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  1. For "multiple versions", it would be great to have both the 4K / 1080p versions of the same film in a single MKV so that the audio tracks / subs can be shared and not wasted space.
  2. When watching TV shows with subtitles turned on it would be good if the next episode would have them on automatically. Currently when binging I have to turn them in every time. It's not difficult and obviously not a huge issue but it would be nice.
  3. TroyKing

    Register Feature

    Over the holidays I set up many accounts for family and friends which was a pain, It would be useful if we could create a link where a user can just fill out their own information like a register form on Emby and it automatically creates an account for that user with their password and everything. It would really save time when I would like to share my server with a group of people
  4. Hi, I deal with the capability of the audiobook library and there is no enhancement since several time. I miss the feature to wirk with series. Is it possible to read additional tags like series and series-part. I use this "own" tag to define a series. Right now there is no way to work with Series. If you are Perry Rhodan Fan, there is no way to organize a Zyklus or the Silberedition. Today there are a lot of audiobooks that have a lot of parts....:-)
  5. Hi, Sorry, if this FR has already been raised... I haven't found a similar topic with a short search... It would be great, if a user could submit an issue directly within emby with a media stream. For example, sometimes, I notice, that I have not included subtitles for a specific language - or other issues with a rip may occure. Therefore, it would be great to have some kind of reporting functionality, where a user could report an issue with the specific movie... This would allow me, to keep an todo-list and see, what I might have to replace or redo... I don't think, that setting up a dedicated ticket system - or anything else would be worth the effort, since this would require the user to leave emby and switch to another system only for the reporting.
  6. Hi there, I know that I can sort my library by the date when I watched a movie least. I think it would be nice if you can show me this information on the detail page of a movie, too. You can add this date simply over the info line which show me when I added a movie to the library. Thx for considering.
  7. Its currently not possible for the operator to get to the item (episode) details page from a playlist. eg The show and episode are not a hyperlinks The [red pencilled] box to the right of the picture is not a link to the [episode[ details page ala season page the command menu doesnt have 'view object'. one of these would be welcome.
  8. Would like to be able to skip around files and speed up/slow down playback using hotkeys like Youtube has as an example: Toggle play/pause Rewind 10 seconds Fast forward 10 seconds Previous frame (while paused) Next frame (while paused) Decrease playback rate Increase playback rate Seek to previous chapter Seek to next chapter k j l , . < (SHIFT+,) > (SHIFT+.) CONTROL + ← CONTROL + → We already have most of these but at different locations (Can they be edited?) but are missing hotkey control of playback rate.
  9. I think it would be beneficial to have a field in the movie table called "collection_sort_title" or something to that effect. The reason being, say I want to have a Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection, where the movies need to be sorted other than Title or Release Date. I can put them into the collection and change the Sort Title to "Marvel - 001", etc, but that means they all show up under "M" in the "Movies" library. Same thing could go for a "Middle Earth" collection, for example, where I want to include the three Hobbit movies and the three LoTR movies. I have to change the Sort Title to "Tolkien - 001", etc. If there were a separate field that, when browsing a collection, the collection sort title could be used instead of the library sort title it would solve that. Just my two cents, I think it would be useful.
  10. Please can we have an option to enable/disable media info on screen? Personally, I know my media collection, my family doesn't need to see techy details polluting the screen estate. Some people like it, but equally, a number do not. Simple option "Show Media Info" - in the UI (administrator options for user accounts) or global option in config file at least. Thank you
  11. I have a separate topic created in "General discussion" board, but I think it is a missing feature for Emby Server. Therefore, I am posting this feature request here, with a reference to my original topic. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/104666-how-to-disable-camera-upload-on-emby-server-isnt-this-dangerous/ The reason I want to ask for this feature is that: this Camera Upload feature is currently enabled and opened for any users by default. And its default upload path is somewhere on internal storage. Any user who has access to my private Emby Media Server can use their android mobile emby app to trigger a massive camera media files upload and eventually flood my Emby hosting machine. I don't see any button or checkbox to let me disable the Camera Upload feature, even I leave everything as it is from the fresh installation, the feature is on already. I want this feature to be disabled out-of-box, and I do want to have a control for each user account so I can decide who can use the Camera Upload and who cannot.
  12. I tired to word it as best as I could for the title, but what I mean is pretty simple. Currently when you have the same movie or media in multiple format/resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, or SD, as far as I know, you have to go into the actual files and rearrange them into there own folder and rename them for the Emby Server to link them together, otherwise your going to have to duplicates when viewing them in the Media Gallery. And as someone who likes to have both 4K and 1080p versions for most of my media, it can be pretty time consuming to look through all the files rearranging them and renaming them. Not to mention frustrating as there is no UI or clean way of identifying them without having to read long file names and looking through the same looking files/folders. Made even harder when its a large collection and more than half are in multiple formats, so its a lot to comb through searching and rearranging/renaming. It is what I have currently been doing, but I haven't even gotten through half of it as of now. So I got to thinking of a way and I figured, why not have the server link them up within the info or metadata that it saves. It doesn't have to change the file name or relocate the files, just have a note that these are the same movie/media and they should be link together within the data that it creates and saves for the media. And create a simple and easy UI within the client that would cut the time and complexity of doing this task by a lot. Now it would be as easy as selecting the duplicates with clear artwork and identifiers and "merging" them! Without the hassle of going into the files and renaming or rearranging them. I have created images and mock ups to better illustrate what I mean with the image attached below and with a description below You see the duplicates that the Emby Server has {Image 1} because the media files, besides being the same media, are in different files due to differences in format or resolution and are treated as different movies/media. To fix this, you click into one of the duplicated media and select the extended options (the 3 dots) that would have a new option titled something like "Link", "Join", or "Merge" {Image 2} that once clicked this would open an overlay displaying your collection of movies {Image 3} from which you select the duplicate(s) with the easy titles and artwork to tell them apart. Then just confirm that these are the items you want to merge. You are then presented with the artwork and file name or path about the selected items that you would like to join, and how you would like to label the different versions/resolutions/file types {Image 4} The server wouldn't have to ask to identify them or change any info on them as they are duplicates and are already the same. Once Confirmed the server adds a "note" or saves it in the information or metadata that these two files are the same and now shows them as one with the option to select the version with the imputed label selected by the user as it currently does {Image 5} I know you guys work hard and don't know if/how hard this would be to implement, as I don't code. But I truly believe this feature would be a time saver and one that I would highly appreciate if it could be added into a future update. Thanks in Advance and for all the hard work you guys do!
  13. If you have to clear the browser cache for some reason, or you use a new computer, then the Display settings for the Dashboard and Home pages are the default settings. If the settings were saved per user, then no matter what computer or browser you use, then the settings will be the same every time. Thanks.
  14. CPU usage, Network Usage, Disk Usage, Need I say more?
  15. How can you tell what channel a show or movie was recorded from with Live TV? That (pretty important detail) doesn't seem to be saved anywhere (and/or exposed in the UI anywhere). The use case is when you're not happy with the resolution, bitrate, etc. of an important movie or series and want to record it again from a different channel.
  16. Gee1

    Android Auto

    I want to be able to sort my music playlist to most recent on top
  17. Hi , I would like to request one feature , customer expire date, and auto stop when reach expire date.

    Cinema Outro Option

    Hey, just thought i would ask to see if this may be possible for future. it would be really nice if we could have the option to insert a custom outro to our videos just like we have for the intro but having the option to use both intro and outro
  19. kingofbigmac

    CC support for Live TV

    Saw some posts from 2 years ago and even a year ago asking for Closed Captioning support. Just checking to see if there has been any sort of progress. My girlfriend and daughter are deaf and we are trying to cut the cord and while I don't mind the service as is, since I don't have to have Closed Captioning turned on, it's an absolute necessity for my family. I would rather not get a HDHomeRun but it might be something I should get if their isn't anything in the near future.
  20. I would like to see an option to allow users to hide or remove the spinning wheel when loading trailers, pre-roll, and feature presentations. The spinning wheel takes away from the cinematic experience and can be annoying to see when the next trailer is loading in the queue.
  21. Lock the playlist to prevent other users from editing or deleting I found that emby’s playlist is open to all users, and all users can edit it. Add or delete the ones I created. I shared my emby with my friends. As a result, my playlists was deleted by them by mistake. I hope the creator can lock the playlist , you can share it with others, but not allow them to add, edit, or delete
  22. Hello I showed my wife how to download music at home. So she can listen to it at work offline. This is a great and simple way very WAF. (before i told her to connect to the synology nas with ds file, navigate trough what she wants and copy paste it inside the phone, and so on). So with emby its clean and easy. she navigates at house trough the organized library and picks wahtever she wants. But i may have a suggestion about the UI/UX in the download section on the emby android app. Everything is organised by categories (music/shows/movies) but for example inside the music section there is no more organisation every album is here next to each other. It could be nice to have a grouping by album artists or things like that Thank you regards
  23. In the android app, it would be great to have multi-select available in playlists and the active play queue, for bulk delete or move.
  24. The alpha picker seems to be missing from collections, but only when adding an item. Please add Alpha picker to collections when adding an item.
  25. When you scroll to the end of the Live TV channel list in the guide, it would be nice if it just looped back around at the start of the list. As it is now, you have to cursor up to get back to the beginning.
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