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  1. Hi, First of all, I tried using newest Beta and newest Release. I've added a new Music library with 3 FLAC songs to Emby and refreshed the library multiple times. Now, it shows me all songs correctly. Well almost, see yourself: The third song, which I'm playing right now has the Artist tag "SYML; Lily Kershaw". It shows correctly on bottom, so where it shows what I'm playing. But on the Songs Overview it just shows "SYML". So that's the first problem. Now, when I click at the artist at bottom left, it opens the "SYML" artist overview. But never the artist overview of the other artist, it just doesn't exist. And yes, Emby recognizes her as an artist, see here: I also want to add that you can't open the specific artist Overview from the Artists tab, just from songs. And now comes the biggest problem. The SYML artist overview, which is the only one which exists, looks like this: I don't think it should be completely empty... Oh and I tried setting it up multiple times, and the first time I did it with Emby, it wasn't empty. But it put every single song from SYML into a single album, even though they all have different album tags. Here's the metadata of one file: It is correctly set in the metadata manager btw. I wanna swich from Plex to Emby because Plex doesn't support multiple Artists, but apparently Emby does. Developers here don't seem to be so ignorant to user feedback like Plex is, so I'm asking here if you could do anything about this problem. I've added the server log file if it helps. Thanks a lot! embyserver.txt
  2. ocsurf74

    Alexa can't reach Emby Server

    New user here and I'm trying to set up Alexa. I've set up Emby Connect and the Alexa skill and when I ask to open or play Emby it can't connect or find server. I'm running Windows and the latest updates have been done.
  3. milkjunkie90

    Do I need a VPN

    Hi I have a collection of movies on my hard drive and i am running the Emby add on inside Kodi on my Windows PC to catalog and stream them to my other devices throughout the house. I am not using any internet streaming services like IPTV or anything like that. I am just wondering if i need to be running a VPN or not. I have a Private internet Access subscription but I don't have it running 24/7. Should I have?
  4. Hello I'm new to emby, looks like a good software. I was a plex user for a long time and I jumped ship because of this having to login fiasco. This maybe far fetched but I am curious to comments. I have plex and emby working right now and I am wondering if there is a way to share or move the preferences from the plex DB. What I mean is the prefs that plex keeps to know what I have watched and not watched. Having a big media folder it would be cool to be able to move these preferences. any thoughts?
  5. kanipek

    EPG123 - Now provides XMLTV data

    It's in beta testing at the moment. If you are frustrated with somewhat complicated setup of the various XLMTV programs out there or perhaps you would like a GUI? I highly recommend EPG123: http://epg123.garyan2.net/ The beta is discussed here: http://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=99&t=11525 The primary focus for EPG123 has been getting reliable, accurate data into WMC and it does this very well and very easy. He has also built some channel management stuff for WMC in this beta for those that are still using it. Take a look and see what you think, if you like it buy the guy a beer, coffee or chocolate.
  6. Hi, I have both iphones and iPads and Emby seems to not really like any of them. If I play any media, it stutters if I put the quality above 1Mbps. Setting to auto does the same thing. I have other android phones, tablets, Nvidia Shield and no problems elsewhere, just the iOS app. I've tried both the internal server IP and my external domain name and that doesn't make any difference either. Doesn't matter if content is SD MP4 or HD, or even 4K, all does the same thing. Anyone have anything else I can try, or a setting somewhere I need to change? Thanks.
  7. Brandon4466

    Emby on Discord!

    Hello, everyone! My name is Brandon and I run the Emby Reddit over at http://www.reddit.com/r/Emby ! We also have a Discord that is dedicated to Emby and it's open to anyone! I want to invite all of you! Here is the link: http://discord.gg/A4Qf7z6 Come stop by and say hi, we are all really nice! If you need help with something or just want to show off your setup, we are all here! Thanks and we'll talk to you soon! - Brandon http://www.reddit.com/r/Emby http://discord.gg/A4Qf7z6
  8. Hola Buenos dias,soy Jununo y soy nuevo en el mundo de Emby,procedo del Plex aunque desde que he descubierto Emby estoy encantado con el programa. Actualmente tengo puesto el ordenador para que entre en suspension o reposo al de 2 horas de inactividad.Con lo cual si estoy viendo algo en la TV al de 2 horas el ordenador(servidor emby) se apaga y se detiene la reproduccion. Hay alguna opcion para evitar que Emby no deje entrar en suspension al ordenador si se esta reproduciendo algo? He mirados todos los apartados de las opciones del servidor y no veo nada. Un saludo.
  9. StephenMcSweeney

    Emby Server setup on Nvidia Shield

    Hi there, I'm trying to setup the Emby Server for my media library, using a Nvidia Shield as both the server and client app. I've installed the beta Server app on the Shield, and I can connect to http://app.emby.media/ using my macbook which sees the server on the Shield, and this is where i'm trying to add a new media library path, which isn't working. I'm using an external WD Elements drive on my Shield (setup as external storage) where all my media is located. The external drive is shared on my network through the Shield, and I can connect to it fine through my macbook (which is how I transfer files to it) When adding the new library, I'm not sure what to select as the file path (the search function doesn't find the folder where my media is located on the external drive) and when I try to add the path manually, I get an error message: "There was an error adding the media path. Please ensure the path is valid and the Emby Server process has access to that location." /Elements/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Media Server is the general file path for my media, so i'm not sure where i'm going wrong? Any help much appreciated.
  10. I noticed Emby Server is not recognizing the 'Forced' flag for internal subtitles in a MP4 container. Here is an example, you can see from Subler that Track 5 is subtitles and they are checked as 'Forced'. However in Emby Server it is showing the subtitles as "No" for Forced.
  11. Hope someone is able to help out on this one I might have missed some important information about changes to the config. since i am not able to find anywhere to add the user credentials for use with Direct Path in Kodi. My Embycon does still have the feature. and i could see if i assign the share everybody or guest permission everything works fine. I have tried to read the first 4 pages in the community and look through wikis and installations guides, that all point to the old 1.03 version that have credentials in the config. Do any know if this is caused by its still in Beta?
  12. Jucgshu

    Emby for Kodi translations

    Going through this topic, I discovered that a Transifex project page had been setup to translate Emby for Kody. I added a first version of the French translation, but maybe not everyone knows about this translation project. I hope Angelblue05 will agree on advertizing this translation project: https://www.transifex.com/emby-for-kodi/emby-for-kodi/dashboard/ Also Angelblue05, I cannot find a proper forum topic to thank you for your work, so here it is: many thanks mate, and grats on your work around Emby & Kody. ;-) -j
  13. Hi all, I have read that Emby supports Hauppauge tuners, but my HVR-930C UDB device is not seen by Emby It works when Hauppauge's own WinTV program tries to access it. What am I doing wrong (WinTV is not running when scanning for devices with Emby). When selecting Hauppauge, and click "Detect my devices", it finds a HD Homerun I have on my LAN. Hope someone can help.
  14. Minestone

    Server stürtzt unregelmäßig ab

    Hallo liebes Emby Team, Mojn an alle Emby Nutzer, ich habe das Problem dass mein Emby Server unregelmäßig abstürtzt, ich aber die Fehlerquelle nicht erkennen kann: BItte um Hilfe....?! https://paste2.org/LcnYD3gh
  15. schmitty

    Mkv metadata

    I believe there is a bug where Emby Theatre is not reading track titles embedded in the metadata of mkv's. eg. Blu-Ray's rips I've entered information in each track title such as the Audio info - DTS-X 7.1 English. Emby seems to be creating it's own, eg. Eng DTS 7.1.
  16. Has anyone had recent issues with Harmony remotes in Emby for Windows Media Center? My Ultimate MCE remote software does not work correctly. It was working fine previously. I tried different devices to see if that worked. OrTek Hama MCE SE I have got the IR Blasters for the Harmony and the Hama The MCE SE will not operate at all. Neither will OrTek Hama works apart from the play / pause. I bought another Hama remote to train it but the play / pause do not function correctly for that either. One button restarts the episode and the other stops it. Running Windows 8.1 on a Mini PC NUC Running MPC-HC as an external player in Emby WMC I even bought the Harmony Elite thinking it was the Ultimate that was not functioning correctly but it is the same with that too. Update I have just opened up an episode within MPC-HC externally to Emby WMC and the play / pause buttons work fine. I also tried installing VLC and had issues with play / pause in Emby. No issue with play / pause with VLC outside Emby. The Emby default player works fine. Play / pause works correctly on all remotes. Is this an Emby issue Guys
  17. IceBoosteR

    Emby is writing so much data

    Hello all, first of all THANK you for your hard work making this great piece of software! I really enjoy the project and love the fact, that you are not that focussed on collecting all the possible data like PLEX does. But back to my problem. When I start my emby server on FreeNAS (FreeBSD based) the process mono-sgen is consuming lot of resources. (Background: I only have some music in emby) First of all, CPU is for some hours on about 30% load (Xeon E3-1225v3) and during this time, there can be seen often write operations on my SSD. I dont know why but it is bothering me, as I don't know why Emby does this and in my eyes it is not neccessary to write data. Read would make perfect sense, but also not from SSD, as there are only the Emby internal files stored, and the music is written from my HDD pool. Can someone please explain this to me, and if there is a solution available, please share. In this case, early 50GB are written in 1h, before I stopped the server again. I have installed Emby from the FreeNAS plugins, but I dont mind to reinstall it from scratch with the suggestion here: https://emby.media/freebsd-server.html The only thing I would like to know on this how to "recompile the multimedia/ffmpeg package". Many thanks, IceBoosteR
  18. I need help updating Emby. it stopped updating at version it's been months I am really stuck. I can't identify what's causing this. If anyone can help, I appreciate it. Regards
  19. Hi, I'm an Asian and I love to watch Hollywood movies but when I don't understand them most of the time, I download an audio track in my native language and play it with Hollywood and English movies simultaneously to enjoy it. I do not download dual audio movies because I find local encoders having much worse picture quality. There are my websites that provide us with audio tracks of Hollywood movies and many media player are capable of playing external audios like: VLC MPC Kodi (video and external audio file name must be same to be detected and played along) I've used Plex and found it really frustrating because it cannot perform this task, neither it has parental controls (free), so I switched to Kodi but it also has no greater features than EMBY! I installed it today and updated all my libraries, I really loved it and want to use it as my Media Server, its Combo with Kodi is really awesome, I don't like to watch movies in Web Browsers so used its Plugin for Kodi, Now everything is fine except: Emby lacking ability to play an external audio. Please please please introduce this feature. Not only for Web player but it must work with Kodi Add-on so there should be an option in Kodi to play external audio if using Emby Plugin and server in it. I shall be very very thankful too you. I really found Emby best of all but if it your team design an Emby Media Player for desktop PC, it would be really really great. Thank you.
  20. jf23

    [Emby API] Logout User

    good afternoon, i havent found this on swagger nor by searching the forum. is there a API Command to logout a User to force him to re-authenticate? appreciate any comments jf
  21. nanuk

    No Channels shown in DLNA LiveTV

    Hi, since a few weeks (I think since emby 3.4 but I'm not sure) there are no channels shown via DLNA in LiveTV Section. Is this a restriction of the new emby version? I'm using MediaPortal TV Server with MediaPortal TV Plugin Via Emby App Live TV works without any problems ;-) Greetz
  22. Is there a possibility of the emby app to filter by network under tv shows. I see this functionality on the web browser but not the app. Thank You, Naimesh
  23. Seger

    CinemaMode behavior

    Hello @@Luke, hello together, I have a strange problem. I do not get a save receipt when I make settings in CinemaMode (see log). Nevertheless, he somehow takes over the storage, despite loop (see picture). In Emby (Chrome), the local trailer is also played and then the respective movie. But in Kodi for Emby (addon), a trailer is played, but then it is not changed on the movie. On the contrary, the movie is marked as seen and I end up back in my selection. Skin of @@sualfred can be excluded, saulfred has referred me to you. We have already discussed here in German: https://www.kodinerds.net/index.php/Thread/62202-Cinema-Mode-Verhalten/?postID=471846#post471846 What is also weird is that the plugin CinemaMode has lost again after a server or Emby restart the storage. Enclosed I send you the log from EmbyServer after a reboot and the save process. Thanks for your help and this great project. Achso, my system is up to date Emby Synology, Kodi 18, Emby for Kodi Beta 3.0.31a and in Emby for Kodi everything is set correctly (addon mode).
  24. hi2hello

    Episodes stopped before their end

    With the latest version of emby on the Apple TV (4th gen) every episodes stops about 5 to maybe 10 seconds (maybe even more) before the video’s real end. Even trying to manually skip to the point of the episode where emby quits the plaback doesnt help. emby shows the correct video length but is just stopping playback too early. This is really annoying as it kills every cliffhanger. Any suggestions?
  25. Hey All, Hope someone can shed some light on this issue. When using Kodi on a 32 bit system i am unable to see the plugins for Emby, Either Emby for kodi or the other EmbyCon in the repo. It shows up like there is a video addon but clicking on it, the location is empty. Not sure what to do in this case. Kodi is the latest version and i have also tried the beta repos as well. Just need to get this plugin installed. Any help would be appreciated. ******To clarify i have already installed the repos via zip and attempted to install plugins via the normal from repo method. Its here where the problems start. ********
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