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  1. Hi, The lastest server update (3.0.5462.0) has broken folder.jpg covers for me through my entire library. I am using the server with an HTPC running MBC, and since the update last night, my coverart treatment is now using the filename.jpg instead of the folder.jpg. This is as below screenshots...while not a big issue, I need the filename.jpg for my WDTV Live to display covers, but as you can see the aspect ratio and reflections are interfering with my coverart on my HTPC when using MB3 with ROC theme. Is there any way to force MBserver to use folder.jpg? Thanks
  2. Xzener

    CoverART Treatments

    Does the WP app support CoverArt treatments? New to WP, so not sure. I've seen a folder image or two attempt to add treatment, but reverts back to untreated.
  3. @@ebr Version Doubt you'll need a log for this as it's a UI issue. But I've just been playing with CoverArt and when opening the treatment selection scroller for a Media Type. The scroller doesn't remember its position and always returns to the top item... "Case" I think it is, if I scroll down to Misc using the sidebar scroller then it auto returns to the top item. Trying to click on an item if the scroller does stay where I want it to, also returns it to the top item.
  4. Happy2Play

    Coverart Box sets overlay

    My box sets aren't being treated with box set overlay. The Alex Cross Collection was create by Auto Box set plugin and Aliens I have in its own Collection folder containing a collection.xml.
  5. ebr

    CoverArt 4.0

    CoverArt 4.0 takes your posters and screen grabs and enhances them in any one of a number of ways. Spruce up your Media Browser clients with format-specific cases, automatic overlays for resolution, audio, 3D and subtitles and more. Create automatic multi-image treatments for box-sets and collections that show off what is inside. Specify custom rotation amounts on the cases to give your displays a 3-dimensional touch. Version - Remove all glossy overlays (looked dated and didn't work on Linux) - Fix font incompatibilities on systems with no UI (e.g. UnRaid) Version - Server compatibility - Fix TV not updating when changed Version (Beta) - Adjust some scaling issues on indicator overlays - Add MetroCaseCDs treatment Version (Release) - Fix broken box set previews - Reverse "oldest cover" logic Version (Release) - Add new "Plain" treatment (only indicator overlays) - Add new "MetroCase" treatment for more modern look - Fix some of the media info overlays not showing properly Version (Release) Fix null refs in image provider Fix ordering of multi-image children Version (Release) - Remove defunct server type - Ignore box set children when building multi-sets Version - Treat generic videos like movies - Add "ca-ignore" tag to ignore any item - Don't translate banner treatments - Treat Artists in web client view Version (Release) - Update for server changes Version - Fix custom overlay folder selection - Prefer external subs - Add new "SpineCase" treatment style Version - More server changes Version - Adjust to some server changes Version - Fix changes to some music item treatments not being seen Version - Initial release
  6. Happy2Play

    Coverart plugin SD vs HD overlays

    What determines SD vs HD overlays? The majority of my movies are 720 but randomly some show as SD, but majority show HD. Currently on plugin version Examples
  7. I would really love an option for a indicator overlay for trailers, I like sapphire and diamond cases, and by adding this I would be more willing to initiate the server toggle "Display trailers with movie suggestions"
  8. Would it be possible to have a CD Single overlay for directories that have [CDS] in their name? Something like this perhaps:
  9. ernstgot

    CoverArt - Remastered in 4K

    I was wondering if we could get a cover art for Remastered in 4K. Would love to know which ones are in that format.
  10. DGMayor

    CoverArt & Trailers

    So one of the recent updates started putting the trailers treatment on the channel version of trailers which is great, only problem is that it didn't seem to remove the previous treatment (which I can't figure out where it's coming from, there doesn't appear to be a setting to match it).
  11. Hi ebr, I was wondering if treatment for trailers in the new Trailers channel has changed somehow? Previously, with the old plugin, I had a Diamond treatment applied. However, with trailers in the new channel, there seems to be a default treatment applied (generic with black bar across the top). Could you please let me know how to apply the Diamond treatment again, or if it will be addressed in a future release? Thanks!
  12. as you can see coverart refuses to treat the toplevel image for the collections
  13. I'm having an issue generating top-level collage images for new media library entries. I never had an issue before the new method to organize libraries was implemented. Anyway, my oldest libraries: Documentaries, Home Videos, TV Shows, Movies, and Stand-Up Comedy all have library collage images. However, when I was forced to recreate some other libraries, I have noticed that these top-level collage images are not being created. The paths have not changed that I assigned to these libraries, only the names slightly changed (Kid's Movies instead of Children's Movies, for example). Anyway, any idea on what I'm missing on generating these primary images?
  14. jhildenburg

    Cover Art - Grouped Versions

    I have The Hobbit in two different formats. H.264 MKV DVD Quality and H.264 MKV Blu-ray Quality. I have them grouped together and that part seems to be working. When I enabled CoverArt it shows up as a H.264 (like all my other titles). I went into the CoverArt config and changed it to display based on quality instead of type. I then changed it so SD comes up as DVD and HD comes up as BD. This works for all my single title movies (standard def is DVD and high def is Blu-Ray) but not for the grouped together Hobbit. It shows up as DVD. I would like it show the format based on the highest quality in the group. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  15. Hi @@ebr @@Luke any way of getting the green ticks (and other indicators) to be on the poster with the diamond treatment? Cheers Edit: I meant to say it looks a bit better with the 'Use original art aspect ratio' ticked in CoverArt but the posters look a bit narrow.
  16. I'd like the ability to select which libraries are shown in the poster screensaver. In my case I'd like to avoid "Music" but that's just me.
  17. Ive been trying to kick start coverart into displaying an image in all of my "top media folder" some of them display the fan treatment style no problem, ive tried changing the style and the ones that are working change not problem. But the ones with the place holder image wont change..... Below is a link to a pic of what its doing or not doing... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/73415573/coverart.PNG
  18. Seeing a issue with sapphire and diamond covered treatments in multiple clients. Including server, MBT, android Win 8. Tried switching to one that works like the tv image, then back with no luck. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jap4qu84h9589cu/episodesnaps.png Weird thing isnt certain situations they appear fine like n MBC or certaiin pages of clients. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua03idvg3dtcnut/episodesnaps2.png Thanks.
  19. Now that we have MB Bookshelf it would be great if coverart could be expanded to include a treatment for books, preferably something like the 3D open case with the pages showing etc. Just think that at the moment the books look a little plain compared to our movies. Thanks
  20. moviefan

    CoverArt Treatment Question

    Just bored tonight and looking at my collection and trying to understand why some of my HD movies show up as H.264 and some show up as BluRay via the CoverArt treatment. Going through the metadata details I can't find what the difference is between movies showing one or the other. Any help?
  21. xliv

    CoverArt update fails

    Hi, CoverArt update fails (reporting maybe a corrupted file) - sever version: 3.0.5135.31685 - installed CoverArt version: - auto update level set to Beta - fetching Here are some logs: server-63526241506.log
  22. Hi All, MBS Version 3.0.5135.31685 CoverArt Version MBC Version 3.0.108 MBT Version 3.0.5129.37166 I have been trying to nut out if there is something wrong with my config or if there is a display bug. Below is how a movie poster looks with CoverArt set to "ignore". I have screen capped it with it highlighted to show the full area for the image. Now, here is an image with CoverArt set to "rounded". It has a similar effect no matter what treatment I use but it stands out most on this one as there is no other cover element to the image. Something is squashing the images. This is visible in the web client and MBT, but it does not effect images in MBC in the few themes I have tried. I have fully removed CoverArt including config files and reinstalled in an attempt remedy this but it is consistently repeatable for me. Known issue, bug or config problem in CoverArt or WebUI and MBT?
  23. techywarrior

    coverart - bug with SD/HD setting

    @@ebr Never had an issue before (although I can't confirm) but I just added the Alien Anthology and I ripped them all at 1280 x (whatever the appropriate height was) and two of the movies got the HD treatment and two got the SD treatment. I verified the width on the files and they are all 1280px wide.
  24. Trialing Plex for a few months, there was a pretty neat feature within their Server software that would be handy if added to Media Browser.... Sometimes when the server picks up a movie cover that is incorrect or can't pick the movie cover up at all, there was an option called 'Fix Incorrect Match' which basically allowed a manual keyword search and also allowed the user to select a source scraper. This would then return a list of results (movie name and year) and the user could select the appropriate movie they were looking for and then allowed the user to override the built in search and (for me) returned a 100% success rate of retrieving all invalid and missing covers. I understand that Media Browser should probably automatically retrieve, however, I have come across this issue multiple times now where I have named the movie incorrectly (only slighty - e.g. Space missing, character wrong, etc) and Media Browser will not retrieve the correct title, even after manually correcting the name of the movie/folder and hitting 'Refresh Metadata', it still doesn't work. I have to manually go in and delete the Movie.xml file plus all files relating to that movie (excluding the actual movie file) and try again. If that doesn't work I have to try manually editing the metadata, save it and try again. Last resort I have been manually deleting the 'TheMovieDB ID', plug in the IMDB ID, save and refresh again - that seems to work. If we had a 'Fix Incorrect Match' option (or similar) it could override all the manual labour involved and link the returned result directly to the movie. Even if the movie was named incorrectly, it would still apply all the correct metadata, coverart, etc. to the right place.
  25. ulrick65

    Nested Collections and CoverArt

    I have been using MB2 for a long time and just now found the time to convert over to MB3. With just over 1500 movies, it was not a task I was looking for too...but I must say the conversion was painless. Along with this, I have decided to take the time to update all the artwork, covers, etc. for all my media (was still using stark covers). I have reverted all my covers back to original .jpg's and now use CoverArt for everything. In particular, for Collections (and boxsets) I use the "fan" treatment. One question I have is: What is the difference between a collection and boxset? The issue I am having is with "nested collections". What I mean by this is have a few collections that I have nested inside collections. For example, I have a Batman Collection (with a collection.xml and accompanying folder.jpg and backdrop.jpg). Inside that I have Batman Anthology Collection and The Dark Knight Collection (each with corresponding xml's, jpg's, etc.). Then inside those I have the actual movie folders. The issue is that CoverArt dresses the Batman Anthology and Dark Knight Collections correctly (as a fan)...but the parent Collection (Batman Collection) gets a clearcase treatment (with the blu-ray spine). I do not have that treatment selected anywhere in the CoverArt settings. My guess is that it does not recognize the nested folders correctly...but maybe there is a setting somewhere that I am missing? Here's what the folder structure looks like. The "Batman Collection" level does not get the "fan" treatment...the ones below that do. Thanks.
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