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  1. MachineLearning

    Video Playlist Multi Select

    As simple as that, my apologies if this has been requested before, but I can't find them apparently Say I wish to remove multiple items from a playlist, or create a new playlist out of some items in a playlist, currently I gotta do so one by one
  2. Besides installing the server by using the portable version and put it wherever we want, the Windows installer window by default puts the folder in this odd location: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server I wonder why it doesn't put it in the "Program Files" folder, apart from that, the installer window lacks an option to choose a custom location to install the server wherever we want.
  3. Itunes has a column browser which has the effect of filtering and sorting views of music objects. Values are selected rather than typed. it makes the function of curating content much simpler eg checking whether tracks of a given album/ artist have been added . i am finding i am regularly using the web browser's search function to curate playlists which is far from ideal the ability to sort by [music] tag alone would go along way for [music] playlists.
  4. Hi, Background: I live in a country where we have scheduled rolling power blackouts. I would like to place a banner at the top of Emby library when you log in that shows when the next scheduled power outage will be so users know when the server will be off. Request: So let's say when logged in as admin user, I could enter a sentence in the setup/config portion of Emby that will just scroll over the screen while in the library sections. And maybe 10 minutes before the server is about to shut down, if someone is watching then it could pop up as a reminder over die video they are watching. Possibly instead of entering a sentence there could be a standard way in which to create a file with message and times it should display and you can point Emby server to that file. In that case I could just edit the file and Emby could pick up what to display. So let's say 1 line for the sentence, 1 line for date/time it should only scrol over when browsing the libary and a thrid line for when it should display over the video while someone is watching. Asking a lot, but thanks.
  5. I have the auto-collection plugin installed and it works really well for showing groups/series of movies. I was wondering if a simple line of text could be added under the title when viewing a movie page, since all my TVs just show the movie and then the cast. In order to actually see if it's part of a collection you have to scroll down. Ex: (Movie Title) Alien <Add new text if relevant> Part of Alien Collection </Add new text> (rating/movie info) 8.1 1979 1h 55m R Ends at <time> Added <date>
  6. In Plex, there is a setting that is equivalent to "Weeks to consider for Continue Watching". This filters the items in Continue Watching by whether the most recent play date was within the specified time limit (e.g. previous 4 weeks). This would be useful to avoid the Continue Watching bar being cluttered with partially watched items from a long time ago. Please could you add this setting to Emby?
  7. Hi i have movies playlist and when i browse the playlist i cant get a overview for the movie when i press it will only start up the movie would be useful to have more infos in playlist library like the colleciton does
  8. Guinness10

    Mark for deletion

    Add a "Marked for Deletion" to the ellipse menu which allows movies, music, photos etc. to be added to a trash bin which allows you to review your media before permanently deleting.
  9. request: have Emby be able to read m4b chapters About half of the audiobooks I have do have chapters. I used to use $5 mp3 audiobook player pro but no need anymore on iOS since BookPlayer ($free) does everything. Only three things BookPlayer doesn't have that mp3 audiobook player pro does have are: 1) search (titles of book library). Not such a big deal since you can sort them various ways. 2) doesn't list size of m4b book 3) statistics shows last 30 days and average listening time, etc. None of those are deal breakers so I'm using the free BookPlayer even though I paid for the $5 one. Ok so from emby server if you use the iOS emby app you can download the m4b audio book and listen to it offline. Also supports streaming and resuming no problem. However, it doesn't show chapters even when fully downloaded. So a workaround is to connect via safari or any browser and navigate to the m4b audiobook on the emby server then click the ... (3 dots) and choose Download. It says view or Download. Choose download then save it to Files then open that up and open it up in BookPlayer and then I got chapters. Flacbox ($4 in-app) also can stream from wedDAV or SMB or cloud services but no m4b chapter support. So not sure if it has to read the entire file but I know it's not part of the metadata since I've stripped out all metadata and all hundreds of m4b audiobooks and the ones that have chapters still show. I strip out all metadata with MusicBrainz Picard so I can use folder based navigation and seems to work semi-decently. Anyway book player you can view the open source and see the code and see their implementation on how they read chapters for m4b https://github.com/TortugaPower/BookPlayer I'm not a coder so no idea if this is relevant or not 41A1B111226F88C500EA0400 /* Chapter+CoreDataClass.swift */, 41A1B112226F88C500EA0400 /* Chapter+CoreDataProperties.swift */, 41B2AC8D1D43CCE8005382A9 /* ChaptersViewController.swift */, 4140EA76227289B50009F794 /* Chapter+CoreDataClass.swift in Sources */, 4140EA77227289B90009F794 /* Chapter+CoreDataProperties.swift in Sources */, 41A1B139226FEDAD00EA0400 /* Chapter+AVFoundation.swift in Sources */, oops didn't see this thread. Mod: merge my post into this thread please.
  10. This has been discussed previously HERE but has still not been addressed (that I can tell). I have noticed my local hard disk fills within a few weeks unless I manually restart the Emby server. There was a plugin that did this nicely but has been removed. The auto restart option on the "Settings" screen DOES NOT WORK so please don't respond that it does. It appears the built in restart feature only activates if an update has been applied which doesn't help if there are long periods between updates. My question has 2 parts: Is there a method to manually install plugins such as the since deleted Emby.Restart plugin? Will Emby consider adding a feature to auto restart the server on a set schedule? Regards.
  11. Johnd2@hotmail.com

    Remove Commercials Request

    Emby Team, Can you let me know if you will be working on option to remove commercials while recording in Emby? Your main competitor has this feature and was hoping Emby is also working on it. Thank you.
  12. Dealing with multiple versions of a movie brought up an idea. All versions share the same audio/subtitle-tracks, so why not allowing an mkv to have multiple video-streams and give an option to select the desired one? In my example I'd be interested in putting a 4k and 3D-version together into one file, but it could also be used to add multiple encodes for streaming. Define a naming-scheme for those streams and we are set, maybe even use such name-tags for some semi-smart pre-selection? Such an secondary videostream could also be interesting for an nextgen scrubbing-implementation, like including an very low-bitrate/low-res-version for that purpose...
  13. Sorry if I couldn't find a similar topic but I'd like to have a feature to kind of create a live TV schedule experience where I can, for example, select a number of TV series to watch, and select the number of episodes to watch on each series, and then it skips to the next series after said number of episodes viewed. Next time selecting the same playlist would continue with the next up, and the same number of episodes. The same using a movie series like Abbott and Costello collection, The Bowery Boys etc... And I'd like to see the NEXT UP only affect the playlist and not the actually series. I can simply sign in with a different name if not possible. And just to be clear, these are my video files and not coming in live from a channel. Thanks
  14. AlawamiAZ

    HEVC hw encoding?

    It would be great if we could have HEVC hardware transcoding. Most modern GPUs have a HEVC encoder. It would be especially great for AMD gpus since their h264 hardware encoder is low quality but their HEVC is fine.
  15. Hi, I just found out about emby and currently loving it. I really miss this feature, that for instance I have recipe video's. That I can add the following information. 1:40 - Introduction 2:50 - Ingredients 5:00 - Final results Like timed section in the video's where I can click on these custom marks so it will navigate quickly to that section. YouTube has it as well nowdays, and its pretty handy! Maybe it's already suggested, but I couldn't find it on these forums, sorry if it has. Thanks.
  16. I just use a Home Videos and Photos libray for store my photo. after I enter the libray, it show me videos at first, but I just want see folders screen. in movie libray and tv libray, it have option: default screen to do this, but Home Videos and Photos libray have not. in Home Videos and Photos libray(folders screen), Settings->Show Fields only use year by default, This is not suitable for displaying photos(a lot of photo's year is same). Although every folder will be changed once, Can you add an option to change the default value?
  17. One of the greatest features of Windows Media Center was the tray notification for recording. I was wondering if guys can push that out for emby as notifications, or a webhook. That would be really good because, I have a problem with recordings ending early and need to schedule them again, immediately, if they stop recording. (No reason given in log for them ending early). Also, please allow us to UNCHECK things from channel mapping. The process given to me by @cayars (Editing the dB) was nothing that any basic user would even know how to do. Even if there is a new version of Live TV coming, it doesn't make sense that you have to delete the entire guide to start over with the channel mapping. Thanks guys!
  18. my media asia movies or series need plugins mydramalist thank
  19. Sorry if this has been covered, but is there any plans to give separate users their own recording folders? My parents want access to schedule recordings, but I don’t want them accidentally deleting mine, and I don’t want to have to manage theirs...is this an option already? TIA
  20. I searched and didn't find anything related to "multi-version" features for music, but this idea came to me recently. I have been gradually ripping my BluRay and DVD-A discs with high-resolution audio versions of albums. These will usually have at least 3 versions of an album - a new high resolution surround mix, a new high resolution stereo mix and an original high resolution stereo mix. Currently I have these as 3 separate album folders, but this is starting to be a little cluttered looking. Often I also have one or two CD versions in addition to the high resolutions versions, perhaps because of different bonus tracks. It would be interesting for Emby to be able to pick up an album folder naming convention that would pull all of those versions into one "Album" and then have the ability to select different versions to play much like you can have with movies named with the "Title - Version" convention. While this has been most obvious for these high resolution discs, as I think about whether to digitize ALL my CDs, this would also be a way of cleanly ripping and organizing multiple CD versions.
  21. Sometimes I like to just binge watch a specific TV series. Other times I like to watch a variety of TV shows, just like watching Live TV, except using my OWN recorded shows....... Just like AntennaTV, MeTV, Grit, etc broadcast specific shows from specific time frames, Genre, etc, I would like to see a section for my own media. Not sure it is possible, but randomly gather episodes from my library and play them just like watching Live TV. Maybe based on latest shows or latest recorded shows...
  22. I would like for the channel mapping options to be alphabetic and searchable... There are thousands and thousands of channels to map to and impossible to find the correct one.
  23. Just want to request for this feature > Option to create a shortcut of all Networks/Streaming services content on home screen or your main screen. This will create or do a quick view shortcut of all movies/tv shows from Netflix for example or any other network or streaming exclusive content right at your home screen.
  24. I happily saw the new option to enforce audio-transcoding to DD. In my case this is helpful for clients that don't support DTS-codecs, specifically a FireTV paired with Echo-Speakers. That setup could however deal with EAC3/DD+ (and ATMOS) tracks, so may i suggest also supporting live-transcoding to EAC3? It would allow higher audio-bitrate and preserve a bit more quality.
  25. Hello the team ! Could it possible to have a special tag when I have all season's episodes from a TV Show. For egample, when I have the 8 episodes of The Mandalorian second season, this season will be in specific menu or with special tag to indicate : Ok, you have all episode, you can watch and have fun ! For many Tv Show / anime, I prefere to wait to have all episodes before to watch full season at once. Moreover, if this evolution is possible, that will be awesome to have it with add-on emby for Kody Thank you in advance !! PS : Sorry for my poorly english
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