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  1. It would be great if emby auto added the next collection item to watch next. So if you viewed Harry Potter 1, it would auto add Harry Potter 2
  2. Wasn't sure of the correct wording, so maybe a duplicate request word differently. When scrolling through channels, it would be good to get to the bottom, and have it roll over to the top again. Instead of having to head back up through the entire channel list again. If this could work on Rokus that would be even better.
  3. It would be useful to add a custom sort order for collections, so collections like Marvel, DC Comic, and Star Wars's movies can be ordered by chronological order instead of release date.
  4. Is there anyway to add a library based on RSS? let's say "box office movies" or famous action movies, based on rottentomatoes / traktr list? Assuming the movie is in my library it should be added to the list, if not then it simply skips it. pardon me if this already exists but i googled and couldnt find it. I got tons of movies and i thought it'd be nice if i could make a list of high rated movies.
  5. AmIBeingObtuse

    Change EMBY Logo and text

    Hi, I did a quick look around and coulnd't see this already requested. In the app could we get a setting that allows us to change the Emby logo to another image of our own and the wording next to it for premier users. It would look amazing to have our own logo and server name shown here instead and if were paying subscribers. Incentive to get emby premier for those who don't already too.
  6. Hi there am having a problem atm I have just bought winTV-quadHD tuner all working nice. But now I want to rename the category live tv to freeview then make a new category for my iptv M3u file and have two categories called freeview and iptv. We really need this ASAP please. i don’t want to mix my home tuner with a iptv service all in one TV guide/channel list.
  7. Ok so Plex have plexamp and gotta say it was pretty good But overall I much prefer emby and with the new music setup it literally has everything we need What I'm hoping for is a dedicated music mode/app so when I load it up it's fast responsive and just music and music videos nothing else, was thinking it could just be an option in settings or just a replica of current app but without the library folders just nothing but music
  8. Is there anyway to eliminate the gap between songs without having to make the album one big file? For instance on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon album some of the songs run together. It is very annoying to be listening to an album and have the gap between songs when there should not be any. Thanks for any help with this.
  9. Hey I would like to request the possibility to upload individual pictures to Emby. At the moment on your mobile device when you select the camera upload option. You can choose what server, only on wifi or all the time and what folder you wish to upload. I would like to see this expanded so it shows you that folder and let's you select the pictures you want to upload. The main reason i'm personally suggesting this is because recently i met up with some friends and we wanted to share pictures and since i keep all our pictures secure on my server. They want me to have them. At the moment we do that via mail or usb-sticks but it would be much handier if i could make them an account, they login, choose camera upload, select the pictures to upload and done. I don't need to see all the pictures my friends have on their phone, it's none of my business and i'm not sure i would want to see them either. I'm sure there are other situations that would lend themselves well for this but the example i provided is one i came in contact with recently. Thanks for reading and if you would like this option, don't forget to like the post so the developers & moderators know it's a wanted option.
  10. The "Continue Watching" list only applies to individual elements (from what I can tell), and when continuing a movie/episode from "Continue Watching", the context of whether or not it was started directly, or through a playlist, is lost. If a playlist got paused, "Continue Watching" resumes the single movie/episode that got paused, and the playlist doesn't continue. I would like to have an option when resuming something from "Continue Watching" to continue only that single element, or to continue the entire playlist, if it was started through a playlist (i.e., "Resume Playlist"). I think it would also make sense in this case to include a "Mark Playlist as Played" option so that you wouldn't have to go through all items remaining in the playlist and mark each one individually as played to get the playlist off the "Continue Watching" list. A slightly more robust version of this enhancement would be to also change "Continue Watching" to "Continue Playing", and include music items into "Continue Playing". -- Currently, you can mix both movies and music into the same playlist, but a paused music item doesn't show up in "Continue..." whereas a movie (from a mixed playlist) does.
  11. Hello, I recently got a universal remote for emby and found out some buttons cannot function correctly, so , I think ,why not remap buttons ? Then, I go to "Keyboard and Remote" menu. What tooks me down is I cannot remap or define buttons. Pls add this function in next upgrade, thanks
  12. It would be nice to show cpu, memory, remote network speed usage and local remote used. user stats, movies played etc like below picture
  13. I'd love to see this option on Emby. So far ive been loving Emby i migrated from plex but i gotta say i loved the option that plex had to watch together and invite friends and family. I attached the link below. Thank you for all you do. https://support.plex.tv/articles/watch-together/
  14. drummy434

    User ratings

    I think it would be a good feature to see what other users watch on your emby account and think it would also be good if they could give a star rating for what they watch.
  15. Currently, when a video with HDR is transcoded for any reason (subtitles, quality), it becomes unwatchable because it is neither recognized as HDR by the client nor tone-mapped. The HDR meta-data should be preserved through the transcoding process.
  16. Hey dear friends, How is it possible to add a new subtitles site which will be available for Hebrew subs? The site is: https://wizdom.xyz/ hope you can help me with that! Thanks in advance! Idan
  17. It would be great if you can include custom branding at least for premium users. Emby is an awesome package. I used plex premium and loved the features in emby and switched. I bought lifetime subscription as well. But it is so disappointing that the premium users doesn't get to show their logo in clients applications. I am not asking for app icon change or even changing app name. Just a logo and some text somewhere inside apps to brand ourselves.
  18. mcnafa

    People Tab

    Since the new update left me disappointed on the scale of global search functionality and ability to add Emby elements to collections, I would like to request that a global People tab be added to the top nav bar alongside Shows, Suggestions, Upcoming, Favorites, etc. I don't understand how after all these years Emby can create a media server that purposely ignores the one element that makes any film, video, game, photo, etc possible. To me it would seem that having a global view of people by default would be a natural and obvious functionality built into a media server, we all have favorite cast etc and having the ability to view those cast members without doing an individual name search would be a great addition to an already good program. Hope you can add this in a near future update and not years down the line.
  19. Whiskeyjack_

    Shuffle Library

    I understand that there's an option to play a video from, say, my Movie library at random. But would it be possible to shuffle the content in the library, so I can browse in a random fashion rather than trying to apply various filters?
  20. evox

    Porn Metadata

    first i need to thank for this great team, continue to do a good work we have the https://www.themoviedb.org/, https://fanart.tv, and so on to organize our movie database, we also could have http://www.cduniverse.com/, https://www.adultdvdmarketplace.com/ to organize our porn collection. what do you think??
  21. Hi there! Is it possible to add to the themoviedb search function to include adult results? For example: Searching for an adult title: Amazing Headlights does not give any result. Tried with stable and beta, same result. embyserver.txt 2018-10-04 22:10:43.169 Info HttpClient: GET https://api.themoviedb.org/3/search/movie api_key=f6bd687ffa63cd282b6ff2c6877f2669&query=amazing+headlights&language=en Checking in a browser the above link results in: {"page":1,"total_results":0,"total_pages":1,"results":[]} But if it could be possible to extend the above query with include_adult=true, according to https://developers.themoviedb.org/3/search/search-movies, then the result is: {"page":1,"total_results":2,"total_pages":1,"results":[{"vote_count":0,"id":470595,"video":false,"vote_average":0,"title":"Amazing Headlights","popularity":0.6,"poster_path":"\/aqGycN9QhIAyfomebpKlDCS9N1l.jpg","original_language":"en","original_title":"Amazing Headlights","genre_ids":[],"backdrop_path":"\/Oq6QUjuDuV1Jn7VMnPfqaicD9Z.jpg","adult":true,"overview":"Sandra Parker and her big tits are fucked by a lucky guy. She gets her ass fucked and swallows a load of cum.\r Helena takes on two cocks. Her big tits bounce as she gets fucked in the ass. She screams like crazy! Two loads fill her mouth up. She swallows them down.\r Chantal Ferrera - This cutie and her amazing natural rack get fucked every which way by two guys.\r Carmen Blonde gives two guys the pleasure of fucking her and blasting their loads all over her big titties.\r Roxy Panther & Kyra - a couple smoking hot big titted babes are ready to fuck. These babes take it straight to the ass before getting covered in cum.\r Lucy Love - the massively chested chick takes on a hard cock which drills her ass and dumps a load in her mouth.","release_date":"2011-03-07"},{"vote_count":0,"id":472658,"video":false,"vote_average":0,"title":"Amazing Headlights 2","popularity":0.6,"poster_path":"\/hILOVmZADcF77pZscoBDpmt4OZ3.jpg","original_language":"en","original_title":"Amazing Headlights 2","genre_ids":[],"backdrop_path":"\/cZrsCSIgnfpugua6FTcj8pPPXoP.jpg","adult":true,"overview":"Amy Ried has amazingly beautiful boobs. Toni Ribas fucks her, fucks her rack, and shoots a huge load of cum all over them. Helena Sweet shows off her massive rack and then gets ass fucked. Mugur drops his load all over her tits. Kyra Banks, the lovely big-titted chick takes on two big cocks. She sucks them off and they go straight to her ass. Her tits get covered in cum by James Brossman & Choky Ice. Lucy with her natural tits will leave your mouth watering. She gets assfucked by Titus Steel & Mugur who cover her tits with two loads of jizz. Michelle, a freckly chick, with a big rack fucks and sucks James Brossman & Mugur. They proceed to fuck her ass and they feed her two loads of cum that she swallows.","release_date":"2012-05-07"}]} If I search for the exact TMDB movieID then the tile it is found, but doing it 1by1 for each movie, is really time consuming, as search on adult titles fails also, when adding a whole sub-directory to the library. Thanks to looking into this. cheers!
  22. Is there anyway to get metadata from Data18 for adult movies?
  23. Emby is doing a great work identifying movies and TV-shows. What's missing is an adult catagory that scrapes metadata for adult movies. Data18 as metadata provider would be great for this.
  24. twistedvincent

    Porn/Adult Meta Data

    I would like to re-open the topic of metadata for adult/porn movies/scenes since nothing happened when the subject was broached way back in 2017/18. I'm OCD and it kind of drives me nuts not having ant rhyme or reason when it comes to cataloging/viewing my adult movies/scenes. Are there any agents I don't know about? All the github agents from AEBN, Adult Empire etc are long abandoned for some reason and I'm SURE I'm not the only one who'd be interested. Many Thanks.
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