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  1. maci2100

    Carplay Support

    Hello, is there a chance to get a Carplay Support for Emby? It would be wonderful if i can listen and switch between my Music and Audiobooks from the Car-Entertainment System. best regards maci2100
  2. MaximumGator

    Multiple Movie Editions

    I have several movies in multiple editions, ie Theatrical, Director's Cut, Extended Edition, etc. Right now I have these movies in the same root folder, such as: /Taken (2008) /Taken [Theatrical] (2008).mkv /Taken [unrated] (2008).mkv Both editions show up as a separate entry. As of right now, I've just taken to changing the name of each entry in the server so I can tell them apart. What I'd like to know is if there is a way to elegantly group them together under the same entry and choose which one to play after I select the movie from the main movie menu. I've thought about putting the non-theatrical versions in a "special" folder, but I was wondering if there was a better way to do this. Thanks, Chris
  3. To gauge interest... What if you had the ability to "Forget" a series for the purposes of Next Up display. That is, it would no longer show in Next Up - unless you watched another episode. Sometimes you maybe watch a series for a while and, even though there is more of it or more is made later, maybe it isn't as good as the earlier seasons or maybe you just don't have time for it anymore. So you'd like it to quit showing up in your Next Up list so it is less cluttered and you can focus on the series you are actually watching now. If you start watching it again, the "forget" would be forgotten and it would start to show up in Next Up again.
  4. lorac


    I'm not sure how many backdrops it cycles through but it doesn't seem to be that large of a number. It would be nice to see it not repeat backdrops within the same hour. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  5. Hi, i'd love that search engine look for tags in complement with the filenames. For example i'd like to tag all my family "ski" videos so when i search for the work "ski" they are listed. Or is there an alternative to do that with the actual features ? Regards
  6. Luke

    Synology Setup

    Installation Instructions Please navigate to the Synology section here: http://emby.media/nas-server.html Old Instructions (for reference only) Pre-installation >> Package center-->Settings-->General choose-Trust Level any publisher >> Package center-->Settings-->Beta choose-Yes, I want to see beta version! >> Add http://packages.synocommunity.com/ and http://cytec.us/spk/ to Package center -->Package Source NOTE: Check the what CPU/architecture you have in your synology https://github.com/S...r-Synology-mode so you can use the right Package for your base install.(#Shell command uname -a) Installation >> Install Mono from Package center --> Community Tab >> Install ImageMagick from Package center --> Community Tab >> Download and Install ffmpeg from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/ffmpeg/ >> Download and Install emby from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/emby/ Updating >> See this thread - http://emby.media/co...n-dsm6-systems/
  7. Now that Google and Amazon are playing nice again and they've added the YouTube app back to Fire devices, can we get the trailer option added back to the FireTV emby app? Would make my life so much better as my wife constantly nags me that she can't watch a trailer to see what the movie is about lol.
  8. I couldn't find a existing feature request for this so I created one. I would be nice if all Emby apps had a prompt after so many consecutive episodes are played (maybe 3-4) asking the user if they are still watching and requiring them to answer to continue watching when "Play next episode automatically" is enabled.
  9. I don't have downloads enabled so this link at the bottom takes up space for something else that could be useful. How do I remove the link to downloads and/or replace it with something else (like link to movies or shows)?
  10. Hi everyone, i discovered Emby 2 days ago and have installed Emby Server in my NAS, which hosts my media files. All my movies were scraped before using Ember Media Manager and each movie folders has fanart and had .nfo files. These files were fetched by Ember Media Manager when I launched this program and help to display movie related info. Yesterday evening I started Ember Media Manager and realized that previously scraped movies where only presented with their fanart, but no other info. I checked the movie folders and found out that all .nfo are gone and replaced by .info files which apparently can't be read. Not sure how this did happen, could it be Emby Server related? Is there a way to recreate my .nfo? Folders also now contain .big files, what is that? Thanks to anyone who could shed some light on this! Envoyé de mon SM-G950F en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Would it be possible to add an option to "Scan media library" that aborts the scan if the file server it's scanning is offline, currently it marks the media as offline and this can create chaos in the Kodi plugin as it has to resync all the "changes"
  12. Hi I have a fire tv stick And when I click on a trailer that need youtube, it's asking to make sure youtube is installed. But youtube tv is installed on the device Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  13. Currently when starting a movie, or when pressing play when a movie is paused, the OSD pops up. It's just getting in the way of what I'm trying to watch. Popping up automatically on pause isn't a huge deal as you can wait for it to go away if you're trying to see something at the bottom of the screen, but this isn't an option at the start of playback.
  14. Is there a way to set a simultaneous connection limit for each user. I share my server with family and a few friends and sometimes I see a couple with 2 or more active streams from different clients under their user and I would like to limit this to 1 connection per user for them. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.
  15. I'll start by thanking the developers for all their time and effort. I have been using Emby in various capacities since the Media Browser days and fully switched over from Media Center about 3 years ago. Emby has come a long way in the time I have been using it. I have a friend that is stuck on Plex even though he constantly complains about them not listening to their user base. This seems to be a widespread issue over there. So thank you guys for listening to us and trying to make our requests a reality. </praise> Now on to my request. I have set default recording settings to start 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after the shows scheduled time. This works fine, however I like to change the ending time to 30-45 minutes after the scheduled end of football and hockey games so if they should go into to overtime that is also recorded. In a browser and from my phone I am able to adjust this but not in the Fire TV app. If you guys could please add a recording settings button in the Fire TV app that would be awesome. Thanks again.
  16. I started this in the previous forum, but I again wanted to plead for the subtitle downloader plugin for MB3. MB Classic and MB Theater would be awesome, but I figure just for MBT would suffice. After living without it for the last few months, I realized how many times I would use the MB2 plugin. I personally don't like subtitles, but the wife does so it's helpful with a few remote clicks to have the subtitle.
  17. It would be good to be able to save the passwords in the AndroidTV application in a similar way to how it can be done in the mobile application ... if the user so decides Thanks
  18. I noticed that there is no song/track info displayed when using Bluetooth and playing music with the Emby Android app. I tried it on two different vehicles and have the same issues. If I use Pandora or other apps I do not have this issue. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  19. Hi, would it be possible to implement at the top of movies main page the total number of movies on the server, it always nice to know how your collection is growing. Here is a screenshot coming from my Plex Dashboard but I don't wanna use Plex anymore
  20. Call it OCD but I hate redundant/multiple remote button presses. If your browsing our library looking for something to watch, depending on how you have things set up, sometimes you can be 5-6 levels into the file structure. If you want to go back to the main home screen thats 6 back button presses. I'd say thats 4-5 too many! Any chance of getting a home button like the IOS apps have where its available anywhere you are in the file structure?
  21. My Emby Server's SSD bit the bullet last week and since the machine is nearly 5 years old and still on Win7 I decided to update. Since it will have different hardware and a different OS will restoring from backup work? My backup resides on a drive separate from the boot drive and is still in tact but on the new setup I'll be recording to a new 1Tb m.2 drive rather than a separate SSD and there may be some drive letter and other changes too. Also the backup was made under I believe and we're now on Server Version 4.3. Anything special there to consider? TIA Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  22. Its weird having to hit two buttons to fast forward. Why couldn't it just be the forward and back button? Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
  23. I have no idea if its possible or not but it'd be a great feature to have something like what Netflix where as you skip through an episode or movie there is like a live preview of what it'd skip to. I'll attach a picture to show what I'm on about.
  24. Glyde62

    Hide one folder

    Is it possible to have one movie folder not show it's content in the All Movies on the side panel? Have a folder of Classic Movies I don't need showing up there Thanks Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  25. When I add a movie to a Playlist, Emby remembers the last Playlist I added something to. But when I add something to a Collection it always defaults to 'New' and I have to pull down the drop list and scroll to the collection I want. If I'm adding a lot of movies to one collection at once, that's a lot of extra clicking. Please change adding to Collection to remember the last used Collection, the way add to Playlist works.
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