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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I've been using Emby with nextpvr for a short while now with the latest plugin ( I've noticed that the tags (channel groups) are not reflected in Emby. When I solely used Emby for the same IPTV service, the channel groups where shown as tags. Any way I can fix this? Than you for any suggestions.
  2. Miljol Dedy

    Bug Report: Group Permissions

    I think I have found a bug in Emby on Synology. On my NAS I have groups instead of direct permissions. So ONLY the group has direct permissions. When I added the Emby user to the group of the folder for the library, I was not able to choose the folder. When selecting it just disappeared (just like when you have no permission). So, when giving the user direct permission it worked like a charm. I guest this is not as it supposed to be...
  3. DerrickM

    groups for users

    I think it would be nice to be able to create groups in Emby for access control. similar to parental control except a group could also specify level of server control, allowing deletion of content, etc... You could then add users to a group and no longer have to go through to check each users permission individually. This would also make editing permissions easier as you only have to do it to a group instead of to each user. I wasn't able to find this topic so a link if i have created a duplicate would be appreciated.
  4. Emby groups all M3U playlists together into one section. I want to add a new Live TV source, and have it show up ALONGSIDE the old Live TV icon. Just like adding a new library would appear. I know this has been requested at least 5 times in the past. My question is this: What would it take, on my part, to make this feature a priority? Is there an amount of money I can give you to make this feature real? Can I hire a programmer to change the way emby runs on just my server, or can I hire a programmer to wirte a plugin for emby that everyone can use? Please help. Thank you.
  5. Is it possible, or will it be added, to have the ability to sync the channel groups in Emby with the channel groups i already have setup in nextPVR?
  6. Can someone help me clear up a point of confusion about Collections, Libraries, and Views? Are the following statements correct? 1. There is currently no way in Emby, using Collections or metadata, to create a new "group" of media and have that "group" show up on the Home screen. The only way to do this is to setup the folder structure on the server accordingly and then create a new Library. 2. In the screenshot posted by Happy2Play (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23419-folder-views/&do=findComment&comment=228742), the "Kids" group is actually a separate Library that points to a separate folder on his server with all the kids movies in it (i.e. /Kids Movies). If you were to create a Collection called "Kids" and add movies to it from your existing movie Library, then the only way to see them in a group would be to navigate into the Collections folder/view on the Home screen ("display a collection view" setting) and/or see them grouped within the Movies folder/view ("group movies into collections" setting). For me, I would really like the option to create groups or categories of media and have them show up alongside my Libraries on the Home screen without having to physically group the media in separate folders on the server. For example, I have a Library called "All Movies" pointed to the /Movies folder with all my movies in it. It would be really nice to create a couple of groups called "Kids Movies", "Martial Arts Movies" and "Wife's Movies." These groups would contain all the movies that I designate from the "All Movies" Library, using metadata or otherwise, and each group would show up separately next to "All Movies" on the Home screen. You could do this without having to create a new folder for each group on the server and then manually movie all the movie files/folders I want into the new group folders. This would allow all the media to be organized in a simple folder structure (/Movies or /TV), provide an easy way to create and navigate to a customized subset of that media (Kids Movies / Kids TV) in the Emby clients, and give complete control of the media organization/navigation to Emby Server. I could imagine myself creating new groups all the time. Say, I am on a "Comic Book Movie" kick or a "Movies about Sports" binge. It would be very nice to be able to easily group movies together and have that group show up on the home screen, without having to manually restructure my media folders on the server and create separate Libraries. Groups could be add/removed without having any impact on the server's folder structure. I could even expand on that further by imaging having Collections inside my group, or having a group that would contain a mix of media types (Movies, TV, Music, etc.). For example, my "Star Wars" group could contain the two separate movie Collections (original trilogy and the new trilogy), The Clone Wars movie, The Clone Wars TV series, the Star Wars Rebels TV series, the movie soundtrack albums, etc. The group would be easily accessible right next to my "All Movies" Library on the Home screen. Perhaps this can already be accomplished, but I have yet to get it to work in my testing, or see it explained in detail on the forums or the wiki. Any insight or thoughts on how to do this would be appreciated.
  7. There's four of us in the house - and different groupings of us watch different shows together. (note: we use MBC) So, for example * my son and I like to watch a bunch of shows together * my son, daughter and I like to watch a different bunch together * all four of us watch a few other shows together * etc I'm not overly concerned about getting watched status for everyone recorded correctly - as long as the major user (usually me) is up to date then that's fine. What I am interested in though is some way to filter shows by the group that has sat down to watch a few shows together. This would make it much easier to select what to watch next. Can anyone suggest any methods to do this? I can think of two - but neither is ideal: * Split the shows into physical folders - one for each grouping of people who watch those shows (e.g A+B, A+B+C, A+B+C+D, B+C, etc) * Assign dummy genres to each show and then index by genre It would be really useful if there was a built-in method of defining who is interested in each show, and then when a number of us sit down to watch some TV, we could just tell MB who was present, and the shows could be filtered automatically. Does anyone else's family watch shows like this? Would anyone find this type of filtering useful?
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