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  1. All, As I'm one of these users that has a lot of movies (5k) and series (35k ep) published through Emby server, I was wondering is there is a possibility to get a server version that uses MS-SQL or MySQL as backend. Next to the fact that I'd be able to use multiple servers for tasks, this, for me, would have so many more advantages, I couldn't even list these all. Name it an enterprise version or something. I'd definitely be willing to pay extra for it Cheers, Rob
  2. Hi, I've been a user of MediaPortal for many many years now but looking to upgrade over to emby with Kodi for a few reasons but mainly because I like the idea of the centralised server and multi-platform viewing. I have extensive databases, with some personally enriched content, that I would much prefer to migrate over to emby rather than attempt to re-scrape it all and amend/enhance the content. Also, getting across my watched status would be very advantageous (sorry, I don't have trakt). I have searched the wiki/forums but surprisingly cannot find any information on importing/migrating a media database from other sources. Has anyone had any luck doing this? My DBs; MovingPictures: I use for movies MP-TVSeries : I use for TV shows MyFilms: I use for Doco's, Music Vids, Stand-Up, and other stuff that's uncategorizeable Also, from the research I have done it appears that the best architecture for storing the metadata information is with .nfo but can this along with the artwork be stored in a central location away from the media - I don't like the idea of this info sitting with the movie/series. Cheers, Dewey
  3. singer36

    how to re-initialize database?

    Hello all ! I am a long term (years...) user of KODI (@Ubuntu). For the last years, I have been looking for streaming my contents out of my home... and succeeded with BubbleUPNP. Very good also, but not secure data flow, no 'friends' management interface, ... I started to read for new solutions... like PLEX and EMBY. And well... I decided to go for Emby (open source is my friend). First thing: It looks great. Very great. But (there is always a but ), I have a few issues: - During scan, some 'folder.jpg' are created multiple times ! why? /var/lib/emby-server/metadata/library/**/************/folder.jpg. i was able to find among those folders 6 times the same jpg! (for the same music album)!! - since i was doing some tests, i wanted to clean the database to restart with real folders. How do i do that? the library folder is never cleaned!? - If I have some elements scanned already, and then i decide to change the metadata management, and choose a new 'metadata folder location, or switch to 'save images and nfo files in media folders'. This does not seem to have any impact. Why? I searched the forum & wiki but did not find answers. Sorry if it has been answered already. thanks and again : very good work
  4. tired dad

    Emby AND shared MySQL database?

    I have a silly question... I know Emby controls the play state and metadata for movies for Kodi, and that I can install Kodi with the Emby plugin on multiple machines. For each machine, do I have to configure the user(s) and do a full scan so there is a local Kodi database on that PC, or can I used advancedsettings.xml and point all machines to one Kodi DB so I don't have to create a local copy on each? Or... is all that irrelevant? I was pretty sure that even with Emby, you have to have a local Kodi database on each PC, which then gets synced via Emby each time you start up. Hope that's not too confusing of a question...
  5. gsharp1963

    Moved database now no posters

    I don't get any poster art at all now. My system drive was full so I moved the database to another drive and re installed the server on the other drive. After having no success in getting pictures I uninstalled again and deleted everything I could find to delete and re installed thinking a clean install would fix it. No such luck. I closed the server, restarted it and then tried to refresh just one movie. Then I zipped the log directory that can be accessed by the link below. https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing Thanks! Version
  6. Anno Dom

    Missing Movies - DB Query

    I just added some movies to my media drive (cut/paste) and suddenly only the new movies show. The Collections db is fine and still there, but all other movies are not reflecting even after i re-scanned the directory. I then deleted the refresh.db file after going through some posts here.... no change. I then deleted the library.db file (...mediabrowser-server/data/ library.db), which worked until I shut down the server and restarted it. Then only new movies showed again. Very weird? I have attached the most recent logs to see if anyone can help? server-63564730532.txt server-63564733236.txt
  7. I did a search because I was sure that this request had already been made but I couldn't find anything. Anyway, I would like to request the ability to use a backend database such as MariaDB (MySQL clone) or PostgreSQL instead of just SQLite. I can see this being a huge advantage for users with extremely large collections as the fetch times should be faster. Also, it would allow me to consolidate one more database into my existing PostgreSQL install. I know this would take some restructuring of the current backend but in the long run would give you one more leg up on our competitor as I don't believe they offer any such support.
  8. apologies for the following comparison with Plex, i hope a comparison is reasonable/helpful in this instance..... Whilst investigating an issue the other day i had cause to look at the raw emby and Plex databases. . I noticed that the Plex has 1 database with different tables for different datatypes, and precooked indexes to speed up common select statements, with an app memory footprint 1/20th-1/50th of emby and a speed of anywhere between same to 50 times slower on the same hardware...for similar user functions eg. show album artists.. I noticed emby has a few separate database, and uses blobs to store text attributes for media parts....with less separation of data types into table types...and no? person/artist database Is album artist performance slow for large collections because their is no table dedicated to people/artists which can be queried immediately and indexed? The design decision of emby to support multiple album artists, album as well as artist bios, rich image metadata, gives emby the potential of being best for music, but currently the performance is seriously hampering the product (imo for use with larger collections). Could the devs share their thoughts on DB design/album artist performance?..this is what i am selfishly interested in...perhaps there are others too...please speak up/lend weight to discussion. thanks
  9. Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere.... All I need is a simple explanation of how to refresh my entire database in one go (if possible), and whether this can be achieved by a simple restart, an option in the menu, or by deleting a cache folder? Clean install? Or other method? Obviously I'm new to all this... My problem arises from originally having MB set up wrong, and now that it's configured the right way, I'm still left with some oddly incorrect metadata and am trying to find a way to simply refresh (rewrite) it all. For example, all of my "sort name" metadata in my television folder is missing key episode information: 'Adventure Time - S01E20 - Freak City.mp4' is labeled under sort name '001-Freak City' (missing episode info) but a quick manual refresh gets it correctly to '001-0020 - Freak City' I save it and all is good. Except, I really don't want to do this for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, because that would be mad. Any help would be beyond awesome.
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