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  1. Emby Add On: 1.1.62 Kodi: 15.2 Openelec: 6.0.0 Finally got my log.
  2. I would like to request that on mobile display of the web client the delay for the multi select be increased by twice or three times as long (or have an option to be disabled) while browsing the library on mobile we often accidentally select a movie and its becoming quite annoying. Thanks for your time.
  3. browned

    Next Episodes

    I haven't used next episodes in a while but I noticed the following yesterday My emby 1.1.80 libraries are, Movies, TV, Kids Movies, Kids TV. In Emby -> TV-> Next Episodes I get a list that includes my TV library and the Kids TV Library. In Emby -> Kids TV -> Next Episodes I get just the Kids TV which is perfect. Hopefully I have explained that ok.
  4. Issue description: App will stop dimming the non highlighted thumbs or posters in Movies, Episodes, and Home Page after the app has been restarted. Changing settings may have something to do with it because it didn't seem to happen when I reinstalled the app and never touched settings (not 100% sure it has anything to do with problem though). Also, going into the information screen for a movie or episode will restart dimming. Steps to reproduce: Install app Change settings to desired settings Exit app and turn off TV Turn on TV and restart app Dimming is no longer working Navigate to any movie and view the details of movie Hit return and dimming now works again MY TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2000 evokit (H-series SmartHub) My firmware version: 1030.0 Other TVs, etc the issue has been reproduced on: HTS-F6500W was confirmed to have the same problem with dimming not functioning after restart My Emby server version: Beta 5855 My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.1.0c Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be produced in: None, new with current version of client Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: NA
  5. screwfaze

    Openelec Emby app resume

    Hi, Thanks for this amazing software. I have looked through the forum but not yet found the answer to this every time I resume a previously watched movie from the Emby app iOS or android the movie starts from the beginning. If I use the kodi remote though it resumes just fine. Please let me know which logs to upload. Thanks, Alex
  6. tired dad

    Further Master Lock Findings

    My saga with the master lock and disappearing movies in Emby continues, and I've found some items of note that others may have run into, so here you go. The findings are based on my system, your mileage may vary. They are presented for Kodi 15.2 and Emby 1.1.62, so take that into consideration. If you're interested in this thread on my initial battle with the master lock, read here: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23065-how-i-solved-the-emby-and-kodi-master-lock-issue/ The rationale for multiple profiles with locks for some of them is simple: I'm not a single guy in my twenties running Kodi/Emby on one machine. I'm a dad with a teen and preteen who each have their own collection of movies and we, the parents, have some movies that are not appropriate for their age group. Not "adult" movies, just movies they don't need to see. I have movies on two servers, and several clients (PC, Apple, and Surfaces), so it's a bit of a complex ecosystem. Having the lock on Emby sources only won't work as they'd still be able to see the other movies (via the posters) they don't have access to, even if they cannot play them. OK, onward. My initial thread indicated that the one infallible fact was that Kodi needed a source file that pointed to a dummy source, otherwise enabling the master lock just didn't work. The other finding I had was that you had to set up your profiles first, and then allow Emby to do a full scan for each user, and then enable the master lock. Well, that was then, this is now... since then Emby and Kodi have both upgraded their software and so I gave it another shot. Things I have found out: You can indeed create profiles, then the master lock, and then additional profiles later, and still have everything workPreviously creating any new profile after the "dummy" source file was created kiboshed my whole system It does not matter if, when creating new profiles, you choose to copy the default skin settings or not Sharing the same source does not seem to matter anymore, unlike the first try I had at doing this; this may be because the later Emby builds now add the dummy source files once a scan is complete No matter what I do, if I choose "local paths" as a playback option in Emby, and enable the master lock, I see no movies. Don't ask me why. Copying the thumbnail folder from the master profile and dropping it as a junction to the other profiles in Windows saves disk space Once the master lock is enabled, it doesn't matter if you create new profiles and exit the system, or load them right away (unlike my previous experience) I found that the default in Emby's settings to enable the Cinema mode to be problematic, sometimes resulting streams that will not play... turn it off and the system is just fine. Other profiles can have their own lock codes I've tried this on three skins: Confluence, Arctic Zephyr and Titan, and all have minor issues, but work well for the most part. Once you create a profile and use local paths in Emby, you are hooped for that profile. I tried turning them off and resetting the local Kodi database via the Emby settings, and it had no effect for me. Finally... if you don't see any movies in the profile, go to the power menu (at least in the confluence skin) and enable the master lock and your movies will reappear right away. Very odd. You will have to do this each time you load that profile though. The key to everything so far for me is to leave local paths off when creating new profiles. It seems that Emby and the master lock do not get along well, and changing this one setting has solved my problems. So far. If anyone has been able to get local paths to work with multiple profiles and the master lock, I'd be interested in hearing how you did it. I suppose the other question is ... does the local path playback really matter?
  7. EDIT As the wonderful people of this forum pointed out this is useless.
  8. vmcosco

    Music Sync Inquiry

    So I have a question regarding Music sync. I am just not sure how it works. It is possible this is a skin or skin widgets issue. Let me know. If I need explore elsewhere. I am running Emby on Win7 and Kodi 15.2 on Fire TV with Titan skin Videos are working great. I add a new show or movie to my folder. Emby picks it up. Kodi updates. New video shows in the recently added widget. All good. Music is throwing me off. I add a new album to my folder. Emby picks it up. At some point the album shows in Kodi but only in the album list or in recent items when I open it from the music section. Recently added widget never updates until I do a library update in Kodi. That seems odd as I didn't think a library update would ever be neccesary in Kodi when I switched to Emby. So, maybe the recently added widget is a widget issue, but could someone explain what I should expect in Kodi when I add a new album to my music folder and Emby picks it up. Also, I just changed the date added for a bunch of albums and songs. What will be the most effective way to get those changes pushed out to Kodi? Loving the add on except for these few small things.
  9. pir8radio


    As I was just ranting on in the logo submission forum here, I said the key to a logo is getting it out there and making it known. So along those lines, I think it would be nice to be able to share my media on facebook... Much like you can do with the Subsonic server, that server also allows users to share media onto facebook. But subsonic does it in a nice way, that is manageable via the server side, it doesn't make every media file open to the public only "facebook shares" you can set an expire date and it will no longer be accessible by anonymous users after that date is reached. Plus the admin can override users shares, or disable their ability to share stuff on FB at all. This might also be an interesting way to sneak the new Emby logo onto this share post or on the player screen... After media is shared the below would show up on whoever's timeline I shared to, or my own. Devs, test yourself try to share some media to see how the feature works HERE maybe what I'm saying will make more sense. This is really the only feature I like/miss from this other media server, Emby has made EXTREME advancements lately and is right up there at the top of the list when it comes to media servers. Facebook Timeline: (the below image is clickable and should work)
  10. Currently all the installed channels are visible on the home screen. I propose an option to revert them back to how they used to be, segregated in their own album.
  11. Added a new album to my Emby Server (3.0.5818.0) called "Now That's What I Call Reggae". Using the latest plugin 1.1.80, the album and image show correctly in Kodi; however, when clicking on the album there are none of the 60 audio files listed. In the attached log the album shows at time code 13:13:37 / 13:15:24. Had added a few albums earlier today and they work fine? kodi Jan 25.log
  12. roberth58

    No direct play after upgrade

    Running Kodi 16RC, Titan 3.6.16 and Emby for Kodi 1.1.62, everything working great and atmos audio on my receiver. Upgraded to 1.1.80 and bluray folders will no longer direct play, so no more atmos audio. Running Emby server as a docker on unraid server with path substitutions. If I access movies that are mkv, ts or mp4, the server shows direct play, so paths appear to be correct. I switched back to 1.1.62 and did a full resync and direct play works again. Obviously I need to change something in my setup to get 1.1.80 working.
  13. chriskeens

    FR: Force transcode HEVC

    I'm having this same issue. Using 1.1.68 addon in Kodi via a Fire TV Stick... Playback mode is 'addon', play from http is enabled, force transcode is enabled. Media info on the server says codec is HEVC. however playing the file through Kodi just results in direct streaming rather than transcoding and therefore I get choppy playback. log attached. Log.txt
  14. c0m3r

    Error Message

    Getting an error message when attempting to play one particular episode. Have attached the log. Thanks kodi - Copy.log
  15. Issue description: When sorting any movie library by LATEST, Movies already watched are not shown. Steps to reproduce: - sort movies by LATEST - flag one of the latest to watched (B button on remote) - go out then in again - movie that you just flagged as watched does not appear in LATEST view My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: SAMSUNG UE55ES7000 + EVOLUTION KIT SEK-2000 My firmware version: 1040 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: don't know, but I guess any My Emby server version: 3.0.5786.0 My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.6 Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: 1.0.6 Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: none
  16. hgeorgescu

    photo orientation

    Hello; Been here in spring, and posted a few questions. Left emby aside, since it didn't really work for my purposes, but then I didn't settle on any other solution either. So I reinstalled - restarted emby docker on my unraid, let it scan my photo folders, and checked it again. The issue I flagged in April-May, is still there despite the many upgrades since. I'm surprised no one else is complaining about it - I'm seeing the problem on Nikon and iphone jpegs. Perhaps if I bring this issue up again might be attended to some time? Thank you for creating this application - looks very interesting and promising. Hg
  17. On the latest 1.1.79, with option "Import Music Song Rating Directly From Files" on and the other two music rating options off, sync fails. Log attached kodi.log
  18. galways

    Files being slowly deleted!

    Hi have been having issues with the most resent plugins but all seemed to be OK using 1.1.77 all my installs with the exception of the one that I did a full DB reset on. It looked OK and worked fine last night. This morning I restarted Kodi, screen flickered for a bit which I thought was strange as all notifications are off. In any event a few hours later I checked the log and noticed errors relative to some audio files. I checked the folder of one The Beatles Help and it shows as follows: As you can see some of the files are missing, some at zero bits and others small in size. The ones that are small play for a few seconds. Luckily I have a recycle bin set up on my server this is some of the activity: The full file for the song Help! was still there yesterday at 3:58, by 4:19 it was 767 KB and was last there at 10:25 this morning before it was completely gone. My other clients a Windows 10 PC and a VM instance of OPENELEC seem to be OK but database was not reset on them. Have stopped Kodi but on restart it continues the same action. What file do I have to get rid off to have the cycle stop. Have attached the full log from this morning but this seems to have started a day or two ago when going through prior versons of the plugin. I don't have those copies. Thanks kodi.old.log
  19. Hello... I am using the recent beta version 1.1.79. The plugin throws the following exception (see below)... I found out that it was a problem with the device name - mine was "Kodi-Büro" (translation: Kodi-Office). After I changed it, everything was ok. Thank you for this plugin and best regards, t33wurst --------------snip----------- 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> ======== START EMBY ======== 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> Platform: Windows 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> KODI Version: 16.0-BETA5 Git:20160110-9d9a153 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> EMBY Version: 1.1.79 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> Using plugin paths: True 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY Service -> Log Level: 1 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY VideoNodes -> Clearing nodes properties. 19:29:15 T:7832 NOTICE: EMBY ClientInfo -> DeviceId loaded: 5B25B0BE9BFF4A27AD9EA7B5C52CD498 19:29:15 T:7832 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError'> Error Contents: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 42: ordinal not in range(128) [...] -----------snip----------
  20. Issue description: When scrolling down within the Log screen the screen jumps up the first two times you use the arrow key. This is almost exactly the same thing I reported earlier with Playlist screen jumping and was fixed in 2.0.5a Also, the screen saver will cause the screen to jump up also after clicking "Return" to exit the screen saver Steps to reproduce: Navigate to Settings...Logs. Scroll up a few lines Scroll down using arrow key. Screen jump up the first two times after clicking down. OR Navigate to Settings...Logs.​ Scroll up Wait long enough for the screen saver to kick in Click Return Screen jumps up a couple spaces My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2000 evokit (2014 H model SmartHub) My firmware version: 1030.0 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: HTS-F6500W My Emby server version: 3.0.5812.0 My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.5b Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: Versions 2.x and forward Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: ​Picture showing background and color buttons after they jumped up
  21. Just watching a movie with subtitles on and noticed that every now and then I'd get a mix of small text with the normal size text. When I checked the srt file, the text in question had italic tags. Example: 926 01:34:33,502 --> 01:34:35,378 <i>But when your mother ran away with the Cup...</i> So it appears that italic text subtitles get displayed smaller than non-italic subtitles. Perhaps someone else can confirm. Thanks.
  22. Issue description: When screen saver is displaying pictures the date line is too high. I don't recall this before 1080p version so it may just be something that needs adjusting for version 2.x. When displaying pictures through Photos the date is at the bottom though as expected Steps to reproduce: Change settings for screen saving to show photos. Wait for screen saver to kick in My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: F8000 with SEK-2000 evokit (2014 H model SmartHub) My firmware version: 1030.0 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: HTS-F6500W My Emby server version: 3.0.5812.0 My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.5b Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: Versions 2.x Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: ​ Here is a photo from screen saver with date line almost 1/3 the way up photo Here is the same picture using the Photo viewer with date at the bottom.
  23. I have been running Emby on Kodi (v1.1.76) without problems for the past little while until I did a Kodi local database reset yesterday. No settings have been changed on Emby Server. Playing back via web browser is fine, Roku playback is fine, Emby for iOS plays nicely too. When launching Kodi for the first time after resetting Emby databse and settings, I would get dialog that Emby server is detected successfully, and a choice of direct path and addon options are provided. I have tried both but each method just results in the status: "Gathering movies from view: Movies..." Unlike previous scans, where I always saw the number of files/movies/shows being scanned, but this time progress bar doesn't even move. What could be causing this? Anyway to fix this?
  24. http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=256983 That's the issue i'm having and if i remove the Emby addon it solves the problem, now is it the addon or something else. I removed the Kodi folder from AppData and uninstalled/reinstalled Kodi and started adding addons back one at a time until i hit the Emby one when the issue starts again.
  25. lazyboy0172

    Possible to exclude home videos?

    Now that the ability to sync home videos has been added in the most recent beta build, i'm sure you've been looking forward to the inevitable questions regarding when it can be removed...sorry about that. So that's my question! We have an option to sync music or not; could we add the option to sync home videos or not? These end up in the "Movies" category of Kodi, and anything from that category in Emby for myself is very out of place in that area of Kodi. In the meantime I've had to remove the category from Emby entirely to get kodi in order, but hopefully that won't have to be my permanent solution as I'd still like to be able to access this content from the emby app on my phone or roku (where it does not show up in the Movies section). Other than that the new beta build is working great! The new sync speed is unbelievable. Faster than kodi's own sync, even. Thanks for all the hard work!
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