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  1. Hi is there a way to configure a set of options to be the defaults for all users ? I want all my users to have same DISPLAY and HOME SCREEN options. ther is a standard when users are created but this is not mine and I want to know if ther is way to change that. thanks
  2. Would very much like to see support for TV everywhere as a tuner/source. Currently other apps like FitzyTV, and Channels DVR support integration of channels accessible to you via TV Everywhere. I have Channels DVR installed on the same server as my Emby Server and I accessing my Philo channels via TV Everywhere and my Philo credentials and it is very nice to have all the channels in one place. Regards, -SMills
  3. Just a suggestion to add an option to a user account to limit how many devices they can login with at the same time.
  4. byakuya32

    skip intro

    Hi you should and the option to skip the into when the intro starts playing kinda like netflix this would be so hand rather then guessing into length.
  5. Hi, I am running several virtual Containers on my homeserver. One of them is a MySQL / Maria DB. It would be nice, if you could select which Database engine you want to use during the setup... Default could be the internal SQLite file based DB - but If I could select MySQL and provide the MySQL Host and so on. benefits: After an issue with the Emby Server and a potential reinstallation of the app, there is no need to re-write the Database. Each information could still be available since the DB is running on a dedicated machine. As far as I know, the DB does host some of the information like watched status, etc. (which could also be saved in the meta-data file...) But what else is being stored within the SQLite? What do you think? Thanks and with best regards, Christoph
  6. On Plex they have a feature where you can view reviews written by others or by critics, I feel like this would be something nice to implement into Emby
  7. Lorties

    Audio Book Resume

    Just want to say thanks for adding Audio Books, however (I hate that, its like I love you but....) why is there no resume function? I would love to open the Emby app in my car , stream or download and listen. I know there are other apps for books and yes I have them. As it is I have to remember where I was and then try to find the position.... and... then.... oh crap! I say screw it and move on to the other apps. Also the Audio Book library still says "Latest Music".
  8. On new media added the notifications sent to pushover or slack whatever display in the same way, would adding a feature similar to tautulli for changing the way it appears like the title including thumbnail ratings summary show name etc? This would be even better if this could be directly done as push notifications via the emby android app?
  9. It would be nice to be able to select the library to record to when setting up recordings.
  10. I saw in another thread that some finer grained controls are coming to the parental controls section. I'd like to propose a somewhat heavy-handed but seemingly useful option as well. Currently, there's a tag-based blacklist which allows you to hide content outside of the normal ratings system. I would propose additionally that there be a tag-based whitelist where you can guarantee that a piece of content will be available regardless of rating. Example/reasoning follows. Before PG-13, anything that wasn't heavy duty dropped into the PG category instead of R. There are some PG movies that I'd be okay with my 7 year old watching (Ghostbusters, Despicable Me, etc), but by and large I wouldn't want him to have access to all of them. Airplane is PG and contains nudity and a good amount of inappropriate language. Same with The Bad News Bears and Poltergeist. The list of PG movies that are acceptable is FAR smaller than the list of unacceptable ones. Being able to tag into a whitelist instead of a blacklist would be hugely helpful. That way, users could have the ratings filter allow up to G (or TV-Y7 for TV stuff), and then curate additional content by hand, without having to worry that something will slip through, because they didn't tag something immediately after adding it to the server.
  11. Trying to find the right fit for the Start Trek universe, and it feels right to have all movies/episodes in a collection I would like a view of that collection that is visually the same as a playlist (Shows the video, not the season or series) mixes movies and episodes together is sorted by item release date This would allow for watching in the order intended. Events such as; the destruction of the Enterprise in Star Trek Generations preceding the Deep Space 9 crossover (S04E01) where Worf shows up and the destruction of the Enterprise is discussed. This view would also be a great help to those who watch through the (arguably more massive) Marvel Cinematic Universe
  12. Currently, in "Parental Controls", there is an option to "Block content with tags." I suggest there be an option to instead "Include ONLY content with tags." That is, I would like to create an account for my wife that only includes content tagged "Wife" and/or an account for my kids that only includes content tagged "Kids". My wife only has a select few movies, TV shows and audiobooks from our Library that she likes to experience, and it would be far easier to whitelist those for her than to blacklist everything else.
  13. Hello, Just like already available in the Emby Roku App, when your in a TV Episode, there is a "Show" button that lets you access all of the other Seasons/Episodes (which i use often). Could the same be available for Movies where if the movie is part of a collection then a "Collection" button can link you over to all the other movies in that collection? Thanks, Erik
  14. I'd like it if the Emby DVR had alerts. It has missed a couple shows over the last couple weeks and I have no idea why (either way, it's almost certainly my fault). One nice feature would be to send my phone a notification when a DVR session fails to start recording. And/Or post alerts in the dashboard. Actually, while I'm on the topic of notifications, I'd like to see an option to get a notification on my phone when a show is about to start (as opposed to setting up a recording).
  15. x88dually

    Useful feature

    Counters for tv shows and movies. (Instead of backing out of every screen to goto manage server and going into reports. Then having to go through clicking into every screen again for either a tv or movie). The way it used to be, Until someone decided they didnt want us having it. Why dont we have it ??
  16. spirit.uk

    Comments for Videos

    Hello, I am hosting family videos and share with my family and friends and relatives. I would like to save their comments on the videos under the videos so i can cherish the comments later when i look at those videos.. some of them might not come long along, however their comments will stay forever in my media library and i feel it is a great asset for me.. Thanks.
  17. It would be great if the server dashboard showed current CPU usage.
  18. byakuya32


    you should add more subtitle services. None of the subtitle services seem to download the subtitles for Anime
  19. byakuya32

    h.265 conversion

    You should add the ability to convert to h.265 to save disk space
  20. I and many others seem to have problems with media that appears on the "watching" list, but it should not be there in first place. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/9755-resume-partially-watched-title-resume-points-timeout/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/7885-mbs-clear-resume-status/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint&do=findComment&comment=105167 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61383-min-resume-percentage-to-seconds-watched/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint And I guess there are even more depending on the wording. No matter how smart you configure Emby, there will always the case that you just do not want to save the restore point. How could this be easily treated in web gui and external players? Maybe there should be a STOP button that saves restore points (only if conditions are met) and the "back" arrow ignores it?
  21. Hello Emby, I have a rather large library (>130K) of music and would like to have an option to show a list (like Windows Media Center had) instead of thumbnails. Can this become available? Blair
  22. I'm looking to implement Emby as a media server in a corporate environment. One of the "nice to haves" is a way to setup Emby as a party host, so that people can join a broadcast at whichever time of the broadcast with their device or on the webpage. I was thinking that whenever there is a broadcast going on, everyone with the server's address can join by connecting and entering a PIN on their device/app. At this point sound and maybe video is synchronized to their device/app. This could be expanded by adding the possibility to choose audio stream or add subtitles (if available) per connection if the user so desires...
  23. Basically I want to share a movie or show with a family member here or there but don’t want to create an account with them. A one time open and watch link would be cool. Would be good to pair with a watch together feature.
  24. It would be nice if Emby could show additional movies (not in library) for People. I think Emby already has some functionality for showing movies that are not in library with the Trailers feature. Could that functionality + People metadata be used to show two separate lists when viewing a People entry: "Movies in Library" and "Additional Movies"?
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