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  1. Hello everybody! Did the design application for Web OS, please vote and write what you think. If OK, continue to do a PS4 and XBOX ONE. With colleagues think make applications. So far, there is no design of some pages. P.S. I do not speak English well =) https://www.behance.net/gallery/32725695/Emby-LG-Web-OS-DLNA-client-design
  2. HemTark

    Understanding Developer API

    I am new to Emby Developer API. While going through the Developer API Wiki on GitHub I got following doubts. Please help me in understanding these topics. The API key authentication is not linked to a specific user. So when using API key authentication how can I browse the whole library of the Emby server as all the APIs related to browsing library requires a user id? I can get list of all users on the server using /Users API. But then how to decide which user id to use for browsing library? This is crucial as every user might not have access to every type of media. How to connect to server as a client and create a session? As my application is sending API requests to Emby server, as per the terminology my application becomes a client. But how can I create a session for my application so that other clients know about it? What is Emby Server DLNA client? When I fetch sessions controllable by a specific user I get two sessions. First is of my browser from which I am accessing Emby server hosted in my machine. And second one is Emby Server DLNA Client. I would like to know what is this second session for? I have Emby server hosted in my local machine and I am using API key authentication for making API requests. Thanks for help in advance.
  3. iOS 2.1.5 Has Been Released This is a follow up release to the recent Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Released, Featuring: Timeline Seeking & Thumbnails release. We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible. This release features a resolution to: An Intermittent Loss of Audio Issue that Manifests When Audio is Transcoded. This release also contains a minor fix for: Problem with Scrolling on Certain Server Management Screens. You can now scroll fluently from top to bottom of management screens found on the Emby Server Tab. Please install this maintenance release at your earliest convenience. You can follow Emby iOS development as well as report any issues on our community forum site: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/94-ios/
  4. Hey, I have a Sonos Beam 5.1 setup & Nvidia shield. The Beam doesn't support AAC 5.1, so I need to use the 'transcode unsupported audio' option inside of the Emby App. However, I've noticed that this forces it to transcode on the server side, while other players like Kodi can easily transcode it on the fly on the client side. Is there a way to convert AAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1 on the client side of the Emby app instead? Would setting it to use an external player work?
  5. After installing emby, my emby client app would not connect to the server and after poking around I noticed that several emby entries in the "allowed apps" of the Windows firewall were duplicated. After removing the duplicated entries my client app was able to connect to the server. Today after rebooting my home server, again my emby client app could not connect to the emby server. And again there were duplicates emby entries in the firewall. I removed them and the client app could then connect. As a test, I went to the taskbar tray and close the emby server and manually restarted it: duplicate entries in the firewall were found and the client could not connect to the server. There seems to be a bug with the emby server adding entires to the Windows firewall each time it is restarted.
  6. Hello! Looking to see if anyone has found a solution to integrating Emby into enigma2 to pull channels. If not, can we get this added please? Much appreciated.
  7. Server: Arch Linux Emby server Client: Sony KD-55AG9 Android TV 9 Yesterday I played this movie (see spoiler) in a Sony KD-55AG9: This smart TV supports H.265 video codec natively (see specifications: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-oled-tvs-android-/kd-55ag9/specifications). Why Emby transcode it?
  8. Hi, I am having problem playing some content on the app for LG Smart TV. I am using the version 1.0.24 of Emby client and the TV model is TV UH650V. Some content plays with no issue and some of them enter the media player with black screen and no audio. The Emby Server ( shows that the TV is playing the show. If I force the transcending (lowering quality), the file is transcoded and it plays correctly. Moreover, the files that do not work on LG TV, plays nicely on other client (direct play/streaming). It seems that the container is not supported, but the LG app is not asking the server to transcode... Can you help me, please? Thank you
  9. TLDR How does the server tell a client to re-render library content? A few example use-cases are: client searches for library media, server dynamically adds media to library, client never receives library updates until they type the next word client views a library item, server dynamically downloads subtitles for library item, client never receives subtitle updates until they press back and view the library item again Things I've tried: POST /Library/Media/Updated only downloads metadata for parameters in the request body POST /Sessions/{Id}/Message/LibraryChanged command but the clients never receive a websocket message, the only time I've witnesses the client receive a LibraryChanged message is a full minute after a library scan is completed, would be nice to manually send this command immediately after the library scan Issues I've come across: Roku clients never receive updates of any kind from the server, most likely related to using roku's native remote control api which is restricted to same subnet ip addresses
  10. Hello, I have a problem with web interfaces, both in firefox and chrome on windows. In particular when I open emby from browser it often shows an older cached session, meaning that the next episodes to play and the one to be resumed are older. If I clean the cache, things get back to normal. Still, it happens all the time and I cannot keep clearing the cache every time, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Thanks, Alberto
  11. skobkin

    Emby client in Russia

    I have UE49MU6100UXRU TV. In December I didn't find Emby client in Samsung store on my TV and went to your site and checked out for information. There was a note about "UK, US and Ireland". I waited for two months and then asked you in twitter. There was no answer. I called Samsung Support and they told me that app is not released in my region not because of Samsung decision but because of app developer's. Then I waited a couple months more and now I'm here. Can you tell me at least estimated date of Emby app release in Russia? As I wrote in my tweet I'm deciding between Emby Premiere and Plex Pass. If it will not be available in foreseeable future then I'll choose Plex instead of Emby despite of my sympathy to the last.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to use Emby as a photo browser however I find that the quality of the photos is extremely low in the Android app and the web app when accessed from the Android phone's browser (Firefox) These are the URLs that I'm seeing and I noticed that the quality factor is too low (40!) (I redacted some sensitive info) From native app: https://myserver:/emby/Items/ITEMID/Images/Primary?maxWidth=1082&tag=&quality=40 From web app: https://myserver/emby/Items/ITEMID/Images/Primary?maxWidth=1080&tag=&quality=50 I modified the quality variable to 80 and 90 (in the browser URL bar) and found that the quality is much better. Just like we can control the Video streaming bitrate, I think we should be able to control the photos compression quality as well. Emby Premiere server version on Linux Android app is 3.0.21 Thank you
  13. One of the remote users on my server has been reporting freezing and stuttering quite often despite waiting for the transcode to reach 100%. It has happen across several different movies. It will play fine for some time but after 10-30 minutes the movie will freeze and it will never stutter and freeze from that point on. The movie is always 100% transcoded before playback begins and both of our speeds are quite sufficient for streaming and we experience no problems on any other sites. Were mainly using the web interface and google chrome for the remote user to play movies but have tried using embycon for kodi and experienced the same problem but much worse (froze every 2 minutes). I've tried enabling and disabling hardware acceleration as well as limiting the bitrate. In the past we've had success using 1080p 5mbps and waiting 30-45 minutes before playback. Now with the same settings were experiencing way more problems. Not quite sure what more i can try.
  14. thepcboss

    Emby Embedded ISO ?

    Image already added Hello, I am fairly new to Emby but would like to ask a question. Plex has a downloadable iso image that can be installed as a standalone client/theater on a simple NUC type PC. It is very fast and stable. Does Emby have something like this ? Thank You
  15. I following the prompting on the server dashboard to upgrade. Then I went into my client and found I tried to scan, then re-scan the libraries. I then deleted them and re-added them. I deleted my user and re-added the user. Nothing changed. I still had nothing. I checked the owner and rights of the library files. Nothing had changed. It was still the same. So, I then attempted to post this so I could get some help. But, when I attached my logs the browser hung. So, I will attach them after I post this. At this time, I have no idea how to continue short of uninstalling everything and reinstalling. That is normally not a good option.
  16. Hello, Now i use raspberry 1 and chromecast 2 for client. I use Linux Kaos to host emby Server. I want replace chromecast because i lost signal between android and chromecast very often. (when i pause i cant reconnect to chromecast) What are the best client i can use to have the best experience ? In the future i think i want buy hdhomerun.
  17. spitefulgod

    HTTP API Get Specific Client

    Hi all, I want to get the information on a specific client via the HTTP account, I use /sessions/ to get a list of all clients but how do I just get a specific client, I've tried /Sessions/{2429....} and Sessions/?{3422...} but they don't seem to work.... Does anyone have any ideas? Is it even possible?
  18. The preview trailer for movies in my library don't show for client devices, but are displaying on my Emby windows 10 server. Devices: Shield, AFTV & Droid mobile devices. So is this user error or can clients not display trailer previews for library content like the server side does?
  19. kanipek

    Client setup question

    I recently setup Emby Server for use with Kodi. After some messing around I have got done right I believe. It seems stable so I want to move on to setting up the clients. I have tried searching for instructions but I can't seem to find any step by step procedure. Might be I don't know exactly what I am looking to search for terminology wise. I have been using XBMC/Kodi for year with MySQL and client setup is pretty straight forward via advancedsettings.xml and this makes client setup a breeze, it is done in seconds. I am using Xios DS boxes for clients running a linux build of XBMC/Kodi as well as a couple of Android 5 phones. I began setting up clients starting with my Galaxy Note 3, but it seems like I am missing something. I installed the Emby add on and configured it and it kicked off a from scratch database setup which will takes at least a few hours to run. Should it not just see the database already setup on the server? It seems like if that process completes I would end up with multiple databases and the would not be synced and that would be like using Kodi with standalone setup and be a step back. Am I missing something? I was thinking of copying the databases from the server to each client but that would separate them again. Needless to say I am confused and seek help. Thanks for reading and any help you can provide. And if I missed find this info somewhere here I do apologize, just not sure I am searching for the right stuff.
  20. Hi all, first of all thank you guys for this amazing program. I am using it already for a couple years and I am loving it! I am running the server on a Windows PC and I am using the Android App on my Asus Tablet, which works perfectly so far. I recently bough a new Panasonic Smart Viera TV and I was wondering if there are any plans in programming a Client for Panasonic TV´s? Or are there other ways to have the Browser Layout running on my TV? I would really appreciate that. Keep up the good work guys! Sincerely, Oli
  21. I have a custom modal i want to add the the web server which gets called via an "A href" tag. I want to add that "A href" tag to the slide out menu that the client uses. The CSS: .black_overlay{ display: none; position: fixed; top: 0%; left: 0%; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: black; z-index:1001; -moz-opacity: 0.9; opacity:.90; filter: alpha(opacity=90); } .white_content { display: none; position: fixed; top:50%; left:50%; margin-top:-160px; ; width: 135px; height: 304px; padding: 10px; border: 5px solid black; border-radius: 10px; background-color: black; z-index:1002; overflow: hidden; } .mywebapp { position:fixed; border:solid; border-color:transparent; borser-size:0; height:300px; width:150px; } .close { position:relative; z-index:1003; top:4px; left:107px; } .closefont{ text-decoration: none; color:#ffffff; } a:link { text-decoration: none; } a:visited { text-decoration: none; } a:hover { text-decoration: none; } a:active { text-decoration: none; } } The HTML: <body> <div>Emby content. <br> <!-- This is the Line i want to add to the Slide out menu --><a href = "javascript:void(0)" onclick = "document.getElementById('webappwindow').style.display='block';document.getElementById('webappbg').style.display='block'">click here</a></div> <!-- The code below only shows when the modal window pops up, so it is not needed in the slide out menu, but does need added at the end of the page --> <div id="webappwindow" class="white_content"><div><iframe class="mywebapp" src="webapp.html"></iframe></div><div class="close"> <a href = "javascript:void(0)" onclick = "document.getElementById('webappwindow').style.display='none';document.getElementById('webappbg').style.display='none'"><font class="closefont">X</font></a> </div></div> <div id="webappbg" class="black_overlay"></div> </body> this is just an example of the modal and the code. (files are Linked) Is there a way to add this code in and have it work? Thank You in Advanced! webapp.zip
  22. Hello all, I was looking for some responses from anyone with some hands on experience that can provide feedback for their 3D and 5.1 solutions/setups. I currently have an i3 Windows 8.1 machine running the Emby Server and the Client on the same machine in my living room. It works great and I love the experience. (both in WMC and the Emby Theater app) But now, I am looking to add a Benq W1070 projector and a client in another room and want it to be able to do Full 3D (not half SBS) and 5.1 audio (HD audio is probably not going to happen). I have been doing some research over in the Kodi forums (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=221407) and trying to figure out which client and hardware is best for my needs. Is anyone here playing Full 3D content using the Emby server, if so what is your setup, which emby app do you use, etc.? The Raspberry Pi 2 with Kodi appears to be good but the HiMedia Q5 has an Optical Audio Out. I haven't started purchasing components yet and I really don't want to waste money buying the wrong thing. TL;DR - What is your Full 3D with 5.1 audio hardware solution for playback? Which Emby Client/App do you use and what is your setup and does it run smoothly?
  23. I currently have the MB Classic client installed on a windows PC connected directly to my TV using a media center remote, which works great. I am now looking for an alternative to using a PC connected to my TV, any suggestions? I have tried chromecast and Xbox One which work great, but streaming to my TV is not what I am after. I would like the full MB Classic experience on the TV as you have when using MB Classic on a PC. I know the Samsung TV app is in testing at the moment and will be the answer to my issue, just not sure if there are any other alternatives that I am not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.
  24. I'm really just throwing out some ideas/concerns here, I really hope someone like to share their experience. So I'm looking to replace my living room TV, currently it's setup to use Kodi with emby plugin, I also use Kodi for Live-tv/PVR (tvheadend). But here is the dilemma, what brand to bet on for best client support. Looking at this forum Samsung seems to be the safe bet, but then there's the kicker, and it's called Tizen. All models now has Tizen OS. Tizen uses some awsome tech (wayland), but it's new, so hard to find information and app support. And does Tizen playback video at native refresh rate ? Also Luke said in android thread "We're working on something new that will eventually work for tizen" whatever that means, I'm not holding my breath. So I went on to look at Android (Philips and Sony) but I've read some people claiming android tv is buggy and it seems android does not allow changing refresh rate to match video, allways playing 60hz (really bad for us europeans). That's a big no no for me. LG has it's WebOS, no Emby plugin on the horizon ? And on the sideline, FirefoxOS, didn't see that one comming, and tbh I don't see myself betting on that one. It looks like 2005 compared to Tizen. Then there's also the DLNA route, I guess this might give best playback quality (but can I start a video with my windows phone, and remote play it via dlna ?) If anything it's a failsafe, but I really want a integrated solution with the tv remote. Also, do tv's come with SMB browsing support these days ? Can I access my files via filesharing ?
  25. I've been auditioning/testing several possible replacements for Windows Media Center (which I still use, and plan to still use while it's useful). Kodi is so-so, and I have high hopes that Emby Theatre will become something usable. But there is another program that seems VERY good for media: J River Media Center. It handles audio far better than WMC, it handles video better than WMC, and it even has a TV guide interface with CableCARD source support. If there were such a thing as Emby for JRMC, that plugged into that program the way Emby for WMC does in that venerable program, that would be an exceptional product! Is such a thing possible? Has it been considered? Is J River used by many?
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