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  1. Ability to enable or disable: FOLDERS UPCOMING TRAILERS SUGGESTIONS FAVOURITES on the top menu bar AND change the menu ordering of the options around to admin or user choice.
  2. perpetual98

    Unraid and duplicates

    I've been running an Unraid server for a year or so. Last night I installed the Emby docker on it because my old server was running on a Windows 8.1 HTPC and I've been having nothing but trouble connecting to the Unraid server from that box although all of my Windows 10 boxes are fine. I think it's an SMB/8.1 issue, but anyway. I noticed that a lot of my movies are showing up multiple times in Emby because the files may span multiple drives something like: /mnt/disk1/Movies/The Amazing Spider Man /mnt/disk2/Movies/The Amazing Spider Man /mnt/disk3/Movies/The Amazing Spider Man /mnt/disk4/Movies/The Amazing Spider Man Is there a way to alleviate this? I assume that since I'm not super familiar with Dockers and whatnot that maybe I just missed something or have something set up wrong. Thanks!
  3. Are you planning a feature that allows media to be moved to another library?
  4. Hi guys, Would be nice if we could remove media from "Next up" and "Continue watching" Let's say I started a show, I watched episode 1 but did not like it and won't continue. Well episode 2 will be displayed on Next up. Same goes for continue watching: I watched a show I know by heart, I stopped it mid episode. I won't keep watching it I don't mind, it was just for "background noise". So for these 2 situations, an extra option "remove from current list" would be nice. Cheers !
  5. Bonjour, Je pense qu'il sera bien de pouvoir définir des listes IPTV pour les utilisateurs qu'on veut. (J'ai plusieurs listes IPTV (M3U) et celles ci ne peuvent prendre qu'un seul utilisateur. De ce fait , il est compliqué de savoir qui regarde quoi et sur quelle liste M3U sachant que je suis obligé de mettre toutes les chaines avec des numéros différents ( Première liste de 1 a 10 000, deuxième liste de 10 001 a 20 000, troisième liste de 20 001 à 30 000, et ainsi de suite .) J'ai vu, sur une autre discussion, la demande de regrouper les chaines du même nom en un seul "groupe" pour ne pas avoir plusieurs fois la même chaine à la suite. et aussi le problème du multi-affichage du EPG . Aussi je pense qu'il serait bien de pouvoir attribuer une liste de chaines pour l'enregistrement. Pour que personne ne puissent y accéder et faire stopper l'enregistrement en voulant regarder une autre chaine TV . Je pense aussi que ce serait bien que : - Emby fasse un scan des chaines TV quand on les ajoute. Il pourrait donc récupérer les infos EXTINF déjà présente dans la liste mais aussi lire les chaines une par une et faire le test de la lecture de la chaine TV (Et le faire se répéter une fois par mois ou par semaine, selon nos choix) La lecture de la chaine permettra de savoir si la chaine est active (et donc la montrer activer dans Emby) et y récupérer les infos sur le format vidéo, taille vidéo et format audio. Ensuite il serait possible de faire comme pour les films et séries sur le choix vidéo/audio qu'on veut (contrairement a un fichier différent, ce serait le lien différent) On pourrait donc aussi savoir quelle chaine est en HD 1080p , en 720p ou en SD, ainsi que de savoir si c'est en AAC ou Dolby Digital. (Car les fournisseurs de liste ne donnent rien et gère à la va vite les listes de chaines. Pas de EXTINF avec nom, numéro de chaine ou logo, je les fais à la main ) Hello, I think it will be nice to be able to define IPTV lists for the users we want. (I have several IPTV lists (M3U) and these can only take one user, so it's hard to know who is watching what and which M3U list, knowing that I have to put all the channels different numbers (first list from 1 to 10,000, second list from 10,001 to 20,000, third list from 20,001 to 30,000, and so on.) I saw, in another discussion, the request to regroup the chains of the same name in a single "group" not to have several times the same channel in a row and also the problem of the multi-display of the EPG. Also I think it would be nice to be able to assign a list of channels for recording. So that nobody can access it and stop the recording by wanting to watch another TV channel. I also think it would be nice if: - Emby scan TV channels when added. It could thus retrieve the information EXTINF already present in the list but also read the chains one by one and make the test of the reading of the TV channel (And to make it repeat once a month or a week, according to our choices) The playing the channel will tell if the channel is active (and thus show it activate in Emby) and retrieve information on the video format, video size and audio format. Then it would be possible to do as for movies and series on the video / audio choice that we want (unlike a different file, it would be different link) So we could also know which channel is in 1080p HD, 720p or in SD, as well as whether it's in AAC or Dolby Digital. (Because the list providers give nothing and quickly manage the lists of channels No EXTINF with name, channel number or logo, I do them by hand) Première et troisième images : multiple chaînes TV avec le même nom de chaîne TV (mais pas le même numéro de canal pour pouvoir choisir entre elles) et le même EPG. Je voudrais n'avoir qu'une seule entrée avec le choix directement sur la chaîne TV (comme pour les films : Deuxième image) Voir l'idée sur la quatrième image. First and third images: multiple TV channels with the same TV channel name (but not the same channel number to be able to choose between them) and the same EPG. I would like to have only one entry with the choice directly on the TV channel (as for the films: Second image) See the idea on the fourth picture. Sur la cinquième image, l'idée d'ajouter un tuner/liste de chaine pour l'utilisation que pour l'enregistrement. On the fifth image, the idea of adding a tuner / channel list for use only for recording. Sur la sixième image, l'idée d'ajouter une section pour le choix du tuner/liste de chaîne à utiliser pour l'utilisateur. Ce qui empêchera qu'un autre utilisateur ne puisse regarder la TV (Ceci peut permettre de ne fournir que les chaînes TV voulues pour un utilisateur ainsi que seulement le guide des programmes pour ces chaînes TV. On the sixth image, the idea of adding a section for the choice of tuner / channel list to use for the user. This will prevent another user from being able to watch TV (This may only provide the desired TV channels for a user as well as only the program guide for those TV channels. What do you think of all this?
  6. Would it be terribly difficult to incorporate the ability to use check boxes or something similar so that we could delete multiple files from a playlist at once? (Unless there already is a way that I am unaware of). Thanks!
  7. Hi, Would be great if we could select Emby as a music source in android auto. Thanks.
  8. I would like to see a reference to the number of videos (number) in the relevant libraries. can be useful for the people you share with.
  9. robmich

    PlayStation Vue

    Now, I am not a programmer so I am unsure if it is possible in Emby but It looks like PlayStation Vue has some sort of API or access to their streams as there is a fully functional addon for Kodi that allows you to play any channel and "My DVR", but it can even be incorporated into their EPG. It used their Simple IPTV addon and the addons. If someone took this on for Emby, it would be fantastic as it would add 85+ top level channels. Possible? Rob
  10. Add in dashboard: - Server cpu usage - Server ram usage - Disk usage - Bandwidth usage - Active users - Total users - Total movies, tv shows, episodes, albums,
  11. I searched and didn't come up with anything, so here we go: I currently have 2 servers. One at my house, and one at my parents house. As it stands currently, they are listed as 2 separate servers, and I have to switch between them manually. It would be awesome if these 2 servers could somehow be combined into one massive listing, so the servers are effectively invisible to the user, and they would see ALL tv shows and ALL movies listed when they open the app and look at the home page, instead of having to switch between servers constantly. I'm aware that this is logistically challenging, but from the end user perspective, it makes logical sense. People don't care what the source is, they just want to see all their stuff in ONE place, without added hassle. My 65 year old mother can navigate Emby, but switching servers constantly isn't intuitive. The latest Plex interface change kind of hinted at this functionality, but not in a seamless way. On that app, you go to the TV Shows category, then directly under TV Shows it lists all your servers that have a TV Shows category, and you choose which server you want from there. This is vastly more intuitive than the Emby functionality, but it still isn't quite seamless. This right here would be the carrot that would finally get me 100% on board with Emby, and ensure that I would be a lifetime subscriber.
  12. One major thing I would like added is able to record a program into its own user directory for every user, so we each have our own recordings separated and not sharing or user can share. That would be a major plus for me.
  13. Hi, I would like to know, if such a feature could be possible in a future release ?
  14. I think it would be great to be able to sync playback on multiple devices. I am constantly moving around my house and I would like to have the same thing on in several rooms. I would imagine getting devices perfectly in sync is super complicated but having the option to do something that is close to being in sync would be nice. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. As far as I can see there is no way of creating 'smart' playlists, just static playlists by adding things individually? Will smart playlists be added? I've always used them a lot in Kodi and Plex and find them really useful for giving creating playlists to help up to find stuff to watch. For example, I have a playlist of Mmvies that include the genre Sci-Fi but does not include not Drama, dated > 2015 and with a watched count of zero means that I know I'll find recent sci-fi movies that are more action like we've not watched yet. Or comedy movies with the year between 1980 and 1989 will give me a list of all 80s comedies. Is this something that will be coming to Emby? A good smart playlist manager it essential for any media application, music or video!
  16. It would be great to be able to have names for audio and subtitle tracks, even if only reading them from the source file's metadata. Being able to tell English subs from English SDH subs, or identify commentary tracks when one or more is present, for example, would be really helpful.
  17. I have the new content notifications configured through Join, and just added a number of ripped cd's to my Emby server. Queue my phone going mad with individual notifications for every song added... What I would like is either: 1) Grouped notifications, so that only 1 notification is sent when adding an album in a music library. 2) The ability to turn off notifications for newly added content for certain libraries.
  18. I was wondering if it's possible to have a plugin or feature to play content from subscription streaming services, such as sports channels. In Canada, two that I wouldn't mind support for would be Sportsnet and TSN: http://now.sportsnet.ca http://www.tsn.ca/tv I log in to the streaming service with my TV provider account information, but you can also sign up for online streaming through these sites without a TV subscription. Again, I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but it would be nice to have all of my media aggregated into Emby, to avoid having to switch apps to watch something different ( I like everything to be streamlined ). Thanks, Patrick
  19. As we are now able to select different mounted library folders for different users, I request to be able to have different library thumbs (that is, the My Media image used for a given library) for different users. I would like, for example, to be able to use different images for the Movie and TV library entries on my daughter's home screen than are used on my own, without the need to wholly curate separate libraries. (For one thing, separate libraries can not be named the same.)
  20. Sometimes I might have one and won't know it.
  21. Hey! Let me start by saying that Emby is awesome, it works wonders and there's a lot of small stuff that Plex doesn't have the Emby does so much better! Since I'm migrating away from Plex there's one thing I'm currently missing that Plex has. The ability to sort items in a collection according to my choosing, I want to drag and drop. For example. I have a Marvel Collection with all the Marvel movies, and I want to sort them in the order that they should be watched, not the year they were released or something like that. In Plex you can drag och drop the items in any order you wish, I would love to be able to that in Emby as well! Battlestar Galactica would be another great example where I want to sort by drag and drop, since you should watch that in a specific order. Keep up the awesome work you're doing! Cheers!
  22. In connection with part of this https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50808-volume-leveling-across-movies-and-tv-shows/?hl=dynamic#entry486766 thread, would be really nice if there was some kind of audio leveling within movies etc, particularly dts stuff I believe, so that we can actually hear people talking in movies without being blowing out of our seats when they nearly always seem to start with explosions and shooting etc. Its quite annoying at the moment with our simple TV with audio out to stereo speaker setup. I think there's something available in Theater (and Kodi) but would help to have it in Android and apps in general.
  23. Some theme musics are loud, for which I have to reduce the volume; and then again the media sound (that of movies/shows) are inaudible in that reduced volume, so I have to increase the volume again. So I wish there was a setting just for theme music in the settings beneath the "Enable Theme Music" option
  24. Hi, I am new to Emby. I have created several collections where I wanted to sort movie-titles e.g. by cathegories like "sci-fi" and other tags. Now, I've noticed, that it seems not to be possible, to sort the titles within these collections. All movie titles are listed in a nearly random looking order... It would be nice to have a sort function within the collection to sort films by title, or manually...
  25. Hello, I have some home videos, that I have in a Video folder on Emby, but I noticed that it won't do an Auto play to the next one.. It seems to only do an Auto Play if I make my Library folder for those videos TV. I would like to see the Auto Play to next video to work with Home Videos and mixed content. So If I'm in a video folder /sub folder it will play all the videos in that folder one after the other, like with the TV Library. Thanks
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