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  1. I have access to a remote emby server, I want to get a selection screen before entering the server, I know that the admin can uncheck Hide this user from login screens when connected remotely, but unchecking that option to other remote users will show those other users on my user selection screen (doesnt make much sense because those are people that I dont know or dont live in my house). I think it would be better to give the option to create (client side) local users, so my family can access the server with their own users through my master user (something like the managed users with plex), and in the case of unchecking the Hide this user from login screens when connected remotely (Server side admin option), give the client the option to hide the other remote users that are unhidden, because with remote servers not all the users live on the same house.
  2. Heyhey, it would be cool that when you hover a movie after 4-5 seconds the backdrops could start in background to give like a fast demo of the content. then when you load the movie info page it still playing
  3. fcimeson

    Batch Favourites

    Is there a way to add all my albums to my favourites? It's really tedious process.
  4. hey guys, i have been getting together a horror section for my server to show at halloween, and had a look in the parental controls and would like to ask if it would be possible to instead hiding the film (s) to maybe have something like sky does where you can see the film displayed with all artwork but to watch the film or trailer you would have to put in a pin code to allow the playback. the code could be the same as the local pin code for (your) local network so once you have chosen your code it will work for both parental controls and local network. this could be a great idea to also mention that in the [metadata manager] you could also have an option to have a tick box to set up for parental control pin code required if you would like to select certain films / tv shows. or for batches you can then go to parental control main settings as they are now. hope this makes some sense as im fairly tired haha
  5. cjlong45

    Themes for roku tv

    Hey please could you add the ability to change theme from default on roku tv I love the Windows media center theme and on roku tv there is no option to change from dark theme
  6. Hi Luke is it possible to consider adding the following feature : - sliding on the right side of the screen : adjusting volume - sliding on the left side of the screen : adjusting brightness The video app nPlayer does that and it is really nice Thanks a lot
  7. Currently, when in a playlist, if a movie is clicked within that playlist, it starts to play immediately. However, it would be far better if instead, clicking the movie took us to the movie’s info page. Sometimes I want to see some info about a movie on my playlist, not just immediately play it. It is easy enough to start playing the movie from its info page, so it doesn't need to start playing right away.
  8. It appears this used to be working in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be any more. Please create/fix the ability to use the mouse while to change the volume while playing a video.
  9. Kured

    Sleep Timer

    This has been asked for years ago, but has still not been added. Please add a sleep timer option! The user should be able to select the amount of minutes before the currently playing video stops playing.
  10. Move video/s to another library, similar to "Download" option, but move instead of copy.
  11. negativzeroe

    Intuitive Camera Upload

    Please for the love of Odin, this is the only self hosted solution to support video to any real extent when managing home photos, can we please get some options such as choosing folders to upload or at the very least every user only has access to their OWN device? Right now you can only set root folder for all users, and have it uploads to per device folders, problem is all users have access to all devices it's all or nothing. I just remember seeing a post a ways back that not much was going to be done to camera upload but this seems like such a necessity.
  12. Currently the camera upload feature of the android app when enabled, seems to upload any images it finds anywhere on the device indiscriminately. In my case, I have a security camera app that saves thumbnails of each camera every single time the app is used. It cleans them up after a couple days, but not before emby finds them. Annoyingly, this app stores its data directly on the root of internal storage instead of in the android data folder. I have had this app on my phone for quite a while and really haven't paid attention to my camera uploads library. This has caused emby to upload hundreds of useless images to my server over the last few months (everything it finds in the security cam cache) :/ I don't see a way to prevent it currently aside from just not using camera upload. My feature request is to add the ability to select which folders emby for android should/shouldn't monitor for new images to upload.
  13. raudraido

    Transcode temp

    Emby should delete transcode files while media is playing, so it'll keep only x minutes of transcode. So transcode temp folder can easily fitted to ramdrive to reduce ssd wear
  14. Hola, quería preguntar si es posible en una futura version que incluyan lo siguiente en la vista de colecciones , poner el poster de las películas que no tengo de esa colección en Blanco y negro , para mostrar que no lo tengo . pongo un ejemplo. muchas gracias,, tienen una excelente aplicación ojalá pronto pueda comprar el premium Bernardo
  15. Is it possible to add support for swipe gestures during music playback on mobile clients? Simple stuff like "previous/next song". Would be nice if it could be customized, but I don't mind either way.
  16. Search through forum and cant find it. Sorry if i miss it. Will be possible to add label to cover something like i make in image below, to mark series with missing or unaired episodes ? I hope it catch eye of many users and support it. I know it will make many changes in server and clients. But will be very informitive when i miss episodes somewhere. (When you have too many series it is easy to lost what and where is missing) or if users see episodes are missing or are unaired they should make decision to start watch or not. Thank you for your support.
  17. I would like the ability to exclude a library from appearing in search, either globally or on a per user preference. Globally could be done by adding an option to the individual library advanced settings. Per user basis could be done by an option on the user profile, or options on the search page. I'd also like the ability to exclude live TV / guide items from search results.
  18. Request the ability to record my favorite team(s) instead of all the games using the series record option.
  19. Look I understand there are more important things to worry about for awhile and this sort of thing isn't super important. And It's not like I can't use the actual apps either but it sure would be nice to if you guys could work out a deal with apple and/or spotify to integrate. I 'll bet the Plex users who hate that dumb music service they added would love to see this as it has been requested multiple times. Of course Plex is probably being paid to add it. I personally will never use anything other than spotify or youtube to listen to my music, not some site I had never heard about previous to it landing on Plex.
  20. Hi. I'm sure this has been talked about and if it hasn't then here it goes. Currently with the stock Emby media app, it can download subtitles from (OpenSubtitles) when scanning the library. BUT it would be an awesome feature if we could download a subtitle on the fly. Currently i'm using Kodi FOR Emby and with opensubtitle installed in the Kodi app. I can pause the movie and under subtitle option I can search for one. It will display all the available subtitles. And very often it shows if it is synced with the movie. I can pick and choose which subtitle to download in whichever language. Now, in the stock Emby app, there's no such choice. You get what you get if Emby downloaded it automatically during the library scan. WHY NOT GIVE us that option to choose which subtitle to download like Kodi does? Sometimes and quiet often, the subtitle does not download, so having the option to manually download the subtitle on the fly would be great. I'm still using Kodi (Emby for Kodi). But if the stock Emby media app had this feature, then I would use it instead all the time. Im just saying it would be an awesome feature to incorporate. Thanks.
  21. Currently, you can add one m3u and epg url and you can toggle access to that single m3u by user. For example, Johnny, Tina and Razer are able to access the m3u inputted, but Sheila, Becky and Todd don't have that option checked off. It would be nice if we could enter an m3u and epg url that is specific to each user. or better yet, enter in a baseurl, and let the user enter a username and pw into their emby client which would populate a base url formula for the long form m3u and epg formats.
  22. I searched the forums and I didn't see anything specifically like this, which was surprising to me. So the server admin adds a user to access the server. The user has an emby connect account It would be nice if the user could add multiple profiles to the user account. So when the emby app is opened, the user can select the profile they want. Very similar to how Netflix does it. When I open netflix (yes I still have a paid account), I can select a kids profile, and adult profile or a profile set up for my mother or in-laws. Within those profiles you can set parental controls or separate favorites. Now why do this over just having admins adding separate users within a household??? Good question. As an end user, you don't want to have multiple logins for emby, especially if you use a shared tv... so during the day, you don't want to have to login to one user account that just shows kid shows (set up via the parental controls) and then at night when the kids go to bed, you have to logout and then login with another user account. So if we allow the end user to create profiles within a single user account, they simply would be able to create multiple profiles under one account and then switch between them without ever having to logout and back into the app and remembering multiple user names and pw's. For example, me as the server admin gives "Jerry" access to my server with whatever settings I set up. Then Jerry can go into the emby app and set up a profile for his kids (using the ratings settings under parental controls, and maybe even add in playback time limits like we can as admins) and then another one for him and his wife (without any restrictions). And maybe to make it easy, whenever the app is opened, they see the two icons (with a picture or whatever) and the profile name underneath. They click on one and that profile is loaded and the content is restricted (or not) based on whatever the user set the profile settings as. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I seriously didn't see it.
  23. thelanranger

    Adjust subtitle position

    There needs to be a way on the XBox to move the location of the subtitles up and down. I use this with a projector and it sometimes has them off the bottom of the screen. Font/size and things would be nice, but at minimum some kind of +/- 0 for the location needs to be available. Simply locking it to the bottom of the video is not sufficient.
  24. Greetings. Apologies again if this already exists - a cursory search didn't show anything - it would be useful to have user-friendly error messages relating to DVR faults visible on the general user side. I had a problem with recording on my server that wasn't immediately obvious, either the cause or when it first occurred - I'd simply run out of disc space. I didn't realise this had happened until discovering that some scheduled programmes hadn't been recording for some time. Because I manage the server remotely, it wasn't clear straightaway that disc space was the issue and to identify the fault, I needed to parse the log file. If the fact that recordings were failing had popped up as an alert whenever I or another user accessed Emby (usually through Fire TV, Android app, or web-browser), I could have fixed the problem sooner and not missed a number of recordings. Even better would be a low space warning before the event! Thanks!
  25. I havent found a Feature Requests for this, correct me if im wrong. It will be nice to have something in the guide that show you that you already have a movie in your library. That can be in detail screen before you click record or on the main guide page.
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