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  1. Hi, over the last couple of weeks I have been receiving regular freezes/lagging whilst watching several TV Shows in a row with the "Play next video automatically" option enabled in the Settings -> Video -> Playback on Kodi. I have always had this setting enabled as it is useful for my kids to automatically watch a few shows in a row without needing to manually start a new episode after the previous one concluded. Up until recently this setting has worked well and as intended without any issues for months. Now randomly (albeit most of the time) after watching an episode or two, Kodi will freeze/become unrepsonsive. This occurs at the end of an episode as it tries to commence playing the next episode. Through trial and error I determined if you leave it long enough ie ~ 15 mins Kodi will eventually display an error on screen stating it failed to open the source file. Obviously this is not preferable and the only way to continue is forcefully close the frozen Kodi app, re-open and start play the next episode manually. My setup: Emby Linux Mono Version Beta (running on Asustor AS 7010T x64 running latest v2.6.2 linux firmware) Emby for Kodi Sync Queue on Emby Server version 1.0.6020.14567 (although I disabled this on the client for testing and the freezing seems to occur both with/without Fast Sync enabled) Emby for Kodi Beta 2.2.12 SPMC Jarvis 16.3.0 (based on Kodi 16.1 for Android) (running on Nvidia Shield Android TV v3.2) Vanilla SPMC install, running standard Confluence skin with only a couple of simple other addins: Oz Weather, HD Homerun & Multicam (view security cameras) plugins Wired 1Gb ethernet network (I have just tested and the problem occurs also occurs on the standard clean install of the App store version of Kodi 16.1 for Android on the same Nvidia Shield. So I am deducing that it is not a SPMC specific problem) In the below log file, the episode I watched concluded around the 21:43:31 mark. Kodi then Lagged/froze/became unresponsive for ~ 15 mins and at the 22:01:17 mark Kodi finally displayed an error onscreen saying failed to open source for next episode. Kodi/SPMC Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mwpokt5vaw856v/spmc.log?dl=0 Thanks for your help and please let me know if you require any additional information.
  2. Hi All, Have run into an issue while configuring my TV Series view with Banners. It has been running flawlessly with banners for the longest time, however I just wanted to increase the size of them so as to improve the view (not so many rows) I have found that after I changed the size of them, Emby locked up and I had to close down WMC completely. Now everytime I select 'TV Shows' Emby completely freezes and I have to kill it. Normally when entering a view it will select an item to navigate, now it just stays there nothing selected. The clock doesn't move, so I know it's frozen. Does anyone know how to reset user views? Poster, banner, strip, etc? I have already tried uninstalling / deleting config from dir / re-install Running server: Running EMC: 3.0.305.0 log of when change was made: MBClassic-6620164438fab00dc14af2ac98fe20d8bed9d5.log log when a new session is opened and navigate to tv shows, pretty much nothing: MBClassic-762016fe97bf136bc44e728f702dcf486a2898.log If anyone can help me reset this view that would be great. Every other media category works fine.
  3. ipodfreek

    Emby Process Freezes

    Has anyone else had this issue? I run Emby as it's own profile on my iMac. It stays logged in so Emby can be used on our TV's. After a period of time, the process seems to completely freeze, and I cannot connect to the server to watch movies. I have to come upstairs to the iMac and force quit the Emby process in Activity Monitor. Once restarted it works fine for (I think) a day or so, then dies again. I'm now running version 3.0.5724.4, but it was doing this in previous versions too. Anyone? Thanks. I've attached three recent log files. Thanks again! server-63578044800.txt server-63578116287.txt server-63578044796.txt
  4. iearmand

    Wizard install not progressing

    Hi Folks. I've searched around the forums and can't find anything similar so hoping someone can help or direct me approritaly. I'm installing Enby on a Mac Mini (2014). Install has gone ok and the wizard started as expected. The issue arises at the Configure Settings\metadata page (see page below).When I select "Next", nothing happens. Or rather an icon seem to flash (very quickly) but the Wizard does not progress any further. I have tried a reinstall. No change and Previous setting remain in place. I have also tried using both Safari and Chrome. Still no luck. I did notice that on the installation page that the Configure Settings pagfe come before the "Add Media Libraries", but in my setup is seems to be the other way around. this may be nothing but I'm not sure. I would post them, but I can't find the logs. Anyway hope someone can help. thanks in advance.
  5. Hi All, My MB Classic Freezes for about 30 seconds every time I chose MUSIC (on the first use only).... So, I decided to look at the log file and I found that it is due to error about being a supporter Can anyone help... p.s. I can repeat this problem as many times as I like... Here is the log file... (I never used to look at log files, but I blame Chief B.. for giving me the idea.... off course, this means I have half truths as I can look at the log, but understand none of it ) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71775242/MBClassic-121220149ba730c4a90745e4b2b21c076d8e122f.log (partial log below - just the offending code, I think!) 2014-12-12 13:42:56.2920,Info,,Sending Http Get to,47,Worker thread for mbsupporter registration check This space is for Just under 40 seconds of frozen client 2014-12-12 13:43:34.9004,Error,,Error getting response from,,Path,,ParentId,,DisplayPreferencesId,,DateCreated,,IndexOptions,,DateLastMediaAdded,,MediaStreams,,SortName,,Taglines,,MediaSources&ImageTypes=&recursive=False&genres=&Ids=&studios=&ExcludeItemTypes=&IncludeItemTypes=&ExcludeLocationTypes=&personTypes=&years=&format=Json ( Exception. Type=System.Net.WebException Msg=The operation has timed out Src=System Method=GetResponse Line=0 Col=0 [n] StackTrace= [n] at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() [n] at MediaBrowser.ApiInteraction.MbHttpClient.Get(String url) ),1,Application
  6. I upgraded my HTPC to Windows 8.1 and WMC and I've returned to MBC. I was using XBMC and one of the features I really like is playing all the files in a folder. We sometimes will have a list of maybe 10-12 home videos or other YouTube clips in a folder that we'll play, and we'll shuffle play all the files. In XBMC, it works flawlessly (not MBC3C, just the native XBMC player). In WMC using MBC, it has some problems. The first thing is if there are multiple files, let's say we have a folder of 20 files and all are around a minute long, then after the first few videos, MBC will start to act a little strange. It will play the first second of the video, and then it will repeat the first second of the video and then play it all the way through. That's a little odd. That stutter will happen for most of the videos in the playlist. The second problem is that after a while, a video half way through the playlist will freeze, and we will be forced to press the skip button to skip back a few seconds in the video, and then it will play the rest of the way. If there are more videos in the playlist, it will intermittently do the same thing (freeze the video, but the audio will continue to play). If it reaches the end of the video, it will just stop and not play the next video. Sometimes after a long pause it will continue on to the next video, but the easiest way to get it "unstuck" is to skip backwards on the current video, and then it will play regularly. Somewhat annoying to have to babysit the video playlists when it should just play them all the way through. Hopefully these issues can be addressed. I like the TV guide with WMC better than XBMC, and I think MBC is better than the XBMB3C implementation, so hopefully this issue can be resolved. Thank you!
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