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  1. otiplady

    Library sync thread has exited

    Hi, I'm running... Emby for Kodi plugin 3.0.17 KODI 17.6 Windows 10 Here is a link to my log file... http://ix.io/14m1 I have started getting the Emby for Kodi error "Library sync thread has exited!" It's out of the blue, was using it fine only a few days ago. It happens after I start KODI and the Emby plugin starts to scan my media. It happens as soon as the scan starts. I have tried suggestions on the forums such as reducing items synced, I've limited threads, I've looked for any network issues, I've removed plugins, I reinstalled over existing install... I ultimately uninstalled KODI completely and reinstalled, then added the emby plugin as the only plugin. Still get the same issue. I have another Win10 PC with the same set up and it is fine. Appreciate your advice Owen
  2. Right now, music videos are a nightmare to match as there is no 'identify' and the external links have imdb and rotten tomatoes etc, which do not even have data on music videos (not sure why they are even there). https://imvdb.com
  3. On the last emby server beta and on Emby for Kodi 3.0.9a (Couldn't try the last beta) I see in the overview that user start streaming and after 5 minutes its stopped in the overview but the user watch it until the end... I don't know if it is last emby beta or emby for kodi error...
  4. Dear Emby developers, As ex-plex user I'm happely using now only the Emby server. I do like the open setup, just Plex was in the past. Okay, as for the (very big) annoyance/problem I'm experiencing; Loosing items from libraries when folders/shares are not active, when scanfolders is run. The setup; Using emby x64 v3.3.x.x. I have five Libraries, each library consists of several folders, due to lack of 1 big storage-medium... Each folder is either a local-pc-windows-folder, a dns-share, or a remote windows system (net use) shared folder. The action; When I add one movie to one of the shared-folders, on that specific system (pc/nas/remotepc), there is no problem. The normal situation; To add the new movie to the Emby library I do the manual, scan folder action (new and updated), then the movie is added. And works instantly. The problem; Same as described as above, but now, the main-pc where Emby server is running, does not have one of the shared-remote-folder(s) on the nas or remote-pc active. Thus windows-explorer can not reach the share, as it is not active, so fails with message folder-does-not-exists. But it does exists actually on the system, which is for example shutdown. When now the scanfolder (new and updated) is started, litterly all library items located on, pointed to, the folder-share which is not active, will be deleted from the library. Not good! So one movie is added, and all share-folder-not-found items are all removed. This happened to me for the last few week already 3 times, this is real problem... to my opinion. Then I have to enable all systems, fix the share(s), rescan all. And have to manually re-Identify each movie, and re-select the preferred custom images. This additional fixing process takes each time about 1-3 hours. I do like to manually customize the primairy/banner/images etc, but 3+ times is just stupid. And, please understand, I do not want that every Pc or Nas with shared folders need to be enabled, when a folder-scan is initiated. My Request: To make the server scanning option more robust. a] - As an option, or as new normal operation; Only add/remove item(s) to/from the Emby-library when the folder does exists ! -This way not all known items are removed, just because the share is inactive, for a moment. -When a shared-folder is not accessible it does not mean it does not exists.. b] - When all items of one of the library folders needs to be removed, then library folder can simply be removed. When a library folder is removed from the library folder list, all known items could be instantly removed. c] - Optional request, an 'disabled'/'enabled' next to each library folder. This way a folder, which does exists, and previously has been added, can be disabled for a specific reason. When disabled, all items within this folder/share are instantly not visible. But they are still in the library that is. So when reanabled, they will be back. I do really hope request a] is easily implementable! As probaly the 4th+ time I will pullout my hair when I forget to enable first all shares on each system, before I press scan-folder :-) Best regards, Manuel (the Netherlands.)
  5. hi all, so i'm running a Nvidia shield and i cant get the latest emby plugin to work. if i choose manual mode and enter the server details noting happens and i get no on screen errors. if i choose emby connect i get an on screen error asking me to check the logs. i have a second shield that the emby plugin is working fine on but it's been installed since an old version and works once updated. i have tried factory defaulting the shield and re-installing kodi and the plug in. restarted many times. on a side not plex media server is forced on us as it's preinstalled but with that disabled makes no difference and it's installed on the working one. the shield can reach my emby server ok as i can ping it and mount a network drive. i've attached a log. any ideas? thanks kodi.log
  6. Basically using the emby plugin I could not connect to my local server a it failed to run python parameter number mismatch (I hate those when writing Python code), simply put it was so messed up I could not simply remove the emby plugin and config, as all the TV and Movies were left and unusable (no good for usability), as such I had to remove ~/.kodi and start from scratch. I was then forced to switch to the embycon plugin, which works (steams),but is otherwise lacking, I guess this is a requirement for making the official repo. Again it is not really user-friendly, compared to the emby plugin, but it works so users have access for the moment. Emby plugin error, seen in the logs over and over: 20:07:16.980 T:140195366164224 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> resolving connectToServers with re sult['State']: {'ConnectUser': None, 'State': 2, 'Servers': [{'Name': u'fileserver', 'AccessToken': None, 'RemoteAddress': u'http://XXXX:8096', 'UserId': YYYY, 'LocalAddress': u'http:// XXXX:8096', 'DateLastAccessed': '2018-03-11T20:07:16Z', 'LastConnectionMode': 2, 'Id': u'QQQQQ'}]} 20:07:17.108 T:140195366164224 NOTICE: EMBY.service -> ERROR:: function takes at most 4 arguments ( 5 given) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/service.py", line 46, in <module> service.service_entry_point() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/service_entry.py", line 102, in service_entry_point initialsetup.InitialSetup().setup() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/initialsetup.py", line 44, in setup if not self._user_identification(): File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/initialsetup.py", line 111, in _user_identification server = self.connectmanager.select_servers() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/connectmanager.py", line 89, in select_servers dialog = ServerConnect("script-emby-connect-server.xml", *XML_PATH) TypeError: function takes at most 4 arguments (5 given)
  7. Would love to see the trakt plugin being enhanced not only to scrobble, but also to sync my movie collection (i.e., only movies in my MBS library show as part of my trakt movie collection). Thanks for looking into this!!!
  8. Hi, since the latest emby server version, i'm getting blue boxes on my clients. i'm not sure if thats related to the emby addon or embuary. i'm running both, the beta version of emby for kodi and the stable version, same problem.
  9. Hi Apologies if this has been requested here. Couldn't find it here but I know there are other topics about it mentioning it's on the list, but that was from 2013 so just wanted to add it here Would be great to add an option in Edit mode to set a TV Show to use DVD order instead or Air Date order. The workaround to rename files is not really viable as some shows would take far too long and others don't make sense in air date order (e.g. Firefly and Batman The Animated Series) which is why they changed it for DVD. Thanks as always! With all the amazing progress Emby has done over the last 12-18 months, this is the final piece of the puzzle, for me anyway, to make it complete and almighty! Cheers Edit: Apologies, just noticed the note at the top of this section.. please pretend I added "Emby Server - " to the beginning of the subject title
  10. I'm using the Emby beta plugin for Kodi set to Add-on mode. I have some movies with multiple qualities (4K and 1080p) so when I am browsing the library and select a movie, a window pops up asking which file I want to play. That is working perfectly. The issue I'm having is that when I try to do the same exact thing from the widgets on the homescreen, it asks me which quality I want to play. Loads for a second after I select it, and then the window pops up again asking which quality I want. The second instance will start the movie, but it starts playing it in the background and gives me errors with refresh rate switching and HDR (this doesn't happen when selecting that same movie from within the library). It happens with any skin I select. I reproduced the error with the default skin Estuary and have attached the log. Thanks kodi.log
  11. flovanc

    emby on distant server

    Hello I have emby Version running on kimsufi ubuntu distant server , i have some video files on this server and other on my nas at home At home i have also a android tv whit last kodi and emby for kodi addon (2.3.62A) i have also mount my video folder from my nas to my kimsufi (sshfs) , whit this my emby server see my video files( nas) and can index them and easy index video files from the distant server . but the only way to play those files is by tick/untick the "Play from HTTP instead of SMB" inside playback menu of the addon tick: i can play video from kimsufi over http perfectly and can play video from my nas over http but it's laggy and unviewable cause emby use my mount (sshfs and upload of my internet box) for play video and not my local nas and smb . untick: i can play (perfectly) video from my nas but can't play video from my kimsufi distant server . possible to avoid this tick/untick option ( not easy for child and wife and boring for everyone ) ? or someone have another idea ? flo
  12. would it be possible to add a similar feature to amazon prime and netflix where it does a countdown to the next episode in emby where it detects i already have the next episode and it just add it. i know i could build a play list in the web ui but i think this will be a nice touch.. this will help me bindge watch tv shows all day.. and that 30seconds count down will probably give enough time to run to the loo !
  13. From Versión beta Force Transcode x265 is ignoring and using direct . I just test with old version Versión and is working ok. Dont know if a server issue or kodi plugin.
  14. Hi, little backstory: Over the weekend I upgraded the server Emby is running from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. Unfortunately after the upgrade Emby mixed up the configured users so I ended up without a user with admin permissions in Emby and therefore decided to delete /var/lib/emby-server and start fresh. Setup wise I have one system (Synology NAS) providing the files and another system actually running Emby. It happens every now and then (every day if you don't remove the "clean database" from sheduled tasks, that Emby decided to clean out my library, when he can't find the media files (because the NAS is turned off). While it makes sense to remove an item from the database, that cannot be found anymore Emby should become suspicious of every item in the library vanished. Feature suggestion: if a mere ls on the folder of the library already does not give any results, skip clean for the library.
  15. e123enitan

    Kodi log screen hanged

    @Angelblue Emby4Kodi V3.0.7a, Just trying to fixed server for maintenance, so I disable ALL users in Ember Server, when I am done fixing the server, I re-enable users, then Kodi prompt with screen to validate users and password, although the screen displayed user name, so I pressed enter to continue the screen FREEZE Kodi no other functions could be perform, as many times that tried to log in for each client same issue. What usually happen in the past when a client is disable in the server, Kodi will prompt the user connection with server is lost, but should always the user to watch Live Tv but not able to play movies or Tv shows. If the client re-lunched Kodi it will prompt no connection with server, but it would allow access to Kodi to watch Live TV or perform other functions besides interface with server. thereafter when the user or client is RE-ENABLE on the server side client received immediate prompt it's connection with server is re-established. Could you check that this narrative is still in place coz my experience of yesterday proved otherwise, let me know if I should test when you have resolved the issue. Thanks
  16. Emby for Kodi Version: ( Not exactly sure what version it started but I believe all the beta 3.0.x are affected) beta 3.0.x ( latest version tested was 3.0.8a ) Emby Server Version: Version Kodi Versions Affected: (Untested on LibreELEC Kodi v18 Alpha 1) Kodi 17.6 OS Tested and Affected: (Crashing) LibreELEC (official): 8.2.3, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.59 - ( Raspberry Pi 3 ) LibreELEC (official): 8.2.3, kernel: Linux x86 64-bit version 4.11.12 - ( Asus Cromebox cn60) OS Tested and Unaffected: (Working) Windows 10 x64 - Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 - (Kodi 17.6 & Kodi v18 - Alpha 1) Xubuntu 16.04 - LTS "Xenial Xerus" - ( Kodi 17.6 ) Issue: Installing Emby for Kodi Beta 3.0.x on a fresh install of LibreELEC, ( Kodi 17.6 ), results in Kodi crashing on the user select screen, after entering entering a user password and selecting "Sign In". Full Log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26476847/ Kodi Crash log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26476849/ *note: I did censor out ids & external ips with "[REMOVED]" Workaround: Install Emby for Kodi Stable Version: 2.3.62a, setup, and run initial sync. Upgrade to Emby for Kodi Beta 3.0.x after initial sync. -------------------------------------- This has been an issue for a while now, unfortunately I did not have time to create a proper bug report until now. If you need any more info, Just let me know.
  17. Hello all, I have multiple Kodi machines all connecting to one Emby server. I recently updated all kodi plugins (including the emby plugin) on one of the machines and did some other tunes and tweaks. I then usually copy over the entire kodi profile to the other machines and remove settings.xml from userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.emby Then; When starting kodi with the new profile on the other machines, i get an Emby Connect to server/Login screen. I enter the server, enter login information. Wait for the server/client sync and everything is up and running. This time it's not working. As soon as i enter the server IP and port and press connect; Kodi crashes and screen only shows a cursor. Then the libreelec watchdog restart Kodi and again i am presented with the Emby login. I cannot seem to get passed this. I'm running the latest Emby server .70 and client 3.0.8a. Is this a beta? When reverting back to 2.3.62 it works again. Logging does not show anything weird; 15:37:01.971 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> tryConnect url: http://*:8096/emby/system/info/public 15:37:01.992 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> ConnectionManager response status: 200 15:37:01.993 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> connectToAddress http://*:8096 succeeded 15:37:01.994 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> begin connectToServer 15:37:01.994 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> beginning connection tests 15:37:01.994 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> testing connection mode 2 with server vod 15:37:01.994 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> tryConnect url: http://*:8096/emby/system/info/public 15:37:02.014 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> ConnectionManager response status: 200 15:37:02.015 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> calling onSuccessfulConnection with connection mode 2 with server vod 15:37:02.016 T:139989663819520 NOTICE: EMBY.credentials -> credentialsupdated
  18. Hi, For customizing my skin i need to use smart playlists, the thing is that emby is not creating smart playlists of my library folders and also on sources i have two Emby folders but neither of them is populated, the sources show up empty. This is a problem because there's no other way to customize my kodi skin without the smart playlists, and without playlists or paths i cant create smart playlists. I have kodi 17.6 and stable emby addon 2.3.62a how can i fix this? thanks
  19. @@Luke Hi, i was wondering if there will be a complete translation of the Apple Tv App, now it shows part german, part english ? Further it would be wonderful if there was a button for TV shows to set the watched status on/off for all episodes/seasons of show. For example: my boy wants to watch a tv show (2seasons/56episodes) over and over again. i have to open the webbrowser each time to set the watched status back for the Show. please include this in the ATV App. Last thing i wanted to say is that the ATV app not allways refreshes the status (movies/shows) - but there is already a thread to this. All in all i have to say that Emby works great and as long time Plex user i‘m happy i got here. best regards
  20. Went to watch a movie last night and when we selected a movie we were presented with a strange "Select the Source" screen with weird sources displayed. This seems to be happening on all my kodi emby devices. I am currently using Kodi 17.1 and Emby addon 3.07a. I have attached a copy of the message that we are seeing and my log file. log-2018-01-28-18.24.52.zip
  21. I'm in general very happy with the Emby for Kodi app. For me it's the perfect solution as I'm using Kodi for my main Media Center and the iOS Emby app for streaming when "on the go". However there is one to me very annoying issue that I've "always" had. The "Emby Options" submeny does not work under certain conditions. I am using Kodi v17.6 and the latest Emby plugin, I always keep bothj updated. However this issue have persisted through all releases. I'm using the default Estuary skin for kodi. When I try to access the "Kodi Options" submeny on items/widgets under the Movies Kodi menu it does nothing. The same is true if I try to access this submeny for movies (or anything else) that is displayed as the result of a search in Kodi. THis makes it very difficult to for instance toggle the playstate for a movie in the Emby library. If I go to my movies library in Kodi by entering by for instance Title or Genres (from the Kodi menu) things works as expected. Could this please be fixed so the "Emby Options" submeny works as it should "everywhere" in Kodi? Not sure if I explained this in a way that is possible to understand, if not please let me know
  22. In a recent server update the advanced section for hosting changed. This has caused a bit of an issue for me and possibly other people that are using a reverse proxy for Emby Before I was able to show the external address as the domain I input and the custom port I use. I am using IIS to proxy and do SSL offloading. IIS is programmed to work on the internal IP over http X.X.X.X:8096 My external connection is my domain xxx.xxxx.xxx:custom port The issue becomes if i checkbox the "Require https for external connections" it will update the remote address to the proper one but then my SSL offloading does not work as all requests are being redirected to https on the Emby server It seems that one of my remote clients a Kodi box actually automaticlly updated the server address to the wrong one because Emby is reporting the wrong external address to clients. Can the option to use a custom external address and port be returned without forcing https on the Emby server?
  23. Would there be any interest in integrating Amazon Echo/Dot control into Emby? e.g Alexa ask Emby to play next Family Guy Alexa open Emby Movies Alexa shuffle Emby music Alexa pause Emby Alexa Fast Forward Emby 3 minutes Alexa ask Emby to play next episode Amazon are offering the API to developers: https://developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/alexa/alexa-voice-service/content/avs-api-overview Logitech has already integrated Alexa with their Harmony remotes: https://support.myharmony.com/en-us/harmony-experience-with-amazon-alexa and Sonus will shortly do so. Could be a USP for Emby compared to Plex and Kodi!
  24. Hi! Yesterday i´ve already posted my problem in the docker thread but now i know that my problem belongs to a series and not to the docker container. The series is not scrobbled to trakt.tv, the series is not listed in emby backend when i start or stop playback and neither during watching. Also the pushover plugin doesn´t send pushmails.... the logfile is attached and looks quite interessting.... maybe it´s some naming convention thing... pls have a look b0mb Neues Textdokument.7z
  25. Hi Guys, I think I may have identified a bug with Emby for Kodi when in 'Native (Direct Play)'. My Setup is as follows: 5 x Raspberry PI 3 B+ running the latest Kodi (Libreelec) and Emby addon (2.3.62a) to manage my movies and TV Shows 2 x Computers with Kodi (Windows 10) and Emby addon (2.3.62a) as well Synology NAS hosting my media (Movies, TV Shows, etc) and running Emby Server 3.2.70 I have been using Emby as my media manager for the past 8 months... but recently, I have noticed that with my RPi 3 B+, running in Add-on mode, appears to very slow in loading a Movie or TV Show when selected... would possibly take 20 seconds or so... and the temperature seems to increase of the system, at odd times overheating when in use I have reset all my setups as recommended (RPi and Computers running Kodi/Emby) and use Native (Direct Play) in the Emby addons, and the loading of the Movies/TV Shows are almost instant when selected. The bug I did notice thou, is that if "Default select action" is set on 'Choose' or 'Show Information' within Kodi settings for media... it will just play the source and not show the information screen! This worked well in Add-on mode, but in Native (Direct Play), it seems to treat the "Show information" as "Play" If I select "Show information" - when a movie (or TV Show is selected) - it simply plays the source, ignoring the 'show Information' screen I set it as 'Choose' - when a movie (or TV Show is selected) - it will show a popup with 'Play', 'Show information', 'More...' ('Play' and 'Show information' do the same function and play the source) The only way I can get it to show information is to select 'More...' in the popup, and then select 'Information', or if I press the context menu and select 'Information' I have changed skins to verify its not a skin issue (Amber, Aeon Nox: Silvo, etc...) and this only happens when Emby is set to use use Native (Direct Play), else in Add-on mode, everything works well... but its just so slow to load my content, taking half a minute... If logs are required, please let me know... but I think this issue can be replicated on your end to verify this bug
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