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  1. So it would be nice if we could choose to hide libraries from the top instead of being forced to see it. See like in my case I would like to have movie collections and playlist but without them appearing on the top in libraries. And I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to be able to hide them if preferred because you can already access them from other areas. For examples for playlist you can just go under the music library and tap on playlist, or the collections is under movies. I'm not saying to completely remove them but to give the option to hide them. That would be a feature I would like to see in Emby
  2. bretswinney

    iOS plugins

    Would to be able to edit & tweak plugins from the iOS app Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. It would help to have the devices that are actively streaming moved to the top or put somewhere easily found on the dashboard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. When we search for a title on the Android TV home screen using voice search or the keyboard, "global search" display the apps where the title is available, Emby must support this whether if it's for movies, music, etc. I count on your upvote for Emby developers to take this suggestion into account. Thanks.
  5. bretswinney

    Home Network Syncing

    Would like to have option to only sync on home network so that it doesn't kill my upload when I am away from home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. FlyGuy94

    Library tread has exited

    Hello I setup a kodi windows client with embycon and embuary and it worked fine for a week. When I launch kodi now it askes for my login again for some reason. I checked the embycon settings its still in there. 2 seconds later I get the error "emby for kodi Library sync tread has exited" log file attached kodi.txt
  7. In the web app, when displaying the Movies view, there is an option to display the year. But when grouping movies into collections in-line, entering a collection view, dates are NOT shown: and there is no option to display one... a bit of an inconsistency when exploring a movie library. Would either like to see the year displayed for collection components by default, or as a display option similar to the Movies view.
  8. bretswinney

    Transcoding Drive

    My transcoding drive didn't auto dump today. When it was full new streams could not start. Is this a known issue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The Roku thumbnails plugin needs to allow for the user to choose which libraries they want to generate thumbnails for. On running the current task it's taken nearly 12 hours to complete 35%, I've found in the logs that there are a LOAD of errors when creating thumbnails for trailers (as in, the plugin, not my own). I've now uninstalled the trailers plugin. Also, one of my libraries contains a LOT of files in it which I don't need thumbnails for, and due to the quantity this takes a very long time to complete (it also slows the library scan down as thumbnails are created whenever a new file is found). Firstly, I'm fairly sure nobody wants or needs thumbnails creating for the trailers plugin, so this should be disabled anyway. For the other library of mine, for me there is simply no need for thumbnails, but with other users also I don't doubt there are many libraries out there that don't need thumbnails therefore it is wasted processing and storage.
  10. Would it be possible to add another default landing screen for Genres to "Movies"?
  11. If I want my users to download subittles, they need to have manage server permission. It would be nice to have a permission so they have edit subtitle option, just like allow media downloading enables download link. I have to give server management permission to every user if I want them to be able to download subtitles, because sometimes subtitle is offsync and I don't want that they have to ask me to download subtitles for them.
  12. I see the transcoding log for interlaced to utilized yadif=0. Is there anyway to use yadif=1. This is a bob/weave de-interlace that produces MUCH better results. Any way to implement this or has it been tried? Devices like Roku can't deinterlace and the Bob/weave results are so much better than the standard deinterlace.
  13. Hi. I found that the Client side (APPS) that I use (Android TV and Roku), they doesn't have the option to setting up the audio or the subs before play. This feature is present and working in the web/server side. It is very handy. If for some reason you don't have a receiver and your TV can handle stereo, or dolby, or dts, only. Avoiding the initial hang or freeze of the APP if the audio is multichannel and your TV is stereo is a good thing. However, It depends of your TV brand, some can handle ac3 (dolby 5.1), some DTS 5.1 and sometimes both, sometimes just one of those or only stereo. Since 7.1/2 and 9.1/2 are more popular and complex to transcode, one option is find and add an aditional audio track (for compatibility, if is available) and choose that other audio 5.1 to be transcoded on the fly. I don't know why this is happend (hang or freeze), some ffmpeg issues, maybe... (I don't know), but sometimes the APP leave the movie hanged or can't be played, and other times, for some unknown reason, the video can't be played, because the audio can't be transcoded. Anyway, nevermind if it just to avoid more complex audio to transcode but many times when you have 2 or 3 audio tracks available, and maybe two languages, if you can change the audio before play any content, is much better. I had to change the default audio many times in the server side before play some content, and then go to the device to can watch the video/movie/tv show without problems. This feature maybe, can give to the developers team, more clues to fight with some playback issues when the content needs to be transcoded, in this case, the audio. Anyway, if you can choose the audio or subs before play any content, it is a good thing. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  14. michaelt24

    Update Twitter Icon

    Hiya team. You'll want to update the Twitter button/brand on the login screen for Emby Connect. See Twitter Brand Resources here.
  15. With the Android mobile app, every time I want to skip to another song or go back to the previous one I have to unlock my phone because the "next" and "previous" buttons are absent, my phone is Android 7.0:
  16. This is kind of a minor petty request... But can there be a root (http://embyserver.com/robots.txt) /robots.txt file added to the server? With default disallow settings. User-agent: * Disallow: / I get quite a few spider hits each day, and all of them first look for /robots.txt , according to my logs. Any little bit would help... Thanks!
  17. When listening to music while also having Google Maps speak turn-by-turn directions the music is played over the directions. Instead Emby should duck the audio so that I can clearly hear the GPS.
  18. I would love the ability to choose "Guide" over "Programs" as the default view when entering Live TV. I am hoping to eventually have access to the beautiful Emby guide via the Apple TV and this would be a welcome option if that came to be.
  19. I'm trying to create a collection of 4k movies and it would be really handy if there was a filter for 4k in the video types section. A filter for audio types would also be nice, for example TrueHD, Atmos etc. If we could use these in some sort of smart collection in the future that would be great too.
  20. I could of sworn that this function used to be in the old emby version... My TV has play, pause, etc. functions on the remote and can send these functions to the hdmi device connected (chromecast), however it seems emby does not yet support this ability. I know the youtube app works with this, so it should be able to be implemented. This would be a welcomed addition to the features, since its faster then waiting for the ipad app to wake up and detect where you are and then allow you to pause. (Though this is currently broken on current iOS version, but i see its being worked on)
  21. @@corey @@ebr @@Luke Will there ever be a german translation of the Apple TV or is this mix with english going to stay? If help is needed just pm me. best regards
  22. @@corey @@ebr @@Luke Hi, just swaw that inside collections the watched status on the containig movies isnt schowed on the movieposters Only there - in Movies All they displayed correct. Green circle with . So one has to go inside each movie to see watched/unwatched status. Im using both plugins - Coverart and AutoBoxset. On iOS it works correct not so on tvOS. Using all latest stable releases. best regards. Ekomax
  23. Hey Luke, I've noticed when you have hardware acceleration enabled and attempt to stream a video, if the hardware accelerated encoding fails it falls back to CPU afterwards. However, when a sync job fails it doesn't have this behaviour - I'd love for this to be either the default behaviour or an option that can be toggled on/off, if possible. Thanks!
  24. Is there any way to hide user profiles from the login screen when accessing from WAN, but leave a few select profiles visible when accessing from LAN? If not, this would be awesome.
  25. Hi, Currently, the Roku Emby App shows "Direct" or "Trans" but i often have to also open a log to see what its actually doing. I use it in Emby Theater and the IOS app frequently when setting up new systems or adding components to verify everything is working as expected and of course I like checking the "Nerd" stuff..; so, just an official request to bring it to the Roku App at some point. Thanks, Erik
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