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  1. What does everyone think about having the ability to sync playback among multiple users/clients so multiple users can watch the same thing in real-time? That way users could share the movie night experience with family and friends even if they are in different locations.
  2. I would love a plugin that does what the picture shows very straight forward.
  3. I have all my kids stuff tagged "kids". Problem being, parental control filters *out* media given a particular tag. Considering kids stuff is like 5% of my entire library, it would make sense to allow the converse of the tag, eg, *not* "kids". No way in hell am I going to go through my entire library and tag all non-kids stuff "non-kids". Surprised at the motivation behind the current functionality.... it seems logically backwards considering it's parental control related. At the very least, allow keywords like NOT, OR, AND when specifying the tag filter. Thanks PS. I know I can create a separate kids library, but its hacky considering there is parental control already built in, just no flexibility. I already have the ratings filter set up, but it only works for stuff that has a valid rating.
  4. I installed the Emby server several days ago and got everything up and going, today I installed Emby for KODI on my HTPC and now I have duplicate items in my KODI library for everything.. Music, Movies and Television episodes. When I look in the info for each item one lists the path to the media server and the 2nd item list Plugin... is there some configuration setting that was missed? It was my understanding from the video and documentation that Emby would sync with the KODI library and not create a duplicate. Help and thanks.... Will
  5. Would love to see a message via the server.. I know about the messaging thru the remote but if doesn't cover all the users at one time it would be great to be able to sent out a message to users all The the same time.. also in the server dashboard tab there is a picture of the media being used, could it be a possibility to add a right click and have a message user.. I apologise for any misspellings and grammatical error I'm on my phone and have big thumbs...
  6. Hi All I know that Audio Books have been mentioned in the Past. I have a large collection doctor who audio Plays ( along with others) , which under the present music folder system does not work (the doctors folders are set up in regeneration order 4th, 5th, 6th doctor etc), When displayed on screen the folders contents merge into one display. I did look the movie library section, which gave me the look that i wanted, but does not support audio files (mp3 Etc). if possible would you be able to add audio support there so to give season support to audio books. i know that from other posts that other users are looking for this support.
  7. My wife deletes nothing, and I waste an hour or so a weekend weeding through watched episodes and manually deleting them. It would be spectacular to have the ability to set up a scavenger that removes stuff x days (or hours) after being marked watched. Obviously this applies mostly to episodes, but can extend to other media. I know you can set "keep z number of recordings" when you set up the series recording, but that doesn't help (and actually hurts) if you have z episodes of unwatched episodes and z+1 comes along. I actually took a crack at writing a script last weekend that checks nfo files of watched state and compares last modified to today, but it's a pain in the d*** and I'd rather have something integrated. Of course, if there's something already integrated that I am unaware of, I'd love to know. Thanks
  8. Hello, Is there the possibility to display the video transcoding data for admins when playing a video? Maybe with its own button in the menu. Only for admins. This would be very helpful to test and control the transcoding options. cu Taurec e.g. (the ppic does not contain the right data, it is just a example) Ups ... I see this is similar to https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/41908-transcode-ratedirect-play-info-on-the-video-player-screen/
  9. Just throwing this out there, not sure anything like this is possible but sounds like it would be a cool feature... So during this Thanksgiving, my family is all over here and we are watching movies while prepping the days meal. Some of the family is in the living room and some is in the kitchen/dining area cooking. I've got a client and emby theater setup in each area...the folks in the living area are watching a good movie that we wouldn't mind watching at the same time with them. I know I can create another user and just play the same movie on the kitchen are screen as what's playing on the living room screen...just thought it would be cool to find a way to tap into/sync the 2 areas so that the media is playing at the same time. What got me thinking about it was one of my family yelled across the hallway "Hey, you should see this" while I'm in the kitchen area. Wish there was a way for me to open up emby theater in the kitchen area and sync to what's playing in the other area... Anyway, just a thought...
  10. It would be great if i could watch somethign at the same time with my brother when hes not close to me. so a sync playback function would be great. aswell as only one encode. there is no reason to encode it twice unless different video quality there are just often cases like this: for me. would be great if i could like click the thumbnail to watch together. just like on plex
  11. I am reporting that recent updates to the server on my Synology 916+ have killed direct streaming of Live TV from my HDHR. Tested on iPhone and nVidia Shield Emby Apps. transcode.txt transcode.txt
  12. Hello, I have an idea to push a little further user management. Why not add an option, which manages the number of simultaneous conexion. This would practice for a shared library without overloading the server, which for my leaving is limited to 5 stream hd. Have a good day !
  13. It would be nice if I could scan a single library instead of all libraries. This could allow some users (me) to avoid spinning up every disk that contains a library.
  14. I have installed the newest Emby Server on my DS 415+. The DS does not go to deep sleep anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot woody76
  15. chattojimnow

    Minimise black lines

    Like in Kodi could emby theatre have a minimize black lines that are created when the ratios aren't correct for the movie.
  16. For android tv I see the zoom on livetv which is great but would like this ability on playing recordings. Typically needed when I have SD recordings. Great job by the way... emby has really progressed in the past 6 months. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  17. I have many TV series which I've watched, deleted all videos, and am waiting for the next series to start. I've no interest in seeing these empty folders, and they clutter up my interface. I'd say about 80% of my folders currently have no content. Can we have a switch on the library to ignore folders with no video files? When the series starts again these would then be picked up by the scan, and the series would appear again. It seems silly to have folders without content available shown.
  18. chattojimnow

    Request VR theatre

    Think it would be cool and a great addition to have a Emby VR. It could be a cross between the vr theatre and maybe netflix so that emby could stream into a virtual room skin. letting you watch 3d and local media through the emby server on vr oculus.
  19. Hi, I'd like an option in parental control of each user that says Allow content with tags: (similar to how Plex does it) in addition to the existing Block content with tags: Since I guess these would conflict with each other if used at the same time, I think it'd be great to have a select box where you can choose either option, and then under it a text field to write the tags in, and a note under it saying "Please seperate with commas". Thanks! Also, am I missing something? Is there no easy way to apply metadata to multiple items at once? Like a tag or a custom rating? It's quite tedious to go through every item individually.
  20. There are several shows that I record that I watch and delete straight away. Sometimes I don't watch two or three episodes, then watch them back to back and delete. I've seen this option on DVRs where you can set it to keep a certain number (that you can choose), then it will start deleting the oldest recording, keeping the 'X' number most recent recordings. It would be great if this option were available in the individual show timer. So we don't have to worry about deleting the shows we don't intend to keep.
  21. I have 2 or 3 people who log into my server and they all have very different tastes. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to tailor their experiences a bit. Maybe with an extra widget on the home screen, "Latest Movies", followed by "Recommended for You" or something. Say Greg is a big horror fan, and I just got the original Halloween. I'm using TimeLord, so it'll leave the "Latest Movies" widget and be off the home screen. I could then select Halloween, recommend to... and select the user. This would also be nice if anyone has requests. If I end up buying a movie that another user really wants to see, I can recommend it to them and have it front and centre.
  22. Can we please have streaming bitrate added to the below info... It would help when troubleshooting. I know FPS is on there some times... not sure what makes that info populate.. But anyway a streaming bitrate would be awesome! If a user complains that the video is skipping I can quickly tell from my end if its the server or not, without having to dig through the transcode log.
  23. I've seen a few other posts that resemble this issue, and rather than hijack those threads I figured I should post my own. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my TV shows was listing every episode in every season twice. After a bit of poking around, it looks like about 50% of my TV shows are doing this, the others still show up fine. My TV library only pulls from one location. Looking at the details of the episodes that are duplicated, it shows that the path is exactly the same, other than the server name being capitalized in one and not the other. Also the "added date" is different. I tried removing my TV library and re-adding it, but all this did was make a few more TV series have the duplication problem that weren't having it before. This may be why the added date is different now. At this point I can still watch TV, but it's annoying to have my episode lists all messed up. Is there any insight into what is going on? I will post screenshots, and attempt to post the latest log file. But the log file is over 10MB, so not sure if the forum will allow me to post it... Metadata manager for one Episode 1 Metadata manager for the "other" Episode 1 How it shows up in webview How they show up in WMC Library...only one file path Path substitution...seems correct to me EDIT: yeah, my log file won't attach...file size is too large. Is there a way around this?? Thanks!!
  24. I manage and update my music playlist files (.m3u) with a separate program. With the help of this nifty 3rd party app I am able to import these into Emby Server, but its not as easy/fast as I would like. I'd like to see some sort of [playlist file] <-> [emby playlist name] auto-import configuration page/scheduled task. That would be sweet
  25. I think it would be cool to be able to recommend shows or movies to the other users on the server, and then have a category called "Recommend Movies" and "Recommended Shows" and it would say which user recommended it.
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