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  1. jeflatt

    Collections in Playlists

    I couldn't find anything in the forums on this topic, so hopefully this isn't covered somewhere that I missed. I'm currently running Emby beta for Roku, 3.0.131. I only have movies on my server. No music. Some of these are in collections. When I put a movie into a playlist that is also in a collection, the ENTIRE collection appears on the playlist. If I look at the playlist on the web version of Emby, only the movies I selected show up in the playlist; no collections. So it seems to work in the web version, but not in Roku. Is there a setting I'm missing or is this something that may get fixed in the future?
  2. Hey guys I almost never share my icons, posters or images I create for my emby server, but this something I've working on today. I was wondering what others think. I kinda like, but I am not sure yet. I was going for kinda the movie theater poster frame look. The other is more of what I have now. I am open to constructive criticism and any thoughts you guys might have. -Smitty018210
  3. Fratopolis

    Chronological Ordering

    Is there a way to order movies in a collection the way you want them. Like marvel movies but not by release date or title but by when they take place. I am guessing this would need to be a new feature request if there is no current way to do this.
  4. Hi! I have some collections (just music) with two different kind of objects, in this case just "Artists" and "Albums". When sync (Android) those objects one by one the sync works great, but if I try sync the collection object don't work properly. Sometimes say "failed" or another times stay in "transfering" state forever. Sync music collections is officially supported? My emby server version: beta Thx a lot!
  5. I would like to have the ability to sync a collection. This could be a collection of movies or shows, but since shows already has this functionality, mostly for movies. It should have the same options as show, such as only unwatched (where it deletes watched) and limit the items.
  6. Is there a way to change the Collection Icon In Emby theater to A Customized One. I have a custom Icon in the Web Client To Replace the One In Theater Thanks Beerman
  7. I don't know if this issue began after the 3.5 server release, but the Collections disappeared from the Mi box Android app. Check these captures. It works ok at the web browser. Check the web browser capture. Am I doing something wrong or there is a app problem here? Thanks.
  8. hugo.lapointe

    Emby Server 3.4 - Collection Folder

    Hi! First, thanks for this new release. With this last update, it seem the collection folder doesn't manage pages... thus, if you have more than 300 collections (like me), each time you load the collection folder, the server has to pull all image and that create a delay. Maybe it will be a good idea to manage page in this folder. Again, thanks for this new release. Hugo.
  9. Haesselmaas

    Sorting clips - help!

    Hi! I have a large media library with clips from different shows - sorted by the date they originally aired. I would like to find a way to be able to add all these clips to one place, sort them by date and then watch them chronologically on my phone. I have tried in a lot of ways, but I can't make it work. I spent years finding the airing date of every single clip and adding the date to the name, but in the Emby player the names of the clips are automatically changed to episode names, so even if I could find a place in Emby to add the files, I wouldn't be able to sort them correctly. Also, there are a lot of clips that come from the same episode, which just seems to confuse Emby. Please help me. How do I make Emby stop changing the names of my files? Is there a playlist (of something similar) function where I might be able to sort the clips by date? And if so - would I then be able to watch this "playlist" on my phone (e.g. on my way to work)?
  10. Ciao, oggi ho installato tantissimi media manager e Emby mi sembra quello più completo. Spero che possa soddisfare anche una mia necessità specifica: la mia collezione video è distribuita su più hard disk esterni (che non sono collegati al PC) e ogni volta che voglio guardare un video non ricordo mai su quale hard disk si trova. Mi piacerebbe che Emby, al momento di importare i file video dall'hard disk esterno, tenesse in memoria la label dell'hard disk o almeno che mi permettesse di assegnare un tag o un campo custom a tutti i file importati da uno stesso hard disk. Ovviamente non posso basarmi sulla drive letter perchè è possibile che sia la stessa per due hard disk differenti. È possibile fare qualcosa del genere con Emby? Grazie mille.
  11. The 'Add to collection' option on the 3-dot menu for a music artist appears to operate. However, when viewing the collection, the artists are not there. Adding an individual music album does work. Is this intentional, or is there a problem?
  12. Is there a way to have a movie in a collection and also have it show up in the menu by itself? The reason I ask is that I have several movies that are the musical versions of older movies in my library i.e. Silk Stockings was based on Ninotchka , Hairspray was based on Hairspray, etc.. I would like to have each of these movies to appear by themselves and in a collection (to be named latter) with other pairs of movies.
  13. playloud

    Extras added to collections

    I saw on the recent server update the following feature: * Allow movie extras to be added to collections and playlists Is this accomplished by placing the "extras" folder in the top "collection" folder?
  14. I know there is an easy way to accomplish this but I do not seem to have the searching skills to find it so any help would be much appreciated. I want to select a number of movies and add them all to a collection all at once. I can select a group of movies but if I choose add to collection it only adds one of the movies. What am I missing?
  15. Ok.... I'm using emby web app, I am looking at "T2 Trainspotting", (it is in a Trainspotting Collection). I click on the movie, looking at all the info and Emby is showing me "More like this" Nowhere on this page is it showing me the first "Trainspotting" Nowhere on this page does it say that this movie is part of a collection. Would not other movies in the same collection be MORE similar than any other suggestion pulled from the internet?
  16. Good evening! I have a curious issue. I have a few different movie collections. Some of which I sort by title, and others that I sort by year. They all work fine in the browser and in the Android app version...but in WMC they seem to ignore the collection.xml data, and they can all only be sorted by the same thing. So, ALL of my collections are sorted by title. If I try to change one collection to be sorted by year (in this case my Marvel Universe movies so that they sort chronologically and not by title) then it changes all of my Collections to that. This is the setting in the WMC configuration. It seems to be top down from Collections "folder" to all things inside of it. Is there a way around this? Again it works perfectly in the android app and when I log in via the browser, but in WMC the configuration settings supersede it. Thanks!
  17. Is there a way to hide movies - in the movies tab (web UI), that are already part of a collection? Would make it much simpler when building collections. Thanks for reading and any help!
  18. Theodore

    Collections View

    I just updated to 3.0.5912.0 and the Collections view is broken again. This happened on an older version where my users would be able to see ALL collections, even those in libraries they did not have access to. For example, all users on my system are able to see all collections on my server - Movies, Shows, and Adult. The solution has been to lower the allowed parental rating to sub-XXX as those collections have that rating, but on the flip side the "Adult" user can see all of the regular movie collections which are in libraries that user does not have access to. I am running MBServer on Server 2008R2.
  19. Hi, I try to change the backdrop for a movie collection by clicking the "+" icon after Backdrop in the edit images view. What then happens is that it set that images as primary poster image. Any ideas of why this is happening? In the attached image: 1: Where I click to change backdrop image 2: Where it ends up Thanks in advance for all tips on this one. /Borgen
  20. RedStripe

    Channel collection

    Has the channel collection option been removed permanently? Thanks
  21. Okay so some of you might be aware or might not be aware of the fact that now when a movie collection is created a primary image and a thumb image is no longer auto-generated previewing all the titles in the collection. My request is simple add this back in but as an option under the "edit images" section of collections. Can simply be a button that once clicked auto generates a thumbnail and primary image of which you can then delete or keep. This way if you don't need/want the custom image made for that collection because you have a better image of your own you can use that image(s) instead.
  22. imadunatic

    Grouping Content with Tags

    Hello, Is it possible to group tv shows or movies by tags? I currently use tags inside of Kodi to create user collections, but I think it would be more efficient for me to create tags in Emby and hopefully the plugin could pass these on to Kodi, if this is even possible. Still trying to learn the ropes. Thanks for any and all help.
  23. DarkKniyt (John)

    Long delay opening TV Collection

    I am having issues in WMC with TV Collections. Pertinent information: Server Version 3.0.5597.1 MB Classic/WMC Version TV Collection: BATMAN The Batman multiple Seasons Batman Beyond multiple Seasons Batman Animated multiple Seasons The New Batman multiple Seasons Beware The Batman multiple Seasons I Select the top level of BATMAN I Select BATMAN BEYOND It takes over 30 seconds for the Batman Beyond collection to open. I am having this same issue with other TV Shows that do not have multiple TV Shows/Collections like Battlestar Galactica. I have cleaned the cache, restarted the Emby Server, the PC Server. Nothing is making any difference. I have 3 Windows PCs using MB Classic and have tested each one and have the same issue on all three. I've attached the log file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Log.txt
  24. RedStripe

    Cannot recreate a collection

    Version 3.0.5607.2 and Version 3.0.5615.16089 Updated to DEV build. This fixed recent collection coverart issue. The issue was identified in the 3.0.5607.2 release version and persists in this dev build. I am creating and deleting collections via web interface. Deleted an entire collection via the web interface and then attempted to recreate it but, after deleting the collection, I could not recreated it as I kept getting the error message" "A child with the id XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX already exists." After deleting the collection folder ...AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections\XXXX[boxset], Emby recreates an empty by that name folder on server restart. I deleted the folder ...AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\metadata\XX\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX referenced in error message above but error message persists when trying to recreate the collection. Thanks, RedStripe
  25. mickeyfinn

    Orphaned Collections

    In trying to fix another issue, I removed a movie library and replaced it with the same library using a UNC path rather than a local path, then re-scanning the entire library. However, this caused a problem with existing collections made up of titles from the old library. I now cannot see the original collections and when I try to re-create collections for those titles, I get an error stating the collection already exists. I tried editing the collection.xml files in AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections\ to update the local paths to the UNC location, and re-scanning the libraries, but the collections remain missing. In the server log, I get messages stating it cannot locate content for these collections at the old local path (Warn - BaseItem: Unable to find linked item at path M:\My Movies\...). Metadata manager does not show any of the orphaned collections or content either. If possible, it would be great to be able to restore the original collections, but if that is not possible, I'd be fine with deleting the original orphaned collections and re-adding the titles. Even deleting all collections and starting from scratch would be fine. Any ideas how I might do this?
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