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  1. Have been seeing this for a while and just haven't gotten around to reporting it. This happens generally on each restart of the Kodi app when loading the home screen. It also happens randomly on browsing back up to the home screen after being in the movie or TV sections. I've captured the error in the kodi.log - full log here: http://sprunge.us/dGgf and the exception snippet here: 07:49:16 T:139674819458816 NOTICE: XBMB3C 1 -> == ENTER: processFast == 07:49:16 T:139674819458816 NOTICE: XBMB3C 1 -> Processing secondary menus 07:49:16 T:139674836244224 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'> Error Contents: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.xbmb3c/default.py", line 39, in <module> MainModule.MainEntryPoint() File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.xbmb3c/resources/lib/MainModule.py", line 1310, in MainEntryPoint getContent(param_url, pluginhandle) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.xbmb3c/resources/lib/MainModule.py", line 744, in getContent dirItems = List().processDirectory(url, result, progress, pluginhandle) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.xbmb3c/resources/lib/List.py", line 100, in processDirectory listItem=self.fastItem(item, pluginhandle) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.xbmb3c/resources/lib/List.py", line 168, in fastItem listItemName = listItemName + " (" + str(int(db.get(id + ".RecursiveItemCount")) - int(db.get(id + ".UnplayedItemCount"))) + "/" + str(db.get(id + ".RecursiveItemCount")) + ")" ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None' -->End of Python script error report<-- 07:49:16 T:139674819458816 NOTICE: ===== XBMB3C STOP ===== 0 Things continue to work as apparently Kodi just restarts the script immediately so it kinda masks the issue (which has allowed my laziness to avoid reporting it until now). This is using the latest addon from the beta repository which as of this morning is 0.9.798 but it's been going on for several versions now. I'm using Titan beta skin on my clients - mainly Openelec 5.02 though I also see the exception on my OSX laptop. I've cleared the addon cache a couple times and it does seem to make it go away for a little while. That may just be coincidence but figure it's worth mentioning.
  2. Just updated to v0.560 but neither the screensaver starts or the photos play. Both were working in v0.550b.
  3. Is there anyway for me to get the last working version? preferably the most recent 545 before the major release. I can host it on my own web server for install. I need this because I have tried deleting , reinstalling and etc; but I have soo many issues with 550.x like menus being locked, not able to back out; most of my movie library not playing, the app freezing; that I would like to have the previous version that worked and played my library, until I have enough time to sit and troubleshoot through all of these issues with the 550c version, I'm sorry its just not working anywhere near the capacity that it did on the 545.
  4. v.523 (I think, downloaded yesterday) The Samsung client is marking partially watched tv content as watched. All the other clients do not seem to set the watched flag until the content is fully watched. Consequently, partially watched tv content on Samsung, does not show on tv next up (on any other clients).
  5. Starting from version 0.550, some items doesn't play when I click on play: My setup is: MB Server Version 3.0.5366.22005 and Version 3.0.5490.2, I have two different servers and the issue is confirmed with both Samsung TV F7500 Currently installed client version 0.560 I retested the issue on older version of the client (0.545), and the same contents are playing, seems the direct play has some issues with these contents. I tried to get more information about these contents using SERVER/mediabrowser/Users/USERID/Items/ITEMID but I received the following error: Response Status Error Code SecurityException Message Access token is invalid or expired. Stack Trace at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateSecurityToken(IServiceRequest request, String token) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateUser(IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.Authenticate(IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) at MediaBrowser.Controller.Net.AuthenticatedAttribute.RequestFilter(IRequest request, IResponse response, Object requestDto) at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFiltersSingle(IRequest req, IResponse res, Object requestDto) at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFilters(IRequest req, IResponse res, Object requestDto) at ServiceStack.Host.RestHandler.ProcessRequestAsync(IRequest httpReq, IResponse httpRes, String operationName)
  6. Yeah, yeah, I know it takes only a few minutes and I could alter the time it takes in the task schedule ... but (I'm lazy ... wait, did I type that out loud?) I was thinking that maybe a button to run the task manually on the auto-organise page might be useful, perhaps next to the clear button? That way everything do to with auto-organise would be under the same page with no waiting for the task to run, or having to go run the task manually under advanced - scheduled tasks then go back to auto-organise, before you can organise. It's not a problem often (or at all really) for me, but does seem to make a certain sense, and if I had to manually use auto-organise a lot it would come in handy. Having just done this and thought about it, figured I'd put in an FR in case other may also agree/want/need
  7. In my TV Next Up section of the home screen, I'm not seeing all items that are in the web client. On the home screen in the app there are 6 items, whereas in the Dashboard there are 11. I can update to v0.550c, but don't want the odd screensaver as was previously mentioned
  8. The app appears to now be showing GMT/UTC or currently UK time only at the bottom of the screen when hitting Menu. The current local time used to display correctly here previously, though not sure which version it started to show GMT/UTC time. Time on tv is correct Steps to recreate: 1. Start app 2. Click "Menu" on the remote
  9. Hi Folks. At first, thank you for this great app which is working fine for my parents. One think I noticed: If you open the Audio/ Subtitle dialog and then return to the parent screen (without stopping the video, just use the back button), the Dialog remains open until you close and restart the app. AirMouse support would be cool as my mum & dad now have to use two different remotes but I think thats okay. Small donation is on its way. Thank you for your work!!
  10. Currently the text for the old image stays on screen longer than its associated image. The phasing of images and text might be more visually appealling if the text for old image is removed as soon as fade in starts of new image.... In this way..whenever text is present it is correct for image..
  11. chessdragon136

    v0.550 - Major Release

    Hi All, It's taken a while but I think it's been worth the wait - Special thanks to @@cragjagged for the redesign UI elements So, whats new? New UI Look A single screenshot doesn't really do it justice! Includes missing & unaired support too! Search Functionality This update also brings the ability to search! Simply get frustrated with your remote and you may get to what you want Favorite Support! You can now view all favorite items from the main menu, view them as your home screen (All, Series, Movies, Episodes) and add or remove items using the yellow button. Once the GUI changes have settled we'll add in a favourite icon to show you its a favourite. Subtitle Support without Transcoding This is a big one for me - I can now finally watch a lot of my stuff without transcoding. Font size and colour are options in the settings. So, you think that's it? Nope Theme Music - Configurable via settings Audio track switching - Controllable via the tools menu during playback Contributors page - To recognise those who have helped out Backdrop images fade in and out - It looks cool, better than an image suddenly appearing Ability to blank the screen from the music player - By popular request this is in AAC transcode to Dolby for receivers that don't support it - User request, let me know if it actually works Screensaver image rotate speed option Pressing the play button on an image media folder will now play all images Disc Art is now an option in settings And a small modification: The blue button no longer logs you out - That is now from the main menu. Blue now brings up the music player when playing And finally, some small bug fixes Removed flickering caused by unnecessary image reloads Settings View 1 and View 2 would show a blank option Clock fix for timezone Virtual Items should never be playable Resume bar should now always show on home screen resume all items Given its a massive release, expect it to be a bit buggy! Thanks
  12. Strudo76

    AAC Audio

    Hey there, just installed the app today on a mate's TV and want to say thanks for a great app. It's looking great at this stage. For the record, we installed on a Samsung UA65H6400AW, and it went pretty smoothly. Had some issues entering the IP/port address since the remote pointer on the remote doesn't appear to be supported, so had to mash it in with the keyboard. The only issue we have remaining is for files that use AAC audio. Currently the TV has an optical cable connected to an Onkyo receiver that supports the DD and DTS family of formats (including HD formats), but doesn't support AAC. We have enabled the DD and DTS options in the TV setup menu,and when playing those types of movies, the receiver correctly plays the relevant format and plays multi channel content as expected. When the media file contains 5.1 channel AAC audio, the receiver only receives PCM and does a crappy surround mix rather than the expected discrete channels. I would suspect some sort of transcoding server side would be an ideal solution, however I can't find any options for controlling transcoding outside of the DLNA options on the server. Do these settings influence what gets sent to this app, or are they exclusively for DLNA browsing devices? If these settings can help me, what would I need to change? My understanding is that I would need to remove AAC as a direct play format, and set AAC to transcode to either DD or DTS? Or if not transcoding, what other options would be available? Thanks Simon
  13. Schroinx

    Bug. Cannot play file

    I have installed Kodi on my mac, but it refuses to play any file from MBS. I have made this log (attached). It works fine in Safari or when accessing the network share. Funny thing is I have the same problem in MBT, where it works with a external player but not the internal. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17724-error-processing-you-request/ Server is Version 3.0.5490.2 and Kodi is from yesterday,
  14. Hi Chess. My family are loving the screensaver playing our photos on the big TV. Would it be possible to have the number of photos played increased from 200 to something that won't break things please? It doesn't take long to get through 200 photos, so having perhaps 5000 would be bette, or make it user configurable, so we can see how many would break it I know I can stop the screensaver and start it again every 200, but it becomes a pain after a while. Thanks.
  15. Hi all, Edit: I have created a document which contains screenshots of the playable media pages from manuals - these are what the app will work to https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=34188BEEC92DC33C!70258&authkey=!AAVab1PELg7uExk&ithint=folder%2cdocx This morning I spend an hour and now have a separate file which controls which codecs, resolutions, bitrates... are playable without transcoding, and I have now split this down per Model of tv (well, at the moment it is D series and default, which means all others, but ideally a switch needs to be added for each series) The file can be found on GitHub here: https://github.com/ChessDragon136/MediaBrowser.SamsungUnofficial/blob/master/MediaBrowser%203/app/javascript/Gui/GuiPlayer/GuiPlayer_TranscodeParams.js Basically, I need people who have E,F and H series TV's to go through the manual, find the supported formats page and add to the code. The page is usually near the back of the manual and appears as a table. Copy the code from the page to notepad and alter it in that, then just save the file and upload to me somehow. H Series Manual: - Thanks @@gbone8106 - Page 220 has the table. http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201409/20140923192212990/%5BENG-US%5DNUATSCH-1.116.pdf If you can't understand the code, then let me know and I'll write a short explanation but if you're uncertain I'd prefer you help by continuing to test and report issues like you all have been Note: Do not add support for 4k or any resolution over 1920x1080 (I'll fix 3d Resolutions later on) Thanks,
  16. Hello Devs. Today I tried the new version 0.54x at my parents home. They are connected via Internet to my MBS server. I tried bandwidth settings Mobile & WLAN but it does not seem to have any effects when playing an episode or a movie. There is even no transcode log created at server side. Playing a song from my music library generates a transcode log. Can you pls take a look at this? It would also be very handy to specify the bandwidth manually like in the web-interface. I only have a 10 Mbit upstream connection so my favorite would be something around 7Mbit avg. Possible?
  17. Would it be possible to limit screensaver images to a minimum resolution or set of media folders. My tv backdrops are some times low resolution and look a lot less visually appealing. Thanks for considering.
  18. X360 KINECT™ Remote Control for Media Browser And... We're back! With something new! 3.0 This version still has some bugs, but it should control media browser. But guys, if you want kinect to control your media '{cring}' you should invest in an XBOX One. Please Post Log Files Found In "Settings\Global\Logs" (I think we need to zip them up, they are getting pretty long.) This application is currently under development. Known issues: 1. Speech is not consistently understood on test computers. 2. Some .Net errors occur while using the program. The Kinect Application now must install depending on your OS Environment: Current Versions: 64bit Installler Version 3.1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46151346/MBK64bit.zip 32bit Installler Version 3.1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46151346/MBK32bit.zip Version Log: Test Version 2.6.67 1. Updated to use the latest releases of the Media Browser API files 2. Re-worked building the Speech Recognition Engine 3. Simplified more code. Test Version 2.6.66 1. Worked on Speech registry and tried to fix UK English (which holds quite a few Culture Infos) 2. Started work on Box set Commands - Not enabled yet. 3. Re-factored Face Recognition code, and tried to simplify it to figure out why Travelmanics can't use it. Test Version 2.6.65 1. Fixed Speech Recognition.... I think. Test Version 2.6.64 1. New splash screen, some interesting coded graphics 2. Fixed Face recognition mess up 3. Re factored code to make it easier for other developers to follow it, and help. I am offering up the source to anyone who can write VB.Net and wants to help. Test Version 2.6.63 1. The the Security stuff for the server has been perfected. 2. New browsing code 3. New Branding "Media Browser Open Air Remote" Test Version 2.6.62 1. The the Security stuff for the server. 2. this version is going to be buggy as hell. Test Version 2.6.61 1. Streamlined code 2. Started to use different JSON de serialization techniques 3. Add Command List Sheet to the download called "Command List" ​4. Re worked the app recommending new media 5. Started work on hand gestures control media playback Note: Hand Gestures run the CPU really high, so I am trying to get the process to run in short bursts to control the CPU level. Test Version 2.6.60 1. Spaceboy error squashed! 2. Re worked gender calculator Test Version 2.6.57 1. Removed Changes to Speech Engine Builder Test Version 2.6.56 1. Removed HotFix. Test Version 2.6.55 1. Fixed User Array NULL Error ("Spaceboy Error")!! 2. Fixed Speech Recognition culture Info 3. Fixed Speech Recognition couldn't understand accents 4. Streamlined code: cut down on Server Information Requests 5. Refined Culture Info 6. Refined Application Settings XML 7. Add Proper Culture to Speech Registry Note: Disregard Message boxes in Speech Training Page. I forgot to remove them. Test Version 2.6.54 1. Fixed Client Object returns NULL. Ops! My bad... that is all I will say about my CUI.. (Coding Under an Influence...) 2. Note: Still can't figure out the "Spaceboy Error", not sure why User Dto Info is returning NULL. ---------------------------------------------------- Test Version 2.6.53 1. Fixed KINECT Sensor "Initializing" error in the Speech Training during First Run set up. The Sensor is started earlier in the application, so it won't be still initialing when the audio source is started. There is also a loop to make sure that the Sensor is in a "Connected" state before Audio Enhancements are turned on. 2. Add Culture Abilities to the Speech Recognition Engine. 3. (IMPORTANT: There needs to be some fixes for people who have been testing so far, if they are NOT going to use the "English-US" settings for the Speech Recognizer) 4. Attempted to fix the (what I call) "Spaceboy Error" where User Buttons where NULL on the First Run Speech Training Page. ---------------------------------------------------- Test Version 2.6.52 1. Add Core Audio Functions to the Speech Properties Page to control Microphone array Level 2. Removed code which might be the cause of the Speech recognition Engine not working properly. 3. Added Handling to the Kinect Sensor if the status isn't "Ready" - wait until it is. 4. Add some Parallel Subroutines to sort information from the Media Browser Server Faster. 5. Added more information to logging, to help with fixes better and faster. 6. Synchronized the proper release Build numbers to start work on the Automatic Update Button ---------------------------------------------------- Test Version 2.6.51 1. Fixed the errors when Face Recognition finds the user but doesn't recorded the User Name Property properly, and it was breaking the apps ability to find the Users image for the main form. (thanks @travalmanics!) 2. Finally fixed USB FILTERS, so x64 OS computers should now be able to turn the LED different colors 3. Removed The Windows Recording Audio controls (to may problems, and they just stopped work correctly. ---------------------------------------------------- Test Version 2.6.5 1. Added a Read Out to the LOG from the "Install-Filter.exe" to try and figure out why the LED changer isn't working on some 64bit Computers 2. Attempted to fix bugs with 64bit OS when taking control on Windows Recording Device Levels. 3. Fixed a bug where two Speech Recognition Engines where being created during Application Start up. 4. Added extra space in the Download Buffer to stop corrupt Installers of the Kinect For Windows SDK v1.7. 5. On First Run - if there are Device Filters add to the Kinect Sensor from previous testing, these are removed to make sure that the latest filters are still working with a clean install. 6. Added a Button to the Applications Main Form, which can be shown or Hidden remotely, when a new version is available. (Doesn't work yet, just exists)
  19. There is a bug in .520 and .021 that if there is one season that is missing a thumb image none of the seasons will display (nor will the folder image). Best illustrated by scr shots ^ Missing a thumb.jpg in season 4 then after adding a thumb.jpg in season 4 There needs to be some code added to use an alt image if no thumb exists. Took a long time to find this and while it is a minor thing it will effect everyone who doesn't have pristine metadata. I not sure if it effects movies as i haven't checked. Cheers
  20. Angelblue05

    Can't mark anything as watched

    I am using the xbmb3c repo version 0.9.6 When I try to mark an episode as watched, it gives me a script error failed. I was using "Play all from here" before I realized it didn't mark my episodes as watched and I had to manually do it and noticed the error. Here is the relevant part of the log (level 1): 01:07:49 T:1288 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.NameError'> Error Contents: global name 'xbmcgui' is not defined Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Corruption\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c/default.py", line 2788, in <module> markWatched(url) File "C:\Users\Corruption\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c/default.py", line 312, in markWatched resp = requests.delete(url, data='', headers=getAuthHeader()) # mark unwatched first to reset any play position File "C:\Users\Corruption\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c/default.py", line 125, in getAuthHeader txt_mac = clientInfo.getMachineId() File "C:\Users\Corruption\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\ClientInformation.py", line 8, in getMachineId WINDOW = xbmcgui.Window( 10000 ) NameError: global name 'xbmcgui' is not defined -->End of Python script error report<-- Edit: I also noticed xbmb3c stopped reporting in Media Browser Server dashboard under active device. I also do not see the episodes being added to the resume section in the web client.
  21. Every MB user can create his own playlists, but only users with management rights can delete only their own playlists in the Metadata Manager? Am i missing something?
  22. Spaceboy

    Download Working?

    Hi, I'm trying to install the app on my samsung tv H series. i can log into the developer account fine and enter the ip address but when i start app sync it says requesting app but nothing more happens. is the download still available or should i be using github? cheers
  23. chessdragon136

    Hosting Request

    Hi All, A question mostly aimed at the long time devs of MB3 - Due to people having occasional issues with my hosting I would ideally like to move it to somewhere else. However, the files need to be hosted at the root level of the server and must be accessible by IP address as that is all that is enter-able with the TV's? Anyone got any suggestions?
  24. arztonyou

    sort music album by track order?

    Hello, I know the XBMB3C addon hasn't been developed fully for music, and I don't usually use it for music either. But I recently tried the Aeon MQ5 skin and really liked it. Unlike a couple other skins, there is no option to use the local XBMC library for music, so I decided to try out the addon for music. Is there a setting somewhere to sort individual albums so the songs are ordered by track number? I clicked "sort by" but there wasn't an option there. Could this be easily added? All I want is the ability to click on an album and have the songs appear in the usual order as on the CD. Thanks.
  25. chessdragon136


    Hi Everyone, Firstly, as some of you may have noticed, I'm back.. Or at least more active than the last few months. Secondly, please find my source code here: https://github.com/ChessDragon136/MediaBrowser.SamsungUnofficial Please respect my contributions - If you do intent to use this then I formally request that reference to myself is included in any program. Thanks
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