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  1. Yogi

    Boxset Logos

    I have created some Boxset logos for my personal use and thought I could share here. Feel free to use as you would like. They look better in Mediabrowser than just plain text on your boxsets. All in png format. 210+ in the collection, view the gallery here. Download the collection here Download is about 35mb in total. All logos are in a format of 800x310 pixels
  2. vidkun

    TV Show Logos Not Showing

    I am using the latest stable version of XBMB3C in the repo with XBMC 12.2 and the latest stable Aeon Nox 4 release connected to the latest stable version of MB3 Server. I'm having issues with images being displayed properly for TV Shows (haven't even started checking/testing the movies side yet). I started with trying to use the Episode view to display them as banners, but that never worked anywhere near correctly. So now, I am trying to use the Landscape view to display them as Logo. However, all I get is text of the show name with the episode counts in parenthesis. I have verified that the show does have the correct image in MB3S for the logo image type and have stayed on a single show name for at least 5 minutes just to be extra extra extra sure that it wasn't an issue of just needing to d/l the image and cache it first. Nothing ever shows up. Any ideas on why some of the image types have issues loading? Any testing/info I can do/provide to troubleshoot this? On a separate (lower priority) note, I've also noticed issues with watched statuses not always syncing up between what is shown in XBMB3C and MB3S sometimes. Figured I'd mention it in case that was a known issue with a fix coming. Otherwise, the image issue more important to me at the moment.
  3. I dont know if this has been already asked...search didnt yield anything relevant. But it would be a nice to have
  4. Does anyone know of a good place to get logos for local TV stations? Now that Live TV is in Media Browser, I'm trying to get some nice looking logos. I have been doing Google searches, visiting the TV stations' web pages, visiting wikipedia, etc. But it seems to be a hodge-podge of stuff I can find. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Hello from Fanart.tv I see there are quite a few budding artists and professionals alike over here that are creating fanart for Media Browser. We would love to see some of that art make it over to our site so it can easily be shared with even more people. Even if it's not shared on our site, I thought some of our video tutorials might be of use to any fanart creators. Our tutorials are a little scattered, so I thought I could show how to access them here. For strictly video tutorials you can either view our youtube channel or our G+ page. For all types of tutorials and templates, you will find them under each section of our homepage. Movies, TV, and Music respectively. Just look under each artwork type and click the Tutorial or Template buttons to see if any exist for that artwork type. We also have some tutorials in our forums under Gimp Chat and Photoshop Chat. I have just recently started a "Gimp from Scratch" video tutorial series for new creators that are not familiar with gimp or creating fanart. I really hope that these tutorials will be of use to someone here and please remember...We are there to help. I realize that some users are a bit weary of uploading to us as we have some pretty strict requirements to get an image approved. Once you understand what these are and how to abide by them, I think you'll find it will be a rewarding experience. If you are having trouble with something, just post in our forums, or join us in the IRC channel and we will do our best to help out. Lastly, please post in our forums for any requests of tutorials you'd like to see. Best Regards, Akovia
  6. Here's the blog post http://fanart.tv/2014/01/mediabrowser-and-fanart-tv-working-in-perfect-harmony/ Enjoy
  7. Does anyone know the size specs for fanart? I am making disc.png as 1000 x 1000. What about Logos, clearart, banners and thumbs? Johnny M
  8. Z0m8ie

    Renumbering Fanart?

    Nah, downloading was done seperate. I need a program to do the automation(moving the file outside of the directory)...
  9. It appears http://www.themoviedb.org/ is adding TV support according to the support forum and this beta website: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv
  10. Luke

    Starkadius TV Fanart

    Well done.
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