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  1. xXSagaiaXx

    Gamebrowser and metadata

    How does gamebrowser scrape for metadata. It used to be in Gamebrowser II that it would use the directory title. Now it seems that it's looking at the contents of said directory. It doesn't work right for multi disc games. S.
  2. Okay. So i'm using Square theme. When I am in the main menu and I see movie, music, video games, etc. I choose video games and I see all my games for all the systems. Is there anyway to be able to see the systems first then choose the games. Just like Gamebrowser 2 used to show. Thanks, S.
  3. TrainAss

    GameBrowser III and DOSBox

    So I'm using MBT, and have just purchased a lovely Logitech K400 keyboard, and would like to be able to play some of my classic DOS games now (Console games work beautifully). In MBC, there's an option for DOSBox and to launch dos games, but I don't see any option under "external player" for DOS games, or even an option to add DOSbox (outside from the applications plugin). Am I missing something, or has DosBox not been added in to GB3 for MBT?
  4. So I'm running version 2.9.5156.23954 of GameBrowser, version 3.0.5171.19958 of MediaBrowser Theater and version 1.9.0 of ePSXe on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64. I have ePSXe configured correctly in MBT, and have it set to "force close" the application when stop is pressed on the remote. I press Stop on the remote, the system returns to MBT, but the game continues to run in the background. I can hear the music playing, and in the case of last night when playing Final Fantasy IX, I could hear the battle continue in the background. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix it? Edit: I forgot to mention when I was running Win8.1 x64 on my HTPC, it worked. Once I returned it back to Win7, it stopped working.
  5. demonseed

    Gamebrowser Components

    Click sample to view Gallery Download Click sample to view Gallery Click sample to view Gallery Download Click sample to view Gallery Download Click sample to view Gallery I would also like to add that I take no credit for any of the drawn art I use in any of my work, and would like to thank all the artist to whom I’ve borrowed work from. Without you, my clever Photoshop manipulations would be worthless…
  6. So I noticed that GameBrowser updated today (2.9.5184.24602), server is version 3.0.5171.19958 and MediaBrowser Theater is version 3.0.5168.25066. Since the update, my games category is completely missing. I've removed and re-added the plugin, as well as completely reconfigured the consoles, but nothing is listed (I'm having Final Fantasy IX withdrawals). I checked the server logs, and found this. The log is filled with similar errors for all of my games (i can post the entire log if necessary). Any assistance would be super appreciated!
  7. Zero_Kool

    GameBrowser Setup Help?

    I was hoping to find a tutorial on how to setup game browser or also what type of controller to use to play the game? Also, where to get the roms, and game files? Thank you in advance for any helpful replies.
  8. I went to launch a game last night and again this morning. I keep getting this error when I select "Play" on the game: "An unknown error prevented this game from launching" Here's the pertinent logs: 2014-01-23 07:59:22.9695,Debug,,===CustomImage resx://MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.Resources/media_unknown being cached on first access. Should only have to do this once per session...,1,Application 2014-01-23 07:59:24.9595,Debug,,Creating a new instance of GamePlaybackController,49,Worker thread for Play Action 2014-01-23 07:59:25.0095,Info,,Gamebrowser playback controller about to play GAME TITLE(\\hostname\path\to\GAME TITLE.iso) ,49,Worker thread for Play Action 2014-01-23 07:59:25.0195,Info,,Gamebrowser playback controller playing GAME TITLE,49,Worker thread for Play Action 2014-01-23 07:59:25.0295,Info,,*** GAMEBROWSER *** Trying to match GameSystem for NintendoGameCube,49,Worker thread for Play Action 2014-01-23 07:59:27.9295,Error,,Error playing item: ( Exception. Type=System.NotImplementedException Msg=The method or operation is not implemented. Src=GameBrowser-Classic Method=StopInternal Line=0 Col=0 [n] StackTrace= [n] at GameBrowser_Classic.Code.ModelItems.GamePlaybackController.StopInternal() [n] at GameBrowser_Classic.Code.ModelItems.GamePlaybackController.LaunchGame(Media media) [n] at GameBrowser_Classic.Code.ModelItems.GamePlaybackController.PlayMediaInternal(PlayableItem playable) [n] at MediaBrowser.Code.ModelItems.BasePlaybackController.Play(PlayableItem playable) ),49,Worker thread for Play Action GameBrowser client (classic) plugin version GameBrowser server plugin version 2.9.5110.13936 Let me know if I can provide any further info... [EDIT] Forgot to mention that if I call the emulator from the Run dialog/command prompt with the switches supplied and {rom} substituted with the full path to the game, it works fine... [/EDIT]
  9. mithra62

    Gamebrowser Emulator Switches

    I just went through the laborious process of setting up Gamebrowser and MB Classic and thought I'd share the switch commands I used so others can avoid the pain. VirtuaNES switch (NES) "{rom}" ZSNES Switch (SNES) -m "{rom}" NullDC Switch (Dreamcast) -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="{rom}" pcsx2 Switch (PS2) --nogui --fullscreen "{rom}" Dolphin Switch (Wii & Gamecube) --exec="{rom}" Fusion Switch (Sega) -fullscreen "{rom}" ePSXe Switch (PSX) -nogui -loadbin "{rom}" Hope this helps others.
  10. @@Luke @@Redshirt @@ebr Since these are ur Apps respectivly and I'm not sure where to post this because I'm not sure what category (server/MBC/MBT/gamebrowser) it falls under. Anyways, 1st question, I was wondering if its possible to get a video backdrop running on the main EHS screen? I went into MBClassic IBN folder out of curiosity n created a General/Movies/Backdrops/Blah.mkv and restarted the server but that didn't work so that's why I ask. I'm not sure I would actually use this but I am curious how it would look because I've seen some really nice fan made videos, especially for video game intros. On a side note can this be done for individual game systems also? If so how? Question 2 is it possible to add a splash screen when launching an emulator, I know MB2 had a splashcreen for launching external players but I'm wondering if one can be implemented for emulators so u dont see the desktop for those few seconds while MBC loads up the emulator and game. Aesthetically I think it would look more fluid to see a custom splashcreen for a few seconds before the game launches as opposed to seeing MBC minimise to the desktop and waiting for the game to boot. Both these questions also apply to MBTheatre if possible or as a feature request
  11. Delphi


    Possibly move game studios into their own separate folder inside IBN/GameStudios
  12. Toonguy

    Using NesBox Plugin

    It's me again. I have installed the SNESBOX and NESBOX plugins, but I am not sure what I need to do to make sure they show up in the media directory so that I can actually use them in gamebrowser. Do I just link directly to the URL or is there something else I should be doing?
  13. Toonguy

    Mame syntax for GB3 and MBT

    Hi, I seem to be having difficulty getting Mame to work on MBT - I'm pointing to the executable in the external players, but when I press "play," the screen flashes a box too fast for me to read. My guess is that I don't have the correct syntax for the roms in the external player set up. With MBC, it was "{romNameNoExt}" -rp "[path}" What does that translate to in MBT?
  14. alb0806

    Gamebrowser 3 Multi-disc Games

    I searched around the forums and couldn't find any relevant information on how to set up games with multiple discs. I know in Gamebrowser II there was the disc selection screen, but that required a custom details page. Is there a supported folder and/or metadata structure for this?
  15. CBers

    GameBrowser 3 plugin

    Gamebrowser is one of the more complex plugins to set up as it contains many aspects that need to be considered. We've done our best to try and make it as easy as possible. Below is a guide discussing the standard setup steps. Step 1: Organizing your games. The first step is to make sure your games are organized in a format that mediabrowser supports. The preferred layout is to have a folder for each game platform (Super Nintend, Sega Genesis etc etc) with all games in their own folder beneath that game platform folder. Folder examples. Step 2: Installing and configuring the Gambrowser server plugin. Gamebrowser is available for download in the MediaBrowser plugin store. It is a free plugin. Once Gamebrowser is installed. Navigate to the installed plugins tab and then click GameBrowser in the list of installed plugins. Then click the "Platform Configuration button" The Platform Configuration page is how Gamebrowser determines which files are games. Add each game folder and select the appropriate game system from the platform dropdown. Once you press save the newly entered location is added to the Game Platform Folders list. The below image shows how the folder structure in the first three images would be configured. Now that Gamebrowser knows what folders are games, the parent directory of all your game systems needs to be added to the Media Library so that MediaBrowser can see them. The below image illustrates how the parent folder of the very first image above is added to the Default Media Library. Once that's done, MediaBrowser should have started a Scan Media Library task. When the task is completed the games should be visible in the Web Dashboard. If the Games view is not available then GameBrowser is not correctly configured. If local images are not present, games need to be named exactly as they appear on thegamesdb.net and internet providers need to be enabled. Step 3: Installing and Configuring Gamebrowser for MediaBrowser-Classic. GameBrowser-Classic can be installed from the Plug-ins tab inside the MediaBrowser-Classic config pages. Select "Plug-in Catalog" then navigate to GameBrowser-Classic and select it. The plugin is free but requires the server to have a valid supporter key. Once installed, it needs to be configured to define what emulator to launch for each game system. You must do this from a separate configuration program installed with MBC called the Configurator. There is a shortcut for it placed in your start menu. In the Emulator Games tab, the list on the left will show each Game System that was configured in step 2. For each Game System, you would define the location of the emulator that will play the games and the default Switches. For most emulators "{rom}" will work as the default Switch. Some will require specialized switches, google can be a great asset here. Step 3a: Configuring emulators in MediaBrowser-Theater. MediaBrowser-Theater doesn't require a client-side plugin to launch games. Emulators can be configured using the External Players configuration. In the Add Media Player page, the Media Type needs to be changed to game. Once that is done, all the game specific configuration options can be set. Very much like the above description for MediaBrowser-Classic, an external player needs to be configured for each Game System in your library. The path to the emulator executable must be provided and the default command-line argument. {PATH} should work for most emulators. Once configured click Submit and then rinse-and-repeat until all your Game Systems have been added. Extra: Configuring Windows and DOS games. Due to the client-server nature of MediaBrowser 3, Windows game setup is a little different from setting up emulators. The games have to be visible to the server for metadata downloading, but there's no guarantee that the client is running on the same machine as the server. Enter the game.gbwin and game.gbdos files. To get Windows and DOS games to be visible to the server, create a game system folder those platforms (as in the very first image). Inside that folder you would create a folder for each game you wish the server to be aware of. If it's a windows game place a game.gbwin file within that directory. This file can be anything. An empty zip file, a blank text document. It's the name that's important. Now that the server is aware of the games, they should be visible within the Windows Games (or DOS Games) tab of the GameBrowser-Classic plugin configuration. For each game in the list, you need to tell the client where to find the game executable or shortcut. Extra 2: Using DOSBox. Many (most) DOS games don't run well in modern windows PC's. DOSBox is a great tool to overcome that. If DOSBox is configured in GameBrowser-Classic, then any games with a game.gbdos file will be launched through DOSBox.
  16. AlwinHummels

    GameBrowser III Arcade (MAME) Structure??

    Maybe I've missed it but couldn't find it on this forum. How do I setup GameBrowser-Clasic to use MAME and what is the correct folder structure? Now I've a folder with all my Roms in zip format on one ROM folder. So it isn't possible to save metadata for it. I think I've to made a folder with Game name and a dummy file in it but how does GB III know witch rom it must use? Only found this is that the correct way? So please take me by the hand so I can go further
  17. Q: Is there a tutorial posted on how to setup gamebrowser?
  18. Starkadius

    GameBrowser GameGenre Icon support

    Does MBC currently look at the ImagesByName\GameGenre directory for the gamebrowser genre icons? It seems to be fetching the icons from ImagesByName\Genre.
  19. My pc games are all that shows up, everything else shows up as folders, isos appear as movies, the folders show in MB3 server, but it's display type comes up as folder TIA
  20. Zero_Kool

    What is Gamebrower?

    Just wondering what gamebrowser is?
  21. Hello, I have GameBrowser 2 installed and my MediaBrowser 2 (The latest version) is set to default theme. Every time I click on/select (NOT pressing Play button) the game from the folder, instead of going to the game description, it launches the game immediately. The movies in my Movies folder are fine; I can see the description when I select it. My game folder contains the game iso, backdrop.jpg, folder.jpg, and game.xml. Appreciate any help as I've been trying to figure this out for the past few days! Thanks!
  22. According to the old forum, the supported file extension in GameBrowser III for Amiga roms is .iso format. Can anyone tell me how to get WinUAE, or any other emulator, to load iso files - I can get the games to launch fine with the .adf floppy disks, but have no idea what to do for iso files. Thanks in advance.
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