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  1. I rebuilding the DB yesterday after upgrading to .1.1 and now nothing plays. I can play stuff on the web interface and my fire stick but not my pi2 with Kodi. everything worked before. I had to rebuild my db's a few times with the previous versions and everything played fine. I don't have access to my logs right now but wanted to at least post about it incase you guys have seen this before.
  2. KRA

    Sync on resume

    Would it be possible to have Emby for Kodi sync after it resumes (from suspend) ? Does a database sync in Kodi initiate a emby sync ?
  3. This function is currently available in server, it simple grouped dvd/movies brokendown into various scenes into a single poster instead of each scene displaying there individual poster, hope with the iillustrations the message is understood. Thanks
  4. I need to see if my main player allows resume later, but as a whole, the feature does not appear to translate/function. I watched a show on rpi last night, getting to 30 of 46 minutes, so like 70%. When I open kodi on my computer, I waitied a few seconds and all the watched status for previous shows synced, this was good to see. However, the episode I started and never finished was also shown as watched. When I clicked it, I only had the option to play as opposed to resume/play. My installation is bare bones at the moment, openelec 5.0.8 on rpi, emby repository and emby plugin. I assume it has nothing to do with the player and more with the resume state feature in the add-on as it translates as watched instead or partially watched.
  5. Tolotos

    Emby for Kodi - Login issue

    Hi, one of my Emby users can't login. The logfile is attached but I saw this error 19:24:06 T:7108 ERROR: C:\Users\RGU\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.emby\resources\lib\UserClient.py:215: UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal if (username == name): in the log. The username contains a German "Umlaut" may its the same issue as yesterday with the path containing UTF8 characters. Yours Tolotos kodi.log
  6. mprassel

    Version .33 - Script Error

    Major issues on the TV side of things: Here is a log.
  7. Smaky

    Boxsets Sync DB too slow/

    I have two Kodi boxes on my home network. One on a Raspberry Pi 2 and the other on a Windows 8.1 PC. I have noticed that upon boot of both of them a Sync DB will occur. However, when processing collections and TV shows they both take a large amount of time to the point that it seems the update is not progressing. On the Pi 2 I have left it on for two days with the Sync DB running. It will not progress at some point during collections processing. The same happens with the PC (although it normally is faster and woul seem to progress a bit more). Is there a particular reason boxsets may not be progressing?
  8. I have the following doubts because enter 02 films in Emby and they do not appear in kodi. I need to close and open the kodi to force an update ..... It should not be automatic ...
  9. Hi, I'm using the old version of the XBMB3C plugin and I reconfigured KODI today and find out that it no longer display coverart/backdrop from the server. Before reconfiguring XBMB3C I deleted the folder AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\cache\temp, I'm not sure it is used by the plugin - it doesn't affect the web client though. I have tried clean install of KODI and the plugin on both android and Windows machines, and it gives the same result. Could it be some settings at server side which prevent it? Windows firewall is disabled, and all other metadata is displayed without any issue. I'd also like to report the Beta repo seems not working - I installed the beta but I couldn't find any plugin inside the repo.
  10. inkubux

    Emby for Kodi - Remote Access

    I have some questions concerning path substitution and Emby for kodi. I tried the new Emby for kodi plugin. At first I could not get to work properly, the plugin was always telling me that the video was not found, like in the 1st screenshot. I then realized that the path in the movie information was a path on my server not on my client in the 2nd screenshot. Then I proceeded to modify the path substitution to add smb://<server name> and it worked. Is that the way it should work because it limits my plugin inside my home network. Since samba and server name is not the same outside of my network. Is there a way to "enable" it to work with http streaming instead of samba ? Samba also adds a lot of overhead bandwidth wise. I would prefer to specify my protocol like http ftp or nfs for that. Is there a way to do it ? Thanks for your help
  11. Could you add an option to update while something is playing? When I'm watching shows back to back the db never gets updated & I end up having to restart Kodi & wait for the sync if I want to watch something newly added.
  12. stevendom57

    Crashed my Samsung TV

    I recently downloaded v .570. I have used it for a few days. Today when I turned the TV on and opened MB the menu screens began flashing and would not allow me to use the arrow keys to change my tv series selection. After a few minutes I gave up and connected my laptop. Now all I get is a balck screen with a small box in the lower left that says "This function only available when TV is selected as the source". A call to Samsung service finally got me to the point where I could do a reset of the TV. This did not help. My tv is a F8000 65". Arrrgh
  13. Was browsing the code and noticed this: WriteKodiDB.py Line 1074 & 1076 Function parameters are incorrect.
  14. i am trying to connect kodi from a remote location over the internet to a server. i have tryed to set the kodi addon using the remote web address and port also set to HTTP not SMB is this possible do you think?? should i try port forwarding in routers each end? any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Can someone explain me how the bandwidth setting in the app works? Is the rate setting in MegaBytes per second or is it Megabits? The highest setting is 120MB/s, if those are megabytes per second it will mean that you will need a connection that is faster than gigabit to reach the limit? If my LAN connection is 100mbit which limit should I use? Sorry for all the different questions but I'm really confused with this setting. Thanks.
  16. I'm looking at testing this app out but have a few quick questions I couldn't seem to find via search: - Has anyone tested this app on the HU series tv's yet? Any issues? - What resolution does the interface run at? Hoping at least 720p - When a new version is released do I need to resync with the IP for the latest version or can it be updated from in the app itself? Looking good Chess!
  17. I have a bunch of 2-disc "special editions" ripped to video_ts format, using the "Disc 1, Disc 2" standard. I would like for there to be two things related to this 1) On the website at least, browsing through movies shows each disc as its own movie, rather than grouping them together as a collection. This would be fine (or at least acceptable), except that it also does not have any visual indicator of which disc is which. I see how collections are useful as their own nav, but there should definitely be a way to have them grouped together in the main "movies" section. There appears to be a "Group movies into collections" preference in the user prefs, but maybe it's not working? 2) When viewing a collection comprised of titles with the Disc # format, show a disc number indicator, so it is possible to determine which is the movie and which is the bonus features, or whatever. This is also true for "Studios" view.
  18. StealthDefender

    Emby for Kodi - wrong episode thumbs

    Hey guys i have tested this on two machines ( openelec, win 8.1 ) The actual version of the addon dont take the episode picture (thumb) from the emby server. Kodi create new one out from the video file! Can anyone look at this? For test i have reinstalled the addon and refresh the database ( also complete deleting) but no effect! With the first addon version all goes well at this! Only when i go to a episodes info to refresh then the correct picture loads. Greetz Stealth
  19. saitoh183

    Emby For Kodi - Logs

    @@xnappo, @@im85288 and @ Could you please configure the logs to "Info" by default till testing phase is over. Because since we have to often reset all settings, we often forget to set logs back to Info and then when a bug arises we have to reproduce a second time so that we can capture useful data. Thanks
  20. I noticed the clean library function of kodi does not affect emby db so when things go pear shaped how do we force full deletion and resync of emby db?
  21. 22:18:10 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync Episodes -> Finished 0:46 Added:2 Updated:8 22:18:11 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync Movies -> Finished 0:1 22:18:11 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: syncDatabase (Finished) True 22:18:25 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:18:32 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:18:32 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:19:03 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:19:10 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:19:10 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:19:41 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:19:48 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:19:48 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:20:19 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:20:26 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:20:26 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:20:40 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: syncDatabase (Started) <snip> 22:21:25 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync Episodes -> Finished 0:45 Added:2 Updated:8 22:21:26 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync Movies -> Finished 0:1 22:21:26 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: syncDatabase (Finished) True 22:21:44 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:21:50 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:21:50 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:22:22 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:22:28 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:22:28 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True 22:23:00 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Started) 22:23:06 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Sync PlayCount -> Finished 0:6 22:23:06 T:139742658160384 NOTICE: Doing_Db_Sync: updatePlayCounts (Finished) True This is eating a lot of cpu, turned on debug log to see if I get more info. EDIT: debug didn't give any more spesific items, seems it's sync'ing database 200 items at a time. Hope this is a first time thing.
  22. Hi, I setup an additional HTPC and run into an error: Work: 1) New installation of OpenElec 5.0.8 2) Setup OpenElec to wait for network at boot time 3) Install Emby 4) Reboot I get displayed my server and be asked for the user to use. Immediately after start of the sync the crash occur. Here is the log: http://xbmclogs.com/p8arm48lj <-- Link is not working, see below for new one Yours Tolotos
  23. Hello des. Today I installed the latest version on my parents TV which is connected via Internet to my server. Unfortunately I can't find the bandwidth settings to force transforming to reduce required bandwidth. send with tapatalk from my mobile
  24. If you watch a video that has a logo and is displayed on the info page (top left) and you then watch a video without a logo, the previous video's logo remains. Example: Just watched Interstellar, which has a logo, then watched a 12 Monkeys, which doesn't have a logo, but when I opened the info page, the Interstellar logo is displayed. Thanks.
  25. App Version: .581 Server Version: 3.0.5557.20000 Description: Scrolling up/down a list of songs within Album, Album Artist and Artist brings up the Tools Menu if you scroll up past the top line containing Play All, Queue All, etc. Severity: minor issue. More of an annoyance if you hit the up arrow too many times, but easy to do since the app doesn't highlight the options in the top row like in other areas (reported already) Steps to recreate: 1. Navigate to Music 2. Choose any album artist (or album or artist) 3. Choose any album 4. Scroll down then up past the top of list and past "Play All" 5. Tools Menu automatically pops up 6. Hit return Expected result: That when scrolling up it would stop at "Play All" like it does within a playlist (does NOT bring up the Tools menu)
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