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  1. Hello, Just like already available in the Emby Roku App, when your in a TV Episode, there is a "Show" button that lets you access all of the other Seasons/Episodes (which i use often). Could the same be available for Movies where if the movie is part of a collection then a "Collection" button can link you over to all the other movies in that collection? Thanks, Erik
  2. I'd like it if the Emby DVR had alerts. It has missed a couple shows over the last couple weeks and I have no idea why (either way, it's almost certainly my fault). One nice feature would be to send my phone a notification when a DVR session fails to start recording. And/Or post alerts in the dashboard. Actually, while I'm on the topic of notifications, I'd like to see an option to get a notification on my phone when a show is about to start (as opposed to setting up a recording).
  3. x88dually

    Useful feature

    Counters for tv shows and movies. (Instead of backing out of every screen to goto manage server and going into reports. Then having to go through clicking into every screen again for either a tv or movie). The way it used to be, Until someone decided they didnt want us having it. Why dont we have it ??
  4. spirit.uk

    Comments for Videos

    Hello, I am hosting family videos and share with my family and friends and relatives. I would like to save their comments on the videos under the videos so i can cherish the comments later when i look at those videos.. some of them might not come long along, however their comments will stay forever in my media library and i feel it is a great asset for me.. Thanks.
  5. It would be great if the server dashboard showed current CPU usage.
  6. byakuya32


    you should add more subtitle services. None of the subtitle services seem to download the subtitles for Anime
  7. byakuya32

    h.265 conversion

    You should add the ability to convert to h.265 to save disk space
  8. I and many others seem to have problems with media that appears on the "watching" list, but it should not be there in first place. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/9755-resume-partially-watched-title-resume-points-timeout/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/7885-mbs-clear-resume-status/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint&do=findComment&comment=105167 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61383-min-resume-percentage-to-seconds-watched/?hl=%2Bresume+%2Bpoint And I guess there are even more depending on the wording. No matter how smart you configure Emby, there will always the case that you just do not want to save the restore point. How could this be easily treated in web gui and external players? Maybe there should be a STOP button that saves restore points (only if conditions are met) and the "back" arrow ignores it?
  9. Hello Emby, I have a rather large library (>130K) of music and would like to have an option to show a list (like Windows Media Center had) instead of thumbnails. Can this become available? Blair
  10. I'm looking to implement Emby as a media server in a corporate environment. One of the "nice to haves" is a way to setup Emby as a party host, so that people can join a broadcast at whichever time of the broadcast with their device or on the webpage. I was thinking that whenever there is a broadcast going on, everyone with the server's address can join by connecting and entering a PIN on their device/app. At this point sound and maybe video is synchronized to their device/app. This could be expanded by adding the possibility to choose audio stream or add subtitles (if available) per connection if the user so desires...
  11. Basically I want to share a movie or show with a family member here or there but don’t want to create an account with them. A one time open and watch link would be cool. Would be good to pair with a watch together feature.
  12. It would be nice if Emby could show additional movies (not in library) for People. I think Emby already has some functionality for showing movies that are not in library with the Trailers feature. Could that functionality + People metadata be used to show two separate lists when viewing a People entry: "Movies in Library" and "Additional Movies"?
  13. I have enough material in my Emby library, that I'm lucky enough to have 'the agony of choice' when deciding what to watch. More than once I have opened Emby, stared at a wall of DVD covers, then given up and eaten a sandwich or something instead. I'm aware that there is a 'shuffle' function, but that is a little basic - it works for music, but this doesn't match how we watch TV (or DVDs, movies etc) in real life. So, what if Emby could pretend that the items in my libraries were part of a TV channel? I sit down, open Emby for something to watch, and I see that Family Guy has just started on The Emby Channel. So, I hit 'play', and start watching the Family Guy episode. Then, after the episode finishes, it could either go on to show the next Family Guy episode, or use the 'more like this' recommendations to play a random episode from (e.g.) King of the Hill, like a TV channel in real life. And so on like this. These 'Emby Channels' could be displayed like this on the Emby home screen: My media Continue watching The Sci-Fi Channel (a random selection from 'TV shows' and 'Movies' in the 'Science Fiction' genre) The Comedy Channel (a random selection from 'TV shows' in the 'Comedy' genre) Latest TV shows Latest movies (of course, the user configures the genres and libraries used in each channel!) I feel that this better reflects 'channel surfing' in real life to find something to watch, instead of hitting 'shuffle' on a music player, or putting a DVD into a player to watch something specific.
  14. ErikaJ

    Select All

    Good day...It would be nice to have a "select all" feature when adding content to either a collection, playlist, group, etc. I am sure many peeps have a large collection of individual content for instance in a DC Comic or Marvel Movies section that we have to check on each individual box in order to accomplish our needs. So it would be nice to have a feature whereby you click on check all then go about adding that selection into a group, collection or whatever. Nice to have but not necessary I suppose. Cheers...
  15. Hi All I just added one 4K media folder, and got allot of them on my home screen. I then deleted the media folder but it I still get the duplicate folders on the home screen Any way to force Emby to clean up and read data?
  16. HI Sorry if this is a duplicate but i tried to search and didnt find anything. I would love the ability to manually schedule a recording since my EPG data is sometimes incorrect from Honeybee. For example i would like to record channel 25 from 4pm to 6pm regardless of what the EPG says is on that channel at that time. That would also be usefull for sports with a lot of studio time before the actual transmission. For instance there are 2+ hours of studio before a F1 Grandprix here in Denmark and i dont really care about that, i just want to see the race but in the EPG it shows up as 1 show so i have to record the entire thing. Best JunkStar
  17. Dazik

    FR: Maintenance Announcement

    Hey guys, How hard would it be to have an option to send global messages? Maybe a notification bar at the top of the webapp. Not sure for apps. Basically, my server is shared within my family. They want stuff, new episodes of shows mostly. I'd like to have a way to send a global message to say "Hey okay cool, It'll be there, be patient." that they will see. Can you even imagine your 73 year old grandmother calling you and going "I need the new game of thrones, it's not there yet, I raised you better!"? I can.
  18. Hello, is there anything planned to implement a Hardware Monitor or Performance Graphs with History? Such a Feature would be Great in combination with Push/email notifications.
  19. It would be great to be able to schedule a recording of a movie / tv show which is not yet listed in the EPG. For Enigma2 devices it is called "auto timer" which has stored search strings which then will be used to search in the EPG. E.g.so you can already schedule recordings of seasons which are not yet listed in the EPG.
  20. Similar to the newly introduced bif files for scrolling through the video, could we get the youtube style highlight which plays when you hover over a video thumbnail?
  21. princeshawn420

    Limit Streams per User

    i would like to not allow them to stream more than x amount per logon as there sharing passwords and manualy enforcing is a pita ... plex can do this ... its the reason i still push it over emby but i like embys abuilty to limit bandwith at user level not server
  22. I would find it useful to be able to select multiple items (eg, multiple videos) at a time in the Metadata Editor and Edit/Add values to them in bulk simultaneously. For example, to be able to select multiple items and add a Tag (or Person, Genre, etc.) to all of the items at the same time. Thanks for considering my request! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  23. Hello, I have a question, because now GoT starts again and I like to look with different people, we now have the problem that we can not agree on a language. Therefore, my idea that I start the series on the phone and there play with English language and on the TV with German language. Is this somehow realizable that this happens at the same time? So I press on the phone play and all other devices go on at the same time? So that everything is in sync. Thanks for answering the question, if someone has a better idea always come with it slevin7 Hello, I have a question, because now GoT starts again and I like to look with different people, we now have the problem that we can not agree on a language. Therefore, my idea that I start the series on the phone and there play with English language and on the TV with German language. Is this somehow realizable that this happens at the same time? So I press on the phone play and all other devices go on at the same time? So that everything is in sync. Thanks for answering the question, if someone has a better idea always come with it slevin7
  24. Lately the process to download images and metadata based on a successful manual "identify" is taking upward of 5-6 minutes, and the only client-side indicator is the spinning circle. Woudl it be possible to have more of a progress bar that shows the different stages? My suggestion would be - "searching" - Successfully Identified via [tvdb, imdb, etc] (or "failed to identify given search parameters" - Downloading Metadata - Downloading Cast Images - Downloading Cover art - Downloading Background (if applicable) - Populating.... ("Replacing Images" if checked)... Done! with a notification of a fail state and possibly the number of assets being downloaded (if the API for each individual site allows) Thanks
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