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  1. 1. After clicking the letter and the list of album artists is displayed you need to click the album artist twice to go further. The first time you click the highlight box goes away, but you still need to click a second time to go further. This only happens in Album Artist and works in Artist 2. Only songs from one album are being displayed after clicking on the album artist. The number of songs displayed in the green circle before clicking on the album artist is correct though. No way to advance to the next album. This seems to work in Artist 3. Play All, Queue All, Shuffle, and Instant Mix are not highlighted when you are on them like it does when on a song. The counter in the bottom left is the only visual way of knowing where you are. This happens in Album Artist and Artist 4. Album art does not change when scrolling to down to a new album when under an Artist. App lists all songs from all albums, but only displays the first Album art when scrolling down. 5. When under Artist the album name is not displayed on the top under artists name like it is when in Album Artist 6. Feature Request: can the app be changed to display individual albums once clicking on an Album Artist or Artist and then the songs once you click on the album. Nested like it is on the web I can take pics if needed for any of these
  2. For those who have started to use the new Cinema Mode function integrated in the server, this addon has now been updated to support those changes. Tested with Movies so far but should work with all supported types. Please post here if there are any bugs/features to report.
  3. v0.572 on H6400. If there is nothing present in favourites, when entering it from the tools menu, it shows the no content message, but there is no way to back out of it from there. Back button doesn't work, tools button doesn't bring up the menu either. If there are items listed in favourites, menus work as normal.
  4. everything work very well except music! I added music to library! I can play in on chrome browser but when i run mediabrowser on tv and select track and play it nothing happen Please help! MediaBrowser3 v0.575 MediaBrowser3 server Version 3.0.5518.7
  5. v0.572 on H6400 I have a bunch of files with DTS 5.1 audio, and some with various other types. A few are in AAC 5.1, and my receiver can only handle AAC 2.0, so I enabled transcode to dolby in the hope that those files would play as dolby 5.1 (it didn't, maybe I got the wrong idea about what it does). When the option is enabled (and I've also got the options for Dolby and DTS enabled as well), I found that any file with DTS audio registers on my amp as Dolby ProLogic2, not DTS, and doesn't play with full surround, despite no AAC audio being present in the file. It's by no means a big problem, as I simply have the AAC transcode to dolby option turned off now, and the files playback correctly. Just thought I'd point it out...
  6. have Samsung Smart TV unh55h7150 installed the app and shows in Smarthub, but I run it, it loads and then nothing it just exits out
  7. Going to Music page reformats the images in collections to squares like album images. They remain squares until you return to the main and go to movies or tv and then go back to collections at which time they display as posters correctly, or you exit the app and go straight to Collections. If you just go back to the main screen and then right back to Collections they remain resized like albums Steps to reproduce error: Start app Go up and over to Music and click Hit return to go back to the main screen Go up and over to Collections
  8. MongooseMan

    Update procedure

    Could someone give a writeup on the preferred procedure to update the app, once it's already installed? Are you meant to delete it and redo the installation steps? Or does it update itself? Or something in between? Ideally I think this info should probably go at the bottom of the installation instructions thread. Thanks!
  9. MSattler

    Interesting test

    So apparently I need to sell my Fire TV Sticks, and My Nexus Player, and just buy more Samsung Smart TV's...... =) Here's what I found: Lego Movie - Direct Stream (Samsung), Transcoding (Android App on Nexus Player) Transcoding (AndroidTV MB App on Nexus Player) Transcoding (Android App on Fire TV) Bit rate 12.6 Mbps Video AVC Audio DTS Guardian of the Galaxy Direct Stream (Samsung) Transcoding (Android App on Nexus Player) Transcoding (AndroidTV MB App on Nexus Player) Transcoding (Android App on Fire TV) Bit Rate 35.1 Video AVC Audio DTS The Samsung E series I have was able to direct stream anything under 36Mbps, which is something none of the other players have been able to do. -Marcus
  10. Hi @@chessdragon136, I've noticed a few files that are transcoding audio during playback. I've added a sample to the onedrive folder. Notice that it has two audio tracks. Both are AAC, one 5.1, the other stereo. Initial playback I suspect starts with the 5.1 and I can see transcoding in the server logs and transcoding-temp folder. If I switch audio tracks during playback (with the tools menu) the transcoding stops. If I switch back again, the transcoding starts again. I'm not sure that this should be transcoding at all, Model is ES8000. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if this was something in the last firmware update for my TV (F8000), but every time I update this app, I have to login as develop again. I updated to the latest firmware about 3 weeks ago. Not a problem, just annoying that it's started happening. I can't "Remember login" details, as I don't enter a password. Anyone else have this happen ?
  12. Got the following popup when playing a file with PCM using the new version of app. Undefined Render Error Type: 0 Log has the following errors with audio portion of file 93 Video: Audio File Analysis Results 94 Video: Codec Compatibility: false PCM_S24le 95 Video: Container Compatibility: false: mkv 96 Video: Channel Compatibility: false: 1 97 Video: Transcode Status: Transcoding Audio 98 Video: Playback added 99 Video: One Playback option - player loaded Media info for file attempted to play
  13. failed to install www.samsungdforum.com/support/tvappssecurity ue46es7000 doing software update 002015...wow was a long way behind on 002006..still no joy gettotalnumofstreamid in guiplayer.js is what its complaining about
  14. gogreenpower

    Classification madness

    Hi chess, I've had this happening for the last two releases, series are fine, just movies. All movies are affected. I have a H7000 and 0.570g installed. Green. Green.
  15. SamES


    In v0.570c, the tools Menu option for collections is still using the old view (using thumbs) instead of the new view selected from the top menu. Should be obvious, let me know if you need a screenshot (Oops screwed up the topic title, sorry)
  16. Hi Chess. I've just installed CoverArt for the first time, and I'm liking the way it looks in your app, but on the home screen the treatment is distorted by the episode overlay: In the dashboard they look like this: I know there's not much room on the screen, but just wondered if you could perhaps make the images smaller and put the text under the image ?? On the episode page, the media info icons need raising a little I think: Not sure what other CoverArt users think. Thanks.
  17. Just playing around with the app some and noticed all mkv rips with PCM are being transcoded. According to the Samsung F series guide it should be able to support LPCM and ADPCM (IMA, MS).
  18. rmasri

    Sorting videos

    Hi guys, Ok so I just started using Mediabrowser server about a month ago and I love the new interface. Although I have a few newbie questions which are really bugging me. I am using Kodi as the front end media player and Mediabrowser server as the backend. Both Kodi and Mediabrowser are sitting on the same windows PC, and the video files are sitting on my Synology NAS. 1.First of all when I open Kodi I am noticing that it sometimes it take about 4-6 seconds for everything to load up, other times takes about 8-10 seconds. Is this normal timing? 2.I am noticing that I can't sort my movies inside Kodi or Mediabrowser theater unless they are in a sub-folder. Is that supposed to happen or is it because the files are not local to mediabrowser? 3.Even when I place the files in a sub-folder, I can't sort by movie duration (run time) i.e. shorter movies first and so on. Any reason why? At first I though it was a skin thing for points 2 and 3, but I tried multiple skins and even the Mediabrowser theater has the same behaviour. I am currently using the titan mediabrowser skin inside Kodi. Thank you,
  19. Hello, I would love to help test out this app but seem to be having troubles installing it on this TV. The model of the TV is: UN32EH5300FXZC I have tried all three methods mentioned. Method 1) Holding down the enter button on the installed app had no effect Method 2) There is no "more apps" button visible in the app-store screen. Method 3) The blue button did not bring up a developer menu once pushed. Note: I was able to login to the develop account fine, but cannot figure out where to add the app's IP. Thanks for any assistance! I would love to help make this app better.
  20. Hi ChessDragon136, When GuiPlayer_Transcoding.checkCodec checks an unknown codec this.isCodec = codecParams[0]; is set to null, not false. All this means is the log is a little confusing. Perhaps update GuiPlayer_TranscodeParams.getParameters to default this.codec to false before the switch statement? On a slightly related note the reason I was looking at the logs in the first place is that some h265 files are not playing. For these files this.MediaSource.MediaStreams[this.videoIndex].Codec is returning hevc not h265. I don't know enough about codecs to know if these are synonyms or actually differences. In any case can the Samsung app handle HEVC files directly?
  21. MatthewS

    Aspect Ratio

    Hi, Great app and thank you very much for your efforts! I find that many movies appear "squashed" horizontally because their aspect ratio is larger than the TV's aspect ratio of 16:9. For example, the movie "The Great Escape" has an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 so when its displayed on the TV at 16:9 (1.77:1) then the actors (etc) in the film appear taller than normal. Would it be possible to add an option to "crop" a movie/TV Show to 16:9 so that the central 16:9 part of the frame is what's displayed on the TV? Also what about another option to "zoom" a movie/TV Show where aspect ratio is smaller than the TV's 16:9? Eg 4:3 (1.33:1) movies & TV Shows could be zoomed (ie cut off top and bottom of frame) so that the frame fills then entire TV screen. Kind regards, Matthew.
  22. I'm on v0.560b, and happy to report that all of the playback issues I had previous are now resolved and everything plays(even direct play) as they should. Subtitles work great. I also noticed my M2TS encoded full 3D files are passing through to direct play and enabling 3D on the TV without a naming convention for the file. . I have seen some other minor issues; on TV show seasons if I chose shuffle all on the show or the season it will just go to loading and won't play, If I chose an individual episode or play all, they will play just not shuffle. I also have an mkv of all the Star wars movies with an DTS-MA track, and those are the only ones that won't play, although these have never played. I have a sample that I can upload. Also the screensaver doesn't work for me, screen just goes black, not sure if screensaver has working yet.
  23. Hi, I'm using the Aeon Nox 5 MB skin. If I enter a collection folder the content is ordered by the Title and not the SortName. Is this a skin issue or a plugin issue? Yours Tolotos
  24. Xnappo, Great work. For me it's fixed. If I can report another issue probrably related to encoding if I try to select movies by genre I have problems with movies that have na genre with Unicode. For example if I click the genre "aventura", the list with movies with this genre is populated. If the genre is "ação" wich is action in portuguese the list returns empty. No movie at all. Thanks alot. Marcelo.
  25. pünktchen

    Exception with Kodi nightly

    With one of the latest Kodi nightly builds i always get an exception when i try to enter the Mediabrowser-addon via Video-addons: ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError'> Error Contents: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128) Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\default.py", line 39, in <module> MainModule.MainEntryPoint() File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\MainModule.py", line 1670, in MainEntryPoint displaySections(pluginhandle) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\MainModule.py", line 443, in displaySections details = {'title' : __language__(30220) + collection.get('title', 'Unknown') } UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128) -->End of Python script error report<-- When this happens, it is not possible to enter the Mediabrowser-addon via Video-addons, but i can still access the Mediabrowser libraries via the skinshortcuts of Titan skin. Beside this, one time I've also seen another exception in my logs: ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'> Error Contents: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\default.py", line 39, in <module> MainModule.MainEntryPoint() File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\MainModule.py", line 1697, in MainEntryPoint getContent(param_url, pluginhandle) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\MainModule.py", line 1124, in getContent dirItems = List().processDirectory(url, result, progress, pluginhandle) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\List.py", line 99, in processDirectory listItem=self.fastItem(item, pluginhandle) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\List.py", line 167, in fastItem listItemName = listItemName + " (" + str(int(db.get(id + ".RecursiveItemCount")) - int(db.get(id + ".UnplayedItemCount"))) + "/" + str(db.get(id + ".RecursiveItemCount")) + ")" ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None' -->End of Python script error report<-- Mediabrowser-Server: 3.0.5490.2 Mediabrowser-addon: 0.9.788 Kodi: 15.0-ALPHA1 Git:20150210-4a5dd15
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