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Found 9 results

  1. aziz

    Emby Classic

    Hello Emby Team and community. It has been a while since I was on the forum, but I am a very happy user of EMBY and continue to be, especially when it runs 24 x 7 for many years without me needing to do anything 😀 That said, my hard drive crashed on my Emby Classic PC machine and i need to rebuilt it. I fully understand that Emby Classic is dead, and I am not expecting any support at all.. I just need to know if I can get hold of the install files for emby classic and the plug in that came with it.. I am sure these files are on a github someplace, and if you kindly point me to the right direct, i will attempt to download and install. Many thanks good people.
  2. Hello Folks, First, I hope everyone is well and being very safe under the current scary circumstances. I know I am a dying bread, and I have to move into Emby Theater or alternatives eventually, but I think this upgrade will be the last before that happens. I need to work with whoever is responsible for Emby Theater to make integration work. That said, Currently, I have tested everything i need on the latest server and Emby classic for server 4 "beta". Everything seems to be working as good as it will get, apart from GameBrowser, which is very important part of the integration even though it is written by volunteers. here is the problem: when I go to the games library, then select game system (windows), then i can see a list of all games, and once i select a game, it drills in and shows me the word "No Items".. So, the GameBrowswer integration is broken. Same thing happens if i look at the server using the Web App. when i click on games, it shows me no items, however, when i change the view to Folder, then I can see all the games and drill down on them using the Web App. I am not sure if it is a problem with my setup, or a problem others are having. I know someone has this working on Emby Theater. Interestingly, when I had the Emby Classic release code, I copied the old GameBrowswer pluggin and the configuration xml (ver 3.1.3) into the new server, and it worked for a while until the server automatically upgraded to GameBrowswer 3.2.5 and then it gave me this issue... I tried the same trick with Emby Classic "beta", and I am unable to get the same results. Currently, this is the only thing stopping me from being on server 4.. Can you please help. Thanks.
  3. Hello Chief @@ebr, I have a question for you that may save me a day in restoring an image. please help. I have a server on Windows x64 and Emby classic release code... Currently, when i try to login with user that have password, it fails.. Users without password it works fine. Luke kindly suggested i upgrade to Emby Classic release code, which I plan to do, but if it is not going to work, then I will have to go back to my release code, which means spending a whole day restoring the most important machine in the house. (i always prefer to run release code, but if the beta version will solve the problem, then i will accept that.) Since you know about Emby Classic the most.. Question: Does the Beta code handles login differently than the release code of Emby Classic?? (the reason i ask is, i remember you saying there is almost no difference between the two.) If it is not, then I will accept this as a limitation of the Emby classic and server, and will lock down my setup as Server and Emby Classic, which will see me through another year or two, by then the integration will be much further than today (i hope). Otherwise, if it works, then I will finalize my server with current and Emby Classic Beta... Thanks (and sorry we crossed swords on the integration issue)
  4. Hi, as part of my testing of emby classic and the new server.. I have discovered the following problem... Server: Windows 10 x64, Emby ver client: Emby Classic release code. Everthing is working fine when using account without passwords, or if the password is not required on the the local network. But... Users with password (administrator/adults), can not log in to the emby server from emby classic client. it will log you in from Android client or web browser, but not Emby Classic. this is also true for all Emby Classic running on WMC Extenders Log file attached. MBClassic-15320201c6b62869ae64af5ac0073ebeb6e0f42.log MBClassic-15320203b8b8c19316345b9a43923f7ebe46291.log
  5. Hi folks, and hi Chief, I have spent almost a week setting up a second server for the purpose of checking if I can use the new server with Emby Classic as the Emby team say we should. So, I went through planned server upgrade, they are correct as it worked. However... gamebrowser plugging on the server got upgraded every time the server upgraded, and now it is not working. I checked the forum, and someone reported the same problem when we moved from server 3.x to server 4.x. so it is a problem.. So now, the Emby team should either allow us to use the old plugging on the new server, or fix our Emby Classic client gamebrowser to work with new server. I understand gamebrowser is a community thing, but it is a major part of Emby if you guys like it or not... there are many media browser out there, but not many with gamebrowser, so I suggest that it gets fixed as it is one item that makes Emby different. Also, it would be interesting to know how many Emby clients out there, and you guys will know as our client checks your sever every time we start it.... I don't believe I am the only user of WMC and Emby Classic. I understand it is a dead platform from a future development. But like a classic car, people will continue to use it because it gives them all they want...
  6. Starting yesterday, my Emby Classic running on Windows 8 Media Center was missing some movie cover images. When attempting to open the movie missing the covers, Emby Classic hung. Had to close Media Center to gain control of the computer again. Later I found out that the Emby server (running on different hardware) was crashing each time I did this. I would have to force quit the Emby Server and restart it. Emby seems to work fine from every other app and the website. I am able to repeat the issue any time by using Emby Classic for WMC for anything so it has become worthless. I am able to use Emby Theater from the same PC without issue. I do not have an option to test Emby Classic from another PC as I do not have another Media Center PC. I have uninstalled Emby Classic and removed the programdata folder associated with it however the same issue exist after new install. I have even tried to use the Emby Classic beta but the same issue exists. I have removed the Emby Server Cache folder to make it recompile all new cache, same issue still. I am thankful that Emby theater works great but I REALLY like using Classic more as it seems to have better eye candy and smoother transitions. Is anyone else having similar issues lately? Is there a way to completely remove Emby Classic and start completely over? Any direction is appreciated. Thanks Randy
  7. As per my post raised HERE , i was wondering about getting theme music to play on Emby collections from within Emby Classic. If i place a theme.mp3 in a manually created collection (old style folder structure), then from Emby Classic, the theme song plays when entering that collection. However, if I create an Emby collection, and place the theme.mp3 file in the collection folder (e.g. Toy Story [boxset] folder), then the theme song does not play in Emby Classic. It does play if I enter the collection from the web client, just not from the Emby Classic application. I hope this is something that could be implemented. Thank you.
  8. Hi, After a recent Emby update (not 100% sure which one), All movies, or all my comedy and other folders are now amalgamated into one view when I select the Menu Option from the main screen in Emby for WMC, rather than separated (following the folder structure on the HDD) once I go into the container view. I'll explain further. I have a MOVIES folder. There are no movies in this folder. However, there are 3 folders under Movies namely Box Sets, General and Kids. Under Emby Server, I have a Library item pointing to the Movies folder. I have had this since day dot. So, previous versions, from Emby under WMC, when I selected Movies from the main title bar, I would get the 3 "folders" displayed (with their relevant folder.jpg image shown) and I could then select any one of those and just see the movies in those folders. For instance, if I selected Box Sets, then that would display all the box sets, then I could go into one of those box sets, and select the movie I wanted to view Now, when I go to Movies, ALL movies over the whole 3 folders are all shown together in one view (I use the Chocolate plug in). There are no folder options to select and all movies are mixed up together alphabetical, so now all my Box Set movies are all mixed up with Kids movies and General movies in the one view. WHY? I also have several other structures like this for example, Home Videos. It does the same thing. Puts all the home movies together in one view. I also have a Comedy folder with different artists, now they are shown altogether in one view. Again WHY? How can I get the function I had previously where I have a main folder titled whatever (eg: Movies) then have separated folders so I can view just the movies in that folder? I know I could create multiple libraries for each folder, but why should I have to do that. I don't want them to all appear on the main menu in Emby for WMC. I want containers (like Movies, Comedy, Home Videos, Music Videos) and have the folder structure represented under that. I even went into the Media Browser Configurator but half the options seem now removed from that. All that is in that is for Extenders which I don't use. I haven't seen any updates to Chocolate plugin (version that would cause this. Now, what's interesting is that TV SHOWS are working perfectly. They are not all joined together in one view. Although I have not changed anything under the Configuration for Emby for WMC, there is an config option that says "Legacy Browsing". This is turned on but turning it off does nothing. Any help greatly appreciated as I feel the interface under WMC is now totally unusable. Thanks, Rob
  9. lja

    Live TV

    I am not presently using Emby TV The dashboard shows 7 items and 6 are shown in Emby Classic. Live TV does not show. Should Live TV be visible?
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