know.
  17. Hi, I've been trying to solve a problem where when i go to my emby server through a Web browser then it'll go through http not https even though https is set up correctly and working. I have the preferred but not required setting and I need to keep it that way because a one of my TVs doesn't support https and there were too many problems with it. PS: sorry for my English it's not my primary language
  18. Does anyone have any idea how to enable hardware acceleration when running Emby in a docker? I have a Synology 918+ and am trying to enable vaapi.
  19. cTurtle98

    Live TV and DVR issues

    So I got an hdhomerun and went to its web setup and scanned for channels the added it to the live TV sources options setup dvr recordings. Live TV works good but im having some issues with dvr and im not sure if its the intended behavior or not. First off when I click Live TV im the my media section it shows a recordings tab but this tab is always empty. I have to go back go my media and click on the new recordings section that appeared after I recorded something from Live. Is this intended? Whats the point of the recordings tab in the live TV section? Secondly when I start watching a live TV channel the feed gets cached and let's me rewind to where I started watching this is great. But if I scheduled a recording and then go and watch it while its being recorded it only lets me rewind to where I started watching not where the recording started. This makes it such that if I'm 5 minutes late to see my favorite show I have to wait till the whole show finishes to be able to watch from the beginning Finally, is there a way to add in and out marker points on dvr recordings? My local stations are really bad about being on schedule so I have my dvr before and after recording set to 15 minutes and being able to cut the extra off the beginning and end with in and out markers would be nice. Also as im writing this if we can add more than 2 we would be able to add marker points for skipping commercial breaks if we want to add something recorded from the air to our library Are these known issues or do I maybe have something misconfigured making this happen. Thanks
  20. cjlong45

    Help please

    Hi I'm having an issue I hope someone can solve So one of my HDD got unplugged and then reconnected but now emby is missing all my media related art even though all of the images are on the same HDD amongst the video files this has happened before and I had to manually change each movie etc can some one tell me if there is a way of emby finding it again and changing what it has been changed to and is there a way I can stop this from happening again Many thanks
  21. Ok I know there must be something simple that I'm missing but it's doing my head in trying to work out whats going on. So I'm running Emby on a NUC and its' fine and I've got emby premium Installed the Emby app on my phone (Samsung S10) If I'm on my local wifi , no problem all works as it should with the mobile app If i'm away from home and using my phones data plan the app gets into the server ok and I can see all my shows but if I try and play them with the android app it just hangs BUT if I try to use the web player to emby via chrome (still using my data plan) then it plays ok So how come it works on my phone if using the web player in chrome but not the android app (even though I can see my shows, change server settings etc etc). It must be something so simple I'm just not seeing it.
  22. Hello everyone! I'm thinking in build a media server using emby, I wan't to have the lowest energy cost so I could leave it on all the time. MVP Idea My idea is to use a RPi 4 with 8GB of ram but I have seen in the forum that it has some decoding and encoding problems but I really don't know what that means in this context, I know the file should be encoded to be playable but my videos are already playable so I don't know why emby needs to encode them again. Also I have found this thread that says the raspberry pi could use hardware encoding and this reddit post that says the same but with a lot more steps. Future of the idea (could ignore) Also I'm thinking of use this server as a personal cloud using owncloud so I could have my media and another files on demand. I want to "stream" comics (cbr/cbz) from my server to an android app. Software Installation Install Open Media Vault or Raspibian Install Emby server on it using the Debian package The hardware I'm planing to buy Raspberry Py 4 8GB HDD Dock station The RPi could be changed for a mini PC but I'll really love to use a PI over a PC because of the cost it's less than half and the energy consumption. AWOW Mini PC Celeron 1.2 - 2.2 GHz 4 core 6GB ram 128 ssd Intel HD Graphics 500 Beelink U57 Core i5 2.7 - 3.1 GHz 2 core 8 ram 128 ssd Intel Iris Graphics 6100 My personal context: I have used Kodi for a long time and know how to manage my library. - all my video files are MKV (720p and 1080p) and most with included subtitles and dual audio, the rest have STR files. - near 3TB of multimedia + 100GB of comics files. I have an emby server running in a Linux Machine with the files previous mentioned. - Use kodi in the same machine - Use roku stick on the bedroom I'm a linux used so I'm not scared of some commands or use the terminal if needed I don't care about 4K or +60 FPS because I don't have a TV with that capabilities and don't think in buy one in a couple of years.
  23. Hi. I was running Raspbian on my pi and everything was fine but I changed to diet pi and I seem to be missing something. Setup: Ras pi 4 running DietPi v6.32.2, everything is updated. Emby Issue: media can direct play on phone and pc. The server connects to the chrome cast, metadata casts, but as soon as I try to play something nothing happens (on either my first or second gen). I suspected that I was missing ffmpeg to allow Emby to convert the files to supported type for chrome cast but after installing from DietPi the config nothing changed. Proceeded to uninstall and reinstall Emby and still no change. any help would be appreciated. Thanks. embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63736897696.txt embyserver-63736897683.txt
  24. I know it did not always show up this way, and I'm not sure how it changed. Is it supposed to show up like this, or no? I know it may be beneficial to see the latest released/added episode, but just curious to how the change even happened and/or how to change it back. It looks like this now, instead of the old view like: Anyone know? Thanks
  25. docoon

    rookie guidance

    Hello, guys my knwlodge with plex and emby is very basic, so treat me as a child by now... I've started a private server to me and brother (who is in the other side of the country), I thought of that because I have some drivers with 187 TB of movies/series/docs ... (some of the TB are games .. so) But... since I started my plex server using a virtual mounted driver, I notice that my brother eats my cpu to watch it, that's because of the transcoder, I know I could disable it, but that would have problems with some codecs and some subtitles... as far as I understood. So my question is simple, is there a way to set my plex//emby ->> (i'm going to migrate to emby, that's why i'm searching here) to let the user (my brother) consume his own cpu/gpu to transcode the movie he wants? Or it has to be the server the only thing that can transcode... Excuse my ignorance, i'm new at this. If there's a way, point me the direction @@cayars
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