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  1. So with some shows, there is "English (Subs and Sign), and "English Subrip" ect, as the actual subtitles for using with another language. The first one only displays on screen translated text. So when I set my universal subtitle settings for English, it doesn't always select the correct one. A nice option would be right clicking on a series and hitting like "Select Series Audio / Subtitles", and allowing you to manually configure it on a per series basis.
  2. Hi there, in germany you have to pay for any EPG data but I get legal access to different streams because i have to pay for them by law. It would be nice to get the ability to program or start a record like I've done it on a old VRC. Just enter, program and time. thx
  3. Hi all, I have a NAS at home with a lot of movies and TV shows. This library is shared with family. When I have seen a good movie, I would like to send a "recommandations" to my friends, available in their Home page in Emby. Actually, I send a mail, or a message in WhatsApp / Viber to my friends / family, but it should be great if they can have the movie directly available in their home page Thank's
  4. Hi everyone. I am a happy user of Emby and I love sharing. It would be amazing if Emby had the opportunity to share comments and ratings on a film or TV series. I understand that there is already the vote of "rottentomatoes" but I think if it would be fantastic if it were a vote "all our" (maybe with comments but maybe you ask too much). What do you think?
  5. I would like to see either an ability to scan selected libraries on a scheduled basis or turn off library scan for selected libraries. My music libraries are mostly static and very large causing my all libraries scan to take up to 15 minutes slowing down scans for smaller libraries I actually want to scan quick like recorded TV Shows. Actually most of the time taken during scans is searching through all the metadata all over again. So another possibility is to scan all libraries for 'new' titles, then get the data for the new library entries only. An option 'Scan for new media only' would be nice It would also be nice to visually see what libraries are currently being scanned. The % circle does not consistently show when doing a 'scan all libraries'
  6. Bottles51

    Paused Inactivity

    Can we have a setting in the server itself to kick a user who has a program paused for a long period of time. I have several users who pause and walk away or leave house and the connection still remains. I would like them to be kicked when this occurs.
  7. On the character (cast?) page that lists each film that actor / actress has been in, can we get it to list what character they played in that film? (similar to how it is done when on the page for that film)
  8. Hi there, when I sync a music playlist currently to one of my mobile devices it will download all the content of the list and this is fine. Unfortunately is the playlist itself lost during the syncing process, this results in a mixing up of the new downloaded content with the still existing content on my device. E.g. I've several playlist like "Relax", "Sport" and so on. After Syncing the lists are gone and I only get the raw songs and the artist and album informations on my device. It would be nice to elect the downloaded list as list, too. So I can choose to play specific album or only some few songs which are part of a playlist. Thx.
  9. currently, it seems the standard way of enabling ssl with emby is to follow these instructions https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42315-creating-a-letsencrypt-ssl-certificate-for-emby/ however, this involves creating the pkcs12 version of the certificate, which I think (perhaps incorrectly) would involve manually work every single time letsencrypt cycles the keys (i.e. every couple of months). It would seemingly be nicer if emby could deal with the files created directly (as well as seeing when they change and using the new ones)
  10. My Samsung TV does not support DTS so I use the audio only transcoding feature of Emby. It would be great to set higher bitrates for Audio transcoding or if possible to send a DD+ stream instead. Many thianks.
  11. The one thing that I miss from the old software that I used to use is EXTREMELY flexible DVR recording. I was able to schedule recordings regardless of whether the show was in the EPG or not by selecting ANY show, and then editing the name of the show. Another awesome feature was the ability to schedule recordings based on a partial name, for instance, if I wanted to record anything with "Marvel's" in the title, I could choose "begins with", "contains", "ends with", etc (another use case is that my wife wants EVERY Masterpiece show on PBS). Last but not least, I was able to set up recordings based on other data, such as season or episode number. An example of this was I had recorded all episodes of Castle, except season 1. I was able to set up a subscription that would only match on it being Season 1 and Castle as the name of the show. I really like Emby, but I do miss being able to do the above!
  12. Would like to see option to download trailers for movies and embed in movie folder. Much needed for FireTV users who cannot view trailers from YouTube.
  13. Hello, could you please tell me how I can block the option to allow uploading images, I only spend deleting the photos that other users upload to my server!
  14. Hello, Just thought I'd bring this forward to see if there's any possibility for it. My provider passes on their own images via XMLTV however they're not always providing "poster" images for the programme/movie, so when looking at something like "On Now" everything looks weird, blurry and cropped. If the XML file has the proper information available such as the programme name, is it possible for Emby to have a system that can search for the poster using the existing metadata providers? Example of what they pass on in the XML: https://images.metadata.sky.com/pd-image/1089040f-00f1-48f7-8bc0-ab310c772c91/16-9 On Now: https://rdgb.net/i/Izb1o.png On the channel: https://rdgb.net/i/zWrhK.png What the poster for that show actually is: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMzk4MzQyMzQ0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTIyNTQzNzE@._V1_.jpg Thank.
  15. Would it be possible for Emby to list all the songs (or filter a set number of songs if performance is a concern), from an artist in the artist view. If this is currently possible, let me know how it can be achieved... haven't seen anything in the options
  16. Hello, I have been using Emby for several years and absolutely love the platform. One thing that I believe would be a nice feature would be to allow users to record to different library's. Thanks for your attention, John
  17. Hi, I would like to request a feature When we use search fearure i.e : Kite It results all availavle movies with Kite in it thats fine, but i think it should show them.like Bollywood Movie < its Library Name Result Hollywood Movie Result I hope i elaborated it in right way.
  18. When using the Live TV and looking through 'on now' & 'upcoming' episodes, shows, movies, new, sports etc there are is a lot of duplicated artwork (i.e. for shows & movies etc that are repeated, on +1 channels etc). Are there any plans to merge / filter he metadata so that Emby only displays the artwork etc for a show or movie once despite whether the same show or movie is on a different channel or repeated at a different time?
  19. hey, is it possible to have multiple images to be uploaded at once for tv shows as when uploading images for this its very irritating and time consuming as every one image is loaded it redirects you back to the top of that tv series. for example i would be editing a tv show and be on season 2 uploading episode 15 image, once i have completed this and want to move onto episode 16 i would be redirected back to the top to episode 1 therefor making me scroll back down to where i was. for movies this is not a problem as there is all different types of images that can be applied but for tv shows (episodes) people will only mainly use the primary photo. maybe having a option to move to the next episode before exiting and then being redirected. ------ EDIT ------ bit like this (sorry for being rough with the editing lol)
  20. Bigmack3000

    Sync Watch Option

    Not sure if this is possible, but in these times of quarantine, I was thinking the option to program "x" movie file to play at a certain time could allow friends and family to all watch the same film together from separate homes.
  21. liviosa

    Private recording

    I would like to record a program and be seen only by the user who recorded it.
  22. Hey peeps, Just a quick post as i am new to emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. when starting to add my movies to emby i have noticed that they is no tab for "newly released movies". when showing my family our new emby they all was asking the same and im very shocked this hasn't been already done, i have seen a lot of threads about this but i dont think people know what they are on about to a certain degree. ei sorting movie by date, using a plugin or spotlight etc, as you can see in the photo below from my plex server, i have NEWLY released movie and RECENTLY added movies, im not going to be buying emby just yet as i would like to test it for a bit first to see what its like. i love the amount of customization you can do along with the tv mode, these types of things smash plex outta the water. i would like to have my media server a bit like Netflix and emby is starting to do that very well but little things can go along way and really hope this gets added and maybe movie genres tabs too.
  23. I know some of these might have already been posted, or maybe something similar possibly, but I feel these would be some good features to be added. Album overview in the mobile app, Roku app, windows app. Right now it just shows up in the web player. When you add songs to the playlist it doesn't check to see if there are already duplicates in your playlist, it would be a good thing to have it check to see if there are any duplicates in the playlist before a song is added, and to display what songs are added to a playlist from the albums. There is no cross-fade, cross-fade option in the settings to select from 0 seconds to 12 seconds, or something along that line would be good. Also, when you scroll a playlist the title of the playlist, shuffle, download, favorite, and more buttons should stick while scrolling for easier access to them, or give you the option to make them stick. One other thing that should be added is lyrics to the app, and all players. To be able to sort your playlists by artist, or song name, etc This is not a feature request, but the banners do not load in the android mobile app when you set the view setting under albums, it just displays the album artwork instead.
  24. Hi I just noticed that the web theme and locale seem to be stored on the browser side and not server side. Two questions, can it be made that these settings become stored on the server side and be made possible to set a global theme and locale default in the Emby’s settings?
  25. With COVID-19 quarantines in place and social distancing encouraged or required, a lot of us are trying to find better ways to keep in contact with friends during these crazy times. So people are doing online watch parties together from their quarantined homes. I'm looking for a simple way to stream media to multiple people at once. Almost a self-hosted twitch, but sourced from my Emby library. My idea is the person with the Emby server controls the playback, and publishes a time limited unique URL, so anyone on the LAN or WAN can view the same stream's progress live if they have the URL. No login required.
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