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  1. I noticed that each user has parental controls, which is good. It would be nice if there were a whitelist mode though, so that it only allowed media that was specifically tagged to be allowed. Hope this makes it in at some point, thanks!
  2. Hello all, I would like to see a page displayed in the admin section, where you can see the current activities of the Emby server. To display the log file is integrated, but a real-time scroll on a page would be nicer. Although I hate comparing with Plex, but there I have learned to appreciate. (especially if a library scan is performed or the login or logout of the users) greeting Taurec
  3. Good to have a popup custom announcement when a client sign-ins. This is to inform for any updates, news, fixes etc. Also a better user management for example mass editing, grouping, password expiration etc.
  4. I would like the ability to remove and/or reorder the menu options in a library's menu bar. For example, if I do not use the "Trailers" view, I would prefer to hide it; and if I primarily use the (currently in beta) "Folders" view, I might prefer it to be further to the left.
  5. As it is currently able to save movies to a specific movie folder but under Tv shows only a tv show directory would like to be able to specify what directory to save to according to content for example i have a seperate folder for cooking shows and would like the ability to have cooking shows saved to that folder when recording , the same for woodworking, Home improvement . etc. rather than having to manually move them after they are recorded. I guess a choice when setting the recording settings to specify a particular folder for that show or series as to what folder it is saved into vice just a Tv shows folder.
  6. Arly (Sprinkles)

    A Stream "Schedule"

    Similar to a standard everyday TV network, where it plays random episodes of random shows, but instead your content. Is this already a feature? Is it possible to include in the future if not?
  7. Hello, I would like if it were possible to add ads to our emby server, it is not for advertising but it is simply that I have more than 10 users added to my server and I would like to announce a day before I am going to put a certain movie or something so or just be able to congratulate all my users for halloween or something like that. something that one could put in the header of the homepage for a while. and if not, please tell me what file could be edited to add it myself in the same emby-tabs-slider class ... thanks in advance and best regards
  8. Nerolina

    Rating to movies

    Hi all. I would like that in future versions of Emby give the possibility of marking a film as seen we can give a score to it of 1 to 5 stars for example and include a brief review on what we felt. I run a small local Emby server with a lot of content to which I have several people affiliated and I would like to know your opinion about the movies and series that I have exposed so as to know if to leave or remove them. Thanks in advance. a very big greeting
  9. IDEA: can the default delete option from folders be removed from usrs and only be an option for administrators?
  10. I wanted to create a pseudo authentic experience with my older shows. I have thought for a while that having a retro commercial occasionally play between episodes would be nostalgic fun. I thought this could be achieved via the intros in Cinema Mode, but that means they would also play before movies (where I already have my own custom intro for that). Is it possible to achieve this already, or can I make this an official request? Thank for reading!
  11. It would be great when someone sets a server name that the browser title would reflect that. Cheers m
  12. I understand what the suggested TV Shows structure is. I have the following structure since I have shows automatically downloaded so I don't have to keep going in and putting files into folders All the files are stored in one TV folder and each show is it's own folder in a structure like this \TV\Show.Name.S01E01.1080\Show.Name.S01E01.1080.mkv \TV\Show.Name.S01E02.1080\Show.Name.S01E02.1080.mkv This is not supported by current Emby file structure (it's more restrictive) so I have to go to each file, click Identify, and simply select and apply. It's a bit tedious. I'd like to see (at least an option) to automatically look for metadata info for all the files in a simple folder structure (files have the show name, season number and episode number already in the name) that would help a lot.
  13. I make most of my playlists straight from the library folder, can we get the playlist to auto update when a file is added to that library? Long time plex user coming over and that the only feature I can't seem to get working. Thanks.
  14. It would be awesome if we could browse the guide without killing our current stream. Just shade the video and overlay the guide. Thanks.
  15. I'd like a "kids mode" for Emby. The goal here would be to playback media with as little clicks as possible and with no requirements of being able to read. Emby is pretty ok for kids (compared to P..) but I'd like a few less clicks (kids doesn't care about viewing codec-information etc..) and a better login screen to more easily switch between users (for example "parents" + "kids") without having to type..
  16. When you add a new user to the server, the default option is granting permission to all libraries, and allow media deletion. I am asking the Emby community, would it be better if the default options were the library access boxes unchecked, and allow media deletion box unchecked?
  17. A long, long time ago (might even have been in v2 and then a MCE Theme) there was a possibility to display and play original soundtracks from the movie screen if the music was placed in the same media folder under OST. Is it possible to bring this back?
  18. this is my biggest problem/complaint really... and we see all these people posting about how a scan is stuck (when we all know its just taking a while : ) if there were just an activity page like plex has where it shows exactly what plex is scanning, importing, matching, processing etc.. where it just scrolls by in real time.. switching to the beta and trying to re-import dozens of librarys, 100tb+ of stuff... days can go by where i'm not sure if emby is really doing anything... or why an initial scan of some library is taking like a week : ) : ( it would just be such peace of mind if we knew what emby was actually doing... if it really was stuck... or what parts of the process take so long... i know you can go in and look at the end of the log and try (repeat TRY) to figure it out... whats going on... but it's next to impossible really... and if a scan has been running for days that log is frickin huge and hard to even deal with : ) : (
  19. Probably a long shot but I would love to somehow integrate Emby with say netflix or Prime. Even if I could just add movies that I have access to in Prime, but it would just shortcut to the prime app when selecting play. Sort of like using Emby as a front end. Emby is my favorite, but its a pain having so many different streaming services with content spread across multiple apps/platforms.
  20. Some music albums have no gap between tracks. Some of them are live recordings and have clapping sounds, on others the music really does not stop playing though the track changes. Emby will currently play these with a silent gap between the tracks. I understand the next track is being read and then the casting starts. I would like it very much to have no silence between the tracks. It would be a real improvement on the listening experience. Also, and maybe as a bonus, Spotify and Windows Media Player have a crossfade option that allows to configure from 1 up to 10 seconds the next track would start before the current playing ends. That would also be a very good Emby feature.
  21. It would be a nice feature to show missing items in a Collection much like the current feature in Shows where it displays missing episodes. There are several instances where I didn't even realize sequels were available for a particular Collection until I searched themoviedb. Missing Collections items (meta data) could be pulled from themoviedb.
  22. limit amount of streaming stream per user.
  23. A feature I would find useful would be the ability to stop streams from the server dashboard. There are times when the chromecast streams carry on running even when I know the TV is off. The ability to stop the stream remotely would allow me to easily free up server resources.
  24. I've read other posts about Football, NASCAR, and other sports, where you want a series recording only for certain teams, NASCAR Series, etc. This is not the same as being able to search, but more like a filter in the series settings. I don't feel you would ever get it right, trying to parse the "Title" and present a list of options. My request is to simply allow a filter to be applied to the "Title" of the series. That way, we can control what gets recorded as a user based on what our chosen provider is putting in the title. Having said that, it might be useful to have filters for other data as well. Maybe this could also be used to implement recording some future show that's not in the guide yet, by allowing a filter on the show's name itself. Each of these types of recordings would show under the "series" tab. You could even have a check box to say that the filter is a regular expression, or simply use basic wildcards.
  25. pir8radio


    I'm pretty sure this has been requested in the past, But i couldnt find a thread, please merge with that one if so. I would like to be able to set the "default" theme for all of my users without any behind the scenes hackory. Like an admin setting that allows me to set Theme XXX as default for all users. They can still change it on their own, but it allows me to set the starting point.
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