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  1. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! Greetings, Brandon
  2. changzhou

    Control play speed

    like 0.5x 0.75x 1.25x 1.5x I hope can control speed like youtube.Thank you.
  3. Euphorix

    Playback Speed

    Would be awesome if we could make the playback speed slower/faster. Netflix is testing this out and it has been a common feature on DVD players since their creation.
  4. One thing would be nice is to have fast forward and rewind in slow motion like Dish has for live TV and movies.
  5. Hi I mostly watch tutorials and stuff like that with Emby and I think that being able to watch with faster speeds is usable like Youtube and Vlc provides. Also it should not be like Kodi's sped up where it does not provide any audio when the video plays at any speed that is not 1x. The audio should be strecthed properly like in Youtube or Vlc if it was to be implemented. thanks
  6. Hi, I couldn't find any request like this so I decided to post it here. A really good feature would be to be able to tune the subtitles in the LG App just like the feature that the native LG DLNA client have, so we can set the offset of the subtitle and adjust it if we see it is going out of sync with the movie.
  7. Hello, ive got an idea, dont know if its possible. but i think it might be very useful for many of us. Most of the time, i search for subtitles,then download them, and the subtitles are correct in timing along the media, but they are have some seconds delay or some seconds ahead, so i was thinking it would be nice if there is an option at the "edit subtitles" screen, at the right of the file to adjust a few seconds the subtitles, so it will match the media. Otherwise i have to download the srt file and edit, its more laborious. Also it could be some options to set the subtitles to default or forced, i know this can be done trough the file name, but you have to access ftp or filemanager and this could save much time. Its just an idea. cheers.
  8. can you add a +/- time shift to subtitles ? like by 0.5 second or something Thanks
  9. Sometimes it would be great to adjust subtitle starts, maybe add an option to let a subtitle start 0 to 2 seconds early or 0 to 2 seconds late. cheers
  10. It would be to have subtitle correction option in Emby for Android / TV, for out of sync subs
  11. heyo, sorry if this is a sh1t post, im new to the emby forums, i have however used emby for a year (or so) now, but sometimes i really wish it had a feature - Subtitles offset.. do you guys have any plans for adding this feature??? thanks
  12. panvar

    Subtitel offset!

    Hello, I wonder when this fuction comes to Emby? Already in Plex! Best regards/Panos Hello, I wonder when this fuction comes to Emby? Already in Plex! with kind regards
  13. I was wondering if anyone could create a plugin or if someone knows how to balance out the audio tracks in the movie files. Some movies have ok or low dialogues but the action scenes and sound effects are super loud so i was hoping to adjust them for a better viewing experience.
  14. Hi, I allways do a complete Rip of my Blurays into Makemkv and try to convert the structure as close to the Original Bluray as possible. For example: I name the chapters of a movie, if they are named on the original bluray or if they have a small chapter paper inside the bluray box. I also rip the Bluray Menu and put it inside emby as backdrop. I try to preserve as much as possible, the only exception are languages. I just keep the native language of the movie + my native language. Sometimes bluray extras have a sub-structure. I have a screenshot to explain what I mean: On the left side is the structure of the main bluray menu. On the right side is the sub-structure of the specific bluray extra. I tried allready some attempts by myself, but I found never a solution, which I was real happy with it. 1. My first attempt was to rip every bluray extra as a own mkv file: Example: File 1: "Sequence - Parade - Vergleich Storyboard.mkv", File 2: "Sequence - Parade - Original Zeichnungen & Charakter-Darstellungen.mkv", File 3: "Sequence - Parade - Original Zeichnungen.mkv", File 4: "File 4: "Sequence - Parade - Charakter-Darstellungen.mkv". The bad thing about it, you got many many many extras for some movies, which results into a confusing & complex overview of extras, because of it's sheer mass. 2. My second attempt was to merge all extras of one sub-structure into a single file and create chapters for each single file. After that I use a chapter editor and named the chapters after the sub-structure of the movie. This method keeps the number of extras small and it looks "nice & clean" inside emby. The problem is, you can't work with this inside emby if you have movies, because there is no chapter view for movie extras. This method works very nice for TV-Shows, since "Specials" inside TV-Shows are handled like Episode. You can look into the chapters and jump directly into a specific chapter if you want this. So my request would be a method, to keep movie extras a little bit more organised. Perhaps it would be possible to add some sub-structure, on the Extras Tab? Maybe it would also be possible to open a extra in chapter view? I don't know. Maybe somebody got a "best practice" solution for it. I haven't found a solution, with I am happy for right now . A good example for a bluray with mass extras is for example "Grindhouse" Double Feature. In this case I would create 3 sub-structures: 1. Planet Terror, 2. Deathproof, 3. Grindhouse. This Bluray has with it's Bonus Disc around 45 extras. I have also started to numbering the extras to keep them a little bit organised.
  15. I'd like to have a possibility to have Emby display an unavailability page between certain times. So for example, if an admin wants to shutsdown their storage between midnight and 9am that Emby gives an unavailable page instead of having to shut down and start up Emby with a Windows Task which completely shuts down the Emby server. This could be expanded to having this per library so if a library aren't available, instead of an eternal spinning wheel when clicking on this, have an unavailable page
  16. It would be great to have the video stream selectable - same as is audio now. It appears to be getting more common to embed alternative streams (such as 1080p) alongside a UHD stream particularly within MKV's containers. This feature would allow us to select a 'best stream' for a given device, an example recently being my Samsung TV not handling 60fps which was the default stream in the MKV. A 1080p was available also but could not be selected, so my server had to transcode a large UHD high-framerate source file - pretty chunky cpu work which it struggled with and was not necessary.
  17. I find myself suggesting to other users something they might like to watch. In my specific use case it is childrens DVDs but in this new `Netflix and chill` culture comments like `have you seen - you should watch` are practically a universal conversation point. It seems like a feature that could leverage the exiting favorites/collections logic but between users. There will obviously be privacy issues to consider in a non home environment.
  18. Hi, I have tried to see if that was brought up before in the forum but I didn't see anything quite like what I'm about to mention. Right now Emby has a way to set global preferences for Audio and Subtitles language that can override default flag on video files. It's also possible to select the audio/subtitle track when playing a series's season or a single file.. that seems to also take into account the global preference mentioned just above. What I propose is to be able to save even more granular preferences for Audio/Subtitles. My use case is that I listen to a lot of different kind of video media in different languages.. and the majority of my files have multiple audio and subtitles tracks and I don't always want to listen to them in French, English, Spanish, German or Japanese... We need a way to be able to save Audio/Subtitles track preference on a movie/tv series (tv series season) basis.. these specific preferences would override the global preferences as they are more specific. Another argument in favor of this feature are file with multiple Audio/Subtitles tracks flagged with the same language... I've seen this happen in 2 cases recently: Movie - Cast Commentary track which is often the same language as the default flag of the file Anime DVD and BD releases often have JPN & ENG audio tracks but also 2 ENG subtitle tracks... 1 which only contain the typesetting (translation of signs and written japanese) and 1 for the full audio + visual translation... I think this demonstrate a need to be able to save granular preferences for Audio/Subtitles track on a per Series per User Profile basis. Thank you!
  19. I understand that this topic has been brought up before, but it's an issue that really does bother me a considerable amount. This is of course the "Media Information" that's displayed containing all sorts of technical details about the file you're currently looking at. I have several issues with this, for multiple different reasons, and I am highly tempted to lock my server in revisional history just so I can go in and forcefully rip this information out without updating and having them put right back in place with the next version. Issue 1... I just simply hate them being there. I don't like it, I think it makes it look unpolished, and I think it would look a lot cleaner if it was simply gone. Issue 2... All of that information displayed is just about totally worthless to about 99.99% of the people who see it. They don't care about any of it, just want to click play and watch their media. Issue 3... As someone who has to as a profession battle harden production servers, having unnecessary technical information displayed to an end user is never a good idea. Especially when that information contains information such as server file paths etc.. It poses a security threat and gives a potential attacker just another piece of information that could be used to exploit a service. Now, I understand that this information can be diagnostically useful in the event you're having issues. But it really should not be there unless the server is in "Debug" mode. It's a simple check box in the admin interface, and an if check and an else in the ui code... And the entire situation can be resolved. If you want the information there, put it in debug mode, if you want a clean interface, uncheck the box and get rid of it. That being said, I don't want to seem that i'm ungrateful or that i'm attempting to be overly critical. For the most part I've loved Emby from first install, paid my lifetime fee and have no regretted it one bit. Coming from Plex, I had gotten very sick of the disdain the developers had for their users and their requests, and how they would often times become outright abusive in the forums. I've so far not experienced anything like that here and am thankful for it. I've not participated much in the forums here, but I have read through quite a bit of them, and the devs here seem generally positive and helpful, and i'm hopeful that this request will actually be given some additional consideration.
  20. obliviongr

    Shuffle on play

    hello Can you please put the shuffle button on the web-based players I see the repeat button but the shuffle is missing I am sorry if that was posted before.
  21. Hello! Looking to see if anyone has found a solution to integrating Emby into enigma2 to pull channels. If not, can we get this added please? Much appreciated.
  22. Hello, Is it planned to be able to configure a password for parental control? Whether it asks for a password when a child wants to play a banned movie Thank you
  23. While sitting down enjoying a movie on Emby, about 2/3 of the way through, playback stopped. While troubleshooting I found the video stopped at the same place when playing directly on VLC. Would it be possible to have Emby or a plugin schedule a scan to check for and report corrupted video files?
  24. Iceberg718

    Channel groups!

    Live TV is useless without groups. It makes even less sense that you actually have to pay for this feature to only find out that it’s missing an integral part of IPTV... This has to be the ONLY app I’ve used in my entire experience with IPTV that doesn’t support groups. It also seems like the devs are giving people the run around with said issue, I’ve looked into it & all I’ve found were robotic replies promising to bring these features “soon” for years now...
  25. Hi, while my TV supports ASS/SSA styled subs, Emby usually only provide SRT basic subs for embedded subtitles. I have been able to overcome this issue by having the Emby server extract the subtitle on runtime and providing it separately. However, this runs into a separate issue where there is a delay before the video starts playing, and in the event of longer movies, the lag can be very long or possibly hang the server. Thus far, the only solution is to either extract the SSA sub and/or burn-in the subtitles manually. What I would like to suggest is to add an option for the server to automatically extract embedded ASS/SSA subtitles and save it along side the video file, then preferentially use the external SSA/ASS subtitle instead. Ideally, this function can be scheduled during inactive hours.
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