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  1. Rextra

    Conectar emby a samsung smart tv

    Hola a todos recien acabo de instalar el programa, a la hora de ponerlo en mi tv samsung smart tv todo va bien lo instale y todo pero cuando abro el programa me pide para conectarlo la ip y no se que mas y no pude lograr conectarme.
  2. Since yesterday my server is not working properly anymore. I did not change anything in the configuration of my server, but my emby installation is laggy and sometimes unresponsive, sometimes the web app for example is not loading at all. When I click restart in the menu of the tray icon the server is not responding as well and I have to kill it with the task manager. After a restart the server is working properly for about 10 minutes, then the problems start again. The error log is growing very fast, so yesterday for half of the day the log was over 100MB big, also this error is repeatin
  3. killianbe

    Crash Emby Server Linux lastest

    Hi (Sorry i'm bad in english!) I've error when i've update my docker emby *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /app/emby/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /config -ffdetect /app/emby/ffdetect -ffmpeg /app/emby/ffmpeg -ffprobe /app/emby/ffprobe Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///app/emby/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 4 Program data path: /config Application directory: /app/emby SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException: Busy: database is locked - PRAGMA journal_mode SQLitePCL.p
  4. Had to shutdown the nas box due to switching out some light switches. I did a graceful shutdown of the unit before cutting the power. Once the power was turned back on now I am getting the following when trying to restart the emby server on the NAS. pkgctl-EmbyServer failed to Start.. error unknow [0x0000 (null):0] If I try from the GUI the error message is Failed to run the package service. Not sure if this is in the documentation but the reason for the failure was the emby server user had an expired password. I changed the password and checked the box for Password is always va
  5. hi my server in windows can't update plugins! it shows me emby updates without any problems. I have to update DLNA plugin from 1.0.31 to 1.0.33 manually. connected with a vpn, but problem is still alive! restarted emby and PC but doesn't work logs.zip
  6. Castor234

    Problem with My Z: Drive

    Hello, My Emby server has been running smoothly for about a month now and I have had no problems. Yesterday evening, for no apparant reason, I stopped being able to stream any TV shows or Movies. I first noticed this on the server itself when I tried to play a show while working at another computer. The show page loaded, then when I clicked 'play' on the episode Emby loaded the playback screen with the loading wheel. After a few seconds, I got an error stating "No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." I a
  7. nanuk

    Delete recordings

    Hi *, I' ve a prob and to be honest, I don't know if it's a old or a new prob, but I think a new one. When I try to delete a recording from any Emby App on any of my devices (TVs, mobile, tablet) I'm not able to delete recordings I formerly scheduled. When pressing the delete button in the recordings section, the recording seems to be deleted It disappears from the "recordings" tab and also from the latest recordings section on the live tv tab. Everything seems fine, but... the file and the corresponding xml of the recording still is on the harddisk and after a view minutes the r
  8. StLDreiling

    Vera plugin causing errors in log

    Was doing some maintenance and found that the Vera plugin is constantly generating errors in the event handler. I only noticed this when looking at the log, as my system performance hasn't been degraded by it and the Vera plugin still appears to work normally for me. I've attached the logfile to see if @@chef or @@Luke had any ideas. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, and can confirm that these errors disappeared when the plugin was removed, and reappeared upon reinstallation. embyserver-20190806-1142.txt
  9. geno27

    Auto Organize Error:Null

    I've been getting an error while using the Auto Organize for TV Shows. I'm using Windows 10, Server but this has been happening for awhile. It seems to be a few random TV series. Some of these series, such as Bar Rescue in the example below, used to work fine. Auto organize fails to recognize the series for an episode, so then I try to match it manually. After selecting the series name from the list and hitting OK, I get an Error:null message. I have attached a log file below. embyserver.txt
  10. tvaldeze

    error downloading tv lineups

    Hello all, I have been having issues setting up my tv lineup on my mac mini, getting my tuner set up works flawlessly but when I try to add the guide data it errors out and says "There was an error downloading tv lineups. Please ensure your information is correct and try again." I have Emby Premiere and the key has been pasted in, and when I look at the logs it doesn't reference anywhere that is the issue like other reports. I am on a fresh install of emby and made sure to remove all traces of it, to include what is in the /Users/%Username%/.config folder. I've done this multiple times now, a
  11. hi, using emby 4.0.2 and using the xtream-editor service to sort my M3U + XML (EPG) from them. But emby is not able to get the XML correct, Error Log: 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info App: xmltv path: https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info App: Downloading xmltv listings from https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info HttpClient: GetTempFileResponse url: https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:04.067 Error App: Error adding metadata *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /system/EmbyServer.dll
  12. # Portuguese # Prezados, Possuo o EMBY THEATHER (LIFE TIME) porém ao tentar reproduzir uma determinada serie de tv, em alguns episódios. Ao lado do descritivo do episodio, apresenta a mensagem "Missing" e ao tentar reproduzir apresenta a mensagem: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erro na Reprodução Não existem streams compatíveis. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde ou contate o administrador do sistema para mais detalhes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. mickeyfinn

    Recordings failing after a few minutes

    Hi there, I have seen another post about this, which may be related. I have had a few instances since the upgrade to Emby v. 4, but since I have only been using Emby Live TV consistently for a few months, I am not certain that the upgrade is a factor. In instances prior to the one shown in the attached logs, one show will fail after 2 - 9 minutes. I did not have time to gather the logs for the earlier instances of this issue. In this instance, two recordings were happening at the same time and stopped at the same time. I have provided logs from the time the issue started to the end of
  14. Hello all, I am quite new to Emby but must see cool program and wish i had discovered that long ago . Anyway i am running latest beta on an Ubuntu (Studio) installation where the media is on an nas (SMB connection) I have a quite large collection of movies and series and when i have only the movies within Emby all works perfect without issues. The fun starts when i add the Tv Series as it add's them starts scanning and seems to work but at the moment i go over the webinterface to the series folder Emby crashes. Resulting in: ● emby-server.service - Emby Server is a personal media
  15. Hi forum! Emby's organization has been great. Unfortunately I've been hitting the "no compatible streams" error when trying to play some content. Length and bitrate of the content doesn't seem to affect it, I can't figure out why some files hit this error and others don't. When I select "play" from the web interface, the system goes to the loading screen, the loading animation runs for about two minutes, then I get an error indicating there are no compatible streams. On Roku the video loads for a long time and then does not play, or sometimes plays for a few seconds then hangs for anot
  16. I have had Emby for quite a time now and recently bought Emby Premiere so I could use it on more platforms. I have my Emby server running locally on Debian and can connect remotely through my domain (assume my.domain.com). Emby works fine (with SSL) on following the devices I tested: Android app iOS app Windows Store app Xbox One app Most PCs web interface However, I could not get it working with SSL on my LG TV with WebOS 3.5 (LG OLED55B6V if it matters). It did work on a non-secure connection, but when I try to add the server as SSL connection, it simply denies connection like it doesn
  17. Hey, I installed emby a few days ago as a replacement to plex, since emby can transcode my anime faster than plex can, and emby looks tons nicer, although i'm running into an exception I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose. Using Emby 4 on Windows 7. The main exception is: 2019-01-21 20:04:33.426 Error App: Error in Proxer *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\Sasha\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll -noautorunwebapp Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive:
  18. dutch1918

    Question about my corrupt files

    I have the Emby v4.0.0.2 installed on my Synology 218+ machine.I get a error when trying to cast to Chromecast or Samsung TV. here is the error in the log: 2019-01-18 10:46:28.963 Application version:,mp3&VideoBitrate=30000000&AudioBitrate=192000&PlaySessionId=60803f946ede4baf9140325035bdb59a&api_key=91a3911145514fafac68defa8cb282eb&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=6&SegmentContainer=t
  19. Francisco Pineda

    Error al reproducir playlists

    Hola. Se me presentó un error al querer reproducir algun playlist en una de mis pantallas (solamente en esa). El error dice: "Error de reproducción No tienes disponible ninguna calidad por ahora. Intentalo más tarde o consulta con el administrador para más detalles". Supongo que es la traducción del error "no compatible streams are currently available" Adjunto los logs del servidor, si alguno hace falta mas tarde los adjunto al hilo. Muchas gracias por el apoyo. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-213c27f0-4ee6-4b47-bedc-f6d21770054d.txt
  20. Hi, First of all, I tried using newest Beta and newest Release. I've added a new Music library with 3 FLAC songs to Emby and refreshed the library multiple times. Now, it shows me all songs correctly. Well almost, see yourself: The third song, which I'm playing right now has the Artist tag "SYML; Lily Kershaw". It shows correctly on bottom, so where it shows what I'm playing. But on the Songs Overview it just shows "SYML". So that's the first problem. Now, when I click at the artist at bottom left, it opens the "SYML" artist overview. But never the artist overview of the other artist, it j
  21. JackHadrill

    CEC Error

    Hi all! Purchased Emby Premiere last week as a lifetime Plex Pass holder, as I'm looking for a replacement I can use on my media PC with better TV guide functionality. Unfortunately, I can't get CEC to work. Every time I open Emby Theater I am greeted by the following error: I have a Pulse Eight CEC adapter and it works fine in their test application. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Emby Theater and the Pulse Eight drivers too. I have ensured that there are no other processes using CEC. Hoping for an easy fix! Happy to provide more information should it be re
  22. CherryTree

    Emby cannot open images

    Hi, I just installed Emby and it works perfectly. Except the images. I cannot access them and that's what I saw in the log: 2018-12-10 17:06:50.191 Error App: Image Provider - Error reading image tag for /mnt/media/test.jpg *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Process
  23. I just recently set up an Emby server through FreeNAS. I was able to play movies and music (and see my artwork and tags on music) just fine, but I wasn't able to use the Android App due to an old version of Freenas. I just finished updating FreeNas, and after configuring a new emby server am not able to stream any movies or music VIA web browser. Friends accessing the server VIA domain name aren't able to either. When playing a song I get "No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." When trying to play a movie it will
  24. Crossfire0mega

    Server crash on media playback

    So for a little while I have been having issues playing movies, they will play for a few minutes then stop and the server will physically shutdown requiring a manual reboot. This does not seem to happen with tv shows but only movies. I also cannot get it to stop transcoding everything. I have a samsung smart tv 2014 running the emby app. I have also tried casting from an android phone and tablet to a chromecast or to the tv directly but all result in transcoding. I even tried using a ps4. I've attached the logs of the most recent incident but every movie I have tried to play recently does the
  25. The Arabic subtitles Don't appear Well on The Android App Is There any Solution Please !?
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