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  1. mastrmind11

    Log naming

    @@Luke, there was a discussion on here a few months ago about proper naming of the emby log file so that fail2ban, logrotate, etc rules would work properly. What is the status of that change? I thought we had you convinced to make the change back then. Thanks
  2. Recently I noticed my android clients are out of sync. In the server dashboard, there is only 1 device listed for both clents. I'm guessing this is some sort of device ID issue. The logs I posted are after deleting the device on the server, restarting server and opening the clients one by one. Shield 1.log Shield 2.log
  3. theghost31

    Resume button doesn't work

    Hi As explained at @@Angelblue05, I have a new bug about the resume of an episode. Everytime the episode starts from the begin :/ Before to give you the logs, I think these details can help you to identify the issue. With trakt, the synchro is OK. So the episode is marked (resume from 14min50) With emby server, so when I watch on the emby UI (interface web), same thing, it's OK with resume from 14min50 and it's works when I resume it. With Kodi, I can see resume from 14min50 BUT when I want to resume, the episode starts from 0. This happens ONLY on Kodi Thank you in advance guys Edit: Weird but the log (embyserver) from docker doesn't seems to be up to date because the episode logged is not the episode played with Kodi ... So please use only the kodi log, it's seems more logic kodilog.txt embyserver.txt
  4. I am running the following Emby Server: Application version: Emby Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Processor count: 6 Program data path: /var/lib/emby Application directory: /opt/emby-server/system Plugins: Server Configuration Backup Kodi companion My main Emby client is the Kodi plugin running on a Sony XBR-49X700D: Kodi 17.6 Git:20171114-a9a7a20 Android 7.0.0 API level 24 Kernel Linux 2.10.79 I also have client running as a Kodi plugin on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Libreelec, a client running on an iPad 2 and one running on an Android phone, but the issue seems to be related with the client on the TV. Every so often I notice the following repeated in the server log several times (approximately every 30 seconds to 1 minute): Info HttpServer: WS ws://<server_ip>:8096/embywebsocket?api_key=<api-key>&deviceId=<device-id>. UserAgent: Info HttpServer: HTTP POST http://<server_ip>:8096/emby/Sessions/Capabilities/Full?format=json. UserAgent: Emby-Kodi Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to <client_ip>. Time: 3ms. http://<server_ip>:8096/emby/Sessions/Capabilities/Full?format=json Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://<server_ip>:8096/emby/Sessions?DeviceId=<device-id>&format=json. UserAgent: Emby-Kodi Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to <client_ip>. Time: 3ms. http://<server_ip>:8096/emby/Sessions?DeviceId=<device-id>&format=json This will happen until a scheduled task is triggered in the server, at which point I see the following repeated several times: Error HttpServer: Error in SharpWebSocket: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.. Exception.Message: Connection reset by peer And then the the WS/HTTP messages start appearing again. This appears to continue until the Emby process reaches its open files ulimit of 1024 at which time no more connections can be made to the process. Looking at netstat, I see hundreds of ESTABLISHED TCP sessions on server port 8096 with the client. These ESTABLISHED sessions never seem to get closed until the Emby server process is restarted. It seems that this happens when the TV is put in standby and Kodi is running. I'm not sure if this is specifically an Emby issue, but it is where I see the symptoms. I'm not sure if the Emby for Kodi plugin can handle this situation on its own, or if this also needs to be addressed on the Kodi end as well.
  5. markdj

    Problem with resume

    Since a couple of weeks I've noticed that Trakt doesn't sync any playback progress between my two devices anymore. It used to work perfectly and having changed nothing it suddenly stopped working. Which makes me think it's plug-in related. Could anyone test and verify this? I've tried everything (updating add-ons, updating Kodi, uninstalling/reinstalling Trakt plug-in, et cetera). I would love to get this to work again so any help would be greatly appreciated! (Edit: the progress does show up in the Emby app itself, it just doesn't seem to load on the devices, restarting the entire video every time instead of resuming).
  6. a while ago, Microsoft added the option for PiP (mini view) on Windows 10: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/05/22/windows-10-tip-watch-video-using-another-app-mini-view/#H2HDSbLRePdfU9Jd.97 Any chance to get that added to the store app? I use Emby regularly on my SP4 and having the mini view would be a great addition.
  7. Would it be possible to move this setting so it can be per library or at least let Recordings have it own setting, it is just that I pad my recordings with 2mins pre and 4mins after, but this means that even though I have watched the episode as it does not reach the watched percentage I have set for the main library, and as such my recordings never automatically get marked as watched.
  8. lloydcodrington

    TV series are playing in random order

    Hi Emby Team, I am not sure when it really started happening, but guess it was since the 3.3.x.x.x update. When I select a TV series and decide to play from the beginning, a complete or partial season or a few episode of a current season through to the end it ends up playing in a random order. When I check the Kodi playlist it displays the remaining shows in a random order. When I play direct from the Kodi menu system it plays in the correct order. So let's say that I've not watched the last three more more episodes of a particular series I would normally go to the next episode to be viewed and press play. With 'Auto play next episode' activated it use to continue in proper order but now it randomises the order playing each, once. So it's just the order of play that is wrong. Has this issue been raised before and are there any ideas on how to overcome this issue? Lloyd
  9. chjohans

    Keeps syncing and synching

    I have an Emby server installation with a movie library with 300+ titles and a TV series library with about 1000 shows. I am running Kodi on a windows PC and a Raspberry Pi 2, both have the Emby for Kodi plugin installed. I have the Emby.Kodi Sync Que plugin installed on the Emby server. Kodi is v17.6 and Emby and all the plugins are the latest release versions. This setup has worked mostly great for a very long time. Lately I've noticed that Emby for Kodi initiates incremental syncs again and again, there is no way there has been that many changes in my libraries. It will sync again and again, several times a day, and on the Raspberry Pi it's especially bothersome since the sync process(es) will eventually hang the rpi. I tried to uninstall and install the Emby.Kodi Sync Que plugin in the hope that this would reset the "change history" in case something were messed up with that, but it made no difference. Any ideas on how to debug this? And is it pøossible to check/reset the "change history" the Emby.Kodi Sync Que plugin keeps? Where is this info stored? Thanks in advance for any insight into this
  10. Volkmar

    Another issue with resume

    Since 2 or 3 updates of the emby addon in Kodi, I have following problem: When I continue a movie or an episode of a TV-Show, the process starts twice. It looks as if the movie is running in the background and a few seconds later the correct view follows, but then the movie jumps back to the place where the "background task" started. When the movie is over, it starts again from the beginning (repeat is off) instead of marking itself as seen and stopping. Attached you'll find the Kodi.log file. Regards, Volkmar kodi.log.txt
  11. In the attached log file i added Alien and Aliens, both movies were added to the Movies library using Fast Startup enabled but Box Sets did not update. Ran manual refresh and this forced the update Tested with another user as above Changed user and disabled Fast Startup and Box Sets updated as expected log-2018-04-13-21.27.49.zip
  12. As the title implies, would like to see the awesome feature of theme songs implemented in Android/Fire TV app.
  13. mobamoba

    Font size on Emby options

    Is there a way to set the size of the font on the Emby Options dialogue back to what it was previously? It's significantly smaller in this version making the grey-on-grey selection bar somewhat difficult to see. Is there a way to change it? Thanks.
  14. idhToronto

    Kodi Integrity Error

    Hi After a recent addition of new media to my Emby server I receive a Kodi Integrity Error when starting Kodi. Here is the information required: Kodi Version: 17.6 Emy Addon Version: 3.0.17 Log URL: http://ix.io/14wN Thank you Ian
  15. Hello Emby server on synology Kodi krypton 17.6 on nvidia shield Emby for Kodi add-on 3.0.17 I have an error « library sync thread has exited » The ios app works without error Please find below the details of the error that it requested I post here I restarted Kodi and the server as requested but no change Thanks a lot for the help [emoji1317]
  16. aptalca

    Integrity error

    During an incremental sync, I keep getting a popup saying integrity error, sync thread exited. It also says to post on the forum. It's happening on two separate boxes, kodi on fire tv and kodi on android tv. Here's a log: http://ix.io/14lJ Thanks
  17. Hi there, I updated to the new version of the emby-Kodi plugin, today. However, an important feature seems to be broken or changed for that matter. Before the update, I clicked on a video and it was transcoded according to my settings, but now it is simply playing in the direct mode, which causes stuttering for my setup. I am using the addon mode with transcoding over the internet on a Raspberry Pi client (libreelec Krypton) in my second home. The server is located in my first home and I am using openmediavault 4 with emby (docker). However, since the update to the new emby plugin (3.0.16) the automatic transcoding by clicking on a video is not working anymore, instead I have to start it manually over the context menu. Is there a way to set up transcoding as default for playing content again? Thx
  18. otiplady

    Library sync thread has exited

    Hi, I'm running... Emby for Kodi plugin 3.0.17 KODI 17.6 Windows 10 Here is a link to my log file... http://ix.io/14m1 I have started getting the Emby for Kodi error "Library sync thread has exited!" It's out of the blue, was using it fine only a few days ago. It happens after I start KODI and the Emby plugin starts to scan my media. It happens as soon as the scan starts. I have tried suggestions on the forums such as reducing items synced, I've limited threads, I've looked for any network issues, I've removed plugins, I reinstalled over existing install... I ultimately uninstalled KODI completely and reinstalled, then added the emby plugin as the only plugin. Still get the same issue. I have another Win10 PC with the same set up and it is fine. Appreciate your advice Owen
  19. Right now, music videos are a nightmare to match as there is no 'identify' and the external links have imdb and rotten tomatoes etc, which do not even have data on music videos (not sure why they are even there). https://imvdb.com
  20. On the last emby server beta and on Emby for Kodi 3.0.9a (Couldn't try the last beta) I see in the overview that user start streaming and after 5 minutes its stopped in the overview but the user watch it until the end... I don't know if it is last emby beta or emby for kodi error...
  21. Dear Emby developers, As ex-plex user I'm happely using now only the Emby server. I do like the open setup, just Plex was in the past. Okay, as for the (very big) annoyance/problem I'm experiencing; Loosing items from libraries when folders/shares are not active, when scanfolders is run. The setup; Using emby x64 v3.3.x.x. I have five Libraries, each library consists of several folders, due to lack of 1 big storage-medium... Each folder is either a local-pc-windows-folder, a dns-share, or a remote windows system (net use) shared folder. The action; When I add one movie to one of the shared-folders, on that specific system (pc/nas/remotepc), there is no problem. The normal situation; To add the new movie to the Emby library I do the manual, scan folder action (new and updated), then the movie is added. And works instantly. The problem; Same as described as above, but now, the main-pc where Emby server is running, does not have one of the shared-remote-folder(s) on the nas or remote-pc active. Thus windows-explorer can not reach the share, as it is not active, so fails with message folder-does-not-exists. But it does exists actually on the system, which is for example shutdown. When now the scanfolder (new and updated) is started, litterly all library items located on, pointed to, the folder-share which is not active, will be deleted from the library. Not good! So one movie is added, and all share-folder-not-found items are all removed. This happened to me for the last few week already 3 times, this is real problem... to my opinion. Then I have to enable all systems, fix the share(s), rescan all. And have to manually re-Identify each movie, and re-select the preferred custom images. This additional fixing process takes each time about 1-3 hours. I do like to manually customize the primairy/banner/images etc, but 3+ times is just stupid. And, please understand, I do not want that every Pc or Nas with shared folders need to be enabled, when a folder-scan is initiated. My Request: To make the server scanning option more robust. a] - As an option, or as new normal operation; Only add/remove item(s) to/from the Emby-library when the folder does exists ! -This way not all known items are removed, just because the share is inactive, for a moment. -When a shared-folder is not accessible it does not mean it does not exists.. b] - When all items of one of the library folders needs to be removed, then library folder can simply be removed. When a library folder is removed from the library folder list, all known items could be instantly removed. c] - Optional request, an 'disabled'/'enabled' next to each library folder. This way a folder, which does exists, and previously has been added, can be disabled for a specific reason. When disabled, all items within this folder/share are instantly not visible. But they are still in the library that is. So when reanabled, they will be back. I do really hope request a] is easily implementable! As probaly the 4th+ time I will pullout my hair when I forget to enable first all shares on each system, before I press scan-folder :-) Best regards, Manuel (the Netherlands.)
  22. hi all, so i'm running a Nvidia shield and i cant get the latest emby plugin to work. if i choose manual mode and enter the server details noting happens and i get no on screen errors. if i choose emby connect i get an on screen error asking me to check the logs. i have a second shield that the emby plugin is working fine on but it's been installed since an old version and works once updated. i have tried factory defaulting the shield and re-installing kodi and the plug in. restarted many times. on a side not plex media server is forced on us as it's preinstalled but with that disabled makes no difference and it's installed on the working one. the shield can reach my emby server ok as i can ping it and mount a network drive. i've attached a log. any ideas? thanks kodi.log
  23. Basically using the emby plugin I could not connect to my local server a it failed to run python parameter number mismatch (I hate those when writing Python code), simply put it was so messed up I could not simply remove the emby plugin and config, as all the TV and Movies were left and unusable (no good for usability), as such I had to remove ~/.kodi and start from scratch. I was then forced to switch to the embycon plugin, which works (steams),but is otherwise lacking, I guess this is a requirement for making the official repo. Again it is not really user-friendly, compared to the emby plugin, but it works so users have access for the moment. Emby plugin error, seen in the logs over and over: 20:07:16.980 T:140195366164224 NOTICE: EMBY.connectionmanager -> resolving connectToServers with re sult['State']: {'ConnectUser': None, 'State': 2, 'Servers': [{'Name': u'fileserver', 'AccessToken': None, 'RemoteAddress': u'http://XXXX:8096', 'UserId': YYYY, 'LocalAddress': u'http:// XXXX:8096', 'DateLastAccessed': '2018-03-11T20:07:16Z', 'LastConnectionMode': 2, 'Id': u'QQQQQ'}]} 20:07:17.108 T:140195366164224 NOTICE: EMBY.service -> ERROR:: function takes at most 4 arguments ( 5 given) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/service.py", line 46, in <module> service.service_entry_point() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/service_entry.py", line 102, in service_entry_point initialsetup.InitialSetup().setup() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/initialsetup.py", line 44, in setup if not self._user_identification(): File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/initialsetup.py", line 111, in _user_identification server = self.connectmanager.select_servers() File "/websites/kodi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/connectmanager.py", line 89, in select_servers dialog = ServerConnect("script-emby-connect-server.xml", *XML_PATH) TypeError: function takes at most 4 arguments (5 given)
  24. Would love to see the trakt plugin being enhanced not only to scrobble, but also to sync my movie collection (i.e., only movies in my MBS library show as part of my trakt movie collection). Thanks for looking into this!!!
  25. Hi, since the latest emby server version, i'm getting blue boxes on my clients. i'm not sure if thats related to the emby addon or embuary. i'm running both, the beta version of emby for kodi and the stable version, same problem.
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