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  1. Hi, It's been a long time since i have used Emby, but i'm thinking of switching from Plex (again) The reason is that i'we bought a chromecast and hooked it up to my projector and stereo amp (via an HDMI/SPDIF splitter) and my stereo amp well.. only does stereo. Is it possible to set a profile or have a setting that forces downmixing of 5.1 (or whatever) to a stereo format only for chromecast in Emby? If so then count me in as a premium menber today! - hotsauce
  2. I was having trouble with chromecast via the Android app from my Linux server, but manually updating to seemed to help this. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/57052-cant-stream-anything-to-chromecast/ However, the movie I was watching cut out about 15 minutes before the end (so tragic! -- right before the final scene in the original Blade Runner). Emby was still connected to the chromecast, so I tried to restart the movie and time skip to the spot where it had failed, but it did nothing. I've had no trouble replicating this behavior, and media does seem to play fine from the beginning. Logs are attached! log 1.txt Log 2.txt Log 3.txt
  3. DPBWT

    Casting to multiple devices

    Currently I’m trying to get a media server set up to play corporate messages and videos around the plant. I’ve managed to set up Emby a powerful Intel Xeon PC, and I’ve been able to cast a video file to one of our Panasonic smart tvs. However, this is not exactly the ideal situation. Ideally I want to be able to play a single folder, with multiple video files inside, and play it on a constant loop to the 8 TVs around the plant. Is this possible in Emby? Currently I’m only able to cast one file at a time, to one TV at a time...
  4. My chromecast does appear, however when I select it, the emby interface just spins for a bit (the multicolored spinning circles), and the device seems to respond, but then fails. I've been using it for about a year now without issues but it failed over the weekend. I used it on Saturday (March 10th) without any issues and it wouldn't work at all on Monday evening until now. My chromecast is not what I would consider a typical chromecast device. It's a Vizio M50 smartTV, which actually has a chromecast built into it (ie not a dongle that just plugs into it). I have tried from the chrome browser on my MacBook Pro (web interface), an Android tablet (admittedly running an older version of android), an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 5s, all of which are using the newest released version of the app of their respective systems (Android and iOS). They all do the exact same thing. If the TV is powered off, starting chromecast will trigger the TV to power on (which is as it should, and is really nice), and normally it would then show an information screen that corresponds to what I'm looking at in the app, however the TV just shows a black screen. After about a minute the spinning circles stop on emby and the TV goes to the google wallpapers (a default when you don't give it anything to cast). I have power cycled the TV (completely unplugged it from power), the computer that emby server is running on (windows 10; full system reboot), the router (also full power removal), and all of the devices I've tried. Other than that, emby does seem to be functioning, meaning that it will play in the browser or app on all of the devices listed, it just won't cast it. I think I'm in the correct place as it doesn't seem to be tied to any one device or app. I do not believe I changed any settings between Saturday and Monday in emby or on any of my devices. My log files are attached, in which I replicated the issue at least twice. I did enable Debug Logging before I tried it the second time. I think this is the correct location of the forum as it doesn't seem to be related to playback or the apps, just to the chromecast functionality itself. Feel free to move it or ask me to post if it's not
  5. Hello, I noticed that I can't stream video if the audio is "5.1". I click on play, and then nothing happens. Here is the media info of one file I cannot stream via the chromecast : Video - Codec H264 - AVC Yes - Profile High - Level 41 - Resolution 1280x720 - Aspect ratio 16:9 - Anamorphic No - Interlaced No - Framerate 23.9760246 - Bitrate 6516 kbps - Bit depth 8 bit - Pixel format yuv420p - Ref frames 1 - NAL 4 - Title 720P H264 Audio - Language eng - Codec AC3 - Layout 5.1 - Channels 6 ch - Bitrate 640 kbps - Sample rate 48000 Hz - Default Yes - Title Eng Dolby Digital 5.1 Default Is there a way to tell emby server to transcode only the audio ? Thank you
  6. OK - this is super WEIRD!!! I've just noticed when I use Chromecast from my iphone to my TV and play a movie trailer from my movies on my EMBY library, the movie trailer does not play, but instead a video file from my music collection plays instead (an R.E.M music video). When I disconnect from my Chromecast connection and try the movie trailer again, it plays perfectly on my IPhone. This ONLY happens when I am Casting to my Chromecast device. It plays the same music video for all my movie trailer selections (any movie I choose when Casting). But when I disconnect from Chromecast the trailers play fine. This was working perfectly over the past few days. Any ideas folks? This is super weird. Thanks Rob
  7. Hi all, i have 4 android devices that worked fine with android I think half a year ago. Now I have the problem that only one device is still working correctly. On all other devices the screen of the conected TV changes to black after showing the background picture of the movie instead of playing it. I allready tried to connect via http instead of https with no better result. I think it cannot be a conection problem, since all devices are in the same network and and it works since the stream starts. The working device is HTC One Max with android 5.0.2 Not working devices are: - Samsung Tab SM-P600 with android 5.1.1 - HTC U11plus with android 8.0.0 - a no name tablet which I cannot find at the moment ... ^^ Attached you will find the normal logfiles. Last try was from the not working U11plus. If you need logfiles in debug mode please ask. Best regards laotze Server.txt fmpeg-remux.txt
  8. mattykellyuk

    multiple versions chromecast

    Hi I have my media organised to enable multiple versions of the same movie. This option is available on the android app and I can choose which version to play in the movie details screen. The problem comes when I connect to a chromecast this option disappears and it seems to play the version i wouldn't choose. I think it chooses the highest quality version which is normally 4k HDR meaning it transcodes (working the server hard) and colours are off as HDR is lost. I have searched and not seen this mentioned so hopefully I haven't miss anything. Thanks for your help
  9. Hello, I am currently experiencing issues with the playback of Emby audio to a Chromecast Audio device. I use both the iOS and Android Apps and both have the same issue (also seen and tested on Google Chrome). When starting a playlist based on Shuffle (artist) or simply an album and casting this to my Chromecast audio the audio/stream stops after playing the first track. There is usually about 5 seconds left on the track but it cuts off completely. The next track is not started automatically and the playlist (which you usually see when playing on the local device: ipad/android) is empty. Simply pressing the "Next" button solves the playback and the next song will start, but this song also stops 5 seconds before the end. My wife doesn't seem to like having to press the next button after every song ;-) The versions which I am using are: Emby Server (Synology Based) - Version Emby for iOS 1.4.9 Emby for Android Mobile 2.9.90 Firmware Chromecast audio: 1.30.111140 Both the Chromecast audio and the emby server have been restarted several times. I've uploaded the system log but I can't see a reference to the next song which is to be played.
  10. EveraldoCunha2018

    Chromecast on Android 4.2

    i'm having a problem with the last version of emby app from android 4.2.2, i have a 2 gen chromecast and he don't appear on the device list...is a tablet SMT110, but on chrome browser, both desktop and android, my chromecast appear. sorry for my english, i'm brazilian.
  11. Hey All, I've got a ChromeCast that has jerky playback because my server (SynologyNAS) can't handle transcoding, but Direct Play works perfectly! I read some threads that say the Folder Sync plugin can transcode in the background and produce a version suitable for the ChromeCast and this will be selected automatically when I go to play it... but it doesn't am I missing a step? Folder Sync is setup, with a ChromeCast profile pointed to a general folder '\\Media-ChromeCast' I've selected the media in the WebApp, gone to sync, selected the new profile = General and quality = High The server transcodes the media and puts it into the target folder However, when I go to play it the server still attempts to transcode as it doesn't see the link to the new file. I feel like I'm missing a step in allowing emby to know that there is another version it could play. I assume if I copied it to the same directory as the original (with file naming suffix for lower version) it would work, but I was hoping to avoid manual steps. Let me know if I can provide further information. Cheers, Dewey
  12. Good morning, Emby Team. I recently purchased a Sony Bravia XBR-75X580E and I was having a problem where the TV was automatically switching to the built-in Chromecast source randomly and automatically turning itself on randomly and displaying the built-in Chromecast source. I've narrowed the problem down to Emby as it only application that stays connected/reconnects to the built-in Chromecast even after the Emby Android app has been disconnected from the Chromecast and exited. After disconnecting Emby from the Chromecast and exiting the Emby app in Android, after a few minutes the TV will automatically switch back to the built-in Chromecast which displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby has somehow reconnected and casted to the built-in Chromecast. These are the steps I take to close down the Emby Android app: Stop playback of any media Click the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Click "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt At this point, the Emby app is still open and displayed on the phone despite just clicking to "Yes" in Step 3 to close Emby on the device, but is seemingly not connected to any Chromecasts. The built-in Chromecast is also no longer displaying Emby which also indicates that it is not connected to Emby at this time. I click the Home button on Android to go to the Home screen, and a few minutes later the TV switches back to the built-in Chromecast and displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby somehow reconnected to the Chromecast by itself without any user interaction. The only work-around I've found that prevents Emby from reconnecting to the Chromecast on its own is: Re-open Emby app in Android Reconnect it to the built-in Chromecast (don't play any media) Disconnect it again from the Chromecast by clicking the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Again clicking "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt Force close the Emby app in Android How can I fix this permanently so that Emby does not reconnect to the built-in Chromecast after I've already disconnected from it? It's kind of a hassle (and a first-world problem, honestly) to have to force-close the Emby app in Android to get it to do what it told me it was already going to do but didn't do. Thank you!
  13. vurt

    Can't stream to Chromecast

    iHi! I've never been able to stream from the Emby web UI to a Chromecast. I've attached a log of my last attempt. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  14. First off, want to say that I absolutely love the emby software. It had just about everything I could ever ask for in this kind of system. Thanks! We make heavy use of the users and ratings, so that kids can stream and download stuff appropriate for them, and the wife and I have full access. We also heavily use the Chromecast streaming feature (which is what initially caused me to find Emby). When I set my phone to stream to the Chromecast connected to the TV, but before it starts playing media, it shows a random image from a movie or TV show, which is cool, except that some of our content has covers that might not be appropriate for the kids. I imagine the covers that appear are controlled by the user that connected to the Chromecast? If so, that generally solves the problem, I have a tablet that has a "family" profile that matches the content-rating access the kids have, and that's probably what I should use to start shows for them on the TV. But... I just know that some time I'm going to connect my phone to the TV without thinking about it and my kids are going to start asking me a lot of questions I'm not quite ready to answer. So, there are probably a lot of ways to fix that, and maybe there's a setting I'm unaware of that already solves the need. Maybe easiest thing would be a setting that disables random image previews when connecting to Chromecast? Next level up would be a content rating for that random image (ie: exclude images from movies/TV above PG-13)? Thanks
  15. Not sure if this is from the last update (just noticed today, running Windows Server v3.2.36.0), but it looks like chromecasting is broken again. I saw this (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/52624-unable-to-stream-to-chromecast) and think it may be related. I'm able to play a couple of movies fine, but nothing I've recorded with my Ceton InfiniTV6 ETH or any live TV. I've done all the usual troubleshooting steps and it looks like it's something to do with the .ts files. I've attached my logs for Luke, just in case. PS - I can LITERALLY feel the daggers coming out of my wife's eyes right now server-63645862802.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1e12fadf-e506-49a5-9237-fe0763b74e61.txt ffmpeg-transcode-9b754cee-d8b4-4222-a5e3-c36971c839a4.txt
  16. Hi, I am a newbie to Emby, although I have extensively used Plex for many many years, so not a newcomer to running my own media server. I thought I would try out Emby as all my Movies I normally Direct Play on Plex to a Chromecast v2 (Wired) are being forced to Transcode, and although Plex have replicated the issue in house, I am now 4 months down the line and still no sign of a fix, seems unpicking the Streaming Brain they introduced is not a priority. Anyway I had no issues setting up Emby as far as I can tell, I can direct play most movies and tv shows to my Android phone without issue, the problem comes however when tried to play my blu-ray rips via my Chromecast. I can see from the Emby dashboard they are being direct played, however on the server the ffmpeg (thought that was for transcoding only?) seems to get stuck in a repeated loop resulting in no playback showing at all on screen. The play and pause button seem to flicker between each other every few seconds or so. From looking at the logs I've attached, it appears the movie file has been selected for Direct Play: 2017-11-06 13:28:33.943 Info App: Profile: Unknown Profile, Path: D:\ServerFolders\Movies and TV\Movies\7\Video\Don%27t_Take_Me_Home_2017\DON'T_TAKE_ME_HOME.mkv, isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True However I get this error in the logs, which seems to repeat over an over: 2017-11-06 13:28:37.519 Error HttpServer: Error in HttpListenerResponseWrapper: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Processor count: 8 Program data path: C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata Application directory: C:\Users\na\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine at SocketHttpListener.SocketStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at SocketHttpListener.Net.HttpResponseStream.DisposeCore() at SocketHttpListener.Net.HttpResponseStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at System.IO.Stream.Close() at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.SocketSharp.WebSocketSharpResponse.CloseOutputStream(HttpListenerResponse response) System.Net.Sockets.SocketException at SocketHttpListener.SocketStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at SocketHttpListener.Net.HttpResponseStream.DisposeCore() at SocketHttpListener.Net.HttpResponseStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at System.IO.Stream.Close() at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.SocketSharp.WebSocketSharpResponse.CloseOutputStream(HttpListenerResponse response) Video Media Info for File I am trying to Direct Play on Chromecast: Codec H264 AVC Yes Profile High Level 41 Resolution1920x1080 Aspect ratio 16:9 Anamorphic No Interlaced Yes Framerate 25 Bitrate 31199 kbps Bit depth 8 bit Pixel format yuv420p Ref frames1 NAL4 Audio Language eng Codec AAC Profile LC Layout 5.1 Channels 6 ch Bitrate 320 kbps Sample rate 48000 Hz Default Yes Title Eng AAC 5.1 Default Audio Language eng Codec AC3 Layout 5.1 Channels 6 ch Bitrate 640 kbps Sample rate 48000 Hz Default No Title Eng Dolby Digital 5.1 Subtitle Language cym Codec PGSSUB Default No Forced No External No Title Cym Containe rmkv PathD:\ServerFolders\Movies and TV\Movies\7\Video\Don%27t_Take_Me_Home_2017\DON'T_TAKE_ME_HOME.mkv Emby Version: Version Emby for Chromecast 2.1.0 Emby for Android Mobile 2.1.0 Chromecast Version: Firmware: 1.28.100555 Any ideas? Many Thanks S.
  17. Hi All, I've recently tried to stream a movie to Chromecast, and for some reason this time it isn't working for me. It's worked in the past (a couple of weeks ago), but now I'm not having any luck. Any chance anyone has been seeing this problem recently or can help? Key details: Emby Windows Server version Restarted Chromecast Restarted Server (and server host) Streams fine to Chrome Browser, iPad & Android apps Other apps (Youtube, etc) stream fine to Chromecast As far as I can tell, the only issue is with Emby -> Chromecast Emby connects fine to Chromecast, and displays still images from various libraries. When playing movies, the "remote control" in the browser cycles between Play and Pause (Pause for 3 seconds, Play for a fraction of a second). Tried with several different movies, appears to be happening with all of them. Including movies I know I've streamed successfully in the past. Several logs are created when it's doing this, they all appear to be the same. I've attached one here. Thanks in advance for anyone that can offer advice! Regards, Blaise Log.SentenceDiagrammer.txt
  18. Sp3kt3r

    Chromecast not connecting

    I'm having issue with Chromecast, can't connect, just blackscreen. Other apps works fine (youtube, netflix...) I tried with webapp and also android app and with more than one chromecast. I also restarted emby... what else should I tried ?
  19. Hello, I'm having a problem casting from my Pixel XL to my Chromcast Ultra. When i hit the cast button on my Pixel XL running 8.0.0 within the Emby app, my Chromecast does not show up. If I go to a Windows 10 machine and login to the Emby Server and then hit the cast button within Chrome (on the emby webpage) i can see my Chromecast. I also tried from a Pixel that is running Android 7.1.2 and this worked. I can only think the Emby support team needs to update their App to support Android 8.0.0. I'm hoping someone else is experiencing this or has a fix for it. Below is all of my information and troubleshooting steps. Troubleshooting Steps: rebooted chromecast ultra rebooted pixel xl uninstalled and reinstalled emby for android rebooted the emby server Chromecast Ultra System Firmware Version: 92486 Cast Firmware Version: 1.26.92486 Pixel XL Running Android 8.0.0 Emby for Android version 2.9.51 Emby Server Running on Synology Version
  20. lol

    Chromecast audio cutting out

    Hi folks, Since a few days ago we've noticed the audio sometimes cuts out on our Chromecast. I've done some testing and found the following: It only cuts out when transcoding and the audio is mapped to AAC, MP3 works fine. It will cut out within the first few minutes. Usually between 1 and 3 minutes. Stopping and restarting playback fixes the problem for a few more minutes until it cuts out again. I've rolled back the server version to a time I knew it worked OK yet the problem remains. Can anyone replicate this problem for me, just so I know I'm not going crazy? Cheers,
  21. Hi ! I have a screen attached to a Chromecast v2. I have a Raspberry Pi 2, with Emby server with DLNA support. From my iPad, with the Emby official application, I can stream all my movies. But, for each video, there is transcoding, my CPU is > 99% even for videos that don't require transcoding because the Chromecast v2 support it. If I use a simple iPad application to play a DLNA video to my Chromecast (without any transcoding), I can play the same video with less than 5% of CPU usage. So, I suppose this could be fixed if I create a ChromeCast profile to skip some supported audio/video codecs, to be in direct play, but it's really complicated for me to do this because there is a lot of informations to known, and my knowledges are too limited to fill this correctly. I would like to known if someone have already created this DLNA profile and could share it please? Best regards,
  22. Hi all, I use a Chromecast between various TVs in the house, and my son's TV will not play audio when AC3 is being passed through. The other TVs work fine with AC3 so I guess its a limitation of my son's TV. I've looked for a Chromecast profile in "%AppData%\Roaming\Emby-Server\config\dlna\system" yet cannot find one. Could someone point me in the right direction to tell Emby to transcode ac3 for Chromecast? Thanks,
  23. ewest1220

    Chromecast Playback Issue

    I've been having a Chromecast playback issue the last few weeks. Whenever I try to play my movies from my Emby server to my Chromecast using either my computer or Android phone the video flickers, glitches and freezes almost immediately. When this happens I lose the ability to control what's playing and even commands from the Google Home app have a massive delay. If I just do nothing the audio will eventually cut out and the video will either freeze or my Chromecast will crash. The only fix I've found is to go and switch the audio from AAC to AC3 5.1 right as I play the video. This makes the video play without issue. This happens for me with both the Chromecast 1 and 2. I have also tried two different servers to see if that was causing the problem. However this did not work for me either. Any idea what might be causing this? I should note that it worked flawlessly prior to the last few weeks. Not sure what information would be most helpful but here is the info on what file type I'm using. VideoCodecH264 Codec tagavc1 AVCYes ProfileHigh Level41 Resolution720x480 Aspect ratio16:9 AnamorphicNo InterlacedNo Framerate23.9760227 Bitrate1367 kbps Bit depth8 bit Pixel formatyuv420p Ref frames1 NAL4 AudioLanguageeng CodecAAC Codec tagmp4a ProfileLC Layoutstereo Channels2 ch Bitrate197 kbps Sample rate48000 Hz DefaultYes TitleEng AAC stereo Default AudioLanguageeng CodecAC3 Codec tagac-3 Layout5.1 Channels6 ch Bitrate448 kbps Sample rate48000 Hz DefaultNo TitleEng Dolby Digital 5.1 Embedded ImageCodecPNG Level-99 Resolution400x578 Framerate90000 Pixel formatrgb24 Ref frames1 DefaultNo Containerm4v
  24. Emby mobile app - 2.9.42 Emby server - beta Chrome Home - latest Chromecast dongle - verion 2 Android H/W - Sony Z3 phone, google Nexus 7 tablet ffmpeg - latest installed with server File type: .ts, H264, AAC_LATM Using NextPVR backend and plugin (latest) This problem has been occuring for some time. Then casting recorded TV to any of my TV's, the following occurs: When an ad break starts I skip forward about 4 minutes by dragging the progress button (green dot), but on releasing it, the elapsed time count reverts to zero. This makes it very difficult to skip the next ad break. I have a workaround: After dragging the progress button I touch the stop icon, then I touch the back arrow, then touch the play icon. The progress count then shows the correct new start possition and play carries on. This is not ideal. All other video files play/cast correctly. Please find attached 3 screenshots in sequence. Please let me know if you need logs, and which ones specifically.
  25. Good Evening, I am submitting this issue as I can't seem to find a way have the chromecast maximum bit-rate respected. There is an option in the web browser and the android client to specify the max bit-rate however it doesn't seem to actually pay attention to it. Below there is a screenshot where I have specified a max bit-rate as 3mbps and the server dashboard shows that it is trans-coding at 5.6mbps, the same happens from the web app on android and from the native android app. I have attached the full server lot and some of the relevant trans-coding logs. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can submit to assist. server-63635846400.txt ffmpeg-remux-4de2156a-7532-4988-959a-f02839ad183a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a341d09a-6f12-4705-97da-dc47265cf1dd.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ca113fd6-f9bb-4c3e-a869-6a41719c86c0.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ee51c2b7-dd04-480a-8c50-7100f4b023f6.txt
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