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Found 172 results

  1. Hi, I successfully installed an emby server on my RPi2 with raspbian (jessie) using this guide: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/howto-install-emby-server/6364 Everything seems to work fine. Except one annoying thing... My problem is similar to this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24157-webclient-recursive-library-scan-missing-mediainfo/ There's a Media Info section at the bottom of any video page (using the web-app). It only shows me "container" and "path" (as shown in Pic 1). Nothing else... The server can't get any video mediainfos. I never had this issue with the Windows emby server version. Is there something wrong with my libmediainfo? I'm not sure if it's always true, but it should have a streamdetails section at the end of nfo files. This is not the case for me (it was when I used windows). I did the following: mediainfo /path/of/my/video It actually worked and gave me all the stream details. This is really strange. I also tried the advanced refresh from the metadata manager. No success. Is it a problem with permissions or something else? I even tried running the server from login as root (not sure if it was a good idea). I'm using samba (CIFS) for my video shares just for info... I attached two server logs. The first one is when I scanned the library with only one movie (shorter). Just in case it isn't enough, I also included a second one with the full scan of my entire library. Apparently, there is a problem with ffprobe. I have no idea what to do. I'm really new with linux and I need some help. Thank you
  2. Hi there, I recently changed my Emby Server PC from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10 PC. Everything is working perfectly except for remote access. When I try to connect via my Windows Phone running Windows Phone 8.1 I receive error "connection details invalid, please try again". I am sure I have done something wrong or missed something but everything ive tried doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?
  3. The error started to appear as a popup after an update today, however I’m not sure about that. 'Normally' I can fix these thinks but I’m afraid to destroy my Emby database. Any help will be much appriciated! Im going to continue my search and I'll keep this post update as I learn more. Thanks! Maxim
  4. flexage

    ANSWERED PsuedoTV Live with Emby Server

    I was wondering if anybody had managed to successfully use the PsuedoTV Live Kodi addon, when using the Emby Kodi addon? PTVL on Kodi Forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=169032 I managed to get the PsuedoTV Live addon installed in Kodi, and configured some channels based around my local library content. All works well except for one small, albeit devastating problem: The duration of items in my guide is incorrect. For every 1 minute of runtime that a media item has, PsuedoTV Live is plotting 1 hour on the guide. For example: > A 21 min episode of 8 Simple Rules is showing as lasting 21 hours in the PTVL guide > A 45 min episode of Breaking Bad is showing as lasting 45 hours in the PTVL guide > A 120 min movie is showing as lasting 120 hours in the PTVL guide Now PsuedoTV Live has a fairly large userbase, it's thread on the Kodi forums has over 10,000 posts. And a lot of people say that it works properly for them, and the items in their guide, although none of them mention that they're using Emby Server as their library backend. Could the Emby for Kodi addon be doing something quirky when returning media files (and their header information: ie media duration) that PTVL doesn't expect? And has anyone else actually been able to get PTVL working with Emby?
  5. lja

    Home Screen

    I can change the images with the exception of Live TV, Guide and Recorded TV. Setting new image under Edit is not changing the image. The new image is in imagesByName/views/livetv but the default is unchanged. Any help in how I can change the default images would be appreciated.
  6. Dear Emby users, Is it possible to see who is logged on? Also a W10 notification in the action center when some start accessing and watching content would be great! I assume I'll have to repost this suggestion in a other part of the forum Thank you for any reply
  7. Maximus Naxsus

    Emby Theater not showing up as DLNA device

    I'm using - Emby Server 3.0.5641.4 on Server/PC used as play to device - Emby Theater 3.0.5651.20234 on Laptop/PC used as remote control - Windows 8.1 - Gigabit LAN (working, I use Input Director to controller my PC's using one Notebook/Laptop. Problem Emby Theater is not showing up as 'play to' DLNA device on Emby Server ( WMP is still working and showing up as DLNA device) This stopped working afther I forget to start the server before starting Theater. Theater asked to confirm a PIN. Me, not paying anough attention, just did what it told me to do. Afther de PIN stuff I notices the server wasn't running. I all ready tried - restarting Emby Theater and Server Any try this or that suggestion is welcome! EDIT: Allright, Emby Theater is not a 'DLNA play to device'! That was a wrong assumtion. Also, note, I'am using Emby now for 1 month before that I used the Media Browser version that exepted movies.xml and series.xml. Not sure what was the problem but it kept me from upgrading for 5+ years. Im thinking of going back - I don't like the bling bling of Emby and a lot of input methodes aren't accepted anymore. Like; Typing 'M' to go to the first Title with a 'M' or scrolling to go trow the list in front of you.. etc. I gues I need more time to get used to the 'new way'.
  8. I have a HDHomerun Prime 3-tuner device that had been running flawlessly with Emby until a couple of days ago. I run Emby Server at startup (not as a Windows service) and I subscribe to Schedules Direct. I have the Emby TV plugin and have successfully recorded live TV in the past. I have three Roku 3 devices and they were all able to play live TV (Charter Cable is my cablecard provider). I could also watch Live TV by opening the Emby Server in a Chrome browser on any PC or Tablet device in my house. There were no streaming /stuttering issues. Suddenly, within the past two days, I can no longer watch live TV at all (not even at the Emby Server host PC, not on Roku, or anywhere else on my network). I can open the SiliconDust HDHomeRun View app and it plays live TV flawlessly from any device on my network. I've rebooted the host computer, restarted the HDHomeRun Prime Tuner, tried running Emby as a service, etc., but nothing seems to work. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit on a very capable Dell XPS 8-core PC and everything related to Live TV from the Emby server just stopped. Any ideas on what could have caused everything to stop working? I have attached a recent log server-63576952823.txt. I'm too new at this game to interpret what the logs mean.
  9. ]Just noticed this evening that I can't view the scheduled tasks in the web client since I updated to Version 3.0.5713.5. As far as I can tell, everything else is fine, but when I click on scheduled tasks there is nothing there except for the heading, help button and the "Click a task to adjust its schedule". server-63576410990.txt edit: Plug-ins is also having trouble showing up. *edit*: Started getting some unhandled exceptions and crashes as well, had to go back to stable.
  10. I'm trying to connect to my emby server on my Android device and I'm getting the error "unable to connect to server". This is the same problem I was having before and could not access my server but when I turned my laptop on and connected to the server then I was able to access it. As of right now I have not done this and I was hopping I dont have to do this everytime I want to use my server on my android box. I would really like to get this fixed as I have been working on my server now for almost 3 weeks. Any help sure would be appreciated. BG
  11. Latchmor

    FR: LiveTV Web Guide

    Hi, when viewing the tv guide in the web browser would it be possible to set a recording straight from the show info popup? This would be on the basis that you are going to accept your defaults for padding. It would be so quick to just hover then click record. Cheers Latchmor
  12. Emby Server: Version 3.0.5675.1 Luke. I have been having issues with my Library Collection becoming inaccessible intermittently since the last few releases of Emby Server. I bring up the WebUI and it will show a Latest Media section with thumbs for all items, but the page will not show my Lastest Recordings or My Media collection buttons. If I hover over an item in Lastest Media and don't get the typical actions selections (Open, Play, Edit, etc.) then I know that I will not get any Detail Information when I select an item. I get a spinning circle then a blank Detail Page. I can go back to Home page and see that none of my Library Collections are showing in the Pull Down navigation pane on the left. Metadata Manger will be inaccessible as well. If it is not accessible in the WebUI, it is also not accessible from Emby for Android, Emby WMC or Emby Theater. I can come back in 5 minutes and find that everything is back and accessible. It may be good for an hour and then the next attempt may find it inaccessible again. As an example, when I started to type out this post, none of my Library was accessible. I just brought the WebUI up in Chrome to check again and everything is back and available for viewing. (5 minute gap.) This may last for the next few hours, but it will certainly be down again at some point. I have cleared browser cache, double checked that a library scan is not running while I try to view items, no server updates or pending. Things I thought might cause issues. This is a Win7 HTPC that is up and running 24/7. Not sure what information may help to investigate further.
  13. Luke / ebr, What does the Refresh Guide Task support? Is it Live TV only, or does it support something else? I have been having major issues with the Emby Server becoming unresponsive over the last few releases and have not been able to isolate the reason. The one thing I did notice is that when I could not access any items to Play with the WebUI that the Latest Recordings section of the ServerWMC plugin would not display/populate on the Home page. If that happened, then I could not access any items in the library. If it eventually did populate after repeated tries then the library was accessible. To test further, I uninstalled the ServerWMC plugin that supported Live TV and restarted the Server. For the most part, my library is much more responsive, but there are still occasions when it becomes unresponsive. When this happens and I check the Server dashboard, I notice that the REFRESH GUIDE task is attempting to run and is stuck at 0%. If I stop this task and then wait what seems like a very long time (10+ minutes) for the task to stop, then my library immediately becomes accessible again. I thought the REFRESH GUIDE task was there in support of the ServerWMC plugin, which is now uninstalled. If I check the Scheduled Tasks section the Refresh Guide task is no longer there, but it is obviously still being triggered for some reason. Any ideas on what I should do or check to prevent this task from attempting to run now that I have removed Live TV support?
  14. DruTheFu

    Emby Server and my RAM

    I have been using Emby Server for a few weeks now, installed on my Win 8.1 machine (AMD Phenom II X4 955 quad core 3.20 GHz, 4 GB RAM), currently with about 515 movies, 125 TV Shows, and about 45,000 songs. I've noticed that since I migrated from a MySQL implementation and began using Emby Server to share to my two Kodi devices and multiple mobile devices, that Emby Server consumes a good deal of my system's RAM, upwards to 1 GB when it appears idle and I'm not streaming. I know I may not have the most current or beefy system, but things are no longer snappy and quick to open/process with Emby Server running. I'm sure an upgrade in RAM would not hurt I've read the system requirements on the Emby Wiki (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/System%20requirements), which state Minimum Requirements — no transcodingIntel Core 2 Duo processor 1.6 GHz or better At least 1GB RAM for Windows/Mac OS X Recommended Configuration — transcoding HD Content:Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.4 GHz or better If transcoding for multiple devices, a faster CPU may be required At least 2GB RAM So are these specs listed for minimal system requirements, or the requirements that Emby Server will consume? I've tried searching the community for any related threads, and read that it may be an idea to remove Music from the Emby library may help the situation. Does anyone have any other suggestions aside for the RAM boost? Thanks
  15. Hi. I'm using Version 3.0.5641.4 and Control panel show emby server and media browser server entries intalled at the same time. If I try to uninstall any of them the uninstall program just stop working. If I go directly to C:\Users\MC Family\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server there is only Media browser, no Emby. I include the last two Logs. Also, My collection section don't show the images or any info about the movies and hang if I try to click over that section. server-63570076592.txt server-63570095999.txt

    Possible new implementations?

    *No Actual issue* I am currently using Emby Server on web client and Emby app. I think the system is amazing and makes creating a movie library kinda fun. One or Two things that I think might go nicely are; - A fast forward/rewind button (maybe even a skip forward/backwards 5, 10 or 15 minutes button) - When using the seek bar it can be a little tricky to get the seek point to the right part of the video/song. Was wondering if it might be possible to have some sort of frame search seek bar so that if need be I could move the seek point to the exact spot on the seek bar. (I have left a picture to show what I mean). Thanks

    Connection Failure

    As of a few days ago I have not been able to reach my Emby Server outside of my own network. I have been able to previously for a while then it just stopped. When ever I try to log into my server outside my network whether it be Android app, Android chrome or chrome on windows 7 and mac, I have been getting the same message; "Connection Failure - We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." I have tried deleting the server and creating a new one to log into but the same thing happens. I have also double and triple checked my port forwarding settings and cross reference my IP address with the port forwarding. Running my Server on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Emby Server Version 3.0.5621.4 Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 m Mobile Chrome Version 43.0.2357.92 Emby Version 2.2.96 Any help would be great as this is doing my head in. Thanks
  18. Emby Server: Version 3.0.5641.1 I am finding that the Running Task for Refresh Guide is getting to 100%, but then not completing and clearing from the Running Task window. If it hangs, I then can't access any of the Live TV options. (Guide, Channels, Recordings, etc.) Stopping and re-starting the task sometimes allows it to complete, but I then may find it hung up again during the next scheduled run.
  19. schmitty

    .sub Subtitle support

    Hi, Does Emby support reading .sub subtitles? I stream to Xbox One and it does not seem to be reading them.
  20. schmitty

    Subtitles when muted

    Hi, Could you add an option to the server to only show subtitles when audio is muted?
  21. Hello all, I'm discovering how cool is the MBBookShelf plugin and I'm in the process to migrate my e-books to Emby. For most of the medias (movies and music), the Emby Server portal provides some kind of tabs like "Movie", "Collections", "Genres", "Songs", "Albums"... that are very handy to classify and navigate in the medias. To date, the "ebook" section from the MBBookShelf plugin does not provide such tabs. Would it be possible to add those? For instance: "Latest", "Suggested", "Authors", "Series", "Genres" Keep up the good job.
  22. berrick

    Another Excessive CPU

    Emby Version 3.0.5572.0 The only plugin CoverArt version Server running on Windows Ultimate x64 (vm) tried One and two cores 3Ghz 4GB ram Internet explorer version 11.0.17 Media files on a Freenas box version 9.1.1 1Gig network connectivity on all devices When opening Emby on another Windows 7 Utlimate PC (no scheduled tasks running on Emby server), Dual Core 3Ghz CPU, 6GB ram, 240GB SSD physical PC, MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe has excessive CPU usage, on average 92% (see image below) and it takes forever to build the thumbnail images to be displayed in Internet Explorer. If I remove the CoverArt plugin Emby performance is acceptable. This seems to be a more recent development. Is there anything I can do to improve this?
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