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  1. Hello @Luke, I use the legal paid IPTV provider at USTVNow. While it doesn't have a native M3U/XMLTV, I have a small python server that creates a M3U and XMLTV using this code: https://github.com/c...vnow-m3u-server My issue is the guide data shown in Emby is 3 hours behind for my timezone (it's in guide is EST, I'm in PST). Could you, in the roadmap to media nirvana, provide a time offset (in hours, +/-) for the XML TV provider? PS - You can create a free account, but it will be limited to basic cable (NBC, etc). Happy to share my credentials with you to test all the channels. PSS - Where is the donation site for emby features? I'd really love USTVNow to become a maintained plugin (and skip the Python server).
  2. TenaciousJ

    Live TV Guide Groups

    It would be a great added feature for IPTV M3U subscribers to be able to filter channels in the live tv guide (and channels menu) based on the 'group-title' tag in the M3U file. Favorites first is a great feature, but it falls short when your favorites list includes most of the channels from a particular region (or multiple regions) consisting of 100s of channels which are all favorited in order to get them to the top of the list above the sports listings, or foreign language channels. Most IPTV services use the 'group-title' tag for sorting their channels in STB Emu, Kodi, or Perfect Player apps, and so they bother less with ordering them sensibly in the m3u file itself since they can be filtered by group. Without the group filter, you often end up having to search through many pages of channels to get to the group you want which is time consuming. The only other alternative is to manually edit the m3u file, removing the groups you don't want, but that also means that the list won't automatically update for new content or changes, and the manual editing must be done again. This is particularly annoying with IPTV providers that include their entire VOD catalog in the same m3u, because there's no way to filter that out without using the group-title tag. Ideally, I'd love to see a dropdown menu in the filter section with a checkbox list of all the groups that can be selected or deselected, then saved permanently. Thanks for all the work you've put into emby so far.. it's a great server that I'm really enjoying using and its the one thing I've found that's compatible across all my various devices and platforms with very few headaches. The DVR works great!
  3. Diedrich

    Delete Toggle

    It would be great if there was an automatic popup asking to delete a movie or TV episode after watching it through at least 90%. This could be a toggle setting for each user in their dashboard, therefore a personal preference. Only users with the Delete function granted to them would have this toggle in their settings (or it could be grayed out).
  4. hooray4me

    Volume Leveling

    Would it be possible to incorporate volume leveling across episodes. We frequently put kid shows on shuffle for the little ones... depending on the episode the volume is extreme... to too quiet... especially annoying on short shows like Peppa Pig. I know alot is determined by the source file, but wondering if anything can be done.
  5. Sorry if this has been requested before. Its a tough search to sort out. I'd love to add, for example, a few TV series like Star Trek into a playlist. Then, have that playlist randomize (one time at creation is fine, but each time it is viewed would be fine as well [re-randomize]). I'd also like it to not show episodes previously watched. Essentially a Star Trek channel that shows random episodes but never the same one twice. Anyway................ Thanks! J
  6. For some shows, i don't care to keep episodes after I've watched them. it would be great to have an 'automatic delete' option within each show. Perhaps with a further option of waiting 1-14 days before removal. Some shows I want to keep (one example is Legion). Some I do not (for example, Forged in Fire). Having the option to have this handled automatically would be great.
  7. Hey there! Many titles, especially non-English language titles on TVDB, are discoverable by more than one name. Often a transliterated title from the original language and in addition, a translation of the title exist. A specific example: the animated series Yuru Camp is discoverable on TVDB by searching either "Yuru Camp" or "Laid-back Camp". However, in Emby, despite it scraping info from TVDB, searching Yuru Camp does not bring up any results. If possible could it be made to enable finding titles with multiple names as such? -sincerely, Mei
  8. I would love the ability to tweak the displayed content of the spotlight tile in Emby Theater. Currently it just displays random items from the given library. I would find it actually useful if it could say be configured to display the top 20 most recently added, unwatched items.
  9. Be able to add movie sets to other movie sets. Example is I have sets for Spider-man, X-men, Marvel, DC and would like to add all sets to a Superhero set. Even better would be the ability to add a 3rd level of sets. Say that was if I open the Superhero set I can select the Marvel set and be able to select Ironman set then the movie Ironman 3.
  10. When I go to play an album on my phone, it gets pretty jittering since it's streaming it, without much of a buffer. It also doesn't buffer/sync ahead, so this makes it very internet-sensitive. I would really love it, if that when I play an album it syncs the whole album, or whole "scope" of what I told it to play. Syncs it to the phone. This way as my internet fluctuates, it buffers a-head. If there is some way we can set (on the client/phone) how far a-head it syncs based on Wifi/Cellular I think that would be rad too. Say X number of songs if you're on Cellular, Y if you're on wifi (with the option for unlimited for either). As for other forms of multimedia, this may be helpful, but I'm not 100% sure how that would translate to video content... Thoughts?
  11. Hi, I just helped a friend get up and running on Emby and he is now a premier account holder (do i get a referral bonus? ) Anyway, we linked our Emby instances and going between local server accounts on my Emby (i have four local users) and Connect to reach his server (I have one guest account on his instance) is rather cumbersome. I use Android TV for the most part. He uses Apple TV. As it is right now, I have login to Connect (using a unique PIN) each time I want to access his server content. And then logout of Connect each time one of the other users in the house wants to watch something locally. Anyway to streamline this process? Ideally it would be great if i can import his library into my own and just stream from his server if I select to watch content from his instance. Alternatively, making it easier to switch servers without having to login to Connect every time (using a PIN each time) would be fine too.
  12. mikeraburn

    Mono Security Fail

    Is there something I need to do related to the fail related to mono? server Log.txt
  13. Title says it all.. Right now you can filter by Video Types: Bluray, DVD, ISO, HD, SD, 3D. Can we add 4K?
  14. Can we split this existing option into 2? I would like to be able to hide users from the login screen when the server is accessed remotely but would REALLY like to be able to switch between users with ease while I am internal to my servers network.
  15. ... when server is recording / livetv streaming or a user is playing something. would this be possible? andy.
  16. Is it possible to share playlists with other users yet? I read a post from Luke I think about copying playlists from one user to another, but the post was from a few years ago I think. Any chance sharing playlists has been added to the UI yet? I'm just testing Emby out right now so I haven't upgraded to premium yet. Not sure what I'm missing just using the free version.
  17. One of the few major features Plex has over Emby: the ability to set a series to DVD order. The data is all there - theTVDB provides both DVD order and Airdate order. Filebot can rename using either. There's no excuse not to provide a simple option that will interpret episodes using DVD order instead of Airdate order. Yes, it is possible to enforce DVD order manually, but that's only half the problem. The other half is that, for some shows (e.g. Firefly), the DVD order is more widely-accepted as canonical, and so it makes the most sense to name episodes using that order. Doing so will cause ALL metadata for said episodes to be incorrect. Again, this can be manually corrected, but is tedious. This latter point is why I used "Emby Media Server" as the product this feature request refers to. I don't just want my episode order to change at the client end, I want to be able to flag a specific show as having a preferred canonical order, both in its naming scheme and in the episode list, that is different from the airdate order. Finally, for what it's worth, I am a new user of both Plex and Emby. I am paying for both while I decide which to use forever. This drawback could make the difference, for me, between a single $5 subscription, or a $120 lifetime pass.
  18. Hi Guys, Similar to the select multiple movies and then "Add to collection" "Add to playlist" etc, it would be great if you could edit info such as "Parental rating" or even lock the information so that further changes couldn't be made. I've found that whilst some of the movies and shows pick up the ideal rating there are the odd ones here and there that I need to change as the show or movie isn't really suitable for my daughter. At the moment it's a pain having to make these changes one at a time. Regards Austie
  19. I would like to request a feature that would be very useful, the implementation of user profiles, so every time we create a new user we would only need to select the profile that we have already edited. Avoid having to make all the adjustments again: as permissions. Thanks in advance. I would like to request a feature that would be very useful, the implementation of user profiles, so every time we create a new user we would only need to select the profile that we have already edited. Avoid having to make all the adjustments again: as permissions. Thanks in advance.
  20. I know message to active users (depending on app/device used) is able to have a message sent to them via the app while the user might be watching. Works wonderfully, wondering if we could get a future request for a mass message option to users (all active users) instead of going individually to each user to tell them the message.
  21. Emby WebUI - Please create a general device that represents all web browsers At present, its impossible to restrict users to only the WebUI without granting permissions to all devices. It would be good to have a device in devices, that represents the webUI or all web browsers in general. This way permission can be granted to users without granting permission to all devices. This would serve as a solution to allow only downloading (no streaming, no transcoding, no direct play, etc) Only browse library and file download.
  22. Please let us have the server name displayed on the home page. Obviously, this is very useful when on is running more than one server.
  23. I noticed the server wasn't able to successfully scan the library for the past 2 weeks now. It gives me the error A child with the Id xxxxxxxxxxxxx already exists. Digging in the logs it told me the error came from my Doctor Who folder. Apparently the media folder 'Specials & others' got duplicated somehow in the library. See attached image from the metadata manager. Strangely enough I haven't touched that series in a long time, so it couldn't be a PEBKAC issue. It seems like the problem started around the time I updated Emby Server to version on my Synology DS918+ about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I don't have the logs of that time anymore. This raises 2 questions 1) How is it possible the server duplicated a media folder by itself that I haven't touched in ages? 1a) Could it be the version that may be buggy regarding this issue? 2) How can I remove one of those folders so that my library will scan again? I don't want to physically delete anything from the server. Thanks in advance.
  24. I have two suggestions or requests: Suggestion # 1: I would like to hide library items I don't use often depending on the device, for example: - I have an Android TV device I use mainly for video so I would like to hide the music library - I have an Android phone I use mainly for listening to music so I would like to hide all the items except the music library. - On my Windows 10 computer I would like to show all the library items. Suggestion # 2: Add the option to set a library item to appear by default everytime I open the app, for example, to display the music library by default everytime I open emby on my phone and make it look like the app was made only for music.
  25. Some server targets, such as the synology emby server are by design hosted on low powered hardware. Even if your server is running on decent hardware, there are use cases for this. I would like to have a way to offload and load balance transcoding tasks to other hardware. Building a transcoding client would allow this. load balancing could be done across the transcoding clients, and one or more could be co-hosted with the server to handle some transcoding there. It would allow availability of the server and clients needing transcoding. I saw a thread briefly discussing this from 2015, but can't find anything more recent, so I wanted to bring it up again.
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