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  1. Similar to how you can have Emby display missing episodes, I would like a similar feature, but listing missing movies from collections. I.E. If you have "Transformers" and "Transformers 3" in the "Transformers Collection" it would show all movies associated with the collection, with a "missing" tag on the artwork of the missing titles.
  2. outlawman

    Support for GIF

    Hello, can you please add GIF support, i have an idea that you could use gifs as movie posters and user photos. Thank you. example:
  3. Feature request to have a plug-in or option to manually create a movie/ tv show collection based on trakt or imdb list . Name : Collection name - ex. Top 100 IMDB Movies URL : Hyperlink of Trak/IMDB collection - ex. https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?groups=top_100&sort=user_rating,desc Provider : IMDB or Trakt - ex. IMDB
  4. Because it's weird to see albums from the last century on top like they were released on 2015 (example), and also makes difficult to see the albums messed up.
  5. mike3821

    Playback Speed

    Would love the option to select playback speed of recordings and local content. Example, what we see with YouTube.
  6. Hello, I am just re-iterating a request I've had for many years, patiently waiting, but it gets more and more irritating as time goes on since it should be easy to fix. I'm also adding others requests in this post as well since perhaps you can address these at once. I am an extensive user of multiple versions of the same movie. For instance with Dawn of the Dead [1978], I have 4 versions of the movie in the same folder. Here are the features I would like: 1) When you select a different version with the pulldown, the duration and "Ends at" also should change. Usually different versions of the film have different lengths. I've asked for this for several years now and it should not be a difficult change. 2) It would be great if the chapters and their thumbnails also changed with the version selection 3) Ability to override the default and select your own default version to come up first. Others have requested this one as well. I know I have posted #1 and many others have asked for #3, but I want to see if there are others who support these changes to see if we can get them elevated in priority. Thanks.
  7. Hi Luke, Do you think we we will see support for the Apple Watch at some stage? Would be awesome to be able to pause, queue on your watch.
  8. please please please can we have the option to remove this folder tab from showing up, it is useless to anyone apart from the person actually putting the movie/tv shows/music etc together. when sharing with family and friends they are all confused on why this is here and for the older generation that dont deal in much tech they just want to have a simple navigation, having this confuses people and then makes it hard to explain to them each time. I choose this type of theme for everyone to use because it didnt have this bar on top and now this is also included along with every other theme. if it can be added surely it can have the option to be removed ?
  9. For example I like to watch movies and tv shows in original language, for the major part Its English, in that case is easy but not for foreign content. If I have a Library of not english native content, for example japanese movies or Anime, and if this content has multiaudio including english, with the preferred audio language it will be set to English always. So a default audio language per library would fix this, and the user would be able to play movies in english and other library like anime in japanese.
  10. kjhedges


    We often sit and watch stuff from our media and think to ourselves that so and so might like that film or TV series. So rather than texting and going through a list of stuff to recommend users to watch. what about an option to add content to a recommend library to a user or multiple users. This way a list is formed in a simple library, and users can then browse at any time information about the recommended film or tv series. (and not continually ask me, or you, "what was that show you mentioned") Anyways, just a thought
  11. AdamSulli

    Android TV download

    I would love to see the download option be available on the android tv app. I have a new chromecast with google tv that I use in the minivan for the kids. On a road trip, having the ability to download some content for the times when we are in internet dead zones would be great.
  12. At the moment it's only possible to show "Titles". For "Home video" or "Mixed content" libraries organized in folders, fields like "Year" would be especially helpful.
  13. I recently moved from running a largish server on Plex to Emby and would find a feature that enables sorting of both TV shows and Movie libraries by country very useful. By contrast Plex offers a sort feature by Studio which is very frustrating if you do not know that the show you want is BBC1 or 2 or 3 or 4. Searching for all your K dramas or your French thrillers could be then be shown quickly without having to laboriously form "collections". I am open to any suggestions and appologise in advance if this issue has been raised and or rejected previously. Emby is great - I just want it greater!
  14. Similar to how it says Video:1080p H264 Audio: English AAC 5.1 (Default) under a movie or tv show title, would be nice if we could have Audio: flac so as we can easily see what format we are listening to.
  15. Toonville

    Comming Soon

    Is there a way for Emby to add a coming soon landing page (with on or off options) to where your able to use IMDB or another External Id website to post pictures of movies, previews and the date (optional) that you plan on adding the movie(s) to your Emby server. I think it would add a nice touch to whats already there.
  16. Hi, It would be great to have a global configuration for all the clients and devices of the library in the order you want I know that the option is for users in configuration / screen, but it would be much better if as administrator you can place the order that you want each folder to appear It is important, because if the folders do not appear in alphabetical order
  17. Now I have 2 servers, one at my home which is the main server, it has most series and movie I want, not just for me also for my parents and friends. And another one is at my school, where I live now. I use the sever at school because it is local and not limited by the bandwidth, sometimes I switch to the server at home to watch the video which I don't have at school. If emby apps can integrate multiple servers to display together, there's no need to switch between servers. The series and movie can be identified by the TVDB/TMDB ID. Therefore videos will not be shown twice. Since emby can identify I'm now in LAN or WAN, it can let apps using the local server. Or, let user to choose a main server, all the series it has will be in priority. If this feature added, my friends and me can build a larger server by integrating our servers together.
  18. Can you please add the ability to lock "Overview"? The new update ( has taken that option out. I edit a lot of of Overviews and wouldn't like those to change back. I don't want to have to lock all meta info, because that info I am fine with it being updated. Thanks
  19. Id like to extend INTROS to TV content, so that a meta data tag (can leave to ID3v2 tagging) will have the filename of the video to fire before playing the tv programme. Id like to fire the original programme make ident at the beginning for example or a programme content warning. I suppose you could have a pre-play tag and post-play tag to support either end of the programme? Thanks.
  20. Hey, can you add chapterdetection in Emby for Audiobook with m4b format, if they exist? thanks
  21. I would really like a feature that would allow an admin to set a login notification. "Emby maintenance scheduled for X..." Likewise I would also like to push a notification to all logged in users. "Emby going down for maintenance in 5 minutes"
  22. I'd like to allow my family to download Audiobooks, may be music but not the other libraries. As a feature request, please can we have a tick option like access to libraries that is already in Emby under 'User Access'? It could be a tick next to each of the libraries where you grant access for a user currently. For example "Allow downloads from this library" A global option for ALL Libraries for downloading or not could exist if granular ticks to each library are not configured too.
  23. As with the Movies and TV libraries, they can be sorted and filtered in numerous ways. I was hoping with the 4.6 rewrite that this would be a new feature. Could we get sorting WITHIN a collection, please?
  24. I know this has probably been asked before and from what I can recall, it was mentioned that the going "style" is to not have icon/logo for audio and video codecs but rather just words. Would like to request the option for the user to use either one. In my own personal opinion seeing the icon/logo for Dolby Atmos, DTS X, etc is much more visually appealing. But this way the user can switch to what they actually prefer.
  25. Please, is possible to sort tracks in playlist by title or artist? Thanks.
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