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  1. Hello, Now that I have been able to successfully use the download function (iOS 15.4.1 / Emby 2.1.5 | Synology DSM 7.1, Emby Server 4.6.7) without fail, there are two features that would truly make it a strong replacement candidate for native Apple iOS Apps: Downloading Playlists (not just the content IN the playlist, the actual playlists) - [the iOS Apple TV app does not have this feature (the iOS Music app does have the playlist feature)] Fully seamless "Automatically Download..." content when content is updated in folder/playlists. I use a manual workaround now (add content, (re)save the change(s) which will then download the added content. Note: I have seen these requests in comment threads, but did not find a feature request for both items - if duplicative, apologies in advance. I would be glad to provide any beta/feedback testing with these features if you are seeking assistance for development work.
  2. Especially when watching a TV series, but in general, If I set the CC to on for a specific language, it would be great if it always turned it on when I chose a movie or TV show. When watching a series, and every 22 minutes I have to turn it on, its kind of a pain. Ideally, if its turned on, and the CC file doesnt exist for the media, it would popup "would you like to download"
  3. While the tie in to IMDB/TheMovieDB/Rotten Tomatoes, etc are great for their reviews and information. It would be great if there was a way to have "Johnny's Favorites" that are shared across the system for all users. Under "My Media" in parallel to "Collections" it would be great to see "Johnny's Favorites"
  4. Houfino

    Report error

    Hi...I want to add a "Report a bug" feature..For example: Video or subtitles don't work..Just add a report and there will be a "reason" list...Thank you https://www.wikihow.com/images/thumb/5/54/Report-a-Channel-on-YouTube-Step-8-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Report-a-Channel-on-YouTube-Step-8-Version-2.jpg
  5. As a heavy user, it is strongly required to add a function into the server management, as follows: When opening a specific movie or editing metadata, pleaee add an entry in the menu , as click the mouse to invoke the tools such as the system file resource manager to enter the directory where the movie is located. I think it is not difficult to implement this function, even if it is handled in plug-in mode. Expect to add and refine this feature soon. Thanks a lot.
  6. I see this is already implemented in Emby Server. It would be amaze-balls if this could be implemented in Emby Theater as well.. (any song with ID3 tagged lyrics embedded).
  7. Mujahid3121

    New Feature

    sir please add two main feature in emby app 1. first is please add expiry date to create a new account. admin can add expiry date to create a new user 2. second is please add admin create a new account can be used in one device one mac address but admin can change user can use account one device or more device please sir that is very important feature. please add these main feature in emby app. Thanks
  8. Would like to see an android music app just like "Plex amp". trying to set up emby connect is a pain in the ? and it just won't work. the only reason I am a paid user of Plex is because of their Plex amp app. please consider making one to would just make it so much ez''er for us non tech people. I stopped using Plex server for my media because every time I import movies it gets everything wrong and I have to go in an hunt down the correct info and change it only to see that Plex changes it back to wrong info. so tried of that. I also have problems with Plex's naming scheme and there don't seem to be a user friendly document to tell us how to name our files so that we don't end up with missing media and or wrong info. Emby does the same thing but just not as bad and its es'er to fix then Plex.
  9. This is concerning locally stored trailers. Certain films and trailers seem to pair up, and then each time that movie is played the same trailers will play with it every time. It would be great if the randomness of the trailer selection was improved. Also, far too often two trailers from the same movie will play. A block from allowing this to happen would be amazing. Thanks.
  10. Looking to add the ability to disable certain libraries or folders from the search feature. For example, when I'm on my TV and doing a search, all my music shows up in the search as well as the tv and movies. I'm not interested in seeing my Music in my search results. Most of my users aren't either. I'd like the ability to check a box, or apply a filter in my settings to remove that library from results.
  11. I make a big effort to store all 'Extra' material with each of my rips. Even though I create a 'deleted scenes' and 'extras' folder to go inside the 'Season' folder, all of the various media files are stored in the list with the episodes. You have a section called "Extras" which is used in the Movies (which does not separate the 'deleted scenes' from the 'extras'), but I have not been able to create the same separation in 'Series'. Am I doing something wrong, or is that feature not implemented in 'Series'?
  12. I have split users requirements here. Due to me converting all the media to HEVC, users saw stuff from very old (some in the 1940's) get added on the movie landing strip on emby - as their file type changes many were 'new' to emby. To get around this, I used a tool to copy the premier dates in the nfo's to the date added - so the landing strips now are only the newest premier date stuff. Then as only so many shows on the strips, some new movies (i.e the latest spider man), never got a look in as they premiered in 2021 and hence were off the end. Now - I know there is no one size fits all here - some users like it premier date order, others like it latest added order............ so I was thinking a per user setting for the TV and Movies library strips where it can be set one way or the other Note - this is the emby landing page, I know they can click into TV or movies libs and select either sort order.
  13. In support of the awesome work @ShaneP is doing on Smart Playlists 2.0 I'd love to be able to sort Collections. Seems like I can sort Playlists but when you delete a Playlist it deletes the media in it which makes it not appropriate for my use case. Cheers!
  14. Hi, it would be nice to hear some music from emby while watching photos (from emby). But as soon as a I start a photo slideshow, the music stops playing Would be a nice feature
  15. Since there is an option to play trailer intros before movies, it would be nice for trailer intro's to play before the start of each episode, like most on demand platforms. I know there is an option for this on the mobile and web app, but I don't see it on the Roku, and Firestick apps...which is what my users are mostly playing my content on. There should be an option to allow this, especially after all the work that was involved creating these trailers/intro's.
  16. I have multiple versions of all my movies; there's at least two versions, one in H264 and one in H265. I'd like for emby's version selection dropdown to be able to order the versions alphabetically, so I can work out which order I want them to play, and which one to be at the top (eg. by numbering them). I understand emby will select the ones based on which will have the least impact on the server to transcode, I just don't see it working the way it's implemented. I'd rather have a large H264-Remux playing, even if e.g. DTS needs to be transcoded, than having the server transcode a whole H.265 file of a lower size. That's what the selection algorithm regularly does though. Is it possible to add this feature / maybe select the way the files should be ordered in the settings?
  17. There are a bunch of places where there's reserved only a single line of text for a title and will cut it off with ... when it runs out of room. It would be great if the UI were dynamic enough in some places where it makes sense to allow flowing to two or more lines. In cases where there's a fixed amount of space (thinking of grid/list views) switch the design to support flowing to two lines of text for titles (reserve space for two always). Or if feasible, have each row be a dynamic height depending on the max number of lines needed in that row for long titles (to a limit). If it was dynamic, the extra space seeming taken up now for the "secondary text" where the year goes could also be crunched up if empty (I have libraries with 10 of 1000's of videos with no year associated in the metadata, so this is wasted space). In all cases, have some special code for label rendering that tries (to a limit) reduce the text size to allow more to fit and/or start using a condensed font, etc. This size reduction stuff is what I've been used to for years in the SageTV SageMC UI. Thanks. - Jason
  18. Previously I had watched the first two episodes of a TV series. Tonight I fired emby up (roku), went to Next Up, and clicked on the show. The episode seemed like the finale of a season and it was. I went to the show and found that epsiodes 3 through 8 were missing and I had just watched 9. I was PO'd to say the least. This has happened before but only one episode was missing. I didn't find out until much later that I had missed an episode. The only solution I can think of available to me now is to check every show before going to Next Up. This is a giant PITA, Some change to the UI is needed to fix this. Maybe there should be a badge on the Next Up thumbnail showing that some shows are missing. Maybe the show shouldn't appear in Next Up at all since the "next episode" isn't available. In that sense this is a bug since it is lying to me. Surely that has happened to others. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  19. if one searches for a show, what comes up is the series and the eps. a click on an ep will show the location, but not a click on the series. Since the series is 1st on the result, suggest adding the location below the series name. If possible, right below the series name rather than at the bottom of the "Media Info" as the ep screen does. Why? Media for me is spread across 4 drives. Disregard the color of the font.
  20. Nostromo86

    Loader during a search

    Hi, it is possible to consider a loader during a search ? Like this? Thank you https://c.tenor.com/8KWBGNcD-zAAAAAC/loader.gif
  21. Hello developer! 1. Multi version video: It seems that only the chapter diagram (BIF) of the first video will be used by default. In fact, there may be different chapter diagrams in multi version videos. For example, for films released in different countries, when some clips are deleted according to the law, the length of the film will be different. It seems inappropriate to use the first video as the chapter diagram by default! 2. Multi content video: It seems that only the chapter diagram (BIF) of the first video will be created, and the chapter diagram will not be created for subsequent videos (CD2, CD3, etc.)? In addition, is the order of multiple additional content according to the video existence time? Can't you follow the video file name? *cd2. ext *cd3. ext *cd4. ext ... This seems more in line with expectations!
  22. Xanith

    Watch list

    From my thinking, it seems like this would be a very easy feature to add. Just a simple watch list icon. Maybe an outline of a pair of glasses that is gray when not selected and blue when selected. Or a star or something. Some lthing that would go next to the favorites logo and would work in a very similar fashion but would create a separate list. I used to try to use the playlist for this but my playlist would randomly delete and disappear. So if a watchlist feature could be added and a tab for the movies and TV shows you have added to your watchlist could be added next to the favorites tab, that would be awesome. Right now I use my favorites section as a combination of my favorites and my watchlist. But it would be really great to have that separate. Maybe one additional feature that the watchlist could have is that after a movie has been played, it automatically is removed from that section. Does anyone else have an interest in this feature?
  23. Video thumbnails are slow to load when seeking through videos. Can we load them at once on the starting point of video so they load faster?
  24. Please create a tool in the Android app that allows for applying tags to multiple images at once. When multi-select of videos and images in my home video and photo folder the menu could offer a metadata edit that would add tags, people, etc... to the multiple videos and photos all at once. Additionally this could populate a list of already used tags (people, etc...) to choose from rather than having to make a new one every time like we do currently. I've setup my and my wife's phone to automatically backup photos and videos to a home videos and photos libraries. The process to add tags on our phones (Android) is currently: long press -> edit metadata-> scroll to "tags" -> click plus -> type tag -> click "ok" -> click "save" -> repeat for every single added item. For example we went to my sons Judo tournament this weekend, now we have to go through and do this on ~30 image and video files. I just found this thread where @VicMooremade a nice html that does this, which I did on my computer for this batch, but it would be much nicer to do on our phones in the native app.
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