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  1. Happy2Play

    Subtitles (DVB & PGS)

    Wouldn't make since to have a option in Transcode setting with these subtitles disabled. And a disclaimer that if you enable these subtitles you will see a major performance hit. Or it could be in Playback settings, feel this is more of a admin setting not a user setting.
  2. I'm looking for a way to create a new user, e.g. "kid", and only "white-list" a few TV shows and a movie or two. After searching for similar questions, the most relevant existing answer is this: However, in the first case you need to physically re-order things on your storage, and keep consciously doing that. It gets even harder when you have multiple users (e.g. "his", "hers", "kid") and some items are available for a subset of them. In the second case you need to tag everything and keep tagging everything new, just so you can allow two TV Shows by not tagging them. This also gets complex with multiple users, because you have to tag everything with a blacklist-tag for every user so you can untag them for certain users without affecting the other user. I don't know what is the history of this functionality and if the way it's set up is due to technical limitations, so please forgive me if this question sounds ignorant: Wouldn't it be orders of magnitude easier if we could whitelist a specific tag (e.g. in parental controls) for a user, rather than blacklisting everything else?
  3. Sorry if this is already asked/answered, but my search didn't find it... In both Emby and Emby beta apps for the TCL Roku TV, I don't have a way of turning captions off and on at the movie or show play screen. Before I went to my profile settings and turned them off entirely, they would default to being turned ON, and I couldn't do anything about it. This isn't true of any other version of Emby I've tried (Chrome, Android). Thanks, Jim
  4. http://imgur.com/gallery/PwRpUCm I think it would be great if we could turn off the unwatched/watched numbers and the ability to resize/reskin them. Imo they look a bit big and ugly.
  5. The option (which plex has) to record from live TV to a particular library when setting a recording. Ie record Kids shows to kids tv and adult shows to a different tv library - Thanks for listening!
  6. Hey guys, So I enabled remote access and p/w'd protected my account that I mainly use locally (as prior this was not p/w protected) but ticked the option to only require the p/w on remote access, another feature that I think would be cool (and as I'm lazy ) is that; as I now have remote access enabled I hide all of my accounts for security, however like not requring a p/w when connecting locally I think it may also be useful to enable us to hide the accounts from login screen when remote access but have the option to show these when connecting locally? Thanks, Ky.
  7. I have two genres listed for comedy - "Comedy" and "comedy", and they contain the same movies. I've checked the genres for several of the movies in the "comedy" genre and in every case the genre is shown as "Comedy" with a capital "C". Any suggestions for how to eliminate the extraneous "comedy" genre? Screen shot is attached. Thanks!
  8. It would be nice to have the auto pay all of you want to keep going after x amount of time had passed similar to how Netflix does or Plex does, make it a features you can turn on or something, I listen stuff as I fall asleep and would be nice to not have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.
  9. I would find it useful to be able to either choose whether the indicators for watched and unwatched episodes are displayed or just indicate unwatched. I personally like the All shows filter and indicators only on unwatched content. I find having an indicator on all is a little busy and doesn't easily allow for me to focus on unwatched content. I know you may ask why not just filter on unwatched. The reason I do not want to do this is my wife sometimes watched shows on my profile and in that scenario i woldn't see some things I like to see.
  10. I was thinking that it would be cool if Emby could show missing items from collections similar to the way it shows missing episodes in a season. This could be done through Emby or the box set plugin.
  11. When I have multiple versions of the same film in different resolutions, I'd like to be able to set the default resolution that it will play. Example: I have both the 4k and 1080p version of Film X If I play Film X through the web browser it will default to the 4k version which the server will try and fail to transcode (4K HDR content to a 720p 2mb web stream) I'd rather be able to set 1080p version as the default so that when users unknowingly press play the server does not die from trying to transcode something that is meant for direct playing only. Alternatively give me the option to mark a version of Film X as direct stream only.
  12. I currently have anime with multiple audio and subtitles and it is a bother to switch to different subtitles every time I go to another episode.
  13. Have the ability to remove or hide shows from your up next. I have shows that I started watching but I’m not longer watching. I don’t want to mark the whole show as watched/I watched encase I go back to watch it. The issue is my up next is filled up with shows I’m not actively watching. So I’d like to remove or hide them so I only see the shows I want to in my up next.
  14. A feature I used often in plex when scheduling recordings would delete the recording either a day or a week after the "Admin account" watched it. I (the admin) had a few shows only I watched so it made no sense to keep them after I watched them. Perhaps you could do it by tracking if the account linked with Connect has watched it (although i'm unsure... can multiple accounts be linked to Connect?)
  15. Hi there, Sorry if it's a duplicate, but it seems this hadn't been ask yet doing a search. Would it be possible to set a tag to a selection of items ? Doing a massive selection, having the ability to set (as an addition, not a replacement) a tag to the metadata of all the items selected. This would allow massive tag deployement and finally meet also the needs of all the tag features I saw : whitelist allow tag (instead of actual hide tag) tag filtered items so you do massive parental control, etc Well, that's just my idea Thanks for the work done, Guit
  16. I searched the term "Missed Recording" and nothing came up in the feature requests so here it is.. Over the busy holiday weekend my recording drive got full and I missed a few. I can grab them otherwise but having Emby notify me in the app, or better yet via text or email, that I missed a recording would be a nice feature to have so I can take action to resolve it before future recordings are missed. TIA.
  17. I noticed that each user has parental controls, which is good. It would be nice if there were a whitelist mode though, so that it only allowed media that was specifically tagged to be allowed. Hope this makes it in at some point, thanks!
  18. Hello all, I would like to see a page displayed in the admin section, where you can see the current activities of the Emby server. To display the log file is integrated, but a real-time scroll on a page would be nicer. Although I hate comparing with Plex, but there I have learned to appreciate. (especially if a library scan is performed or the login or logout of the users) greeting Taurec
  19. Good to have a popup custom announcement when a client sign-ins. This is to inform for any updates, news, fixes etc. Also a better user management for example mass editing, grouping, password expiration etc.
  20. I would like the ability to remove and/or reorder the menu options in a library's menu bar. For example, if I do not use the "Trailers" view, I would prefer to hide it; and if I primarily use the (currently in beta) "Folders" view, I might prefer it to be further to the left.
  21. As it is currently able to save movies to a specific movie folder but under Tv shows only a tv show directory would like to be able to specify what directory to save to according to content for example i have a seperate folder for cooking shows and would like the ability to have cooking shows saved to that folder when recording , the same for woodworking, Home improvement . etc. rather than having to manually move them after they are recorded. I guess a choice when setting the recording settings to specify a particular folder for that show or series as to what folder it is saved into vice just a Tv shows folder.
  22. Arly (Sprinkles)

    A Stream "Schedule"

    Similar to a standard everyday TV network, where it plays random episodes of random shows, but instead your content. Is this already a feature? Is it possible to include in the future if not?
  23. Hello, I would like if it were possible to add ads to our emby server, it is not for advertising but it is simply that I have more than 10 users added to my server and I would like to announce a day before I am going to put a certain movie or something so or just be able to congratulate all my users for halloween or something like that. something that one could put in the header of the homepage for a while. and if not, please tell me what file could be edited to add it myself in the same emby-tabs-slider class ... thanks in advance and best regards
  24. Nerolina

    Rating to movies

    Hi all. I would like that in future versions of Emby give the possibility of marking a film as seen we can give a score to it of 1 to 5 stars for example and include a brief review on what we felt. I run a small local Emby server with a lot of content to which I have several people affiliated and I would like to know your opinion about the movies and series that I have exposed so as to know if to leave or remove them. Thanks in advance. a very big greeting
  25. IDEA: can the default delete option from folders be removed from usrs and only be an option for administrators?
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