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  1. Should be possible to change default display settings in emby, like let's say that all new users on all devices has backdrop images enabled by default etc.
  2. Can we get an option to allow specific users and specific devices to be allowed to use the upload camera images option instead of it being an option in the end devices app?
  3. Hello dear Emby team, I would be very happy if it were possible to display the latest films and series (similar to the scan date or file date) by release date on the home screen. Thank you very much
  4. 现在下载一些电影或者电视剧,总会自动的寻找元数据信息,emby会自作主张的帮我们改名,在媒体库中无法查看原来文件的名字。 这其实是舍近求远的,其实文件名本身就说明了很多东西 举例子: 文件名 : ZSRG.2021.EP03.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.Mp4er.mp4 这是一部剧,剧名字的简写是ZSRG,这是他的第3集,我下载了整部 emby中识别的结果 现在,我怎么识别那个是第5集,那个是第6集? 我承认,有经验的用户通过各种插件和元数据的刮削,或许能达到更好的效果,能迅速得到大量信息和封面 但是,高级功能不应该是完全牺牲基本功能换来的。 至少给用户一个选择:仅显示文件名 而不是和他说,你必须要再做step1\2\3\4,才能基本的观看电影
  5. Hi emby team, could you please add an sub filter to sort the music library. Like artist sort under the genre sort. Example to navigate: genre/artist/album/ That would be great Thank you for the work on that great program, I also wanted to say
  6. Would you guys be able to add an option to adjust how many items display in the latest media? Currently it displays 17, it would be nice to have options of 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Also the ability to customize this per library.
  7. Hey Guys, The basic "list view" showing just a list of titles without thumbnails is not available on the Emby Client for AndroidTV. Would be GREAT to have list view available. Being forced to load huge volumes of thumbnails can be real pain on FireTV. Would be so much easier to simply have a list of all movies (for example) without the need to scroll through hundreds of thumbnails. Same for any large media source. Cheers - AWESOME platform. -SBO.
  8. zarejosin

    Front Page Fresh up

    Hi, I am using emby pretty long and the UI is since the first day the same. Specially the front page. I guess its time to refresh the starting page a bit. What does this mean? It would be great if the boxes are bigger, eg. the top movie or latest added are at the top. Attached some examples what I mean. The front page should be a selling page - where you get all you need in a funny and excited way. Now its just a technical tool doing what it should and thats it. I guess this will just stay a wish But I though I will raise it - as my girlfriend often says that and I can agree.
  9. interesting thing noticed when veiwing a collection of mixed tv & movies... but also just for consistancy between movies collections and tv collections. On movies Green dot in top right corner means watched On TV shows Green dot in top right corner means unwatched. For anyone who has visiual imparement, this can be confusing. Yes there is a number or Checkmark to "tell the difference" if your eyes are good enough to see it from where you are sitting. The Easy fix is move tv unwatched count to the RIGHT corner... but thats where the hidden checkmark is. Or change the color, middle placement, bottom placement, change the dot to a green 'dogear'/corner triangle
  10. Hi Someone posted Saturday a comment about having Streaming Integration and the response was don't know how much need there would be from Emby users (if I have read it correctly). How about rather than closing the discussion off (and maybe you have done this and I can't find it) but create a poll asking if this feature would be good so you can actually get a feel if it is required or not. I was a plex user and changed because your UI was better however as at today Plex is shitting all over you in features and user ability. Not saying I am jumping ship today but if I can't figure out some of my basic requests then I will seriously consider going back as I currently have both libraries up and running. @solson440 - Not sure if you would agree or not but thought since I saw your post on the matter and that it was closed without much discussion you might like to offer another opinion.
  11. I also have a Plex Server, and have paid for the premium service. They have just introduced Plex "Discover" which integrates connections to outside streaming services; Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. I don't like Plex's Windows app, it is not as clean or user friendly as Emby, so I likely won't be switching to Plex anytime soon. Is it possible to include this idea into Emby? Thanks.
  12. For many filesystems, birthdate information is not available. So during import, emby fails to detect file creation date and falls back to using current time instead. An option should exist to use file modification date instead, since this is available on all filesystems known to me. Or at least, "creation date" should fall back to modified date before using current time
  13. TKX57


    I currently use Plex Meta Manager to build and script collection builds within Plex from IMDb lists. This is great especially for things I want put in chronological order. I also use it to just tag some movies/shows for permissions. Is there something similar or a way we can do this with Emby?
  14. Not sure if this is the role of server or plugin.. Would be great if the missing functionality could be extended to collections. I find it interesting that movies are part of a collection i wasnt aware of..and it would be great to see the metadata for those other movies from within the emby ui. Also there are some familiar collections where only the first was good but its still interesting to see actors / dates / directors of the missing parts. Missing titles could have their own folder repository in the metadata folder structure for easy rebuilds..and removed from said structure when found in a normal media folder..because the user has added to library. Thanks for considering.
  15. Is it possible to get a report which films are missing from a collection (officials with metadata)? For example in The Lord of the Rings- if you have the 1st and 2nd then the report will list the 3rd. you are missing : The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - 2003 - tt0167260
  16. Hello, Now that I have been able to successfully use the download function (iOS 15.4.1 / Emby 2.1.5 | Synology DSM 7.1, Emby Server 4.6.7) without fail, there are two features that would truly make it a strong replacement candidate for native Apple iOS Apps: Downloading Playlists (not just the content IN the playlist, the actual playlists) - [the iOS Apple TV app does not have this feature (the iOS Music app does have the playlist feature)] Fully seamless "Automatically Download..." content when content is updated in folder/playlists. I use a manual workaround now (add content, (re)save the change(s) which will then download the added content. Note: I have seen these requests in comment threads, but did not find a feature request for both items - if duplicative, apologies in advance. I would be glad to provide any beta/feedback testing with these features if you are seeking assistance for development work.
  17. Especially when watching a TV series, but in general, If I set the CC to on for a specific language, it would be great if it always turned it on when I chose a movie or TV show. When watching a series, and every 22 minutes I have to turn it on, its kind of a pain. Ideally, if its turned on, and the CC file doesnt exist for the media, it would popup "would you like to download"
  18. While the tie in to IMDB/TheMovieDB/Rotten Tomatoes, etc are great for their reviews and information. It would be great if there was a way to have "Johnny's Favorites" that are shared across the system for all users. Under "My Media" in parallel to "Collections" it would be great to see "Johnny's Favorites"
  19. Houfino

    Report error

    Hi...I want to add a "Report a bug" feature..For example: Video or subtitles don't work..Just add a report and there will be a "reason" list...Thank you https://www.wikihow.com/images/thumb/5/54/Report-a-Channel-on-YouTube-Step-8-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Report-a-Channel-on-YouTube-Step-8-Version-2.jpg
  20. As a heavy user, it is strongly required to add a function into the server management, as follows: When opening a specific movie or editing metadata, pleaee add an entry in the menu , as click the mouse to invoke the tools such as the system file resource manager to enter the directory where the movie is located. I think it is not difficult to implement this function, even if it is handled in plug-in mode. Expect to add and refine this feature soon. Thanks a lot.
  21. I see this is already implemented in Emby Server. It would be amaze-balls if this could be implemented in Emby Theater as well.. (any song with ID3 tagged lyrics embedded).
  22. Mujahid3121

    New Feature

    sir please add two main feature in emby app 1. first is please add expiry date to create a new account. admin can add expiry date to create a new user 2. second is please add admin create a new account can be used in one device one mac address but admin can change user can use account one device or more device please sir that is very important feature. please add these main feature in emby app. Thanks
  23. Would like to see an android music app just like "Plex amp". trying to set up emby connect is a pain in the ? and it just won't work. the only reason I am a paid user of Plex is because of their Plex amp app. please consider making one to would just make it so much ez''er for us non tech people. I stopped using Plex server for my media because every time I import movies it gets everything wrong and I have to go in an hunt down the correct info and change it only to see that Plex changes it back to wrong info. so tried of that. I also have problems with Plex's naming scheme and there don't seem to be a user friendly document to tell us how to name our files so that we don't end up with missing media and or wrong info. Emby does the same thing but just not as bad and its es'er to fix then Plex.
  24. This is concerning locally stored trailers. Certain films and trailers seem to pair up, and then each time that movie is played the same trailers will play with it every time. It would be great if the randomness of the trailer selection was improved. Also, far too often two trailers from the same movie will play. A block from allowing this to happen would be amazing. Thanks.
  25. Looking to add the ability to disable certain libraries or folders from the search feature. For example, when I'm on my TV and doing a search, all my music shows up in the search as well as the tv and movies. I'm not interested in seeing my Music in my search results. Most of my users aren't either. I'd like the ability to check a box, or apply a filter in my settings to remove that library from results.
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