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  1. Hi, I've found a bug in the network credentials add wizard. If the username contains a \ because its authenticating against a domain. It doesn't work, I believe it's doing something with the \ I tried, good number of times reentering it. Reopened Kodi, still no luck. I fixed it but going in to the file manager. Adding a new Source, then when it asked for my SMB credentials I said to remember these credentials for this path. Used my domain\user and then I was able to use Kodi. I hope this can be fixed as I took a while for me to think of another way for Kodi to remember my credentials. Jonny Using Kodi 17.2 I would upload logs but using an Android TV box(Nvidea Shield), so not so easy to grab the logs off it. I'm guessing its converting the character to something else
  2. @Angelblue I am having problems with the lastest version of Kodi-Client: Setup: - Emby Server V - Kodi V 17.3 - Krypton - latest Kodi-Client - Addon mode, direct stream music lib Problem: After a fresh install of Kodi and Kodi-Emby-Client I did a initial sync. Under "music"-> "albums" I dont see the tracks of the album. All Albums are empty. If I got to "music" -> "songs" I see all songs with correct metatdata. -> I did a "repair local database (force update all content). After that everthing was ok. I could go to "music" -> "albums" and I had all my tracks in the albums. -> After a restart and automatic sync the tracks within the albums have disappeared again.... very frustrating. -> It happens with 95% of the albums but not with all of them. The sources are all the same format, on the same server etc... no difference. Any Ideas? Here is my log-file: ***removed*** With older versions I never had this problem. Can you provide a link to an older version? Thank you
  3. When prepping to upgrade my Emby server I start by checking the Emby dashboard for active users. If all is silent I need to go into Server:Live TV to see if there are any HDHomeRun tuners that are active (I have six). If there are I need to dig a little deeper to determine if these are held by Emby or some other application. This typically involves leaving the manage server area and go to "Live TV:Recordings" to see if there are any active Emby recordings. After I have validated the server is not in use I can perform an update. It would be extremely convenient to see all Emby activity from the main dashboard. Thanks.
  4. hi, I'm using xonfluence but I think this might be an issue that affects other people. I did look up this issue and the only thing I found was not applying to this situation. so if I go to Video Addons > Emby > Movies > Recently Added Movies, for whatever reason every time I watch something and the "Watched" flag is set it removes it from the list. I can go into the web client and toggle the watched and I can see it keep getting added and removed from that list. in my web display settings its set NOT to hide watched items from Recently added, but as far as I can tell it's something happening in the addon not my skin as if I move to the folder settings "hide watched" is unchecked and checking it does nothing. i guess what i could do is setup a custom playlist, but it seems like that's something that's not supposed to be happening. EDIT: its also happening for TV Shows episodes as well, when i do even the widgets the ones set to plugin://plugin.video.emby/?id={LibraryName}&mode=recentepisodes&limit=25 i think this might be a server thing since i dont think this was happening before the latest update, but i cant be sure.
  5. homonovussapiens

    emby remote control problem..

    well i am a newbie for; both for kodi and emby; couple of weeks for most.. in fact; trying to learn how this set up works.. i got 3 emby servers 2 at different isps and one at home.. and 2 kodi connected to emby as ADDON of course with different profiles... one is emby premiere.paid-the one at home.. not the other ones..! . i have decided; as result my inspection.. a-emby is the best library tool of best of any type of scraping... at this sense. kodi sucks what can i say; youre the best.. b-i choose to use kodi as a playback device..since emby theater is not mature enough! AND kodi rulesss..without a payment for each server..or playback device.. tha it have to buy premiere for each server.... ! it is a little bit unfair.. the problem is that; when it is a movie .no problem..! but when iti is MUSİC: and i am using EMBY music database enabled at KODİ.. when it is mp3 or flac.. no REMOTE control works when i DO choose kodi.. as a PLAYER and ADDon.. but when i choose DLNA ..the same PC and the same KODİ İT works just fine..! WHY..!? regards!
  6. Please remove auto-organize from Emby Server and have it as a plugin, this way users who want this feature can choose to have it.
  7. I'm accesing the folder thru inputs and notices when accessing the emby folder, than the movies folder. Once accessing the list it will reboot the tv, it switches off and back on. My second lg smart tv works fine, what could be the issues that causing the other lg to reboot?
  8. As the Topic Title states, it would be a nice addition if Recordings that are currently in-progress would be displayed in the Dashboard view. I have killed a few Recordings by restarting the Server without realizing that recording activity was happening at the time. It would be nice if under ACTIVE DEVICES in the dashboard view that there was an ACTIVE RECORDINGS section.
  9. I have signed up but it not letting me go any further when I press the blue box with select sever on top can someone help Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. My system setup is in my signature. When playing music through Kodi the artist fanart and song have always shown in the "Active Devices" box on the server. Today I realized this was no longer the case. Tonight, when I played music in Kodi, nothing showed up in the "Active Devices" box. Kodi showed as connected and any video I played, showed in the box. The last proof (cross-referencing with Last.FM and Emby Recently Played) of it working is from Jun 23. Since that date, I was out of the house for a week (not using Kodi) and when I returned I updated to Kodi 17.3 (from 16.1). I cannot remember if I played music through Kodi prior to the 17.3 update or not. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  11. Whenever you select option from the main menu, the web client defaults to the first tab ie under movie it goes to suggested...under TV and channels it goes to latest etc Can each one remember which tab was selected so that if I have shows selected under TV and I go to movies and back to TV it will still have the shows tab selected rather than going back to latest? I hope you understand what I mean?
  12. If there haven't been any changes, the scan should do virtually nothing so, unless your entire library is undergoing lots of changes all the time, then this shouldn't have much effect. Once everything has been scanned in and properly analyzed the first time, subsequent scans should be pretty insignificant.
  13. I don't know how many other people would care much about this. However i would love an option to convert recordings seamlessly through the interface. For example i record The Big Bang Theory. I know it can be converted on the fly but i use a pi as my emby server and without the hardware acceleration for mpeg2 working properly converting on the fly is cpu intensive. What i am thinking about is an option in the interface on the server side under live tv --> settings having more check boxes. one for convert on schedule and one for delete original ( the .ts file) Then of course another option under scheduled tasks to convert live tv recordings. It would be very nice if this all also happened right in the directories the shows are first recorded in. If you wanted to keep this as a premium feature i could easily understand since converting on the fly is a premium feature. As always this is just my opinion.
  14. Tur0k

    Thank you Emby

    On vacation in Key West FL and my family is still able to watch our movies and shows. thank you Emby!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hey Lads, If I'm reading ebr's reply to my original thread correctly, it sounds as though this is an issue - already known or not, I'm not sure? Either way, if someone could lend a hand that would be greatly appreciated As the Topic Title suggests, I'm not getting any joy from thumbnails for my Home Movie and Music Video collections (see image below). I thought it might be because I had just lumped all the files into the one folder all together, but then I did go and place all the individual files into respective folders named after the file (I'm sure I read to do that somewhere in the wiki but cannot find it now!?), but still no joy. I've completed multiple library refreshes and still no go. Azeos had this to add as well: Any words of advice? If you need me to supply any log files or extra information, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Kind regards, Dodgy Bob.
  16. It would be good to be able to choose a default metadata language for each media library rather than a system wide default. I for example keep my Icelandic movies in a seperate library from English movies, I would like to keep the English movies with their original English titles and I would like to keep my Icelandic movies with their original Icelandic titles. So far I've been manually editing the Icelandic movies to get the Icelandic titles from them.
  17. @@Luke, as posted in https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/28528-how-can-you-tell-if-quicksync-is-working/?p=275763 , this is an important feature, even more now that more and more users have HW that can be used to accelerate encoding and decoding. Can this please be done now? I've recently bought new hardware and I'm not sure if my hw acceleration settings are actually working. Possibly no, because of the CPU usage I see.
  18. I want them grouped, other users don't. Push the feature down a level and make everyone happy. Thanks
  19. Issue description: It's back The Screen goes up, when you scroll up and down in menues after a movie is watched Steps to reproduce: 1. Start app, go in menu or e.g. Movie Details Screen and switch between items -> no Screen movement 2. Start a movie, stop it, go in menu or e.g. Movie Details Screen and switch between items -> Screen moves up and down I recognized that it cannot be reproduced every time. I don't know if it depends on the video being played. My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: UE55H6270 My firmware version: 2800 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: cannot test on another device My Emby server version: Dev 3.0.5888.970 My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.1.0f Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: screenshot
  20. It would be great to have an additional option under Live TV to remux to mkv (or mp4) rather than a full transcode. The full transcode to h264 takes a lot of cpu but a simple remux to another container doesn't. I bring this up because my whole reason for transcoding was because I now use the Shield device and Emby App exclusively to watch all my recorded TV and everything else. The App handles the mkv format very well even if it's not encoded to h264. However, if I leave the recording in the native ts container it really doesn't like it. Even the Kodi App reacts differently to it. As an example of what difference I see, trying to skip commercials when the container it ts causes the audio to go out of sync sometimes or the timeline will skip to the end and thereafter you can't skip fwd anymore. None of this happens in the mkv container. I think it's just more compatible with the Shield device or something. Anyway, the Plex DVR gives this option and it works pretty good and doesn't require the CPU usage. Thanks.
  21. 7ven

    Local IP Address

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before and I didnt know what to search for in the bar, but, how do i connect kodi emby via ip address? when I load the addon into kodi and attempt to configure, I get to a step asking for an SSL certificate. Im not running HTTPS on my network and all of the other apps can sign in via IP address. Am I using the wrong version of the app or something?
  22. ulrikl

    Watched set at play start

    Hi, I have tested Kodi on windows and Android, both places the watched flag is very often set when starting the movie. I have spent very much time looking into the plugin, but have not been able to figure out the issue. Is there any flow documentation etc?. I have included the kodi log file, it is take from appox. when the unwatched movie is started and when it is still playing. After play start, the movie is immediately updated on server to watched. On line 415 in the log I can see an UserDataChanged event is sent with played true. (And the movie is still playing, and only very few seconds into it) Any change anyone can help bring some light on this issue? kodi.log server.log
  23. armills

    Kodi Plugin Pull Request

    Hi, I opened a pull request for the Kodi addon repository, but it's been inactive for a while. Is there somewhere else I should be submitting patches? https://github.com/MediaBrowser/plugin.video.emby/pull/76
  24. So I've just recently set this up and have run into two issues. I am using the server side plugin and media is being added properly when Emby picks it up however if I remove media (recently removed ~50 movies) they hang around in Kodi despite disappearing in Emby, even a manual sync didn't help (I'm putting off doing a full reset) and if new media is added that forms (or is added to) a new set it sits split up into separate movies in Kodi until i do a manual sync which does group them. Is there something I can do?
  25. It probably is a setting in Emby addon for Kodi but I think I missed it or didn't understand the purpose of it. What happens is that when new media is added to Emby Server and your Kodi system is hibernated and wakes up from that the library isn't synced with new media unless done manual. When box is online/active, like a RPi I have running 24/7, the new media is there almost instantly. My systems all running latest LibreELEC beta's (Kodi17) and latest Emby addons. Server is running on Synology and is also latest available. Any ideas?
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