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  1. When I use the guide and tap play a currently active live tv program, it plays it fine but the Emby bottom Nav bar does not auto hide with the top UI elements. It stays there and never hides, even when u toggle buttons like pause etc. When I launch Live tv program from the Programs tab, On Now etc sections area(not in the guide) it auto hides fine. The only thing i notice that is different about these 2 processes of starting a active live tv program, is that the "program info" page does not come up when u launch from the Guide. That page does come up from the Programs tab, then u click the top banner to start the stream. So something in the direct launch of stream via guide is weird. EDIT: Just noticed, when u press the small Play icon on any of the program icons in On Now etc...that direct plays the channel and same thing , bottom bar wont auto hide. It only will if the Program info screen comes up first. Using on my Pixel XL with 8.1. App version 2.9.76 (current G Play store version) EDIT: Tried Beta version 2.9.81 Same behavior when play from Guide screen. In the other tabs, the mini direct play button method, does not have this no hide behavior. I reverted to non beta version. Beta version crashed every time i backd out of live tv stream. also, the stream was very low frame rate and overall laggy, audio way out of sync when using bluetooth headphones. non beta version audio is in sync and no laggyness of playback.
  2. Title says it all. On some channels icons are missing. On others the icons on there. When I first set up Emby on Jan 29 all of the icons were there. Anyone know how to fix it? To rule out mobile client issues (even though I noticed it on iOS), I opened up a Chrome browser and the issue is still there. I am using Emby's built-in guide (since I didn't want to pay for a guide and emby provides it so I figured it would be the "most supported" option) These channels are at the top of the guide (there are more with no icons but this is just a subset). And here are some with icons. I can't imagine the guide doesn't recognize the channels with no icons. Like I said they were working on Jan 29 when I purchased Emby Premiere. Anyone know what's going on?
  3. Hi. So I noticed today that in the Android TV guide (1.6.79) when I move to a time (usually 8pm, Prime time) and scroll down to see what's on that evening, the selected time will change as the selection box hits shows that don't start at 8pm. Usually I don't get too far before I'm nowhere near the original time I selected. The theater, web and Roku apps do not suffer from this issue. Can this be corrected in the future for the Android TV app? Thanks!
  4. Hey all! I am new to EMBY (from Plex) and have been using it for the past few days totally fine! I have an IPTV M3U setup which is my main tv source now, and I tied in their XML to get all the channel data. It worked great for a few days and now the guide is completely empty. I spoke to a friend who told me I had to fetch/get the new data. I went to their site and downloaded the XML file to my computer and pointed Emby to this xml file on my machine. I refreshed the Guide Data and just nothing appears! I have the full channel list, but no actual show information in the timeline guide. I thought that if I tied in the XML feed url in emby, it would just always pull in the recent show information if I 'refreshed guide data'. But it no longer works? Can anyone help? Sorry this is coming from a general noob and I need any help I can get!
  5. This is a request to expand / explain the XMLTV supported tags / features Currently, the XMLTV supported tags seem quite basic. As far as I can tell, they are being read, but aren't being used to their full extend. There is no documentation on which tags Emby supports and how they are implemented. So, I'm just going from personal experience here. As @@Luke mentioned: Feature requests work best with examples, so here goes. Consider this current piece of XMLTV: <programme start="20181217135500 +0000" stop="20181217142500 +0000" channel="Comedy Central HD"> <title lang="nl">Family Guy</title> <sub-title>The Peter Principal</sub-title> <desc lang="nl">Amerikaanse animatieserie. Meg maakt gebruik van Peter's positie als tijdelijke directeur van de school om wraak te nemen op haar pestkoppen. Brian en Stewie openen een B&B. </desc> <date>20170430</date> <category lang="nl">TV Drama</category> <category lang="en">Drama</category> <category lang="nl">Komedie</category> <category lang="en">Comedy</category> <icon src="somesite.com/1.png" width="180" height="260"/> <icon src="somesite.com/2.png" width="180" height="260"/> <icon src="somesite.com/3.png" width="75" height="108"/> <icon src="somesite.com/4.png" width="210" height="303"/> <icon src="somesite.com/5.png" width="110" height="159"/> <icon src="somesite.com/6.png"/> <episode-num system="onscreen">S15E18</episode-num> <episode-num system="thetvdb.com">series/75978</episode-num> <episode-num system="thetvdb.com">episode/6021539</episode-num> <rating system="Kijkwijzer"> <value>6</value> <icon src="https://somesite.com/1.png"/> <icon src="https://somesite.com/2.png"/> <icon src="https://somesite.com/3.png"/> </rating> <star-rating> <value>7.2/10</value> </star-rating> <credits> <director>Greg Colton</director> <director>Dominic Bianchi</director> <writer>Seth MacFarlane</writer> <actor role="Peter Griffin">Seth MacFarlane</actor> <actor role="Lois Griffin">Alex Borstein</actor> </credits> </programme> This will generate the following in the Emby guide : This seems to be missing, or at least not utilizing, some of the data that is available. Recording this, also seems to record to an "Unknown" season. What if we utilize some of the data available. Consider the following (badly done) mockup of mine: This incorporates much of the available data. This is just an idea of what can be done. The tags used in the XMLTV file conform to the standard set out in https://github.com/XMLTV/xmltv/raw/master/xmltv.dtd. I could imagine that with working season/episode information, Emby could give an indicator to show if this program is in the library and if it has been watched. Perhaps we could get some documentation up in how the Emby XMLTV implementation supports certain tags? Currently unused in ui tags: credits (director, writer, actor[role], etc episode-num[onscreen, thetvdb.com, imdb.com] rating[icon*] With the implementation of Gracenote for some countries, I would expect the Emby UI to start showing more and more data that is available. Please chime in with your thoughts and possible examples
  6. Hey guys, I am a Kodi/XBMC long time user. I really have enjoyed using Media Browser for greater control over my metadata and artwork. I also use it for our chromebooks and accessing our media outside of our home network. This may not be new news to this forum but I posted a noob guide here including configuring your router for external access. http://gameroomsolutions.com/organize-access-home-theater-media-anywhere-media-browser/ Thanks, Ryan GameRoomSolutions.com
  7. Hi, just a quick question around guide data. Am I correct in that I need to pay for an external provider of Guide Data and that there is nothing built out of the box with Emby to take care of that? Currently migrating over from Plex to Emby (or at least trying) and I noticed this. With Plex it just pulled down the guide data for me (U.S. based). Thanks Josh
  8. So while adding a series I happened to catch the "Upcoming On TV" heading which somehow I never noticed before. I was thinking maybe there could be a list of episodes or the like provided by one of the supported metadata providers and you could tick an episode as "wanted" and going forward in the future Emby would periodically check to see if said episode is going to air and set it to record.
  9. Hi, I use XML files (xmltv.xml) generated using the zap2epg python script to map my channels. It works great for all channels except I'm running into an issue with ABC EPG data. It seemed to be working fine, but it appears that something in the XML file for ABC, maybe it's a special character that is causing a problem with SQ lite and the library.db file, I don't know. I have attached the xmltv.xml and embyserver.txt files. I pulled out just what I believe should be needed. When looking at the guide through the Emby client, doesn't matter if I'm using the Fire Stick TV, my phone app, or doing it on the server, for ABC it shows guide data properly all the way up to and including Jimmy Kimmel Live that starts at 11:35PM on 11/1/18 and ends at 12:37AM on 11/2/18, but then it shows nothing after that. It just shows <No Program Data Available> or blank depending on the client being used. All my other channels, and I have 45 Channels from HDHomerun Premium, and 30 OTA channels, guide data works fine. The EPG data after Jimmy Kimmel Live clearly exists in the xmltv.xml file, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. The only thing I can think of is that there is something in it that SQ lite does not like, so when it imports that data into the library.db file, it messes up the EPG feed for ABC, and once it happens it is broke for good for that channel. I thought I could just shutdown the Emby server and rename the library.db file, and that would fix it, but I tried that once and it didn't, so I ended up completely uninstalling/reinstalling the Ember server to fix it... but at that time I had no data at all showing up for ABC, so I didn't really have any information to go on for root cause. I just did the uninstall/reinstall last night, and it looked like it fixed the problem because EPG data for ABC was showing up just fine, or so I thought. I realized earlier today that it was only showing guide data up to and including Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, and that was it... the problem has returned after that. I appreciate you looking at this data below, and log file, and any insight you can provide to the root cause and permanent fix. Thanks in advanced. Brady embyserver.txt Sample_xmltv.xml
  10. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Channel Numbers in Guide

    Was wondering if there was a way to enable the channel numbers in the Live TV Channel guide on android? I have a lot of channels, searching them hangs up the server and scrolling through them I can easily get lost as to where I am in the lineup.
  11. arrbee99

    TV guide update not happening

    Just wondering if anyone can spot a reason my scheduled TV guide update isn't happening. Am still using NextPVR plugin. NextPVR app updates at 21:40 and Emby (should) update at 22:00, but it seems to be taking approx 0.009 sec and not getting very much... Pretty sure this said 'Last ran 1 hour ago, taking 0 seconds' like 10 minutes ago (see logs) - and Could possibly be a one off, will have to see... embyserver.txt
  12. Kimballslice1890

    Issue with Server / Feature Request

    First I would like to thank the development team for keeping to their word on a few of my other posts. The new server update is MUCH faster and snappier as promised. I am having a few issues now though, can't say if they are related to the new update or adding my HDHomeRun Prime to my Emby server a few weeks back. Everything on Emby runs extremely fast except the Live TV section when trying to load the Guide. The TV Guide takes a very very long time to load and can cause the server to hang up for other users that are online. In relation to this, I am subscribed to Schedules Direct. First issue is when it is updating the TV Guide, the server becomes unusable and extremely slow and unresponsive. Is there a fix for this? -Also can a feature be added where I can schedule what time of the day (say 4AM when no users are on) to schedule the TV guide refresh if there isn't something that can fix this. Also a new issue I noticed with the new server update. I recently bumped my server from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and noticed the server was using 14GB of that available RAM. I then bumped the VM from 16GB to 32GB of RAM and noticed the server once again was using 31.9GB of RAM. Which as a result caused the server to be slow and unresponsive. I currently run my sever on a VM with 1 Dedicated Xeon e5 2660 with 16 threads on the VM. 32GB of RAM. Dedicated 500GB 7200rpm hard drive to the VM and a dedicated gigabit NIC to the VM on FiOS Gigabit internet. Machine hosting the VM is 2x xeon e5 2660 and 128GB of RAM so dedicated resources aren't an issue.
  13. In addition to the current filters, add a check box to only show scheduled recordings. Use case it have an easy way to make sure everything I want to record is being recorded. I use a Trakt.tv list to keep track of everything we want to watch. I can easily compare their calendar view to the scheduled recordings on the guide.
  14. jfgilliam

    Is Metadata from guide used?

    I'm finding there's a lot of things from live TV that will never be in theTVDB or IMDB databases. Or, they are behind or not accurate. When a recording is saved in the library, does it initially use the information from the guide to start the metadata? Seems like the Title, the poster image, rating, genre, tagged with channel recorded from, etc could be used. And, I would see that this data would not get trumped by the other metadata refreshes. The guide data should be gospel. Then only if it's wrong, we can manually correct it.
  15. Hi all, I have been using the Emby DVR with Schedules Direct listings for a few weeks now. All has been working well until I found a series I had set to record appears not to be scheduling or recording new episodes. Is there a log I can check to determine why the new episodes are not recording? As far as the UI goes, I can see the series recording icon in next weeks listing and the episode is definitely new but here is no icon indicating the episode itself will record, nothing in the Scheduled list and nothing in the Series scheduled list. The episodes from previous weeks did record correctly.
  16. speedingcheetah

    Guide change cancels recording

    Edit: Sorry, this was not meant to go in "Testing"section.....when You Google Emby forums, the link that sows "Server" takes you here and not to the normal section.... I have noticed that, if I set a scheduled recording of an episode of a tv show, if the guide info changes, the scheduled recording is removed and not re-set. What happened is this, the episode I want to record I know is new, as the promos on that channel advertised it on that time slot, however, the normal TV Guide services had not been updated to reflect this until within 24 or 48hrs before air. I had set Emby to record the already listed episode(a repeat ep) last week. But i check it shortly before the show airs and notice that Emby guide data has updated and is showing the correct new ep in that time slot now....but it just deleted my Scheduled recording for that time slot, instead of updating and keeping it. If I had not checked it, it would have not recorded. Please make it so that when a user sets a recording, that should info change, that it still will record that channel at that time wit the new info....and/or perhaps at least notify the user somehow that some change or conflict has happened that needs attention.
  17. Hello, I'm not sure if this exists but I have merely overlooked it. If I have please point me in the right direction. My memory is shot but I am pretty sure I used a plugin for Emby that did this waaay back in the day. Firstly, I use Emby for WMC. I am wondering if a feature could be added / plugin created that would display your media in a style like the TV Guide, having multiple channels, and displaying media randomly for each channel. You could configure all of the channels by naming them what you want, and showing what media folders you wanted on each channel. The plugin would then create a random playlist for each channel. Ideally, it would only play items from the unplayed content, possibly make this an option. It would be great to sit down on a weekend and have Emby play random TV shows and movies for me, much like watching real TV (minus the garbage). My apologies if this has been requested before, and I simply didn't look hard enough. Cheers.
  18. Hello folks, I've been running my emby server for several months on the same IPTV provider service, and until lately its been working great. The problem I've run into now is that the XMLTV guide no longer downloads automatically from the HTTP link. If I post that same link in a browser, download the XMLTV file manually, then load it locally - it works just fine and the guide fills in completely. If it is trying to load from the HTTP link automatically, no guide information shows up at all. Any guidance would be appreciated. I'm running win 10 pro 1803 latest updates and Emby server latest release (I've also tried the latest beta, .16 at the time of this writing). Thanks, T.J. Emby-Server.zip
  19. marcusw


    hey, habe mal eine Einrichtungs Anleitung geschrieben, die von der Ersteinrichtung vom Server bishin die erste Einrichtung von Kodi beschreibt, viel Spaß beim Lesen für anregungen, ergänzungen bin ich gern offen https://emby.media/emby-for-kodi.html marcus
  20. Hey everyone. New to EMBY everything has been good so far happy Premier user. Just getting into the details of setting up Live TV-Recordings and noticed or possibly missed a way to search the guide for shows to record. Did a search and found a thread from 2014 saying it's coming so i'm hoping it's just something I am overlooking. I am moving from KODI/NEXTPVR as our LiveTV and PVR setup to EMBY "hopefully as a complete solution". Is there a way to search for shows in the 14 day schedule and set new episodes of those shows to record? If there is no option in the EMBY LIVETV/DVR is there a way to use NEXTPVR as the backend like i was with KODI and just use EMBY as the front end to watch and schedule through the NEXTPVR backend? Also is the NEXTPVR plugin preferred by most to the Emby side or was it just available first?
  21. GUI design elements/features that need addressing. Present in the Win 10 Store Emby app and Emby Theater (desktop software). I primarily use the Win 10 (Store App) Guide button and Guide page tab only shows in TV Horizontal mode. No way to access Guide in any other view mode (Desktop/Tablet) No Guide Button or top tab on any pages in TV Mode Vertical. No "More" or "ALL" button to expand "On Now" section to see all of what is on in TV Mode Horizontal. This option exists in TV Mode Vertical mode and in the other view modes. (this is something I really would use to see a full page of what is on all channels, via thumbnails, but then i have no access to the Guide in those view modes) The "Continue Watching" sections in each library u click into (where u can just click the thumbnail box for the recently played vid) is only present in TV Mode Horizontal. Also, Emby Theater (Desktop software) is not good on high DPI scaled displays (like my 4K laptop) in anything other than TV Mode. The other view modes result in super tiny font and some of the menu options are hidden.
  22. I have 2 different android boxes and both are displaying the live tv guide the same way , only showing 5 channels and a couple hours . From what I've seen online that isn't normal however it seems to display properly on all other devices (ie. ios, html) see attached , any suggestions ?
  23. On Roku, when I go to Live TV, I can see what's on now, and what's coming up, but if I click on "Guide" I get a pop at the bottom right, green background, white writing "Channels not yet available. Please try again in a few seconds". This message fades and reappears every few seconds. On Emby Theater (Win10), the guide works just fine. So, I'm concluding this is a problem with the Emby app. I have tried power cycling the Roku, and rebooting the Emby server. Also tried refreshing the live TV listings (schedules direct), but as I said, since it works fine in other apps, I'm not sure this is a server side problem... If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to try them out. Happy New Year! -Jon
  24. Jacob_B

    Filter Guide Channels

    Is there anyway to filter the channels shown? My IPTV provider has a lot of non English channels in the XML TV guide and m3u offering. I'd like to filter out which ones are shown to users.
  25. arrbee99

    TV Guide images

    I use NextPVR as a source for Live TV in Emby. I also added some IPTV channels in Emby itself. It would be nice if the programs provided by the IPTV channels could use the Live TV film / episode images automatically provided by NextPVR instead of leaving them blank.
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