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Found 25 results

  1. Not sure if this is new but just noticed this in the quick-extract logs of the core: DOVI configuration record: version: 1.0, profile: 8, level: 7, rpu flag: 1, el flag: 0, bl flag: 1, compatibility id: 1 The core is also doing some progress apparently...
  2. Cheesey Productions brings you MediaInfo for Emby Bringing your Media Info Formats up to Date (including HDR, Vision, Atmos, HLG, DTS:X, DVx, etc) And HDR-SDR Image Extraction using tone mapping for clearer seek images Available from the plugin store A huge shout out to @rbjtech for all his help with this. He was my knowledge base. Thanks Rich Please read the wiki page available that will help you get set up. MEDIAiNFO WIKI PAGE PLEASE NOTE THIS PLUGIN WILL MODIFY YOUR MKV EMBEDDED TRACK TITLES Some examples Also you can add tags to your items Enable the options in the settings and this will only add the tags for the unique formats the emby doesn't already take care of. There are plently of options for you to chose from to get your media looking how you want New Feature Added ---- HDR - SDR BIF File Creation using Mobius Algorithm for ToneMapping This generates larger and crisper images for Chapters and 10Sec ThumbnailSets WE URGE YOU TO READ THE WIKI PAGE 2 SO YOU UNDERSTAND FULLY WHAT'S INVOLVED HDR-SDR IMAGE GENERATOR WIKI Settings can be found at the bottom of the media info page. Feed back is always good. After replacing the dll always remember to clear your browser cache and restart it, to load new changes in the UI.
  3. Didn't think I would come a stir the pot in this thread again, but here we are. Is there a way to increase the saturation of a specific color during tone mapping? As you know Im using QSV to achieve this, and current best tone mapping is bt.2390, the results are very good, but it's currently only available in software. Hable is unfortunately crushing blacks to much to be usable. Reinhard and Mobius is performing quite well, but both suffer from desaturation to some degree, but mostly the reds. Is there a way to fix this with a search and replace in ffmpeg or something similar? Or is it possible to implement Aces algorithm? (Which I believe suffers from over saturation instead, but I think it's preferable.)
  4. Hi Does anyone know why the colors only look accurate when I have the settings menu open?? See the attached video. Thanks. Emby HDR Issues.mkv
  5. kingmustard

    Possible to add HDR filter?

    I use it often in Plex.
  6. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-058599f6-a2e7-4ca3-8dd7-ad84cecaffe8_1.txt hardware_detection-63752995865.txt
  7. Bonjour à tous, Je viens à vous car j'ai pas mal de soucis de lecture vidéo avec l'application Emby sous AndroidTV. Ces problèmes concernent quasi exclusivement des gros mkv en 4k HDR, c'est à dire que la lecture commence normalement et après 2-3 minutes l'image saccade énormément (pas toujours au même moment), coupe et bien souvent revient mais sans HDR. Et quand je me rend sur mon serveur Emby (c'est un docker sous Unraid) je m’aperçois que le transcodage s'est activé tout seul. C'est d'autant plus étrange que quand je lis ces mêmes fichiers via Kodi ou VLC il n'y a aucuns soucis à signaler, le lecture se passe normalement. Que faire ? Edit 1: Je viens de faire un test rapide avec Plex (toujours en docker sous Unraid) et comme pour Kodi, lecture impeccable ... Edit 2: Avec Jellyfin, RAS aussi ça tourne nickel.
  8. sooty234

    HDR explained

    By now everyone is aware of HDR. But there are various versions of it. Here is a great article that simplifies and explains the differences. https://www.howtogeek.com/690215/hdr-formats-compared-hdr10-dolby-vision-hlg-and-technicolor/amp/ Also, the term 'fake HDR' is sometimes used. They have a great article that explains that, too. https://www.howtogeek.com/693428/what-is-fake-hdr-and-should-you-buy-hdr-blu-rays/amp/
  9. Hello! I just received my S7+ and immediately installed Emby on it. I tried to play a 4K HDR movie to test and colors are washed out. The same movie in 1080p (non-HDR) have correct colors. Is it a matter of adding this new device to some kind of list of supported devices (like Netflix does iirc) in the Emby app or in an underlying library, or is it a bigger issue? Thanks PS: playing the downloaded 4K HDR movie in VLC for Android shows the correct colors.
  10. kovibalko

    HDR x265 mkv picture problem

    420/5000 Hi! The problem is the following: (I watch H264 1080p mkv movies mostly with 5.1 Hungarian sound) At the same time, in the case of HDR x265 mkv files, blurring and pixel blurring can be experienced in the lower 15-25cm band of the TV screen. (2017 49 '' LGUJ701V 4k HDR tv, ARC = Delock High Speed HDMI cable Ethernet 3D 4K 2 m Slim High Quality, Denon X1600 AVR, Lenovo Legion Y520 notebook,) Thanks for the answers in advance too!
  11. Hello, I'm running into an issue where 4k HDR content is buffering on my Nvidia Shield, its all local content so its not taking it from the internet. The only thing i notice different is that some content is "direct playing" and the one that buffers is "Direct Streaming" both types of content appear to be the same, both are MKV. i will be spending most of my day tomorrow to try and figure out what could be causing these issues, so any help would be appreciated. for reference 1080p content plays perfectly with no issues at all. i have attached a couple of logs, but to be honest they don't really mean anything to me. Hoping someone can help. Cheers ffmpeg-transcode-1b99ea71-13fc-4ab0-9354-c35cf17dd328_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-98a1e389-9be4-4657-9fb6-adc38226c6d9_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a17ac23c-0352-4e70-92d5-c0d573e1ed23_1.txt
  12. Hi, is there any way to transcode 4k movies with HDR and keep the 10bit colours for HDR? my friend is using an 65c9 oled it can play 4k movies without a problem as long as the bitrate is not higher as my upload. Some movies especialle with a lot of film grain exceed my upload limit by a lot. I have a ryzen 9 3900x without a graphicscard for transcoding so that should be enough for one 10 bit transcode (i dont know exactly if ffmpeg is able to transcode 10 bit h264 or if it needs h265, then i am willing to buy a entry level quadro card if nesessary) At the moment i am using handbrake rf 20 on all 4k movies. If Transcoding doesnt work an is not expected to work in the near future i have to reencode some movies in lower quality. I am using the official Emby Docker Container on an Unraid Server. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hello, First of all, I would to apologize if I posted this topic at the wrong community, but as of right now the LG webOS app is the only place I can reproduce this type of files. Also English is not my first language, so I'll try my best to explain the situation. I have an old Windows laptop working as a NAS connected via ethernet to a router, to which my LG B9 is connected also using ethernet cable. I'm using the lastest Emby app on the TV and the server is up-to-date. I am having problems watching 4K HDR remux files stutter free. I tried tonight and it started fine but after a few minutes the stuttering appeared, and it persisted during the whole duration of the movie. I recorded a 20s clip that shows the problem three times. https://youtu.be/9abw44sVW24 It looks like a frame drop in a videogame, the picture freezes and the audio drops very quickly and then come back to normal. I tried to find a pattern, but it seemed random. This is not the first time it happened. The last time the stuttering was way more severe, hanging for seconds, so I ended up just playing the movie locally through USB. It looked more like buffering than stuttering. Could the bitrate be too high, even for ethernet? 1080p works great so far. I would appreciate any help. Best, embyserver.txt
  14. The Problem: HDR content can not properly be transcoded. This requires 2 copies of each file SDR & HDR. Client that require transcoding must manually select the SDR version. The Request: Emby supports multi-versions, add an option that forces the SDR version anytime a transcode request is made. Summary: This feature stays relevant even after HDR tone mapping for transcodes is released. The superior image quality option is to never transcode HDR content. I still suggest this is a admin library option, there will be admins who would not want this behavior.
  15. Hello, while trying to playback a movie with HEVC and truehd and atmos emby tries to change the container from MKV to a TS when this happens I lose the audio. if I choose not to trans-code or force play it plays with audio. I know that emby reports that my tv can only handle up to 5.1 audio and not lossless but i have no problem playing force playing atmos7.1 or dts X convert it all to dd+ 51 or dts 5.1 . when i live this setting on for no trans some movies and live tv from an old hdhomerun fails to play. how can i adjust the profile to covert mpeg4 stream and not atmos Truehd? logs attached playback no trans have audio now.txt playback with no sound.txt Thanks for all you guys DO... Russ
  16. I have an HDR smartphone (Huawei Mate 10 Pro) and when I view HDR videos, they direct play fine but the colours are all washed out. Non HDR videos dont have this issue. I can watch HDR videos with other apps and the colours are fine. I have also tested this with the Plex app on the same video file and it direct plays in HDR with perfect colours. This issue is the only thing stopping me from ditching Plex and moving fully to Emby. I am using Emby for Android app version 3.0.87 and Emby server Is there anything I can do to fix this? I don't want to force a transcode as Emby is running on a Synology and 4K transcodes hit the CPU hard.
  17. I recently bought a one month license for Emby to kick the tires on it as I am having issues with Plex on an Nvidia Shield when trying to play back UHD HDR content consistently. Of course I am having issues with Emby, too. My problem is that some of my UHD Blu Ray MKV files will play fine and HDR is recognized and properly displayed, other movies appear washed out and will NOT play properly with Emby. Here are two that will not and one that does. Can someone tell me if they see a reason why they would not? Aquaman - washed out HDR and app doesn't recognize the file type Saving Private Ryan - washed out HDR and app doesn't recognize the file type Infinity War - plays ok except for all green blockiness part way through the film. This also happens in Plex which means it must be an Nvidia Shield issue. The Plex app DOES properly play them, if it matters. EDIT - I wonder if it has to do with subtitles? I noticed that Infinity War does not have them but the others do. Is that throwing the Emby client for a loop? PrivateRyan.txt Infinity War.txt aquaman.txt
  18. Synology 1618+ on Emby TV is mid-level 2016 Samsung (sorry don't have the model # on hand) Nvidia Shield (latest updates etc) So far all non-4k-hdr bluray rips I've created work very well. I have the hdmi 1 set to accept uhd color, the shield set to auto passthrough (I believe) the correct settings and in emby auto everything, plus the tv picture settings set to the uhd (but turned off the "hdr mode" which I read was just like an emulation of the hdr, it appears more washed out with it enabled). I think I read my tv doesn't do the 2020 color space and the result is a darker image. I try and lower contrast and increase brightness but it appears a bit washed out. I have a feeling purchasing a new tv that is fully hdr ready will solve this issue instantly but that is about a year away. I am collecting 4k movies now not even so much for the bumped resolution but the beautifully-rich color enhancements (for some not all transfers). Is there anything to be done in emby or the shield to help mitigate this issue until I can buy a new tv? I don't have many 4k hdr movies and don't plan on collecting a ton (just a select few I rewatch, dark knight, infinity war etc) but it'd be nice to enjoy them right now instead of the (still good) blu-ray rips I've already done.
  19. I am Trying to play a 4k HDR sample at 60fps. emby keeps trying to transcode and it either fails to play or plays but not in HDR . when I look at the transcode log it shows reason for transcode is framerate? but it also shows max frame rate is 61 so I don't know why its transcoding. I have tried this with other resolutions in HDR at 60fps with the same result. what is causing this. doesn't matter if its emby or blue neon app with force direct play same result Russman log attached TV model: LC-65Q7370U Log.txt
  20. Hello. New user here, after trying to get Plex to direct play 4K HEVC with HDR to my Chromecast Ultra for over a year I gave up and tried Emby after a friend recommended it for me. Gotta say it was love at first sight! Without problems I got 4K HEVC direct playing on my CCU connected to my LG OLEDB7V. Then I saw that there was an app available for my LG TV and decided to try that one, lo and behold, I got the video playing and my TV detected the HDR signal as well! The problem is that the wireless nic in the TV is completely garbage and only gives me a bitrate of ~16 Mbps whereas the CCU got ~80 Mbps. I will solve this with an ethernet cable. but in the meantime it would be great if it was possible to play the video through the CCU and still retain the HDR signal (which the CCU should support?). If you require any more information or log files, please let me know. I will definitely become a lifetime subscriber, because I still think that Emby is amazing and I appreciate all the work you put into it =) Cheers, Zogun
  21. Pantalaimon

    HDR rarely detected

    I'm having some problem with 4K HDR content for a while now. Whenever I try to play 4K HDR content on my nVidia Shield, it rarely detects HDR and gives me washed out colors most of the time. For a while I thought HDR was broken altogether, but it appears that on rare occasions HDR decides to kick in on playback. I can't find a constant factor. I've fiddled around with the settings and tried multiple video files, but the issue seems completely random. It's not a problem with the TV itself; it plays HDR blurays just fine.
  22. Hello all, I know there is at least two topics on this theme but I'm becoming frustrated with HDR support in Emby for Shield TV. There is only few titles that can trigger HDR on LG OLED TV. I have try all combinations of frame rate settings and switching but no luck. When playing such content all colors are "wash out" and frankly picture looks just terrible. I have even switched to the latest beta version but issue apparently is not tackled. Think that ExoPlayer is one to blame, since all titles in laibrary played from KODI or MX Player trigger HDR mode! I just hate to use external player or other apps then native client and hope that solution is comming soon.
  23. Hello Everybody Im fine with my Emby setup so fare. Only one thing does not work with my Nvidia Shield and Emby When I want to play a HDR Movie my TV (LG OLED65C6V) does not show up that it is a HDR Content. When I play a Film or Show on Netflix (Marco Polo) my TV show up that this content is HDR. I have disabled the "Enable Refresh Rate Switching" like it says in an other Forum post. But that didn't do the trick. My Setup is My Nvidia Shield (2017) with the latest Patches. Then it goest to a Pioneer 1131 Receiver and then it goes to my LG OLED. The shield is set up to 3840x2160 59.940 YUV 422 12 Bit Rec. 2020. I've tried it with 10 Bit too. p.s. I direct Play all my content. I have a Emby server on my Windows 10 Server via a 1Gb Connection. The Content is 4k with HDR. Kodi can play it with HDR. What can I do does the HDR work with emby too? Thanks for the Help
  24. Loving EMBY!!!!!!!!! However, I have an issue with HDR files. I'd like to make my growing 4K HDR library available to my family (outside of my network) to stream, but they only have regular SDR screens so playing back HDR content on their screens looks washed out and hue shifted colors due to incorrect tone mapping. Does/or will Emby adjust tone-mapping during transcode from HDR to SDR (like MadVR does) when it sees that the display device is an SDR screen? Many thanks
  25. kmanus

    HDR Video support?

    I realize this might be a fringe topic, but I'm starting to get more HDR content in my library. We use PC's around our house, but have recently been moving towards Roku's (and Roku TV's,) for everything but the main home theater. I just purchased a Roku 4K TV that supports HDR. When I play HDR movies in the Emby app, it doesn't trigger HDR on the TV. Checking the server dashboard, it appears to be direct playing. I noticed that if I go through the "Roku Media player" and select Emby (I believe this is going through DLNA,) with an HDR movie it gets detected by the TV as HDR and acts accordingly. Am I experiencing a bug or is this just not supported yet? I can go through the Roku built-in player for now, but would prefer to keep it all in Emby. Thanks!
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