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  1. BAS

    Beta - Connection Setup lockup

    While testing setting up connection externally with a few different rokus had some weird issues in 1.19.16. Not using emby connect, entering server in manually, change host, change port, click continue. App froze on two different occassions didnt advance past this screen waited patiently for a few mins until I was returned to the Roku home screen. Upon relaunch of the app it saved the server info I had and entered and was presented with the user login screen for server, which all worked fine from this point.
  2. jasonwilliams

    tv.emby.media Connection Failure

    Hello, Hope I'm posting this in the correct forum... I'm trying to use the web client with my xBox One, but when I try to connect with tv.emby.connect, I get a "Connection Failure" message. I have tried using with SSL and without. The same thing happens for me with any Edge browser (even on different PCs). It works perfectly with Chrome. Any help is much appreciated! Jason
  3. deadonthefloor

    Bug in Windows Phone version

    I ran into a problem trying to log into the Emby app on my new Lumia 950/XLs that I picked up in the recent bogo deal. When I opened the app and entered Server details manually, the app got hung up on "Getting Server details...". The emby server log showed the server was delivering "/mediabrowser/Users/Public?format=json" to the phone and that was the last request. On the phone I went to "About" -> "Logs" -> "Send Logs". In the Phone app log there was an entry that said it was unable to convert "Smart" into "MediaBrowser.Model.Configuration.SubtitlePlaybackMode". When I went through the users list returned by the server, I found Smart, and the user it was connected associated with. After I changed the affected users, the app started working. While I did send this information to the developer, I wanted to update the community in case you encounter a similar experience while the developer updates the app.
  4. cborg63

    double server

    I am new to Emby, I use Win 10. I don't know what I did but when I login I see my pc name twice as the servers... How do I delete one? I have tried to delete it but with no success. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all, I'm having an issue with the android app. When I try to connect to my server over HTTPS I get a connection failure error. If i switch to HTTP it works. HTTPS was working fine three-four days ago, when I installed the certificate on the phone. I've tried with the domain and the IP, both don't work. How should I proceed? App version: 2.5.55 Server version: 3.0.5781.5 Server OS: Ubuntu
  6. Jorgesoto

    Roku Connections Problems

    I reinstalled server v3.0.5597.0 beta due to problems i was having connecting with My Roku3. Now it is saying Server Not Found. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what might be wrong or how i can fix this. When i was using Server v3.0.5588.1 it was working for about 2months and then it just stopped working that is why i removed it from my Windows 7 PC and downloaded Beta Version. Any and All help is appreciated.
  7. Hello, I'm running mediabrowser server version 3.0.5395.0, with mediabrowser theater version 3.0.5404.16392, on a windows 8.1 system. MBS is running fine, and I can navigate to the web interface without any issues. However, when I attempt to log into MBT, I keep getting the error: "Unable to connect to the remote server". The software was working well last Wednesday, but has since begun throwing this error constantly. I have it set to connect to localhost:8096, with a single administrative user, and no password (it's on my own system, and not configured for remote access). I attempted a full uninstall (clean removal, and reboot), with a reinstall from the website. Having downloaded the new installer, I did a clean reinstall, and now cannot even get past the initial setup wizard. I have attached the setup logs below. My novice review of the logs, seems to show that the software is posting a GET command, to the remote access server, after it gets the localhost information. I noticed this behavior when I would disable the NIC, and receive an instant login failure. With the NIC enabled, I have a short delay before receiving this error. Screenshot is also attached. I have checked, and the user has full management access. Please let me know if you need additional user information and/or screenshots. Is this a glitch with the MBT release version, or is there something else I can do? I would appreciate any suggestions, and will provide additional info if needed. Thank you very much! theater-63549249424.txt
  8. When I try to play any video via DLNA to my Samsung smart tv I get message "please check your network connection" and file can’t be played. When I firstly installed media browser all was fine but suddenly I started getting that message. Could someone help me sort this problem? My TV is properly connected to network.
  9. Hi Everyone, First off, apologies if this is a bit brash, the forum just lost my last full post about this :/ Anyhow, I've running the beta (3.0.5233.40306), everything has been running smooth until last few weeks when it's saying a port is in use when starting MB server. Funny thing is, if I don't close the error dialog and leave it open, everything works fine (web and accessing via MB classic), so I'm not sure what port isn't working. MB server is a fairly vanilla install with ServerWMC and a couple of other plugins I've been using for ages (Trailers, Trakt, etc.). I've killed every process/service I can (except for VMWare workstation and SVN server services), and it still claims a port is in use. The web GUI says it's using ports 8096 and 8945, both of which are free when I launch it. The only real werid thing I've noticed is that one MB process/service is running when I've closed everything and I can't kill it: MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe:9996 UDP Morpheus:ssdp *:* TCPView can't find the process, and I can't terminate the connection (I request the process and connection to close and nothing happens). I've done a reinstall and multiple restarts with no luck. I've attached the MB server log and my TCP View log with everything (VMWare and SVN aside) closed. Anyone have any ideas? log.txt unhandled_4d577e32-3e86-4cb8-8581-fd6ae79d1f77.zip Edit: Forgot to put version number in
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