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Found 7 results

  1. I am no longer to select Folder view when accessing Emby Music Library on LG WebOS. Is it due to the latest update or something I can fix in Emby settings? Please advise...
  2. MeowX

    Folder view issue

    Hello! I've installed Emby server version recently. Added one folder to media library that contains other folders (disctinct folder for each season of tv series, for example). Enabled folder view in Library->Display section. Started Emby app for Samsung TV, entered "Media Folders" section and all files were in one place without any directory structure. Server option itself works fine, i've tried browsing with Firefox from my PC, and with Emby app for Android. I've seen each tv show in it's dedicated folder, and folders for each season in it. Can something be done about this, or i've just missed some options? Emby server version Emby TV app version 2.2.2 Samsung TV model UE32ES5557 Regards Max
  3. Hi, I'm using Emby on several devices, and here is a problem with folder view that I could not solve. I have created a media library with mixed content on my Freenas server: So when I enter the library here is what I see: For some reason the Series folder became different. What is 462 tag mean? Why is there a check mark? It says Played but doesn't seem to change anything. If I go to the Music folder (or any other folder) I can see the normal folder structure which I can browse without difficulty. But when I try to go to Series folder it's a complete mess: I don't have 'Season 2' folder, at least not on the top level. So I suppose it's some kind of virtual folders, which are by the way unusable. If I try to go to Season 2 folder, it starts playing: Why is it playing Downton Abbey while the file name suggests Jeeves and Wooster? Maybe there is a mistake in the file name? Ok, let's find the file in Windows Explorer: So it's OK with the file name and its contents. So far I tried to delete and rebuild the library, to create a separate library only for Series, to change library content type, to check and uncheck any settings I could possibly find, to uninstall any add-ons - nothing helps. How can I restore my Series folder to a standard folder view and navigation? Thanks,
  4. Roland.Stranneborn

    Missing files?

    Hi all, I'm new to Emby, so far I'm very pleased. The killer feature for me is the Folder navigation where you can have posters for the folder itself. I came from a Microsoft Media Center environment where this works, but I was quite disappointed in e.g. Plex where it seems I can't navigate by folder view. It was very important for me so my kids could navigate by photos, not just reading text. Anyway, here are two newbie questions relating to Folder navigation: 1) If a Folder has only one movie, the folder itself will not show just the movie inside (which may have a different poster than the folder). Is that the way it is supposed to work? 2) I have a folder for "By Geography", where I have 3 subfolders which contain many movies. The main folder itself has these 3 subfolders and then just one movie. In this case Emby seems to ignore the 3 subfolders and just show the single movie in the "By Geography" folder. I think that's a bug. I've attached a screen shot of the folder /movie structure on my NAS. Emby uses the name of the folder ("Geographic area"), but adds year of the single movie (2008), then use the poster for the movie, not the folder.
  5. Hi All, Looking for some assistance. I have always manually created my boxsets (refer below layout), placing the theme.mp3 in the root folder, and viewed them in Emby Classic using Legacy Folder View. Toy Story Collection\ Toy Story (1995)\ Toy Story (1995).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. Toy Story 2 (1999)\ Toy Story 2 (1999).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. Toy Story 3 (2010)\ Toy Story 3 (2010).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. theme.MP3 This setup has, and still is working fine. The issue I am having is with Emby created collections. I have recently started to convert my manual collections to Emby collection. Everything is working great visually except I am unable to get the theme.mp3 to play when i enter the collection, like it does for the legacy folder view. I have placed the theme.mp3 file in the Toy Story Collection [boxset] folder created by Emby when i grouped the movies into the collection. I have also tried placing the file into a sub folder theme-music\song1.mp3 but this didn't work. The theme song will play when entering a collection from the Web Client, but will not play from within Emby Classic. Within the Emby Classic configuration, I have Legacy View enabled, as well as Collapse Movies into Collections. I have also enabled Active Backgrounds. With these settings I am able to see both types of collections without issue. I can hear the theme.mp3 play when i enter a folder view collection, but it will not play when i enter an Emby collection. I tried disabling the Legacy Folder View just in case that was causing interference, but this did not work. Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. It's the only thing stopping me from converting all of my collections over to Emby Collections. Cheers.
  6. mrbrahman

    Folder view for "Unset (mixed content)"

    I'm trying to setup Emby plugin for Kodi to view my home videos, and setup the folder in the library as "Unset (mixed content)". While the Emby UI (on the browser) shows the folders nicely, I'm not able to see the folders in Kodi (using Emby plugin). The Kodi plugin shows all the videos flattened out under the top folder. I used the instructions in kodi wiki to setup the Emby plugin, and use the default skin (Estuary for Kodi 17.3) Any pointers on how to view all the sub-folders in Kodi? Thank you!
  7. Concept211

    Folder view gone?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before already but I couldn't find anything specific to my issue. So for years, I've been using MB/Emby to navigate through my movies in the "Folders" view without any issues. I organize files by genre folders that I designate which look like this: It has always worked great and used it on multiple clients on WMC, Android, Web, etc. Recently, however (maybe 2 or 3 server versions ago), that view has disappeared. I still see the "Folders" menu item in all 3 clients, but when you go into it, it simply displays the movies in the same view as if you had clicked on "Movies" instead of "Folders". For example: Why is this gone all of a sudden when it was working perfectly for so long? thanks!
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