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  1. nomatches4mikey

    Roku not honoring hidden user

    When switching users within the Roku app, my hidden Admin account shows up. It is correctly omitted in MBC, so I know it's set correctly. First post here, just recently discovered MB3 after using MB2 for my WMC Xbox Extender for years. I am totally impressed, and recommending to all my friends!
  2. xnappo


    RE: http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/15177/mb3-addon-in-xbmc Hi All, So I went ahead and hacked on PleXBMC over the weekend. I am now able to browse the MB3 server from XBMC. No meta-data, art or playback yet though Total hack-job right now, but definitely think it is do-able with another few weekends of work. Unfortunately I will not have time to continue on this for the next couple of weeks. If any one else is interested in helping, I can throw it up on git. xnappo
  3. I have a request regarding sorting. I have a movie collection where all movies are released in 2009. Is it possible to have a feature that sort by release date and if this is not present, by year?
  4. ok, I'm making this request official. Everything in Media Browser server is done automatically for the user except one thing: Boxsets MB server has already all required information (movie UNC paths, boxsets collection path, etc...) and has access to create data already in it. Would it be possible for the server to manage the boxsets folder structure automatically (the shortcut way)? The way I imagine it, when scanning a movie, when MB server sees that it's part of a collection in TMDB, it would create the "(collection name) [boxset]" in the boxsets UNC path (since it already know where it is based on the collections types) and add the shortcut of the movie folder in it (it also knows that since it's in the movie details). The rest would work like it already works right now (boxset metadata, etc...). Am I missing something obvious or this would be awesome? XBMC does it automatically already but it's "movie set" (basically just a grouping without metadata) same for Plex. We would stand out a lot with a feature like this... Come on! give this request some love!
  5. Delphi


    Just a random thought since we all have lots of studios where they just type name a little different but it is really the same studio...
  6. sottis

    roku and photos

    my roku 2 xs will not show photos. the photos media collection comes up, click on that and the folders for the photos comes up along with a snapshot of 1 pic for the folder, but if you click on the folder - nothing.
  7. Would be great to have a filter or something alike that allows to show whether the movie is associated with an TMDB ID and also whether it has posters, backdrop, etc. Right now, we have the items, but they are not sufficient if you have hundred of movies. Thanks for considering!
  8. I'm a big fan of Chocolate Theme since Media Browser 2. However, a feature that I've always felt was missing was to be able to link a movie's director and see all of his movies, like it happens with actors. Vanilla theme used to do this in Media Browser 2. I think this would be a great functionality to add to Chocolate Theme as well.
  9. Not sure if this belongs as a request for a specific theme or MB3 as a whole but figure I'll try here first. I'll often add media to my collection in batches not knowing exactly when I'll get around to watching (or listening). I really like the look of the 'boxes' on the EHS but right now the only way I'm seeing to remind myself what I've added recently is to go into a the full category (like blu ray), pull up view settings then cycle through sort options to sort by date. Would it be possible to either: a. Have an option that modified the behavior of the 'recently added' tile on the EHS so that it would take you to a list of recently added items (sorted by date added) rather than taking you directly to whatever item is currently highlighted in the tile? ... or b. Maybe enable a key on the remote that would allow you, once in the main category, to just toggle between sort options without having to go through multiple steps to get there? Best case scenario for me would be something that let me toggle between date/name but maybe that's more trouble than it's worth if no one else finds much value in the feature. Thanks!
  10. Hi Lee, the area where the title of the movie, it expands depending on the longitude of the title but slightly longer titles is not enough. It would be possible to expand enough to see the whole title without horizontal scrolling necessary? Thanks in advance
  11. The premiered date of an episode is available when there are more then one episode is in the season folder. When there is only one episode in the season folder the premiered date is not available. Can this be implanted?
  12. Teddy

    ROC Title Art

    Lee, could possible from configuration tab disable the title art (Logo Art) and so show the traslated language movie? For not english people the logo art has not always the original title movie translated (sometimes in foreign languages for me Italian, dusch...) and it's hard sometimes which movie it's showing. Not problem with movies with not Logo art because shows the traslated movie title. Cheers.
  13. First off just want to say how impressed I am with the work that's been done with MB3. Won't bore by going into great detail but switched to JRiver about 2 years ago because it was getting to be too much of a pain to hack anything else to allow bit perfect audio and use of the video playback options I wanted but, since then, have been periodically checking the other solutions hoping that one of them that better 'embraced' the eye-candy would pick up some of the other options I wanted. Finally had some free time in the last couple of weeks to fool around with the MB3 server/client and I'm officially back. IMHO you guys have already positioned yourselves as the product-to-beat even with the bits and pieces that are still in the works. Anyhoo .... love the Crystal them and see you've approved a request for a dark skin but will it be anything like the couple of examples I've attached? My personal preference is to minimize the colors in the actual theme so I just made a copy of 'neon' and did some quick hacks to the color values but it's a bit of a hassle making the changes then having to relaunch mb3 to see them (maybe there's a better way?) and figure you could do something better. I don't do much design work anymore so my skills in that dept aren't so hot these days. I have a couple of other requests that would probably be better put into their own topic but just noticed when I loaded up the new Breeze theme this morning that there's an option for adjusting background opacity. Would it be possible to add that to Crystal? Thanks!
  14. Nick's MCE

    Crystal Dark Option

    Lee I am now officially requesting the option for a Dark Theme in Crystal similar to the Roc Dark Theme.
  15. Would it be possible to add an option to the upcoming TV shows list to see before today. It would be nice to have it start at Yesterday (or maybe even yesterday - 1) instead of Today. This would be a nice way to know what has been missed. Thanks again for such an amazing product. MB3 ROCKS!!!!!!! -David
  16. MSL_DK

    Album artist

    Could you guys please consider a 'ALBUM ARTIST' next to 'ARTIST'
  17. Nick's MCE

    Crystal Disc Roll Out

    Lee I am officially requesting for the disc roll out option in Crystal. The option would be for the Cover closed and the disc roll out on the right hand side above the clear art
  18. Thanks for the info.... will sort that feature in both themes. This is the first time I've heard about this cool feature of MB3. So it shows you all the episodes in a season, even though you may only have some of them in your library right now? Is there anything beyond just showing the missing episodes? e.g. legal streaming or downloading via Hulu etc?
  19. I do like the the themesongs and videobackdrops playing when I navigating through a serie. What I don't like is that it starts playing the song or video everytime I go forward or back inside the serie without starting an episode. I hope there can be inserted a feature that no matter what the themesong or videobackdrop only plays once per serie after selecting it? Yesterday my wife was deleting multiple episodes from a serie and after each delete the song started over until she went out of the serie. That is to much.
  20. I am using the detail view, but do not like that the full screen Backdrop is the same as the backdrop shown in the smaller view. What would make it look better (to me anyway) is the ability to show the thumb.jpg (if available) in the smaller view and then an option to not show the folder.jpg. or at least, make sure that the full screen backdrop is not the same as the backdrop in the smaller window on the right side of the screen.
  21. Title is missing when viewing episodes in thumb strip mode. Cheers
  22. Dear friend lee, I really love your job so far and i have a future request: I've noticed in the latest beta builds the backdrop opacity have been raised too much cause the backdrop movie images to look very dark. It would be very nice if we can adjust brightness inside ROC menu (like KISMET theme for example) and not coming pre fixed. thank you sir
  23. Hi, Any chance of showing Cancelled/Renewed etc for tv series? It would save me watching a show that's already been cancelled! Cheers
  24. Hey guys, Just a quick feature request. If possible, I would like to add an overlay to my 3D videos without adding a cover treatment. Let me know if you would like any more detail. Thank you!
  25. Hi, I don't know if this is the future plans, but I really enjoyed the "intro plug-in" that EBR made to MB2. It made the whole experience much greater, and it amazed alot of friends. Will we see a similar plug-in later on in MB3 too? Link to the old plug-in here
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