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  1. Hi , I would like to request one feature , customer expire date, and auto stop when reach expire date.

    Cinema Outro Option

    Hey, just thought i would ask to see if this may be possible for future. it would be really nice if we could have the option to insert a custom outro to our videos just like we have for the intro but having the option to use both intro and outro
  3. kingofbigmac

    CC support for Live TV

    Saw some posts from 2 years ago and even a year ago asking for Closed Captioning support. Just checking to see if there has been any sort of progress. My girlfriend and daughter are deaf and we are trying to cut the cord and while I don't mind the service as is, since I don't have to have Closed Captioning turned on, it's an absolute necessity for my family. I would rather not get a HDHomeRun but it might be something I should get if their isn't anything in the near future.
  4. I would like to see an option to allow users to hide or remove the spinning wheel when loading trailers, pre-roll, and feature presentations. The spinning wheel takes away from the cinematic experience and can be annoying to see when the next trailer is loading in the queue.
  5. Lock the playlist to prevent other users from editing or deleting I found that emby’s playlist is open to all users, and all users can edit it. Add or delete the ones I created. I shared my emby with my friends. As a result, my playlists was deleted by them by mistake. I hope the creator can lock the playlist , you can share it with others, but not allow them to add, edit, or delete
  6. Hello I showed my wife how to download music at home. So she can listen to it at work offline. This is a great and simple way very WAF. (before i told her to connect to the synology nas with ds file, navigate trough what she wants and copy paste it inside the phone, and so on). So with emby its clean and easy. she navigates at house trough the organized library and picks wahtever she wants. But i may have a suggestion about the UI/UX in the download section on the emby android app. Everything is organised by categories (music/shows/movies) but for example inside the music section there is no more organisation every album is here next to each other. It could be nice to have a grouping by album artists or things like that Thank you regards
  7. In the android app, it would be great to have multi-select available in playlists and the active play queue, for bulk delete or move.
  8. The alpha picker seems to be missing from collections, but only when adding an item. Please add Alpha picker to collections when adding an item.
  9. When you scroll to the end of the Live TV channel list in the guide, it would be nice if it just looped back around at the start of the list. As it is now, you have to cursor up to get back to the beginning.
  10. I was wondering if there could be support added for .5 in the episode numbering in the metadata ? it is more common anime series more then anything.
  11. Marijuana

    I need a banner

    I need a banner at the top of emby to put my own banners in place exactly like the amazon firestick has. I would like it to show on every device that uses my emby server thank you.
  12. Maybe it is just me, but I think it is a bit odd to have a played/unplayed badge on media that has been watched. It just clutters up and is distracting. I rather prefer Plex's way of doing it where media only have a badge when it is unwatched. Would it be possible to make a setting choose how it should be shown?
  13. HawkXP71

    New "Extras" folder

    I love the extras folders. But I have a request for 2 new supported folders. 1) Fan Edits - I have more than a few versions of a movie, that are fan edits of the original.. Sometimes its a merger of 2 or 3 into 1 bigger movie (Jacksons' The Hobbit for instance) 2) Images - If there was an "images" folder, that are not fan art, but not official, yet are grouped with the video, it would be great to be able to see them in the videos page. For instance, the Restored Originals from the Star Wars trilogy. Tons of pics comparing scenes etc. I would love to be able to view them, but wouldnt want to put them in the regular image locations.
  14. Hi, So (especially) when watching on a TV box such as Android TV it's quite the unnecessary task to have to switch the subtitle track individually for each episode in a season. It would be handy and a nice quality of life update to have the same "select subtitles" box that appears for each episode but for an entire season or even a show (if subtitle track naming is consistent across the episodes allowing to make the switch ofc).
  15. Would love to see Favourites as an option for Home Screen Rows. Am running Emby Synology and Android TV apps.
  16. Hi all! Just realized there is a feature missing, that I find very needed. Let's say we have a user account named John, let's say there are two separate media libraries, that John has access to. Let's say we want to allow John to download media from the media library 1, but to restrict him from downloading from media library 2. In the current setup we can only allow or restrict John to download as an account, therefore that setting will be applicable to all connected media libraries. Can we add an option that would allow separate settings for different libraries for the same user account? Sorry if I am too confusing.
  17. I have my Emby server in a house with a very good connection, but 99% of the time I connect to it from a house with a poor connection. I have 2 Nvidia Shields, both should have 16gb of onboard memory. I'd like to be able to download a movie locally on the Shield, to watch it later without buffering. Download is present on other platforms, Android too, so it should be possibile on Android TV too. If it is already possible, I can't find it anywhere. I have Lifetime Premium and download already works on other platform.
  18. Can we have Sticky/recommended movies/tvs on top of emby somewhere, something we can pick what goes on the list. Hope u understand what im trying to say thanks
  19. Right now when resuming an audiobook track (chapter) the rest of the book is not included in the play queue. When that chapter is completed, it is then necessary to go to the book and find the next chapter to add the book back to the play queue. Is there a way to add the entire book back to the queue when resuming from the main screen? May be a useful feature for music albums as well.
  20. Caascada

    PiP support

    I’d like to request PiP support for the ios app. Thanks
  21. Hello, I've searched around and cannot appear to find such a solution to this within Emby or on the forums thus far. Similar to how iTunes will count how many times you have listened to a certain song, it would be great if there was some way to track such information within Emby. Personally I quite enjoy seeing how many times I've listened to certain songs / albums over the months and years. Currently I dedicate to listening via iTunes but I'd love to switch to Emby full time if said functionality was on offer. Maybe this is too niche? I'm not sure. Interested to see what others think.
  22. gungatim

    Audiobook Metadata

    Can you make it so we can add more relevant information to the audiobook metadata? I would like to add the author, and maybe the narrator, but the add people function doesn't work at all. and then can we search or sort by Author? And Finally, is there a way to add a sleep timer to the player? would be nice to be able to fall asleep listening to a book and have it stop after a half hour and create a bookmark instead of playing all night. Thanks.
  23. My Ask... Is it possible to integrate "Movies Anywhere" with emby where emby would show a clickable movie icon and eithor stream that digital content through emby (or) execute the streaming (TV or other) app? Alternatively, you can choose to integrate with the major digital content providers (iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu) directly and bypass "Movies Anywhere" although that would seem like a much larger challenge. Having this feature would provide a one stop shop for movie watching. Justification... As a movie collector, it's wieldy known that most digital movie content is now available for purchase from companies like (iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu), and other major players for as little as $5.00, which in some cases is causing our digital collections to grow at a rapid scale. Most recently, one of the challenges is where that content is stored; is it stored on my emby server or on a digital providers system. Thankfully, a streaming provider like "Movies Anywhere", a digital movie content aggregator helps pool all that digital movie content together into one playable list by uniting the purchases you've made on streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu, and allows you to add supported films purchased on Blu-ray and DVD. Let us know your thoughts or if something like this already exists. Thank you,
  24. Right now, Emby offers the abilty to hide a user from the login screen for the local network, remotely or for both. I would like to be able to create groupes/circles/households and assign devices/clients to those as well as users. So after that device/client logged in once to a server, it can be assigned to a group. The next time that device/client connects to the server, users that are also assigned to that group/circle/household, show up on the login screen and now have easier sign in methods like the pin. I know there are other features that are more important or need to come first (like user groups), but it might be nice to have it in min while other stuff is implemented. cheers
  25. Hi, Currently I have my own person intro to play before movies. Is it possible to do it on a user level? eg. user 1 can have there own personal intro? Thanks
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