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  1. This has been requested by me, and others in the past. It has never been done, and I can't figure out why. I have a library of over 5000 movies and it is annoying when most of my suggestions are of movies I've already watched. 'More like this' section should be unwatched movies. 'Suggestions' section should be unwatched movies - just like the 'Latest Movies' section is. It should at least be an option, if not the default.
  2. Hi Guys After using Plex for many years i have given up on them, Currently i use the Plex desktop app to play 24bit high res audio to a chrome-cast audio via Airfoil and it direct plays NO Transcoding etc. Why can i Not find an Emby Mac desktop App? When i play 24bit via the chrome browser Emby says it's transcoding it. TIA L33
  3. Is it possible to add the feature of browsing pictures on the movie page? I'd like to browse the stills of movies. Thank you in advance.
  4. STR8

    My List

    I was wondering if anyone else might think it would be a good idea to have a add / remove button like Netflix and other apps to add movies to a user's list to watch. My mother and mother-in-law were just asking me about this as they say while searching through the large amount of movies they can add movies to there list to watch then remove. My question is will that somehow effect the CPU or ram even tho the movies aren't playing... thanks.
  5. Hello, When a channel doesn't have EPG guide associated it simply shows No Program Data Available when clicking into the channel. Can we include the channel name with that screen?
  6. Hi, wanted to request a feature for apple tv emby app, to be able to set the aspect ratio for live tv channel, on my experience, some live tv channel i have is on 4:3 aspect ratio, was able to set it to Fill on web browser but doesn't retain that setting, always switches back to 4:3, hopefully in the future, it can be set on the emby server or emby apple tv app or web browser and that it would retain that setting or can be set universally to all live tv channel.
  7. StrangledSyntax

    TV Everywhere

    I would love to see Emby support for TV Everywhere. Is this something that could be done?
  8. ricardonr

    Sort Movies Display

    Hi, Is it possible to show, below the title and year of the movie, the value of the sort order chosen? For example, if the movies are sorted by parental rating, below the title and year would appear the parental rating (PG-13,...). Thank you very much.
  9. I'd like to be able to add multiple paths for libraries but have duplicate between the two paths be handled as alternate versions. For example d:\Videos\ + e:\Videos\ are added to 'Movies' These two drives have effectively a mirror (rsynced daily) and I would like to see Emby add both paths for files and if there is a read error on the first drive tried, go for the second (or third etc) Simple example, but more likely these paths will be network locations and more likely to be disconnected etc. Another scenario might be a local and a remote path, would prefer the local but if that goes offline etc, try the remote. Emby will already be scanning these files so something like a 'first order, second order' tag on the db and then a try list in the player...
  10. I currently host my Emby server on my Netgear ReadyNAS 3204. It's a wonderful device, but when "live" transcoding is triggered, playback stutters and halts because it simply isn't designed for this task. It would be great if I could offload the transcoding job over the network to another machine that has a more powerful encoder/decoder/graphics card to process with. I know this can be done with other tools (like custom-configured Handbrake installs). Due to my network structure and accessibility firewall rules, moving the Emby install to another machine for this task would be extremely complicated, and I would prefer to keep it where the data libraries are stored for sheer performance reasons. I just so happen to have an always-on blackbox Windows-based encoding machine, linked to my ReadyNAS via speedy 10GbE, and it's a shame I can't leverage it's capabilities. Having this as a premiere feature would be totally fine. In fact, it would be a selling point. So either a using a common data share with a remote app/service (like this example with Handbrake), or built-in support for distributed rendering to send transcoding jobs out to a network service you create (maybe using the transcoding code in Emby packaged into a Windows service?) would be immensely helpful and I'm sure it would create more configuration possibilities for others.
  11. ebpsadmin

    Send bulk message

    It would be nice to have an option to bulk message all clients on the active device dashboard
  12. What I'm wanting is the ability to run multiple Emby servers that share the same dataset and configuration. Ie, if a user logs into Emby1, Emby2, or Emby3 they won't know which one they are on. Other methods can handle load balancing. Now, I've looked at LDAP and this is actually a good start, BUT, keeping the settings synced up wont work because Emby is just making a new users based on LDAP auth, so the need for a synced backend data is key.
  13. ebpsadmin

    Sub user Option

    Within the primary user having the option to add sub users, as on Netflix, I have users outside my network and I wanted to share only one account with the primary user and from that user having the option to add sub users so that the primary user person share your family with your family
  14. Some common shortcuts, such as fast forward 10 seconds, back 10 seconds, adjust the sound and so on. When watching video on YouTube, I got used to the shortcut keys controlling the operation of video. Thanks
  15. I never really thought of this before but I had some missed recordings and it'd be nice if this was added. Thanks.
  16. This would have been terrific so that I and other users could easily find common errors (such as the error of retrieving metadata for series). Also, you don't get 100 people write about the same problem Hope this can make yours easier because it will make my life easier! Mvh HelpDesk employee
  17. DerrickM

    groups for users

    I think it would be nice to be able to create groups in Emby for access control. similar to parental control except a group could also specify level of server control, allowing deletion of content, etc... You could then add users to a group and no longer have to go through to check each users permission individually. This would also make editing permissions easier as you only have to do it to a group instead of to each user. I wasn't able to find this topic so a link if i have created a duplicate would be appreciated.
  18. Wouldn't it be nifty to be able to use your Emby server as a "viewing party"? As in, you and some friends pick a movie to watch, and then once all the users are connected and logged in, you push the movie to their sessions and things are synchronized. Play/pause commands are sent to everyone involved, as well as skip/rewind (or maybe the ability to designate an optional "host" user who controls that so things can't get out of hand lol). Things like volume remain user-specific (e.g. if someone knocks at the door, you can turn your volume off and talk to them without your movie being heard in the background, or your friends toying with the volume controls lol). I recognize that each person's Internet connection quality would be a HUGE factor, as would intermittent issues therein, but that's obviously a requirement of viewing the stuff in general. You'd just be "capped" at the performance of your group's worst connection really, and if it gets that bad, they just leave. I dont think thats something that would require accounting to make viable - that would be their internet connection's problem... But I just can't help but picture it. Even if your husband or wife is traveling for work, or if you have friends online in all different areas of the country or world, or if you're in a long distance relationship, or you just wanted to show someone a funny scene... The possibilities are there. Maybe some chat, voice or even webcam capability would be cool to integrate too (though that's just as easily done with Skype or Facetime, etc, so the benefits-per-complexity is low). I would be willing to donate heavily to a plugin like this.... But what do you guys think? It has some viable uses, if you have sufficient bandwidth with each user? I think it'd take a big disclaimer "you'll ALL need some great broadband internet to make it work" tho. But for those of us who invest heavily in our home theaters (and -- perhaps -- not so much into travel or our social lives), this might be a fun thing. I like the sound of something like an Emby Party.
  19. I would like to see an option to use your own photos as a screensaver. Maybe even an option to point to a specific folder set aside for just that. In Windows Media Center, I pointed to a folder with just photos for the screensaver.
  20. As there is already a feature to restrict (block/allow all media with defined custom tag) media “per user” why not expand this feature to be able to create libraries and custom collections with media containing custom tag(s).
  21. It would be nice if collections, specifically the manually created variety, would be linked via a unique ID associated with the movie title, instead of the physical file system path to the movie file. My reasoning for this request is that I routinely go through my library and replace movies with a better quality version (eg: 720p to 1080p), or fix a directory structure error via a rename or a move to a different directory, etc.. So ultimately what happens is the path to the file changes. The result of this updating/renaming is that the movie losses its membership in the collection because the path to the file changed. So I have to try and remember that the movie was a part of a collection and re-add the title once emby knows about its new path. Emby already appears to track the movies in a library based on the title and/or some unique ID. I'm assuming this because I've noticed that if I add a movie to my library, watch it, and then rename the movie files, emby still knows that I played that particular movie title. It would be nice if emby used this same unique ID when creating collections. That way I can replace movie files and rename directories to my hearts content, and as long as emby still resolves the movie to the same title, it wont break the collection membership. Hopefully this make sense.
  22. For example, on Android TV they are fixed to almost the center of the screen: But I would like to move them all the way down to the bottom of the screen like I do on this video player:
  23. Hi, Just wondering if Emby has Tv Everywhere integration yet?? Thanks
  24. Hello! I recently converted over from the Plex universe and, so far, am very happy. One small thing that I do miss from Plex is the ability to mouse-over the in-progress streams on the dashboard and see details like: source/destination bitrate (I think this was more via Tautulli, but still nice to have) source/destination resolution subtitle status current bandwidth I see that there's a "view playback info" button that appears, only during transcoding, but the popup simple tells you the obvious - that it is transcoding. My apologies if this has been brought up before. Thanks-
  25. Custom Spotlight section, just like already in hallowed theme that poped up on Android app, but admin can name it and choose what media to show in section. Examples: Top 10 movies, Movies of the month, Recommended by admin, Most watched, etc.... Let us choose what to spotlight, shouldn't be much effort i think and spooky section was really nice.
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