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  1. Hi I'm noob here. I have a Emby Premier account, would like to set up Live TV with Emby on Roku. I added schedules Direct account details on Emby server settings and selected the right Channel Lineup that I have selected on Schedules Direct account but nothing is appear on Live TV channels, I tried to change the Channel Line up same way in schedules direct and Emby Live Tv settings but nothing works. I don't know I'm doing it in the right way could anyone help me to set up Live Tv ?
  2. Hello, I am running an emby server (premier), and it is crashing almost every hour. The server is running Ubuntu 16.04 with 4 vcpu and 8g of ram - Vultr I have attached the server log for reference, For some reason it has alot of errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need anymore information please ask . Thank you! system log.txt another crash.txt
  3. Hi all! First of all, let me just say, I love Emby. As soon as I switched from Plex, I fell in love. Not just with the Kodi integration, but everything about the server and controls seem better for me. Seriously, awesome work to the devs and everyone involved. I went premium as soon as I could and recently just changed from a monthly to a yearly subscription. Which is why this next part is so hard... when I read the news about Plex getting a server app for Nvidia Shield TV, I was excited and disappointed. Excited because this could mean I can finally turn off my PC and only wake it for things like games. But I was disappointed that the news said Plex and not Emby. I really don't want to move back to Plex. I'm definitely going to give it some time to see how the server even works out. And regardless, I've still got 10-11 months on my year at Emby left. So it got me wondering if something like this is in the works, on the radar, or even possible with Emby. I don't know how closely Plex had to work with Nvidia to get this to work and I don't know if there is any kind of exclusivity deal with them. I mean, after all, Plex comes preloaded on the Shield TV. So I just thought I'd start a discussion to see if this is possible or planned, if anyone is interested/cares, or basically any of your feelings on this matter. Also, I apologize if this isn't the best place to post this. It's meant to be a discussion and not really a request for help or support. Also, I tried searching and didn't find anyone mention anything like this (but my search skills are often under par). Anyway... discuss?
  4. livtyler

    Emby Crashing on Vero 4K

    Im using Vero 4k on the latest release, after some troubleshooting via the OSMC forums it was suggested it is not a Vero 4K problem but probably the Emby Add on for Kodi. When syncing my movies and tv shows it will crash multiple times which will cause the sad face crash. Eventually it does this a few times and it seems to import everything. However, all TV shows and movies crash on playback after a few seconds. Ive deselected force Artwork Caching and limited the download threads to 1, but still the error persists. logs are attached. Kodilog.txt
  5. mlapoint

    TVHeadEnd, HDHomeRun, Emby, Roku

    I have Emby, a HDHomeRun device, the TVHeadEnd (TVH) plug-in for Emby, and a WD My Cloud 4TB NAS. I am trying to set up TVH to be a DVR on my Ubuntu 16.04.2 Linux box. I have Emby set up to have TVH working and I believe I can watch live TV through Kodi, but not through Roku. I am not sure if TVH is giving me that ability to record through Kodi, but because I can't even watch TV in Roku, I am sure I can't record there. I went through the steps to set up HDHomeRun View and Config GUI on the Ubuntu box, but have run into several errors. I have contacted SiliconDust and hopefully will hear back from them in a couple days. My big question is this. Do I need to be able to view Live TV through my Ubuntu 16.04.2 box before the Emby Plug-in will work? Thank You, Mike LaPointe
  6. hello, i accidentally had a typo in my server admin's emby connect username, so it may have sent an email confirmation to the wrong person. i have since corrected the issue by fixing the emby connect username, and clicking the confirmation in the confirmation email. do i need to worry about the errant email that was sent out? what will happen if another user got that email and clicks it to connect to my server? thanks
  7. Cirre


    Hi, Running Emby on my FreeNAS server, and lately i've seen some problems with Subtitle manager, it won't download the latest subs to latest tv-series/movies for me and im not getting the problem... im an VIP member on OpenSubtitle so it is not an issue with to many downloads, and it has worked perfekt the first half of this year atleast, and as you can see in download.txt logg it downloads subs, for some reason swedish versions of older series works, but getting error on newer subs as you can see in Error.txt looking for som new eyes on this, hopefully its something realy easy that i've missed. thanks in advance! from an swedish noob Error.txt Download.txt
  8. Been having a strange problem on firefox. I used to use NoScript and AdBlock plus I've since switched to Ublock Origin on both firefox and Chrome. Strange thing. my Firefox updated last night to 57.0.1 64 bit version, and I can't get the emby menu, or even the login screen to come up. I even disabled Ublock Origin on firefox, but still not working... Emby IS working ok on chrome (with Ublock Origin), but I'd love to find out what I'm missing in firefox, I put javascript on. hmmm. ideas??
  9. Gaspar Filmes

    STRM suddenly transcode

    Hi everyone, how are you? first, thank you for this wonder tool called Emby. So, reckoning about 1 week to the present time, my .strm files with the links in the format (H264 with AAC audio) that does not transcode, started suddenly to transcode and use my upload band, with that, all my clients were having problems of recurrent slowness. I imagine it should be in a possible update / maintenance of the Emby player that affected this, can you check? I am urgently needed due to completing 1 week of rework on account of this. Thanks for your attention, thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  10. jasonwilliams

    Recording Live TV (IPTV)

    Hello, I've started using IPTV recently and I'm experiencing some strange behaviour with recording live TV. I set a channel to record this mornings (yes - its Judge Judy - no commentary please). I see the recording in the proper folder, but it is only recording the first ~20 seconds. The same thing happened with a channel I recorded last night, but then it did work for a later rerun of the same channel. I have tried to attach the appropriate part of the server log, but please let me know if you need something else. Thanks, Jason ServerLog.txt
  11. jasonwilliams

    Emby M3U Live TV

    Hello All, I finally took the time and configured IPTV in Emby and now I'm wondering why I didn't do this long ago! Live TV is awesome in Emby, but I have a couple of questions: 1. With only 1 tuner, how does Emby handle locking the tuner when in use? It seems if Emby is recording and switch channels, it just stops recording and takes me to the new channel. Same thing happens if go to a different channel on another device. Am I missing something in config, or is this by design? 2. Can I just add another M3U tuner (assuming my IPTV provider supports multiple streams)? 3. Are there any plans to improve the EPG support? Spaceboy was kind enough to give me his AccessDB to build the EPG using SchedulesDirect, but it would be nice to have a simpler solution. 4. I find the guide is slow to load. Is this because my server is underpowered? Any answers are much appreciated!
  12. Big user of Emby here, but about 2 months ago I've came across a problem that really screwed me over. I installed Emby via the third party repository (now you get Emby with a .deb file), and after a failed Emby upgrade, Emby's repository messed with my dependencies, deleting core system packages in the process. My system was a Debian server on version 9.1. Luckily I had backups, so I reinstalled, but I did not install Emby because I was scared of losing my dependencies again. Now I'm Emby-less. So devs, can you please consider getting Emby into the official repositories for major distributions? This will make installing Emby a lot less of a hassle and ensure a more stable system. Thank you.
  13. Everything used to work until today. I am using Emby .NET Core version. As i can see on Emby webpage (8096) there's all my music about 1200 tracks. Problems started occuring when I added folder with Audiobook then in my Kodi Music tab was only 15 songs (audiobook track). I removed audiobook and my library doesnt return even after Refresh Emby playlist/Video nodes Perform manual sync Repair local database (force update all content) Perform local database reset & all above Now theres only 53 song files... I have checked Kodi logs and theres huge file with syncing all files Some info on beggining Ending of file
  14. Hello there! First I would like to say thank you for making an official Emby app for WebOS devices! My problem is that the LG Smart World site says that the app is not compatible with my device. My TV model is LH630V with WebOS 3.0. I'm very eager to try and use the app for my living room TV, since I had to use Plex for the otherwise Emby exclusive household. Thanks in advance!
  15. drikosv8

    Not updating display info

    I realized now that when I see a television channel native to the Emby and tried to watch a movie, it is not updated in the movie that sees the cover and the name of the movie, is still receiving information about the channel I watched. This happens when you click directly to watch from the cover. I'll attach a photo. Eu percebi agora que quando vejo um canal de televisão nativo do Emby e tentei assistir a um filme, não está atualizado no filme que vê a capa e o nome do filme, ainda está recebendo informações sobre o canal que assisti. Isso acontece quando você clica diretamente para assistir a partir da capa. Vou anexar uma foto.
  16. Hi guys, I hope someone can help. I’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Emby App on my Samsung tv model UE32F4510AKXXU, using the ‘develop’ log in. So far so good. But when I try to launch it for the first time, to enter the server and port details, the tv screen flickers and then the tv exits the smart hub and returns to freesat programmes. I’ve tried the classic turn tv on/off and deleting then reloading the app with no joy. Also tried changing fron develop login to my own account, didn’t work either. Any suggestions?
  17. cyberplay

    Error while Library scan

    Hello, I have since a few days issues with scanning my library. Prior upgrading to the beta, this happened: After upgrading to the beta, this happens: I checked the folders, the data is available, i can read it, move it, but emby is not able to scan it. EDIT: I should also state, this error happens not immediatly, it happens after maybe 60% Library Scan, its always an random percent number. I add the logs later, as im at work. Greetings cyberplay
  18. Hello experts, I'm a KODI user, with Emby for KODI addon installed (LibreELEC / KODI 17). I have an external usb disk, which isn't always plugged, plus it's on a remote computer (another room). If this usb disk is plugged on the remote computer, a script mounts it in LibreELEC as a network cifs share (if unplugged, it's unmounted). But, it seems Emby doesn't detect the changes : - it doesn't appear automatically in library sources if i try to add a new folder (seems normal). - if i try to restart Emby (i did a "systemctl restart service.emby.service"), I notice Emby restarts itself, then i see the mountpoint's path created, but without any subfolders from the share. Folders are accessible in LibreELEC after the mount. How can Emby detect changes in mount points ? Thanks for your assistance. Regards,
  19. Kimballslice1890

    Emby in Enterprise Environment

    So I work in the IT department at a pretty large school district. We currently have a very painful TV and broadcast system in place that no one seems to have the time to address a better solution. Being I use Emby and am a premiere member and love it, I feel that emby could come into play here. Main question here before moving further, is there any way to sync up Emby to LDAP? maybe active directory? Reason I ask is there are multiple buildings and we would be re-purposing soon to be replaced domain controllers as the Emby servers per site. It would render the solution almost unusable if we had to make changes on each remote site every time adding, removing, or modifying a user (people come and go). I guess this would be like a roaming profile in a sense? For example, If user is at Elementary 1 and goes to Middle School 2, then said user can still log in and access the local content and whatever wide area content is chosen to be available across all servers. Thoughts? Suggestions? Or am I shooting too high on this one?
  20. servi.sys

    Dispositivos por usuario

    Que tal, he estado probando emby server, para implementarlo en mi red wisp, me he relacionado con su funcionamiento, pero no encuentro si tiene opción de limitar un numero de dispositivos por cada usuario, por ejemplo que el usuario A, solo pueda accesar con 2 dispositivos al mismo tiempo, o que el Usuario B solo pueda accesar de un dispositivo. si pueden orientarme, o si es una característica de emby premiere.
  21. Hello, everyone! I've been using Emby for almost 2 years now. I have to say its an amazing piece of software! Thank you, Luke and your team for such an amazing product. However, I do have to ask for help today? I recently rebooted my home computer and installed Emby, everything went well, until I clicked "Scan Media Library" and it literally takes forever to scan fully, it never really did this for this long before, an hour at the most but this time its been hours and it is still at 69.6%, I've even uninstalled it and went Portable and still the same issue happens. I typically do scans manually since I don't typically add new content too often. I don't believe my library is that big honestly, I have about 300+ songs, 30+ shows, and about 20+ movies. I've seen some of you guys libraries and their nuts! So I don't think mine should take this long. My internet bandwidth at the time is 85MBps and I don't have plugins installed either? Could someone please help solve this issue? I'm running the most up to date version.
  22. IP ADDRESS FREENAS: IP ADDRESS EMBY: Someone resolve this problem? i want to access emby like this : (no port)
  23. Dear all, Let me introduce my context and then ask you what can be done with Emby: 1) My context: Kodi (17.4 Krypton with Misfit Mod AM Smooth Build) installed on: Windows10 Desktop, FireTV Stick, H96 Android tv dongle Synology NAS currently empty (no multimedia content). I have installed Emby. 2) What I would like to do: When updating the current Kodi Build I am using, when removing the current Build and uploading a new Build, when adding new addons on the Kodi installed on my desktop, then I would like to have all other devices updated at the same time. Let me know if I can do this with Emby. What would be the best tutorial/video that would guide me through the steps to have this setup? Many thanks for your feedback. OCdR.
  24. monkeyslapper

    Best way to TV Series

    I am not sure where to post this? I am really just want to get a little feedback on how people handle tv series. some of the tv series are just planly screwed up. IMHO. Example I have these mickey mouse shortclips i like to add in the tv series. on the IMDB it has tv series for it. ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2768802/?ref_=ttep_ep_tt ) the source that i scrap it is tvdb.com in disney short animation. on season 2013 etc... whats the best way to handle this. I usually scrap this using sonarr and there source is tvdb.com. If i were to just dump the video files based on the imdb tv info where would emby scrap it from? Example Another scenario i have seen, tv series start and stop and tvdb has more season then the actual company. example of a company TLC. Any other option to this or suggestions? If i use different catagory in emby like mix content can i still get access the scrapping and images selection? Is that even possible or can we have a feature where we can control where we get the scrape and images? Any suggestion would be most apperciated! Monkeyslapper
  25. doppelEben

    Need old version of emby

    Hey there at the moment I'm trying to figure out if its possible to run emby on an old TS-410, and if, how to do so. The problem is, QTS Firmware final version for the TS-410 is 4.2.6 - so no chance for the required 4.3.3 for the most recent ffmpeg and qmono versions... But I found an older release of qmono - - which I have successfully installed on the NAS, but then again; now I cant install emby - the installation failes with the following 'error': Is it possible at all to install emby on a TS-410 ? Where can I get the most recent, QTS 4.2.6-compatible version of ffmpeg and qmono - or at least just qmono? And which version of emby can I use with the qmono for QTS 4.2.6? Is there a version of emby, running with mono ? thanks in advance for all advice
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