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  1. CathMowr

    Download Bug

    Hey all, after not finding any entry mentioning this i thought I'd report a little issue. I downloaded a record yesterday at 12 AM to see if this works properly and deleted it afterwards. Even after prompting to delete it still showed up in my downloads and was playable. I tried deleting multiple times again and again but it stayed there. Now, in the morning, I opened Emby again and saw that it was gone from the download tab but still gets shown on my home screen. Also, when I dive into the record itself its still shown as downloaded in there, the little button is blue, when I click it it says "keep" or "remove", clicking both versions does nothing. If I can give more relevant information let me know! All the best
  2. It would be nice if the selected movie "version" will be respected when clicking the download or sync button. I have two versions for every movie, one for the (big) tv's and one for mobile devices. Now my Android device downloads the biggest file no matter which one I've selected.
  3. I have setup a library with content type Home videos and photos and added JPG images to this folder. When accessing the images via the mobile app and clicking download they are being stuck in the queue with a status of "Ready to transfer" and not progressing. When trying the same action from a web browser it works fine. When trying to download other content such as movies or tv shows it is working fine; seems to just be the photos. Phones tried: iPhone 10 Max iPhone 11 Samsung S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab A Connection type tried: Mobile Data (4G) WiFi Storage type tried: Internal Storage External Storage (SD Card) File types tried: JPG PNG RAW (CR2) No logs for android existed in phone I have attached emby server logs Emby server version logs2.zip
  4. Hello Emby, Version information: Emby Mobile 3.1.8| Emby Server with a Premier account. Multiple devices including Motorola G5S, Motorola G7 plus, and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 tablet Issue description: Currently when trying to download images or e-books from the mobile Android app, no download starts. Not even after waiting for a while (0-15 minutes). Movies and music files start almost immediatly. I do see the downloads when I check the admin dashboard. But not when I click the Downloads tab in the bottom menu. Movies and music files are shown here. E-book downloads and image downloads do stall any movie downloads that I've queued after them. This means I manually need to remove them from the admin dashboard before movie/music downloads can continue. So something is clearly going wrong here... I'm expecting to be able to just download a photo to my device or even share it if possible. Sharing also gives me the direct url when sharing instead of real shared image. But I read that this is expected behaviour. When sharing an e-book I only get to see the url to the emby server: http://{{host}}/emby without Items/{{id}}/etc... in the path. But that is possibly another issue? When checking the logs I don't notice any issues and no error messages. But I've attached it just in the case. If you need any more info, please ask me! Thanks! emby-logs.txt
  5. I mean, I asked that a while ago, but I can't find the topic anymore. At the moment you can't download a music album completely, but only the single titles (to the right of the titles via a 3-point menu). Above you can also choose "download to", but then you can only select a mobile device, not to download as one file (ZIP perhaps). It would be nice if you could download a complete album at once. Is it possible to integrate this in the future? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hey guys, I am currently having an issue with audio playback while streaming over an internet browser. I tested it on Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Edge, it is all the same. My problem is that I get no audio in some episodes of a show e.g. The Mandalorian season 1 episode 4-8. When I start watching these I have absolutely no audio, but when I exit the playback and again start it at a different point in the episode the audio works fine. The strange thing is that this does not happen for episodes 1-3. They just work fine. Also this issue does not occur when I download the episodes and watch them with e.g. VLC player, neither do they make any problems with the Emby app for Android or iOS. I saw a thread where the same problem was solved with disabling Intel QuickSync but as this issue also occurs on AMD machines I do not assume it is the same solution for me aswell. I rotated the server logs, watched an episode that works fine and then watched an episode that has these issues. The files are attached. Thank you for your support. FFMPEG Log.txt Emby Log.txt
  7. Hello, Every time you hit the download button it asks you to select the quality type you want. Can we just have a file that is designated for offline downloading. So when someone hits the download button for a movie/show it just downloads a pre-made file. When you know you are going to be in an area where your reception will be bad or no wifi, you want to download the media ahead of time. And having the download feature just grab a file already made can really speed things up. Yes, it will take up more space but that is a sacrifice we all have to make... Pseudocode if (folder_contains_file == "%mobile%") { download file } else { Present Quality selection menu for download } Thank You
  8. Hi all, I've posted a similar topic before. Then user ebr asked me to place my topic in the appropriate forum. Since I'm convinced this is a feature request I'll try to formulate my question more in that fashion. Introduction I've purchased Emby Premiere because I wanted to make use of the Download/Sync functionality. Sadly I don't use it, because of the way it's implemented. Feature Requests It would be really nice to have the Users "Download & Sync" settings and behavior to be aligned with the Users "Media Playback" settings and behavior. Explanation part 1 So what does this mean? It means that in the Emby settings (Server -> Users -> User) the following configuration is possible for "Media Playback": It would be really convenient to have the exact same options in the "Download & Sync" section of the same page, which now only contains the following: Why? I only wan't some really efficient/cheap transcoding on my server like subtitles, audio and media container (mkv/mp4). No video encoding/transcoding! Because it's too expensive + I'm really sure all my devices can decode H264 and all my movies are H264. Not sure why Emby something things it need to re-encode H264 to H264, but it does. Explanation part 2 The second part of this feature request is about the behavior. It would be really nice to have the exact (or at least the setting to enable this) behavior when you click "Play" (Streaming a movie/Media Playback) and when you Click Download (or Sync). This means that in both scenarios the mobile Emby app (iOS, Android, Browser, etc) will accept the options you filled in on the movie/serie page. For example, when I have this options enabled on my Android phone (notice Subtitles and Version): So I've selected a version called "Mobile" which is 720p H264 including AAC stereo audio and English .srt subtitles. I'm 100% sure all my (portable) devices can playback this. Clicking the Play button will: Play the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected. On each (portable) device without any problem. Clicking the Download button will, depending on the device I'm on: Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected; Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version without English .srt subtitles. Download another version (sometimes even a 8GB one) with or without English .srt subtitles Takes the "Mobile" or a random other version and starts transcoding the video and/or the audio and afterwards downloads the transcoded version with or without English .srt subtitles. It wouldn't be a surprise that pressing the Download button is a surprise every time, but the nice thing is that it doesn't have to! Please let me know what you think of this idea. It doesn't have to replace the existing implementation, but in my opinion it would be a very nice addition to at least make the option available to treat "Downloads" the same as "Streams". Have a nice Holiday Season (Fijne kerstadagen in Dutch)!
  9. Likeskites

    iOS app - Download title not working

    Hi there My server has been setup to allow downloads. When I access the server from my laptop, I can click download and it will download the title instead of streaming it. However, I would like to be able to do this on my iPad. I have the app and have "unlocked" it with the in-app purchase. When I click download on a title, it sends me to the screen stating: "Your Emby Premier device limit has been exceeded. Please check with the owners of your Emby Server and have them contact Emby support at ..." Any suggestions on what is required for me to be able to download some content to an iPad for offline play? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I saw is possible download the media by clicking in Download button. I have my media A.mvk with A.srt But when I try to download it, it just download the media file, without the subtitle, is possible also download the subtitle related to the media file? Thanks,
  11. What is the criteria to download missing subtitles ?? I have several old series and movies that Emby hasn't downloaded the subtitles for. If I manually search for the subtitles, using the Edit Subtitles option, they are found. So, is there any criteria/age limit on when an item has been added to Emby, after which subtitles are no longer searched for ?? Thanks.
  12. Emsanator

    Downloaded files are size zero

    Hello I can play videos with SAMBA, but unfortunately the posters and other pictures of the videos can't download to the samba-loaded hard drive. Poster and subtitle files are also included for the folder, but they are zero in size. SAMBA Config: [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server Version %v security = USER map to guest = Bad User log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 50 idmap config * : backend = tdb cups options = raw syslog only = yes syslog = 2 name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast host preferred master = auto domain master = auto local master = yes printcap name = /dev/null load printers = no browseable = yes writeable = yes printable = no guest account = emby smb encrypt = disabled use sendfile = yes [Filmler] path = /home/Filmler read only = no guest ok = yes available = yes browsable = yes writable = yes public = yes [Diziler] path = /home/Diziler read only = no guest ok = Yes available = yes browsable = yes writable = yes public = yes [root@[member="tv1"] ~]# getfacl /home/Diziler/The\ Good\ Doctor/ getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names # file: home/Diziler/The Good Doctor/ # owner: emby # group: emby user::rwx group::rwx other::rwx [root@[member="tv1"] ~]# getfacl /home/ getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names # file: home/ # owner: emby # group: emby user::rwx user:emby:rwx group::r-x mask::rwx other::rwx What could be the reason
  13. jgomez709

    File Downloads

    Estimated a problem has been presented to us, several days ago we have noticed that some users are downloading the files from the server, since they do not have us download permissions from the Emby application. We have noticed that they are using download programs such as internet download manager and I wanted some others, I tell you this because I did a test myself and I could download content without having to have the permissions in emby. Now the question is, this can be restricted, since by observing on the scorecard, I do not have the option to cacelar the transmission. We attach two images, the image "1.jpg" shows a user downloading content and we observing without being able to do anything to solve it. The figure "2.jpg" shows the configuration of this user. We also attach the emby log, to see if they can help us in any way so that this situation cannot continue happening. Greetings. ffmpeg-remux-ed9efe2d-2b8b-4d01-8023-3965f7ba0d43_1.log
  14. Hi there, with the actual official App and also with the Beta the Sync Feature is Broken. I can create a Sync Job (e.g. Series) but it never starts the Download. In earlier Versions this happens too, but there i was able to start the Download with "save the Sync Job again". In actual Version and Beta i also cannot Download a single Episode using the Download Button. Just nothing happens... Is this a known Problem? best regards Brudertac
  15. Type of nas SYNOLOGY D213J Hi, i went you emby.media and got to download page.. hit "nas synology" and took the adress that is called out and added it to package page so i could view it in comunity download page. It was accepted as download in package and no complains about that. After that i looked as i said in comunity page and looked for emby.media and IT IS NOT FOUND! I updated, rebooted nas, took adress off and added it agian.. and no emby app "packages" to download. I think you got an error there on your download link or something, becouse it should come up. I tried another comunity to see if it was anything wrong whit my nas and no. please help me, how to i add it to my NAS, or do you want me to start using plex that is crappy... Give me an answer as soon as possible.. thanx!
  16. Hi, I'm sure I missed something here, but is there any reason why the latest stable release (3.5) source code is not available for download from Github? In https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/releases the latest available version for download is There are no newer source code releases. From where can I download the source code for 3.5? Should I go to the commit for 3.5 and download that point in time of the source tree? Thanks.
  17. jellelle


    Hi, I've encountered some problems while downloading media to watch offline (with Emby from the Windows Store, as the regular desktop version doesn't have this feature): 1. External subtitles don't download, which makes this feature for me useless: 1.1: I have set my preferred subtitle language in the settings, and always play subtitles. 2. No feedback about current downloads: 2.1: When clicking download, you have to dig in the settings to view the downloaded items. Maybe display them, and the download progress, under "My Downloads" on the home screen? If not, maybe a faster way to see all downloaded / downloading files using a cog wheel next to "My Downloads", like in the android app. 2.2: The download status goes from "transferring 0%" to "Downloaded". There is no download progress in percentage. 3. The "My Downloads" item on the start screen doesn't refresh when media is downloaded / deleted: Downloaded files show up after a restart of the app Deleted files are gone after a restart of the app Number 1 is important to me, 2 and 3 are a mere cosmetic features. Thanks! Jelle
  18. Hi, I searched but can't find any topic on this. There is a possiblity to download each episode of a season manually but no possiblity to download all episodes from a season in web I know there is a sync link but the user that wants to do can't use it since he doesn't have the possibility to install an emby client on his side
  19. So currently when downloading a playlist for offline mode, you get the songs individually instead in a playlist. So I was wondering if it was possible to fix that and download a playlist for offline in the order that it is in. So that it’s just as when online, just press and play the songs in order.
  20. Compie

    download button not activated?

    On an Android device I can view & stream anything + the possibility to "download" and selected image (= opening the original photo from the server). But on an IOS client (ipad, iphone,...) I can view & stream but I can't download anything? The download button is visible (the arrow button) but It does nothing... Any ideas or a workaround for this? On IOS it is also not possible to Chromecast...
  21. i've bought the premiere member for one month to test functions of EMBY in the IOS whether meet my needs. my first need, is download pictures from the emby server to my iphone, then i can share to my friends, but i can not find the downloaded pictures in the IOS photo category, i am newbie, sorry for poor english. ios:12.1 Sharing a internet address but not a pic will confuse my firend, .
  22. JulsPlus

    Emby Premier - iOS - iPad - Download

    Hello, I am a new Emby Premier subscriber and am excited to download media to my iPad. However, I was unable to find the download option on my iPad. I did find this option on an Android device and web browser. Is the option currently unavailable for iOS or perhaps I'm just missing it somewhere. Thank you in advance, Juls
  23. mchahn

    what is "Download & Sync"?

    I installed the latest beta and it may be a coincidence but emby has been filling a sync folder with 10GB of something. This folder is on my root disk which is not meant to hold data and is only 32GB. I looked through the server management pages and could not find anywhere to set this folder's location. I saw a management section called Download and Sync. It had one strange entry with thousands of something. I deleted that entry and hopefully my problem will go away. What does Download and Sync mean? I do all my downloading myself and put the downloads in my media folders.
  24. Twistedcloud

    .CBZ file downloaded as .Epub

    Hello I have comics set up in Emby and when i go to download the file on my phone through the app to read it, it adds .epub to the end of the file string and turns it into a text document rather then a zip file.
  25. esdicm

    Download issue

    i am using latest version on ubuntu server i have 2 questions 1-why some device can not see download button ? 2- is there any way people connect without username password like a website?
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